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Information for Parents

Greetings Parents!
Your child is about to embark on a most epic adventure! EpicDuel is safe for everybody of every age to play, and since the game requires no installation or downloads, your computer will be safe as well. If you are still unsure whether or not EpicDuel is right for your child, let us prove it to you!

What is EpicDuel?
EpicDuel is a free multiplayer online game for the web browser. Players create fully customizable characters, purchase weapons and armors, and battle against other players and computer enemies in an ever-expanding world.

How can my child begin playing?
Anyone can play EpicDuel for free! All you need is a web-browser with the latest version of the Flash plugin. There is absolutely NO installation or downloads so you can be sure that both your child and your computer are safe!

Educational Benefits
EpicDuel offers deep complexity that encourages strategy and calculation, while remaining simple, fun, and safe for even the youngest players. Our unique gameplay mechanics enable players to cooperate with other players from around the world, improving your child’s real-life communication and social skills.

Player Safety
It is EpicDuel’s highest priority to ensure the safety and integrity of our online community. EpicDuel enforces a strict language filter to prevent players from using inappropriate words, and game moderators constantly supervise our systems to ban violators. Rest assured that the EpicDuel staff will do its best to offer a child-friendly environment, free from foul language, nudity, realistic violence, suggestive themes, and drug use.

Game Safety
EpicDuel will not harm your computer in anyway. The game doesn’t require an installation as it runs safely in your web browser. Our system will not install any viruses and we will not send spam. The only requirement is the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin. If you don't have the latest plugin, you can get it here for free: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

How to keep your EpicDuel account safe
Remember to NEVER share your account information with anyone. Game administrators and moderators will NEVER ask you for your personal account information. Keeping your account safe is your responsibility. If you have children that will be playing EpicDuel, please remind them not to give their account login details or personal information to any user in the game.