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September 03, 2015

Waves of DragonCon


DragonCon is only a week away! What is it? DragonCon is the biggest Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming/Comics/Art/Music conventions on the East Coast.  Imagine a 40,000+ people attending a 4-day long costume party with so much going on to see and do that it spans 5 hotels. There are celebrity guests, concerts, tabletop and video gaming, film festivals... and we will be there too! Join us at our Artix Entertainment "Panel" which takes place Sunday at 2:30PM in the Hilton, grand Salon E. It is always a blast... ask anyone who has ever been to one. Cysero and I will be hosting! This year we will be focusing on AdventureQuest 3D, Undead Assault and BioBeasts... while giving a healthy amount of love to all of our great existing games. Hope to see you there!
Sunday (Sept 6th, 2015)
Hilton, Grand Salon E


Waves of Wrath!


This Friday, the coveted Kartherax gear, along with the classic Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day items will return to the West Naval Yard! Once again, you'll have the chance to power up with the Curse of Kartherax and Deep Plague cores!


These weapons will only be available for a limited time, then they're gone for another year!


While you're gathering nautical rares, don't forget to check the Achievement shop for the TLAPD Achievement! YAAAAAR!

If you haven't completed the Waves of Wrath missions yet, now is the perfect time since they tie in with the Dragonoid Saga! If you've already completed them, you can always kick Kartherax back into whatever cosmic rift he slithered out of for old time's sake!




If you're at DragonCon this weekend, you'll have the good fortune to see some raw gameplay footage of BioBeasts, including a brief cutscene animated by Yergen!

For more details on BioBeasts development, follow our design blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages! We're nearly ready for a release, and we hope you're as excited as we are! So far, everyone who has spent time playing the game has been extremely positive. As we expand the testing audience we'll continue to refine and polish the game until it truly shines as an AE masterpiece!

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August 27, 2015

The Dragon's Return Part 2


As we stated last week, if you haven't finished Part 1 of the current storyline, now is the time, otherwise these Design Notes may be a bit spoilery for you.

Tomorrow, we will release part 2 of The Dragon's Return, which will challenge players to confront the force controlling Dravax and threatening the destruction of Delta V and the demise of Charfade as we know her.


Along with the concluding mission chains, we will be releasing some incredible new items that have only been teased at in the past! With 3 new achievements, this week will be a spectacular conclusion to one of the most compelling EpicDuel storylines ever!


15 missions, 3 new achievements, a multitude of styles and home items round out this great EpicDuel event! Will you be able to slay the Dragonoid?


Next WEEK!


Remember this? Next Friday, the Waves of Wrath gear, along with the rest of the TLAPD content returns to EpicDuel!


That includes the Kartherax Promotional Gear from last year because, as we have done with previous promos, we're giving players who missed them the first time for whatever reason a chance to enjoy these awesome items!



BioBeasts in In-house Testing!

BioBeasts has formally entered into in-house testing. What is that? Check out our latest BioBeasts Design Note post to learn more!

BioBeasts Testing

Functionally, the game is very nearly complete. We are mainly adding content, details, polish, and improving that every-so-elusive fun factor to ultimately release the most polished Artix Entertainment mobile game yet! As testing progresses from In-house to extended (closed Alpha) testing, we will post more clips of gameplay to give you clearer picture of what BioBeasts is and (hopefully) build excitement toward the imminent release.

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August 21, 2015

Dragon's Return Part 2 Preview


Next week, August 28th, we will release the exciting conclusion to the Dragonoid Saga: The Dragon's Return Part 2. If you haven't finished Part 1, now is the time, otherwise the Design Notes may be a bit...spoilery for you.


Along with the concluding mission chains, we will be releasing some incredible new items that have only been teased at in the past! With 3 new achievements, next week will be a spectacular conclusion to one of the most compelling EpicDuel storylines ever!


BioBeasts on Deck!

Much of our efforts lately have been focused on BioBeasts. If you don't know what BioBeasts is, what have you been doing for the last few months? We're currently in an in-house testing phase so we've been working tirelessly to complete the game to release it for iOS and Android platforms.

Even in the midst of an epic pre-release crunch, we haven't forgotten our promise to deliver a BioBeasts themed package in EpicDuel.

BioBeasts ED Promo DN


More details on this package will be revealed when the contents have been finalized. The release date will be near the release of BioBeasts, which we hope will be very soon. Be sure to follow our Twitter accounts for the latest concept art posts and details. Even our Guest artists have been getting involved in the process! Get ready to kick some cyborg butt in EpicDuel and BioBeasts!

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August 14, 2015

Dragon's Return Part 1


In a few hours we will go live with the beginning of the end of the Dragonoid Saga: The Dragon's Return Part 1! In this saga crafted by Ranloth, Dravax the Harbinger, after years of dormancy, has consolidated enough power to unleash a swarm of Dragonoid Spawn upon the Barrens Outpost.


The reasons for this are still unknown, but the popular theory is that the invasion is an effort to seize control of the Turret Array. This could mean that Dravax's Master is near.


Cut through waves of Dragonoid Spawn to uncover the mysteries of this invasion and reveal Dravax's ultimate intentions. 


Before you venture out into the wilds to confront the legion of interstellar androids, visit the Slayer to stock up on the latest Dragonoid Gear crafted with care by Theon, Bido, Valoroth, Seth Juron, and Hatred Cuirass!


Classic Dragon Restock

It's that time of year again! Time for Summer to slowly ease out into Fall. Time for students to go back to school. Time for...DRAGONS!

Dragon Weapons

Slayer is receiving another seasonal restock of the classic Dragon gear from years past. Many of the items are limited quantity so get them while you can!

Charbinger Weapons

They're back!

Limited-Time Draconic Weapons

Limited-Time Draconic Weapons


Prepare for the second half of the saga on August 28, which will include new items, missions, achievements, and the ultimate conclusion to the Dragonoid Saga!


New Guest!

Finally, we would like to welcome Therril Oreb to the Guest Artist team! He will be assisting us in PR/marketing. Be sure to say, "Hi!" if you see him in-game!

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August 06, 2015

Power Weekend and Dragonoid Preview


Since there's no major update this Friday, it's time for another EpicDuel Power Weekend! Get double experience and credits all weekend long as you prepare for the return of the Dragonoid! You'll need all the XP and upgrade weapons you can muster to combat the greatest threat Delta V has seen yet!


Dragonoid Preview


In preparation of this event, Guest Artist Bido has crafted some reverse-engineered Dragonoid weapons based on Dravax's technology.


These weapons and much more will be available once the Dragonoid returns to Delta V with a vengeance.


The Difference a Frame Makes


Sometimes the difference between a sweet attack that feels good to use is the placement of a single frame. Gain insights into the animation process of the BioBeasts character the Salamancer in the latest post on the BioBeasts design blog.

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July 31, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.51


  • New mission chain: Ode to the Oathbreaker
    • Taken
    • Asking for Directions
    • Dead End
    • Desperate Search 
    • An Unexpected Revelation
  • New NPC Seth Juron in the Infernal Mines
    • Challenge and defeat this new 2v1 boss for an achievement!
    • 2 new drops: Arcturus and Kutsal Ant
  • Seth Juron Showcase Shop
    • Armors
      • Oathbreaker Suit M
      • Oathbreaker Suit F
    • Sidearms
      • Oathkeeper Blaster P
      • Oathkeeper Blaster E
    • Auxiliaries
      • Oathbreaker Cannon P
      • Oathbreaker Cannon E
      • Oathkeeper Bazooka P
      • Oathkeeper Bazooka E
      • Nano Annihilator Cannon P
      • Nano Annihilator Cannon E
    • Mutating
      • Nano Annihilator P
      • Nano Annihilator E
    • Swords
      • Nano Slayer P
      • Nano Slayer E
      • Oathstone Slayer P
      • Oathstone Slayer E
      • Naval Oathblade P
      • Naval Oathblade E
      • Desire of the Hatred P
      • Desire of the Hatred E
      • Oathsaber P
      • Oathsaber E
      • Sacramentum
      • Juramentum
    • Wrist Blades
      • Oathstone Claws P
      • Oathstone Claws E
    • Clubs
      • Oathstone Axe P
      • Oathstone Axe E
    • Staffs
      • Oathstone Staff P
      • Oathstone Staff E
    • Bike
      • Oathbreaker's Motorbike


  • Fireball
    • Now applies a 1 turn debuff that lowers target’s defense and resistance from (unbuffed) stats and armor by 5%
  • Atom Smasher
    • Now drains energy as a percentage of primary weapon damage, instead of total primary damage
    • Energy Drain: 52-79% → 48-75%
    • Now gains +1% drain per 8 Strength
  • Static Smash
    • Now drains energy as a percentage of primary weapon damage, instead of total primary damage
    • Now scales +1% drain per 8 Strength
    • 75% energy absorb remains unchanged
  • Stun Grenade
    • Damage: 185-320 → 195-330
    • Level scale: +1 damage per 0.44 levels → 0.4 levels (increased damage at level 40)
  • Overload
    • Damage: 170-350 → 180 → 360
    • Level scale: +1 damage per 0.44 levels → 0.4 levels (increased damage at level 40)
  • Plasma Grenade
    • Damage: 160-340 → 170-350
    • Level scale: +1 damage per 0.44 levels → 0.4 levels (increased damage at level 40)
  • Improbability Gate
    • Description now mentions the 400 damage cap to high health NPCs (functionality unchanged)


  • Icy Chill and Ebil Crusher were not working correctly on their respective NPCs
  • Field Medic was adding your own Medical Mastery values when viewing other player’s Field Medic skill.

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July 30, 2015

Ode to the Oathbreaker


Seth Juron, the Oathbreaker, is finally making an appearance in the depths of Delta V. This blind warrior travelled far in pursuit of his kidnapped daughter. Can you help him solve the mystery of her disappearance and atone for his past? Will you discover how he got his title: Oathbreaker?


Meet him deep within the Infernal Mines to being his new chain of missions. You'll need your wits about you as well as a capable friend for the final challenge:


A 2v1 battle against Seth Juron himself! He will not be easy, so prepare yourself for a fight! I know I say that every time, but maybe we'll finally stump the hardcore players with this moveset (at least for the weekend)!


Many other artists and helped collaborate on this release. Seth Juron, Theon, Bido, and Gabriel assisted with content while Silver Sky Magician crafted the missions! This release is packed with content so we hope you enjoy it!


The Dragonoid Returns


Something stirs in the darkness around Delta V. Dravax has been quitely sulking since his massive defeat years ago...or has he been planning? 

All will be revealed in a few weeks when the new saga begins!


Undead Assault!

Coming very soon to a mobile device near you (so close it's in your pocket!), Artix Entertainment is proud to present our latest mobile game: Undead Assault!


Control Artix himself in a classic battle against an endless horde of skeletons, ogres, and mages! What? You didn't know about Undead Assault? You can keep track of the latest info, including release details through Twitter and Facebook! The undead will never know what hit them!



We are also planning several balance improvements to improve battle fairness. More details will follow in the patch notes after all the details are tested and confirmed.

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July 23, 2015

Titan's Gear Returns


This Friday, prepare for the return of Titan's Gear! Celebrate the birth this mighty programming, cheeseburger eating, deity with his seasonal rare stock available from his Frysteland dwelling. Mmmmmmm...bacon cheeseburgers...


Seth Juron Preview

Next week, Seth Juron, Guest Artist, joins the party on Delta V, bringing his own unique wares to the game.




He has ton of content planned to go live, including missions, achievements, armors, and more!


New Guest Artist: Valoroth

Please welcome the latest addition to the Guest Artist team Valoroth! Be sure to follow his Twitter and give a friendly "hello" if you see him in-game!

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July 17, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.50


  • Search for the Yutilian Shards mission group
    • Search for the Primo Shard
    • Search for the Secondo Shard
    • Search for the Terzo Shard
    • A Good Beatin’!
    • A Bounty Well Deserved!
  • New NPC: Theon of Odosius
  • NPC Drops
    • Theon's Gauss Rifle P
    • Theon's Gauss Rifle E
  • New Theon Slayer Achievement
  • Theon’s Shop
    • Bloodseeker (Armor)
    • Crimson Piercer
    • Cerulean Piercer
    • Blade of Aurac 2 P
    • Blade of Aurac 2 E
    • Archfiend's Bloodlust
    • Archfiend's Vengeance
    • Q-I Blaster P
    • Q-I Blaster E
    • Theon's Cannon P
    • Theon's Cannon E
    • Theon's Scimitar P
    • Theon's Scimitar E
    • Theon's Gauss Blaster P
    • Theon's Gauss Blaster E
  • New NPC: Noragh
    • Noragh’s Head Achievement
    • Drops Noragh’s Husk
    • Noragh’s Head Trophy Unlocks new shop
      • Yutilian Shard Set P
      • Yutilian Shard Set E
      • Deity Blades P
      • Deity Blades E
      • Deity Mace P
      • Deity Mace E
      • Deity Staff P
      • Deity Staff E
      • Guardian Husk
  • New Home Item
    • Yutilian Spire Bank
  • 6 New Noragh Hairstyles


  • Primary Damage
    • Diminishing returns lowered from 0.85 to 0.8 at high amounts of Strength
  • Stuns no longer prevent blocks and deflections
  • Overload
    • Stat scaling: Dex → Support
    • Stat scaling: 0.4 → 0.45
    • Base stun chance: 30% → 25%
  • Stun Grenade
    • Base stun chance: 30% → 25%
  • Plasma Grenade
    • Base stun chance: 30% → 25%
  • Double Strike
    • Energy cost: Reduced by 10 at all levels
  • Fireball
    • Energy cost: Reduced by 10 at all levels
  • Cheap Shot
    • Defense Ignore: 9-36% → 13-40%
  • Azrael’s Borg
    • Heart Attack damage: 60% → 70%
  • Bio Borg
    • Spirit Thorns duration: 3 → 4 turns
  • Assault Bot
    • Cleanse: Now also reduces poison damage by 70%
  • Energy Storm
    • Energy cost: 0
    • Energy drain: 25% → 20% of strike damage
  • Energy Shot
    • Energy cost: 0
    • Energy drain: 25% → 20% of gun damage


  • No longer staring at Deuce's tummy while talking to him
  • Typos destroyed

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July 15, 2015

Theon of Odosius


This Friday, meet Theon of Odosius. This notorious treasure hunter has scoured Delta V searching for the lost Yutilian Shards and fears they have already fallen into the hands of some of the planet's most powerful individuals! Can you collect the Shards and unlock the mysterious Yutilian treasure? Join us for this latest artist's showcase event featuring work from Theo and Hatred Cuirass!


You'll find Theon in the Infernal Mines next to an inert Yutilian Spire. Once all the Yutilian Shards are collected, the treasure will unlock!


If Theon is feeling generous, maybe he'll let you take a cut of the treasure for your troubles!


If not, you may need to...persuade him.


Noragh the Beast Guardian

Legends abound of a great power that guards the treasure and can only be summoned once the Shards are gathered.


You can face this nemesis of Theon to unlock the Yutilian treasures by claiming the Noragh's Head Trophy drop! You can also collect other extraordinary drops by defeating him!


This release will feature at least 2 new color custom armors, Noragh's Husk and the Guardian Husk mutating armor! Coordinate the armors with 6 new styles!


Slay the Bosses


This update will also feature 2 new achievements for defeating Noragh and Theon! Onward to those RED stars!

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