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July 27, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.7h


  • Many new Infernal missions: Exiles start at Ulysses, Legion start at Valestra in the mines
  • Level 35 Credit primary weapons for sale on the Heavy Mechachillid near the Delta Vault
  • A small number of new bombs were found in the mines that attract hungry pyro flies to the Vault. Try them out before they're all gone!
  • Olympic Achievement now available for 2012 tokens
  • Chat is now restricted on guest accounts


  • Enhancement slots of several Mechachillid items were lower than intended
  • Achievement mouseover text fits better

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July 27, 2012

War Missions Addendum

Hey there, EpicDuelists. While testing the missions last night, we realized that the text may be a bit vague about who to go to while completing the missions. I wrote them as two separate chains, which is what creates the confusion. So, here’s a brief outline to make completing the missions easy peasy!

Since Exile is first alphabetically, we’ll go through their side first.



The chain starts with three missions from Ulysses requiring you to win several war battles, turn in a purchased item, and turn in an Infernal Grenade for an upgrade. Ulysses then tells you to see Charfade about her explosives. Charfade will give you two missions, then direct you back to Ulysses.

From there, you can access a story chain concerning the St. Alban family. As you already know, one of the Legion officers is the Lawman’s daughter Ella, but the reason behind her estrangement from John is not entirely clear. You’ll complete one mission for Selina, three missions for the Lawman, then two more missions for Selina. Completing the entire chain rewards you with an achievement.



Your missions start with Valestra, who will give you three missions requiring you to win several war battles, turn in a purchased item, and also turn in an Infernal Grenade for an upgrade (I’m sensing a pattern...). Valestra then sends you to Habuki, who gives you two missions, then direct you back to Valestra for a final mission.

From there, you access the St. Alban family chain from Ella and Nightwraith’s perspective. You’ll complete two missions for Nightwraith, two missions for Cinderella, then one more mission each for both Nightwraith and Cinderella. You will then be awarded an achievement.  This is the same achievement that you can win from the Exile chain.

The basic mechanics for each alignment are the same, and any player level 20 and up should be able to complete the chains, though it will be easier for you if you’re higher level. I suggest holding onto the Infernal Grenades you get as rewards, since each alignment has two missions that involve turning in an Infernal Grenade and receiving a Super Grenade. With the exception of the final mission on each side (Selina for the Exiles, Cinderella for the Legion), all of the missions will reward you with a grenade that can be launched against the final Vault door.

Happy Dueling!

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July 25, 2012

Three Doors Down

Go Legion, Go!

Congratulations to Administrator 7 and the Legion, who have prevailed to open the third Vault Door, and have exclusive access to the Vault Breaker III achievement along with the Magma Grenade. But, as they say, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over, and there’s still plenty of fight left to be had!  The resourceful Exiles have shown that they are capable of great things when rallied behind a common cause.  Could the Lawman be the charismatic, unifying leader they've been waiting for?


The Final Vault Door

With the fall of the third Vault door, players will be fighting the fourth and Final Vault Door, the true entrance into the Delta Vault. You may have thought that the first three were a challenge, but this one is the real deal.

This is for all the marbles (I lied, there are no marbles): the alignment that manages to power through this behemoth will be declared the winner, and determine the final outcome!

What’s contained deep within the Delta Vaults? To find out, you’ll have to attack the door with all you’ve got. Grenades will continue to drop, and the new War mission chains (going in for real this time, and available from your alignment lieutenant: Ulysses for the Exiles and Valestra for the Legion) will go a way towards blasting down that door.

In addition, we’ll be introducing a limited-quantity grenade for both alignments: the Om Nom Bomb! This rare grenade summons mechachillids to gnaw on the Vault door itself, then go boom!  These grenades will only be available from the Heavy Mechachillid outside the final door at will not be available through war drops!

Om Nom Nom Nom!

***To ensure that as many different players get to use the Om Nom Bomb as possible we will only be allowing players to purchase one bomb at a time. You can purchase more after using the item, but you can only have one in your inventory at a time!

We'll also be adding new credit-only Mechachillid-based weapons for both Legion and Exile forces!  These weapons will not have any special skills, but will allow a wider range of players to own rare Infernal War weapons!

Mechachillid Weapons!

With all the new grenades and grenade drops, please keep in mind that there will not be another Vault.  Remaining grenades in your inventory after the war can be sold back to clear them out of your inventory, but there is absolutely no incentive to stockpile them.  Grenades are happiest when thrown.  Make your grenades happy and huck them at that blasted Vault!  


Safety First!

I’ve been getting a lot of reports lately from players who have been scammed, many of whom gave their information to individuals on Facebook who claimed to be ArtixEntertainment staff. This is especially disheartening in light of the Account Safety Awareness contest. But, just a few reminders:

ArtixEntertainment staff will NEVER ask for your password or other personal information. If someone claiming to be me or another staff member asks for your personal info, please report them.

We will NOT conduct moderator searches via Facebook. When we are calling for moderators, we will announce in the games’ design notes. Probably the worst way to go about becoming a moderator is to contact one of us and say “Can I be mod?”; the best way is to make yourself stand out by being polite, constructive, and helpful. Also, players under the age of majority (that’s 18 in the US) will not be considered for moderator positions.

You can contact us for more information about staff positions, but if you are looking for a position as development staff, be prepared to send a resume/CV, cover letter, and portfolio of relevant work (ie. programs you’ve written, examples of your art or animation, or a writing sample). Demanding a job saying “I should be staff because I have good ideas so hire me now” does not count as a cover letter.

Anyone offering you a job at ArtixEntertainment in exchange for your personal information is trying to scam you.

Thank you, and stay safe!


And Now For Something Completely Different...

This fact portion is not about insects. Earlier I tweeted about something that made me inconsolably sad: squirrels do not remember their friends following hibernation. That statement comes from a 2010 study by Jill Mateo (“Self-referent phenotype matching and long-term maintenance of kin recognition”. Animal Behaviour. 80: 929-935) which was conducted on Belding’s ground squirrels (Urocitellus beldingi). These ground squirrels, native to the Western United States are extremely nepotistic and are considered a model system for studying kin recognition.

In this study, baby squirrels were separated from their litter and raised by foster mothers in groups that were not biologically related. Following hibernation, squirrels were able to recognize their siblings, but not their foster brothers and sisters, suggesting that they are comparing the scent of newly-encountered squirrels to their own scent. They appeared to retain no memories of their fostermates following hibernation.

This actually contradicts data from social insects, such as ants or wasps, who maintain long-term memory of nestmates following overwintering. So, the question is: would mechachillids aroused from hibernation remember you? 

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July 24, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.7g


  • Vault Breaker II achievement removed from Medium Mechachillid
  • Vault Breaker III achievement ready for first side through door 3
  • Magma Grenade ready for first side through door 3


  • Infernal Junior Cadet rank properly shows that it requires 500 Influence instead of 100
  • DYN_battle_err_shutdown was incorrectly showing during shutdown sequences
  • NPCs improperly joining multiple rooms causing all sorts of havoc

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July 20, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.7f

NOTE: We rolled 1.4.7e earlier this week. The notes from that patch are included here.


  • 2 new Vault Cracker ranks at 25,000 and 100,000 damage to the Vault
  • The high level Mechachillids have learned several new attacks
    • Level 25: Energy Blast
    • Level 30: Energy Blast, Berzerker, Deadly Aim, Reroute, increased energy
    • Level 35: Energy Blast, Berzerker, Deadly Aim, Reroute, increased energy, Overload
  • New map point to jump directly to the war
  • Many new Portuguese translations
  • Several improvements to the moderator tools
  • New method for NPC creation to help with stability


  • Low level players would be improperly matched with high level players in war battles
  • Level gap could be too high between teams in war battles
  • Claiming the Vault Breaker achievement would visibly clear your other achievements
  • Removing a player from your faction with 30+ days of inactivity would incorrectly state that your faction flag would lose tokens
  • Baby Yeti's frostbite affect was not applying if you had a Frost weapon equipped
  • Fixed graphical scaling issues in battle

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July 17, 2012

Break on Through to the Other Side

Go, Exiles, Go...#RandyNewman

Congratulations, Exiles, for felling the second Vault door. With things as they stand right now, it’s anyone’s game and the Exiles and Legion will both have to work hard to punch through the remaining doors.

Before going on, I want to clear up some rumors that have been floating around. No, the Administration is not playing favorites with alignment. Both Exiles and Legion had equal chance to get the Vault Breaker II Achievement, and yes, Legion had to wait 2 extra hours to unlock level 35. There was also no help from the Administration for the Exiles- we did not orchestrate the Exiles winning one Vault.  We want this war to be fun and fair and we will not do anything, nor have we done anything, to artificially alter the course of the War. This is all you, guys!

That said, let’s get into the meat of it!


Vaulting Vaults

This Vault Door will be the final Vault Door before the Big One. The Alignment that breaks down this door will have exclusive access to the Vault Breaker III achievement, as well as the powerful Magma Grenade, which weakens the Vault’s shields and makes subsequent attacks more damaging!

Magma Grenade

Both sides will have access to new Auxiliary weapons in both credit-only and varium flavors: The Mecha Disintegrator and Mecha Launcher, Super Mecha Destroyer and Super Mecha Launcher. These weapons will have the special ability Infernal Spirit, combining with the sidearms and Mechachillid armors for maximum damage and defense against the Vault!

Mechachillid Bazookas!

In addition, you’ll have access to the Mechachillid Cruiser! Vroom Vroom!

Vroooooom *scuttle scuttle scuttle*

We will also be adding TWO additional tier to the Vault Cracker achievement to reward players who are really, REALLY punishing those Vault doors!

Vault Cracker 2 and 3


New Missions

Having trouble getting bombs to drop? Well, Players should report to their Lieutenants (Valestra for the Legion and Ulysses for the Exiles) for mission chains that will award all kinds of grenades, as well as some insights into some of the characters’ motivations. I had great fun thinking about Habuki and his character, his past, etc. This chain will unlock another short arc about the St. Alban family and their issues, including some answers about why Cinderella supports the Legion, while her father and sister support the Exiles. This chain will also award more war grenades.


Security Awareness Art Contest Winners!

Thank you to each and every one of you who entered the Art Contest! We’ve gone through every submission; we saw a lot of great art, and a lot of... interesting art and finally narrowed it down to the winners! So, without any further ado, congratulations to the following players!

First, the Honorable Mentions. These players will be awarded an achievement reflecting their excellence!


Wind: “EpicDuel Moderator Squidlings, Working Hard to protect you”

EpicDuel Moderator Squidlings, Working Hard to Protect You


Ddog 81: “The BAN-HAMMER!”



Shadow2221: “Free Varium... are you kidding me?”

Free Varium...Are You Kidding Me?


Blocky Bounty: “Nothing in life is free”

Nothing in Life Is Free


luminitos: “EpicDuel’s Ten Most Wanted List”

EpicDuel's Ten Most Wanted List


The First Place Winners will be awarded an achievement plus an exclusive home item and 1500 Varium!


2046808: “Authority!”



mieteor: “My Precious”

My Precious


Battle Elf: “Don’t let evil trick you!”

Don't Let Evil Trick You


And finally, the Grand Prize Winner, who gets the cheevo, home item, and 10K varium package is...

Be Smart, Play Safe!

..trizzzcentrino.. for the entry “be smart, play safe”!


Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks again to all who participated. Also, if you didn’t win, don’t get discouraged- it doesn’t mean that your artwork was bad or sub-par, only that it wasn’t what we were looking for at this time. Thank you for participating!

*Achievements and in-game home items won't be awarded until the release on Friday.

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July 13, 2012

1.4.7d Patch Notes


  • Four new grenades for fighting the Delta Vault (Video)
  • The Delta Vault has unlocked new attacks to fight off intruders
  • Fighting the Delta Vault will sometimes knock off gems that can be sold for Credits
  • Friday the 13th achievement temporarily added to achievement vendors


  • Vault Damage and Influence would sometimes not display after battle
  • Vault Damage would sometimes appear higher than it should
  • NPCs would sometimes not take any damage, and would not attack
  • Light Mechachillid Armor was not fully color customizable
  • Simplified a number of aspects of NPC fights that could cause problems

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July 11, 2012

Knocking Down Doors


Hey there EpicDuelists- we’re coming up to another Friday the 13th (along with the return of the F13 cheevo) and the continuation of the Infernal Infiltration War!

Legion may have felled the first Vault door, but there’s still time for the Exiles to catch up, with the 2nd Vault battle already underway!


Master of Unlocking

The Second Vault Door is already feeling the pain (metaphorically speaking- the Vault Door is a Door, and cannot feel pain) of thousands of both Legion and Exile soldiers. And players will have something valuable to fight for- upon the collapse of the Second Vault Door, Level 35 will be available for your grinding pleasure!

Feed us crystal noms, plz!

Along with unlocking Level 35, behind the door is a shop featuring Level 35 Sidearms (in both credit and varium flavors) that include the new special Infernal Spirit! This allows you to inflict +2 damage against the Vault and +2 Defense against its attacks. For a player wearing the Mechachillid armor, and wielding the Infernal Interdictor, this means that that Vault door doesn’t stand a chance!

When life gives you gren, make grenades!


We’ll be introducing four NEW grenades to make the battle against the Vault even more epic: The Stagrenade, Crystal Grenade, Hammer Grenade, and the Short Circuit Grenade. While all four will be available for purchase, anyone can get one of these grenades via a drop.

  • Stalagrenade: As you may have noticed, as the battle progresses, the Vault’s defenses and attacks increase. To counteract this, the Stagrenade sticks to the Vault door and detonates, resetting its defenses and damage to the start.
  • Crystal Grenade: Locks the Vault’s defenses in place, effectively giving you a free attack!
  • Hammer Grenade: Has a chance to do minimal or massive damage to the Vault- all beholden to the RNG gods.
  • Short Circuit Grenade: Causes the Vault’s defenses to backfire, making it attack itself!

For more information, on how these Grenades work, check out this video on EpicDuel's Official Youtube Channel!

As stated above, all of these grenades are available as War Battle Drops (or as rewards for upcoming War missions), as well as for purchase.


Lucky You!

If you manage to get a chance between bashing down the Vault door, AQW’s Friday the 13th event featuring Voltaire, the Beast Maker, and the Sleezter Bunny will be going LIVE on Friday. And if you’re as much of an audiophile as I am, you’ll love hearing Voltaire’s dulcet tones accompanying you through a voyage of mirth, mayhem, and weird hellbeasts.

HeroSmash’s Cirque du Freak will also be making its regular F13 appearance. So, lots of fun to be had even if you aren’t fighting the Vault. But, really, you should be fighting the Vault. ;)


What? No Insect Facts?

Don’t want to keep you away from the War for TOO long ;) Also, I’ll be doing some field work later this summer, so maybe Night will let me talk a little tiny bit about what I do beyond writing for ED. Also, some of the academic reading I’ve been doing is going into the quests. >::3

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July 06, 2012




Baelius was no fool and whatever he buried in the mines, he didn't want it to be uncovered. The first door has fallen to the Legion, and Mechachillids are already hard at work removing the rubble to reveal the next door, moving the Legion forces one step closer to claiming the Vault's contents for their own!

But don't count the Exiles out just yet.  This is still The Lawman's turf, and he's not going to give up so easily, especially when the fighting just got interesting.  What tricks does he have stored up those dusty sleeves of his, anyway?


Credit Where Credit Is Due

The brave Legion warriors who aggressively smashed through the Vaults millions of hit points in under a week deserve a hearty round of applause.  The AI-based entity, M4tr1x will be waiting for you beyond the first door to offer you a Vault Breaker Achievement and rare Mechachillid Armor!

Vault Breaker I


My Skeleton; Your Shield

Mechachillids reproduce by gathering scrap metal from derelict mining facilities and the surface to build new Mechachillids.  Sometimes, a Mechachillid will "outgrow" it's current shell and seek to replace it with newer metals and more efficient power supplies.  This process is known as molting, and the end result is tons of empty Mechachillid husks scattered throughout the mines.  The technology necessary to reanimate these husks is expensive and rare on Delta V in its current state, but it still makes an effective combat ready armor.  Mechachillid armors come with an inherent Exoskeleton skill.

Which one is real?


Exoskeleton - The Mechachillids were designed to withstand conditions lethal to humans, especially those found in the Infernal Mines.  By wearing Mechachillid armor, players are granted increased resistance against the Vault's lethal security systems.

Because you'll need it!

Remember to check the style change bots around Delta V!  Each gender and class is getting 3 new Mechachillid styles (a total of 18).


Infernal Interdictor

Infernal Interdictor

Forged from the same rare crystals as the Infernal Slayer, the Infernal Interdictor is a sight to be feared on any battlefield.  Help your alignment secure the Vault by acquiring this rare, impressive weapon, which comes with a devastating new skill, Massive Strike.  Visit the Light Mechachillid at the screen just beyond the Refinery Entrance to purchase it in game or get both level 25 and 35 variants for free with the 10K Varium package.

Hit Harder!

Massive Strike - The mysterious crystals powering the Infernal Interdictor grant its wielder superhuman strength.  The reinforced steel of the Vault doors yield to its power and critical strikes have the ability to knock even the strongest opponents to their knees, inflicting massive damage.


One Level Deeper

As players from both alignments descend deeper into the mines, be prepared for more exciting new content as this conflict continues to boil beneath the surface of Delta V!

 The War Rages On!

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July 06, 2012

1.4.7b Patch Notes


  • New Infernal Interdictor Promo! These new mutating weapons increase all Critical Strike damage you deal, and increase the damage you do to the Vault doors.


  • Flag Capture achievements not properly being awarded
  • Visual bug with certain buffs
  • Battle hanging temporarily when a player left a 2v2
  • War battles were not disabled during shut down sequence

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July 03, 2012

1.4.7a Patch Notes


  • You now have a 50% chance to get a 1v1 before attacking the Vault (up from 33%)
  • Moved Blueprint shops from Silas and The Lawman to the Legion and Exile Footsoldiers. This will allow you to access the shop even if you allied yourself with the other side.
  • New rollover explanations on the Vault HP Bar
  • Lowered Health and Field Medic strength of the level 15 Mechachillid


  • War Rank achievements are now awarded properly
  • 2v2 war battles before the Vault now properly grant 40 Influence (up from 30)
  • 2v2 war battles can now properly match you with player allies
  • Prevented negative damage from being dealt to the Vault which could cause a loss of Influence
  • Several text fixes to war-related messages
  • Workbot shop was kicking players
  • Desert Guard shop was hanging the client

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