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May 24, 2024

War Drop Update and New Battlepass Preview

Eldritch Onslaught Preview

This update covers some miscellaneous categories, mainly focusing on war drop balance with some additional information on the next Battlepass!


War Drops Rebalancing

Last week we introduced some substantial changes to war drop rates, including increased drop rates for super war drops. One major downside of this change is it tilted the incentive to bot heavily, especially in Juggernaut mode. To address this, the following changes have been made and will be in effect for the next War.

  • All modes now have a flat 60% base chance to receive a war drop without a War Commander core.
  • If you receive a war drop, there is a 20% chance that drop will be a super drop for all modes. 
  • War Commander no longer drops super items for any mode.

Drop rates are always difficulty to evaluate as sometimes an item drop might "feel" like it's dropping more or less than it should based on a limited data set. Generally, we'd prefer to be more generous than stingy so we're open to reevaluating the percentages when the next War is underway.


Cyber Wolf Collection Complete

With this update the final Cyber Wolf Collection items have been distributed. I'm sorry this obligation took so long to fulfill, but I wanted to make sure all the items were as high quality as we could make them.

Over 175,000 score

  • Cyber Dragon Morph 
  • Cyber Dragon Morph CC

Over 250,000 score

  • Nightbot 3000 Morph
  • Nightbot 3000 Morph

This collection was a collaboration between myself, Tomcat, Acatriel, and Charfade, with a bit of inspiration from Dage thrown in for good measure. I hope you all enjoy the rewards as much as we did crafting them!


Balance Changes

This small round of balance changes mainly address the new promo cores, but fortunately, they're mostly buffs! 

  • Infernal Prism: Description corrected to 3 turns instead of 2.
  • Infernal Blessing: 100 --> 125 HP per tick (including initial use)
  • Infernal Offering: 120 --> 150 energy per tick
  • Infernal Curse: 25% --> 15% effectiveness; reduces defense/resistance as well as base weapon damages
  • Terrify: Removed defense reduction effect.
  • Plasma Cannon: -40 base damage at all levels.


Bug Fixes

  • "You already own this item." message now works as intended.


Eldritch Onslaught Battlepass

Eldritch Onslaught Preview Graphic

The final item on this post is a preview for the upcoming Eldritch Onslaught Battlepass! This will replace the current Azrael-themed Battlepass soon so your time to collect the last few levels of rewards is running out!

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May 18, 2024

Infernal Guardian Gear Now Live!

Infernal Guardian Promo Now Live!

New Infernal Guardian Gear Promo Pack

For the first time in too long, we're introducing a new promotional package featuring new, exclusive armors, weapons, and cores! 

  • Armors
    • Infernal Guardian
    • Infernal Guardian CC
    • Infernal Guardian Knight
    • Infernal Guardian Knight CC
    • Infernal Refracting Guardian
  • Swords
    • Infernal Guardian Slayer P
    • Infernal Guardian Slayer E
    • Infernal Guardian Greatsword P
    • Infernal Guardian Greatsword E
  • Sidearms
    • Infernal Guardian Gun P
    • Infernal Guardian Gun E
  • Auxiliaries
    • Infernal Guardian Bow P
    • Infernal Guardian Bow E
  • Mutating Weapons
    • Infernal Guardian Arsenal P
    • Infernal Guardian Arsenal E
  • Cores
    • Infernal Prism (armor): The slow blade penetrates the shield. Reduces projectile dmg. 85% for 2 rounds.
    • Infernal Blessing (armor): Heal over time for 125 HP each round for 2 rounds, including the initial use.
    • Infernal Curse (primary): Reduce base Primary, Sidearm, Auxiliary dmg. and Defense/Resistance 15% for 2 rounds.
    • Infernal Offering (primary): Offer 80 HP for 150 MP each round for 2 rounds, including initial use.
  • Achievement
    • Infernal Guardian Crest: Award for supporters of ED who got the Infernal Guardian package.

For this latest promotional package, we're doing something experimental. We'll be offering a 10,000 AP and a 4,000 AP version of the package. The 10,000 AP version will include 15,000 Varium and addition spare cores. The 4,000 AP package will be gear-only and not offer Varium or spare cores. It will still include cores pre-equipped to the items. Both packages will award the Infernal Guardian Crest Achievement, but only the 10,000 AP package will reward the Epic Supporter Achievement. Please review the package descriptions carefully in the in-game Varium shop to avoid accidentally purchasing the wrong package.

New Infernal Guardian Styles

Styles 763-772 have been added to the Style Change shop!


Nightmare Azrael's Guardian Slayer Achievement

This achievement will be awarded to those who were able to defeat Nightmare Azrael's Guardian in the time since the boss was first introduced! Congratulations on finding a successful strategy for taking down this fearsome foe! This achievement will be awarded manually so please allow some time before you see the achievement appear on your account if you qualify for it.


Quality of Life Changes

  • War bar interface now enabled in homes.
  • Super war drop chance increased.
  • War drop capacity increased to 20 from 10.
  • Juggernaut and Sim buttons swapped places.
  • New items available at Vendbots:
    • Anti-1v1 Badge
    • Anti-2v2 Badge
    • Anti-Juggernaut Badge
    • Anti-Sim Badge
    • These items will allow you to disable the buttons for the corresponding battle modes. This solution has an advantage over a Settings toggle because, unlike Settings, your preference will not reset when you clear your cache. To re-enable the battle mode, simply sell the badge. NOTE: It's still possible to enter a Juggernaut match while queuing for 2v2 if you're of a certain level range even if you have the Anti-Juggernaut Badge.
  • The merchant shop interface will now warn you with red text that you already own an item you have highlighted. If the item is not restricted, you will still be able to purchase duplicates.

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May 03, 2024

EpicDuel May the 4th 2024

May the 4th Star Sabers 2024

May the 4th Prize Code Star Sabers

It was around this time a year ago that I made a huge list of EpicDuel-themed star sabers I intended to offer as prize code rewards throughout the month of May and a little beyond. I got about halfway through the list before I needed emergency surgery to repair a detached retina which put a damper on the progress. The remaining star saber designs sat unfinished for a year, but they'll finally be released. Starting today, two codes will drop from my Nightwraith Twitter account every day until the list is exhausted. Interestingly, there are still a few codes from last year that were unclaimed fully so if you missed out, you can dig to find some that work. The following items being offered are, in no particular order:

  • Infernal Slayer Star Saber P
  • Infernal Slayer Star Saber E
  • Ultra Corsair Star Saber CC P
  • Ultra Corsair Star Saber CC E
  • Sea King Star Saber P
  • Sea King Star Saber E
  • Celtic Hunter Star Saber P
  • Celtic Hunter Star Saber E
  • Infernal Fantasy Star Saber P
  • Infernal Fantasy Star Saber E
  • Black Abyss Star Saber P
  • Black Abyss Star Saber E
  • Abyss Acolyte Star Saber P
  • Abyss Acolyte Star Saber E
  • Dage's Desolation Star Saber P
  • Dage's Desolation Star Saber E
  • Infernal Overfiend Star Saber P
  • Infernal Overfiend Star Saber E
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Star Saber P
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Star Saber E
  • Titan's Triumph Star Saber P
  • Titan's Triumph Star Saber E
  • Tyrant Titan Star Saber P
  • Tyrant Titan Star Saber E
  • Nightwraith's Avatar Star Saber P
  • Nightwraith's Avatar Star Saber E
  • Legion Overfiend Star Saber P
  • Legion Overfiend Star Saber E
  • Ancient Legion Star Saber P
  • Ancient Legion Star Saber E


PvP Drop Cleanup

 Over time EpicDuel has accumulated many PvP drops at many different drop tiers. In an effort to streamline and cleanup, we've adjusted the drop pool accordingly to keep the current drops from growing stale and giving people a better chance at collecting drops they were missing.

  • Evolved Frostbane PvP Drops Leaving
  • Ancient Legion/Doom PvP Drops Leaving
  • Necrotek PvP Drops Leaving
  • April Fools PvP Drops Leaving
  • Nulgath PvP Drops Returned
  • Darkwraith PvP Drops Returned


Nightmare Nerfs

Since nobody was able to defeat Nightmare Azrael's Guardian after a week, mainly due to a combination of a huge HP pool and impervious defenses, we're implementing the following nerfs based on player feedback:

  • 50k --> 35k HP
  • 150 --> 70 dex/tech
  • 250 --> 0 armor bonus
  • Removal Consecrated Fire
  • Energy damage AOE removed.
  • Physical AOE damage type changed to Energy.

Azrael's Guardian Slayer achievement awarded to those who defeated Azrael's Guardian in the first week of release! This achievement is awarded manually so please allow 30 minutes to an hour after the update to see the achievement. After that point you may need to relog to see it. Those who are able to defeat the Nightmare variant after this update will also receive an achievement in recognition of their skill for next week's update.

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April 26, 2024

Azrael's Guardian Unleashed

Azrael's Guardian Unleashed

Azrael's Guardian Unleashed

For the first time in a LONG time, a new boss has emerged from the Time Fortress to challenge EpicDuel's most elite players. Borne from the blood of Azrael, this Guardian seeks vengeance on those who tormented the solitude of his master. This boss hungers for blood so challenging him will be a constant battle to prevent him from stealing your own life essence for his own.

The following are the new boss drop items + their drop rates. Remember that boss drop percentages are on a per battle basis, meaning if you defeat the boss 4 times to get an item with a 25% drop rate, you aren't guaranteed to receive that drop. This always creates confusion with people writing bugs reports about NPC drops so I feel I need to clarify it again here.

Azrael's Guardian (Normal)

  • Azrael's Cavalier Executioner P (25%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Executioner E (25%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Executioner CC P (15%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Executioner CC E (15%)

Nightmare Azrael's Guardian

  • Azrael's Cavalier Exsanguinator P (35%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Exsanguinator E (35%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Exsanguinator CC P (25%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Exsanguinator CC E (25%)

Since this is the first new superboss in a long while, if you are among the first to defeat Azrael's Guardian or his Nightmare variant, you will be manually awarded a special achievement upon the next update!


Balance Changes / Fixes

  • Skills:
    • Nanotech Shield: +2% to all levels (12% max)
    • Static Charge: Removed Technology requirement
    • Fireball: +20 energy cost to all levels (max 240)
    • Reactive Armor: Requires Dexterity —> Technology
    • Necrotek Bot Special: Correctly calculates health gain vs. Rage. Was previously rounding to either 0 or 100% Rage when calculating how much HP to restore. Rounding may cause max HP restore to exceed 300 slightly when used on NPCs because they have 0 Rage by default.
  • Cores:
    • Salvage: 110% --> 100% damage
    • Sea King's Spirit: 100 —> 150 initial energy gain
    • Darkeater’s Adjudication/Pacify/Convergent Exsanguination: 100% —> 50% Rage drain; 5 —> 3 turn duration
  • Arcade Token drop rates: 100% for 1v1/2v2; 50% for jugg
  • Arcade Token cost: 100 --> 50 for x10; 15 --> 7 for single


Cyber Wolf Morphs

Everyone who achieved over a 150,000 Gifting score in the most recent Gifting season has now received the Cyber Wolf Morph and the Cyber Wolf Morph CC.

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April 12, 2024

EpicDuel Arcade Upgrade 2024

EpicDuel Arcade Upgrade 2024

EpicDuel is live with new balance changes plus a great opportunity to max out your Rating with new achievement tiers for the Arcades and Legendary ranks!


Arcade Achievement Update

All arcade achievements have been updated with 7 more tiers, maxing out at 20, giving everyone a good reason to spend those excess Arcade Tokens. NOTE: If your score already exceeds the current maximum achievement tier, your achievement should update automatically after incrementing your score.


Legendary Achievement Update

Since so many have reached the max tier, we've raised the cap with 8 new tiers of of the Legendary achievement, maxing out at 20. NOTE: If your rank already exceeds 200, your achievement should update automatically after attaining a new rank.


Balance Changes

  • Encumbrance: Updated tiers and include Support in debuffs.
    • 1500-1699 HP: -5% all stats
    • 1700-1799 HP: -10% all stats
    • 1800-1899 HP: -15% all stats
    • 1900-1999 HP: -20% all stats
    • 2000+ HP: -25% all stats
  • Agility: Same HP tiers as before, but Support is now be included in the buffs.
    • Agility I Unencumbered by HP; no stat penalty.
    • Agility II Unencumbered by HP; +3% all stats.
    • Agility III Unencumbered by HP; +5% all stats.
  • Paralysis Coating: Blockable --> Unblockable
  • Necrotek Siphon P/E: 350 --> 300 max heal; heal strength is inverse of Rage amount drained. (i.e. heal is at max strength (300) when draining no Rage, at minimum strength (0) when draining all Rage); deal's 50% damage

Skill balance

  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Crippling Strike: Reduces Resistance as well as Defense; base values: 12% min, +2% per level; +1% per 6 → 7 Strength
    • Field Commander: Removed Rage gain aura; grants +25% Rage on initial use
    • Barbed Grenade: 15% → 10% defense ignore; 25% → 15% crit chance; 130 base energy cost, +20 per level
    • Reroute: -5% to all values
    • Tactical Grenade: Grants same amount of Energy drained → Grants 150 energy
    • Toxic Grenade: Improves with Support → Strength; 100% → 85% damage
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Shadow Arts: Removed additional grenade stun chance; New values: 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 4%, 5%, 5%, 6%, 6%, 7%; added increased sidearm and increased auxiliary damage; reduced increased robot damage to match other percentages with value based on total robot damage.
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Neural Scythe: Removed Support scaling; improves 1% for every 4 levels over 20; damage is based on primary damage, plus a % of primary damage bonus; damage bonus values: 18%, 20%, 22%, 24%, 26%, 28%, 30%, 32%, 34%, 35%; removed energy drain
    • Plasma Grenade: 15% → 10% Resistance ignore; removed lifesteal; +1 damage per 0.35 → 0.3 Technology
    • Nanotech Shield: Removed defense/resistance buff; Removed stat boosts; added lifesteal equal to damage reduction values; new values: 1% min, 10% max
  • Tech Mage
    • Overload:95 → 105 base energy cost; +10 → +15 energy cost per level
    • Plasma Rain: +1 damage per 0.5 → 0.25 levels above 20; Added 20% Resistance ignore
    • Assimilation: 85% → 100% damage
  • Blood Mage
    • Terrify: +1 Strength reduced per 4 → 5 Technology


OMG Mode Removal

You may notice the OMG mode button missing from the main interface. It was removed intentionally until a better implementation can be devised with true rewards while not siphoning players from the other battle modes. A fun meme while it lasted, but not enough substance to make it stick as a feature (even if it was there for over 2 years).

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April 06, 2024

EpicDuel Patch 1.8.859

EpicDuel Balance Update

Class Skill Balance

Last week we made a major class balance update, but one skill was left out of the overall plan due to challenges of implementation. We intended for Shadow Arts to increase robot damage, which isn't something that any cores or skills have been able to do up until now. This is due to the complexity of the caculations for robot damage versus other gear categories. However, after a week of struggle, it appears to finally be working. This change should be an interesting benefit, especially focus Bounty Hunters. It also opens the possibilty of adding new cores that can debuff or buff robot damage in the future.

  • Bounty Hunter
    • Shadow Arts: Removed increased block chance, increased sidearm damage, and increased auxiliary damage; added effect that increases robot damage. The robot's base damage will increase by twice the skill value %. So a robot that has a base 175 damage will increaes by 20%, granting a bonus 35 damage at max level.


Core Fixes

  • Frost Revenants Retribution P/E: Can no longer be removed by buff-removing skills like Azrael's Torment.


Cyber Wolf Distribution

This week we were able to distribute another batch of Cyber Wolf items and styles! The collection is nearly complete, but there are a few items that are still being refined, specifically the travel forms. We certainly hope you enjoy the items you've received so far and find them worth the wait!

The following is a list of the distributed items plus the minimum Gifting scores for receiving each item.

  • 200,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Cyber Wolf Armor
    • Cyber Wolf Armor CC
    • Helm 741
    • Helm 742
  • 225,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Savage Cyber Wolf Armor
    • Savage Cyber Wolf Armor CC
    • Helm 743
    • Helm 744


New Cyber Wolf Styles

If you're browsing the style shop, you'll notice that styles 745-762 are available for purchase! These are based on the Cyber Wolf armors but they looked so cool, we wanted to share them with everyone, while still retaining a few exclusives for the Gifting tiers.

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March 29, 2024

EpicDuel Skill Balance 2024

EpicDuel Balance Update

Class Skill Balance

After rebalancing dozens of cores weeks ago, it was time to move onto class balance. This week's update will hit all six classes with a range of changes from minor tweaks to more substantial overhauls derived from community suggestions.

  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Field Medic: 3 → 4 turn cooldown
    • Frenzy: Remove energy drain effect
    • Tactical Grenade: Grants 180 energy → Grants same amount of Energy drained; +1 energy drained per 2 → 1.25 Support
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Field Medic: 3 → 4 turn cooldown
    • Nanotech Shield: Removed defense/resistance buff
    • Static Charge: Drains 100 energy → Drains 90% of energy gained; 3 → 4 turn cooldown
    • Memory Leak: Replaced with Venom Strike
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Field Medic: 3 → 4 turn cooldown
    • Cheap Shot: Removing healing reduction; 70 → 120 base energy cost
    • Static Grenade: Improves with Support → Dexterity
    • Reflex Boost: Remove Energy gain
    • Venom Strike: 80 → 110 base energy cost; 100% → 85% damage
  • Mercenary
    • Field Medic: 3 → 4 turn cooldown
    • Maul: 65% → 35% heal debuff
  • Tech Mage
    • Field Medic: 3 → 4 turn cooldown
    • Plasma Bolt: +1 damage per 0.28 → 0.32 Technology
    • Bludgeon: Removed damage increase; Added defense ignore (same values as current)
    • Concentration: New energy regeneration values: 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%, 23%, 24%, 25%
    • Assimilation: Improve with Support → Strength
    • Deadly Aim: Requires 24 → 16 Dexterity, 42 → 34 at max
  • Blood Mage
    • Field Medic: 3 → 4 turn cooldown
    • Fireball: Added 20% stun chance; removed defense reduction
    • Blood Shield: Sacrifice 90 HP → 40 HP
    • Blood Instinct: Sacrifice 90 HP → 40 HP
    • Terrify: Improves with Support → Technology


Core Balance/Fixes

  • Astral Projection: Fixed bug that was doubling Energy steal.
  • Revitalization: Def/Res reduction increased to 25% from 10%.
  • Health Reserve: Max heal increased to 450 and affected by Medical Mastery specifically.
  • Tranquility: Affected by Medical Mastery.


Cyber Wolf Distribution

This week we were able to distribute a large batch of Cyber Wolf Weapons! The collection is nearly complete, but there are a few items that are still being refined, specifically the travel forms, armors, and helms. We certainly hope you enjoy the items you've received so far and find them worth the wait!

The following is a list of the distributed items plus the minimum Gifting scores for receiving each item.

  • 10,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Cyber Wolf Dagger P
    •  Cyber Wolf Dagger E
  • 15,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Cyber Wolf Greatsword P
    • Cyber Wolf Greatsword E
  • 20,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Cyber Wolf SMG P
    • Cyber Wolf SMG E
  • 25,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Cyber Wolf Shotgun P
    • Cyber Wolf Shotgun E
  • 75,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Cyber Wolf Bow P
    • Cyber Wolf Bow E
  • 100,000 Gifting Score and Up
    •  Cyber Wolf Arsenal P
    • Cyber Wolf Arsenal E
  • 125,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Cyber Wolf Bazooka P
    • Cyber Wolf Bazooka E
  • 200,000 Gifting Score and Up
    • Cyber Wolf Scythe P
    • Cyber Wolf Scythe E


Infernal Slayer 2024 Preview

It's been ages since we offered a new promotional package. For the last few years, we wanted to pivot from promotional packages to battlepasses which we thought would allow everyone to earn a collection of weapons and cores. It turns out that there's still a high demand for new promotional packages! Soon, a new promotional package will emerge with a new Infernal theme!

Infernal Weapons 2024

Infernal Armors 2024

The Infernal Weapons have always been some of the best-looking weapons in EpicDuel and I have high hopes for this set exceeding those expectations.


April Fools PvP Drops

April Fool's PvP drops have returned! Collection them all while you can!

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March 22, 2024

Azrael's Cavalier Showcase NOW LIVE

EpicDuel Azrael's Cavalier Showcase Battlepass

The Azrael's Cavalier Showcase Battlepass is NOW LIVE! Login now to earn the latest collection of Azrael-themed weapons, armors, vehicles, morphs, bots, and more crafted with care by Acatriel and Bido!

Good luck and happy dueling to reach level 60 of EpicDuel's latest Battlepass season!

So more of you know what you're getting into with the new bots available in this season, the skill descriptions are listed below:

  • Azrael's Cavalier Bot P
    • Azrael's Cavalier Slash P: Slash through 15% of target's defenses.
    • Azrael's Cavalier Fury P: Unleash Azrael's fury, gaining 30% Rage, 25% lifesteal. 100% damage, 95% damage against 2 targets.
  • Azrael's Cavalier Bot E
    • Azrael's Cavalier Slash E: Slash through 15% of target's defenses.
    • Azrael's Cavalier Fury E: Unleash Azrael's fury, gaining 30% Rage, 25% lifesteal. 100% damage, 95% damage against 2 targets.


Balance Changes

  • Deflection Shield: +30% --> +20% deflection chance
  • Dualism / Revolver Retribution: 70 --> 0 energy cost
  • Ultra Obliteration: 70 --> 0 energy cost
  • Necrotek Assault P/E: 25% --> 15% defense ignore
  • Battlebot Buzzsaw P/E: 20% --> 15% defense ignore
  • Bio Claw: 20% --> 15% defense ignore
  • Squirrel Smash P/E: 25% --> 15% defense ignore
  • Minotaur's Charge P/E: 25% --> 15% defense ignore
  • Infernal Impale P/E: 100% --> 105% damage
  • Techstalker Beam P/E: 20% --> 25% crit chance
  • Ultra Corsair Uppercut: 20% --> 25% crit chance

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March 08, 2024

EpicDuel Heavy Health

Agility and Encumbrance

EpicDuel is back with the addition of a new balance feature resurrected from the game's past: Agility.


What Is Agility?

High HP builds have been troublesome to balance throughout EpicDuel's history. Sometime in the game's early days, we attempted to combat these builds with a new stat tied to HP called Agility that would inflict a defense penalty if health exceeded certain thresholds. This stat ultimately failed to address the initial problem since high HP builds already suffered from low defense so the penalty wasn't much of a deterrent.

Now, utilizing EpicDuel's modern core system, we've brought Agility back. This time, the stat is split into two different core types: Agility for HP below a certain threshold, and Encumbrance for HP above a certain threshold. The tiers and buffs/debuffs, also visible in the HP rollover on the character stats page, are listed below:

  • Agility III: 0-899 HP +5% Str/Dex/Tech Bonus.
  • Agility II: 900-999 HP +3% Str/Dex/Tech Bonus.
  • Agility I: 1000-1099 HP No Stat Penalty
  • Encumbrance I: 1100-1199 HP; -3% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance II: 1200-1299 HP; -5% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance III: 1300-1399 HP; -7% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance IV: 1400-1499 HP; -10% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance V:1500-1599 HP; -13% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance VI: 1600-1699 HP; -15% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance VII: 1700-1799 HP; -17% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance VIII: 1800-1899 HP; -20% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance IX: 1900-1999 HP; -23% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.
  • Encumbrance X: +2000 HP; -25% Str/Dex/Tech Penalty.

This new system gives us much better control over the tiers so we can add a robust range of debuffs and buffs to better control extreme HP builds. We went with a percentage debuff because a flat debuff felt too restrictive, but this can be changed if the current Encumbrance debuffs are ineffective.

These buffs and debuffs will only be visible in battle. NPCs are unaffected by this change.


Azrael Cavalier Battlepass

The tentative release date for the new, long-awaited Battlepass is Friday March 15th TBA, barring any technical complications. We're sorry the Olympus Battlepass has lingered as long as it has, but we will plan our Battlepass releases more strategically after gifting next time so we won't be stuck with the same showcase for too long.


Scheduled Maintenance

EpicDuel will be down for scheduled maintenance at around 11:00 AM on Tuesday March 12th. We will be finishing the process we started earlier this year with database migration and copying the entire EpicDuel database to it's new home. This transfer is expected to take at least 2 hours, but could take more, especially if we run into any unexpected problems. Hopefully, we'll turn the servers back on and all will be well!

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February 29, 2024

EpicDuel Cores Reforged 2024

EpicDuel Core ReForge 2024

Core ReBalance 2024

Finally, the long awaited core rebalance of 2024 is here! There are a lot of changes here so bear with us as we make additional tweaks over time. The goal of these changes was to perform a bit of a "reset" on the power levels of the cores and robots to stop some extreme builds and encourage more build versatility. If you're mad that your favorite core was nerfed, take this as an opportunity to change up your build and experiment. No core or robot or build was meant to stay on top forever.

With all these changes, some bugs and unintended interactions are inevitable so we'll do our best to stay on top of any issues as they emerge!

  • Cores
    • 9 Lives / Butterfly Blessing / CactusChan’s Health Reserve / Health Reserve x25 / UrMenace’s Health Reserve / Health Reserve: 500 → 400 HP cap. Formula changed to Health Restored = (Armor's Defense x 2.92) + 50
    • Minor Health Reserve: Formula changed to Health Restored = (Armor's Defense x 2.50) + 50
    • Absolution (Armor): Added x30 Credits version for 10,000 Credits or 195 Varium; +7 → +6 tech/supp
    • Absolution (Auxiliary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Absolution (Primary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core
    • Absolution (Sidearm) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core
    • Accomplishment’s Curse / CactusChan’s Curse Aura / Curse Aura: Removed healing debuff; -50 supp → -10 all stats
    • Curse: Removed healing debuff; -50 supp → -15 all stats; 70 → 90 energy cost
    • Minor Curse: Removed healing debuff; -50 supp → -7 all stats; 70 → 90 energy cost
    • Minor Curse Aura: Removed healing debuff; -50 supp → -5 all stats
    • Mega Curse x25: 80% supp debuff → -40 supp; Add 15% healing reduction; 110 → 90 energy cost; Added permanent Varium version
    • Minor Mega Curse x25: 80% supp debuff → -30 supp; Added 10% healing reduction; 110 → 90 energy cost
    • Mega Stun Blast x25: Deflectable → Undeflectable; 31% → 25% stun chance; Added permanent Varium version
    • Achilles’ Phalanx / Consecrated Ground: 3 → 2 turn duration; 100% → 85% damage
    • Amplifier / Butterfly Boost / Eternal Enhance: +4 → +3 to all stats
    • Apocryphal Champion’s Roar / Apocryphal Demigod’s Roar: 50% Rage drain → 35% Rage steal; Blockable → Unblockable; 70 → 90 energy cost
    • Apocryphal Champion’s Wrath / Apocryphal Demigod’s Wrath / Yeti Fury: Usable at 40% → 30% HP
    • Ares’ Vengeance: 12% → 10% max HP as damage bonus
    • Astral Projection: 75% → 40% energy drain; Changed effect from energy drain to energy steal, i.e. user gains Energy drained
    • Bacon Breath P/E x25 / Bacon Rain P/E x25 / Titan Chomp P/E x25: 125% → 115% damage
    • Blood Bullet: 125 → 120% damage; 80 → 90 HP cost
    • Blood Shot: 25% → 20% crit chance; 40% → 35% lifesteal
    • Bloodseeker Blast / Bloodseeker Blast x25: 25% → 20% crit chance; 40% → 35% lifesteal; 125 → 90 energy cost
    • Botanical Entrapment: 2 → 1 turn duration; 15% → 25% healing reduction
    • Botanical Infection: Removed healing reduction effect; Multi-use → Single-use; Effect cannot be removed and lasts 99 turns (essentially unlimited until triggered); Bug fix:Stack with Deadly Aim/Red Vision
    • Deep Plague: Effect cannot be removed and lasts 99 turns (essentially unlimited until triggered); Multi-use → Single-use; 175% → 150% max. Damage
    • Hunters’ Retribution: Effect cannot be removed and lasts 99 turns (essentially unlimited until triggered); Multi-use → Single-use; 175% → 150% max. Damage
    • Molten Bullet: Effect cannot be removed and lasts 99 turns (essentially unlimited until triggered); Multi-use → Single-use; 175% → 150% max. Damage; Stacks with Deadly Aim/Red Vision
    • Molten Shrapnel: Effect cannot be removed and lasts 99 turns (essentially unlimited until triggered); Multi-use → Single-use; 175% → 150% max. Damage
    • Botanical Infestation: Removed defense ignore; Blockable → Unblockable; 35% → 25% lifesteal; 0 → 90 energy cost
    • Botanical Wrath: 2 → 1 turn armor removal; Poison maintains 2 turn duration, but as 50% → 40% primary damage
    • Captain’s Charge: Usable at 40% → 30% HP; -40 → -30 to str/supp; 35% → 25% def/res debuff
    • Chained Blood: Multi-use → Single-use; +50% → +40% lifesteal / crit chance / highest stat
    • Chairman’s Fury P/E: 120% → 110% damage; 50% → 35% Rage steal
    • Minor Chairman’s Fury P/E: 110% → 105% damage; 35% → 25% Rage steal
    • Chronopact: Multi-use → Single-use; +100 → +70 Strength; 4 → 3 turn duration
    • Cold Ignition / Frost Shards / Frost Shards x25: Multi-use → Single-use; 120 → 100 energy
    • Concussive Shot / Concussive Shot x25: Multi-use → Single-use
    • Core Corruption: -30 → -20 dex/tech; 70 → 80 energy cost
    • Corrosive Shot: 3 → 2 turn duration; 15% → 20% defense ignore/reduction
    • Consecrated Fire: Multi-use → Single-use; 60 → 90 energy cost
    • Crimson Offering: 300 → 350 energy
    • Crow Frenzy P/E: 25% → 20% crit chance; 50% → 35% lifesteal; 85 → 90 energy cost
    • Crystal Grenade x25: 50% → 40% strike damage as energy drain; 50 → 80 energy cost; Add 85% melee damage
    • Minor Crystal Grenade x25: 40% → 30% strike damage as energy drain; 50 → 80 energy cost; Add 80% melee damage
    • Dark Omen: 20% → 15% healing reduction; -40 supp → -30 str
    • Darkeater’s Defiance: Multi-use → Single-use; 50% → 85% damage to energy drained from attacker; Effect only applies to ranged damage
    • Darkeater’s Edge: 95% → 90% min. damage; 135% → 125% max. damage; 85 → 110 energy cost
    • Darkeater’s Impaler / Screaming Soul Spears: 60 → 50 HP/MP drain per turn; 60 → 80 energy cost; 100% → 85% initial damage
    • Darkeater’s Insanity: -40 → -25 str/supp; 70 → 80 energy cost
    • Darkeater’s Overcharge: 2 → 1 turn armor removal; 90 → 110 HP cost
    • Darkeater’s Stun Blast: 10% → 6% stun chance
    • Destruction (Armor): Added x30 Credits version for 10,000 Credits or 195 Varium; +7 → +6 str/supp
    • Destruction (Auxiliary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Destruction (Primary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Destruction (Sidearm) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Domination (Armor): Added x30 Credits version for 10,000 Credits or 195 Varium; +7 → +6 str/dex
    • Domination (Auxiliary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Domination (Primary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Domination (Sidearm) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Draconic Frost King’s Might / Romulus’ Frost King’s Might: 105% → 90% min. Damage; 140% → 125% max. Damage; 100 → 110 energy cost
    • Draconic Frost King’s Will: Multi-use → Single-use; 40% → 30% to all stats
    • Dualism / Revolver Retribution: 115% → 110% to all targets; 0 → 70 energy cost
    • Energy Booster / Energy Booster x25: 450 → 400 energy
    • Energy Pack / Energy Pack x25: Removed from shop
    • Energy Harvest: 2 → 1 turn duration
    • Energy Reserve / Energy Reserve x25: 560 → 500 max. energy
    • Minor Energy Reserve: 470 → 400 max. energy
    • Energy Shot / Energy Shot x25: Multi-use → Single-use; 2 → 0 turn warmup
    • Energy Storm / Energy Storm x25: Multi-use → Single-use; 20% → 25% energy drain
    • Exile Strike / Legion Strike: 115% → 110% damage
    • Minor Exile Strike / Minor Legion Strike: 110% → 105% damage
    • Exsanguinating Shield: Multi-use → Single-use; 4 → 3 turns
    • Exsanguinating Stomp: 25% → 15% healing reduction; 20% → 10% def/res reduction; Removed lifesteal effect; 2 → 3 turn duration
    • Feast of Flesh: 4 → 3 turn duration; +50% → +40% highest stat
    • Flagellation: Multi-use → Single-use; +50% → +40% highest stat
    • Focused Fury / Hunters’ Judgement: 12% → 10% max HP as damage bonus
    • Forbidden Pact / Saevussax Heart: Multi-use → Single-use; 40 → 100 energy cost
    • Force’s Shroud / Titan’s Shroud: Multi-use → Single-use; 4 → 3 turn duration; Removable → Un-removable by buff removal cores
    • Frost Aura: 50 → 30 energy drained per turn when effect is triggered
    • Minor Frost Aura: 35 → 20 energy drained per turn when effect is triggered
    • Frostbite / Lycan’s Bite / Saggy’s Frostbite: Multi-use → Single-use; 100 → 80 energy cost
    • Minor Frostbite: Multi-use → Single-use; 100 → 80 energy cost
    • TrueShot (Aux) / TrueShot (Gun): 95% min. damage; 140% → 130% max. Damage; 120 → 110 energy cost
    • Frozen Fist / Frozen Bonebreaker: 105% → 95% min. damage; 140% → 130% max. Damage; 85 → 110 energy cost
    • Generator / Generator x25: 440 → 330 max. HP gain; 410 → 400 max. energy gain
    • Fortitude (Armor): Added x30 Credits version for 10,000 Credits or 195 Varium; +7 → +6 dex/tech
    • Fortitude (Auxiliary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Fortitude (Primary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Fortitude (Sidearm) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Growth Serum: Multi-use → Single-use; +100 → +70 support; 4 → 3 turn duration
    • Minor Growth Serum: Multi-use → Single-use; +60 → +50 support; 4 → 3 turn duration
    • Hair Trigger / Infernal Fury / Titan’s Trigger: 110% → 100% damage
    • Hammer Grenade P/E x25: 3 → 2 turn duration; 100% → 85% damage; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Minor Hammer Grenade P/E x25: 85% → 80% damage; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Hardened Armor: Multi-use → Single-use; 4 → 3 turn duration
    • Hatchling Rush P/E: 45% → 25% healing reduction
    • Minor Hatchling Rush P/E: 30% → 15% healing reduction
    • Hawk Guardian P/E: Usable at 40% → 30% HP; 130% → 125% damage
    • Health Booster / Health Booster x25: 450 → 350 HP
    • Health Pack / Health Pack x25: Removed from shop
    • Hunter’s Mark: 3 → 2 turn duration; Initial attack ignores 20% defense; Removed block chance reduction; 85 → 90 energy cost
    • Hunters’ Eradication / Saevussax Annihilation / Sea King’s Curse: Removed armor removal
    • Hunters’ Evocation / Permafrost / Tentacle Prison: 100% → 85% damage
    • Icy Overkill / Icy Overkill (Aux): 80 → 100 energy cost
    • Incensory: Multi-use → Single-use; 90 → 120 energy cost
    • Indominus Spear: 85 → 50 energy cost; Removed defense ignore
    • Inexpiabilis: 90 → 50 energy cost; Removed extra crit chance
    • Infernal Surge: 35% → 25% to all stats; Removed HP gain; 25% → 40% Rage boost
    • Infinity (Armor): Added x30 Credits version for 10,000 Credits or 195 Varium; +7 → +6 str/tech
    • Infinity (Auxiliary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Infinity (Primary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Infinity (Sidearm) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Infinity Mind Spears / Infinity Mind Spears x25 / Saw Strike P/E: 40% → 25% defense ignore
    • Minor Infinity Mind Spears: 30% → 20% defense ignore
    • Infinity Power Strike / Infinity Power Strike x25 / Saevussax Slash: 125% → 120% damage; 95 → 90 HP cost
    • Minor Infinity Power Strike: 95 → 90 HP cost
    • Lifeline: Usable below 40% → 30% HP
    • Lycan’s Curse / Titan’s Curse: 4 → 3 turn duration
    • Magma Grenade P/E x25: 3.5 → 1.5 defense reduction per level; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Minor Magma Grenade P/E x25: 2.5 → 1.2 defense reduction per level; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Mana Burst: 35% → 25% energy drain; 2 → 0 turn warmup
    • Minor Mana Burst: 25% → 15% energy drain; 2 → 0 turn warmup
    • Medusa’s Gaze: 2 → 1 turn duration
    • Gladiator’s Omega Override / Katie’s Omega Override / Omega Override / Pro’s Omega Override / Roman’s Omega Override: 60% highest stat reduction → -50 to target’s highest stat
    • Minor Omega Override: 50% highest stat reduction → -40 to target’s highest stat
    • Om Nom Bomb P/E x25: 75% → 60% lifesteal; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Minor Om Nom Bomb P/E x25: 60% → 50% lifesteal; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Paralysis Coating / Paralysis Coating x25: Add 25% crit chance; 125 → 90 energy cost
    • Phase Shift / Phase Shift (Aux) / Phase Shift (Gun): 110% → 100% damage
    • Piercing Shot: 20% → 15% healing reduction
    • Piston Punch / Piston Punch x25: 110% → 85% damage; +20 → +15 energy per armor level
    • Poison Barbs / Sea King’s Venom: 60 → 80 energy cost; Incurable → Curable
    • Prime Dexterity Boost: +4 → +6 Dexterity
    • Prime Strength Boost: +4 → +6 Strength
    • Prime Support Boost:+4 → +6 Support
    • Prime Technology Boost: +4 → +7 Technology
    • Dexterity Boost x30: +8 → +6 Dexterity
    • Strength Boost x30: +8 → +6 Strength
    • Support Boost x30:+8 → +6 Support
    • Technology Boost x30: +8 → +7 Technology
    • Radiation Burn / UrMenace’s Radiation Burn: 25% → 15% defense/resistance reduction
    • Resonant Armor: 10% → 5% damage to energy drained from attacker; Effect applies to all attacks
    • Revenant’s Plague: 25% → 35% chance to trigger; 2 → 3 turn duration; Incurable → Curable
    • Revenant’s Ward: 10% → 5% damage reflection
    • Revitalization: Usable at 40% → 30% HP; 1300 → 1000 HP cap; 25% → 10% additional defense reduction; 100 → 0 energy cost
    • Minor Revitalization: Usable at 40% → 30% HP; 25% → 10% additional defense reduction; 100 → 0 energy cost
    • Saevussax Evisceration: 4 → 2 turn duration; Deflectable → Undeflectable; Removed stun chance
    • Sanguinomancy: 85 → 90 energy cost
    • Sea King’s Corruption: 30% → 25% healing reduction; 4 → 3 turn duration
    • Shell Shocker: 25% → 15% healing reduction; 15% → 10% def/res debuff; 2 → 0 turn warmup
    • Skull Cracker / Skull Smasher: 125% → 120% damage; Multi-use → Single-use; 120 → 90 energy cost
    • Short Circuit Grenade P/E x25: 115% → 105% damage; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Minor Short Circuit Grenade P/E x25: 115% → 105% damage; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Soldier’s Grenade P/E x25: 120 → 115% damage; 50 → 90 energy cost
    • Soul Siphon / Spirit Well: 25% → 20% energy steal
    • Stalagrenade P/E x25: 50% → 35% defense ignore; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Minor Stalagrenade P/E x25: 35% → 25% defense ignore; 50 → 80 energy cost
    • Supremacy (Armor): Added x30 Credits version for 10,000 Credits or 195 Varium; +3 → +2 str/dex/supp; +6 → +5 tech
    • Supremacy (Auxiliary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Supremacy (Primary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Supremacy (Sidearm) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Tactical Reload (Gun): 40 → 70 energy cost; 2 → 0 turn warmup; Puts regular sidearm in cooldown
    • Tactical Reload (Aux): 3 → 0 turn warmup; Puts regular auxiliary in cooldown
    • Telekinesis: 4 → 2 turn duration; 0 → 90 energy cost; Deflectable → Undeflectable; target much more likely to be blocked and deflected
    • Thorn Assault P/E: 115% → 110% damage
    • Minor Thorn Assault P/E: 110% → 105% damage; 25% crit → 15% crit
    • Titan’s Barrage: 125% → 120% damage
    • Tranquility: Multi-use → Single-use; 500 → 450 max. HP; 150 → 0 energy cost
    • Tremor Blast: 4 → 2 turn duration; Deflectable → Undeflectable; target much more likely to be blocked and deflected
    • Ultra Obliteration: 115% → 110% to both targets; 0 → 70 energy cost
    • Vigor (Armor): Added x30 Credits version for 10,000 Credits or 195 Varium; +7 → +6 dex/supp
    • Vigor (Auxiliary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Vigor (Primary) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Vigor (Sidearm) x30: Adjusted permanent Varium version to align with x30 core; increased price to 295 Varium
    • Unbreakable Heart: Buffed to x25 Version of +45 Defense; Credit price increased to 20,000
    • Unbreakable Spirit:Buffed to x25 Version of +45 Resistance; Credit price increased to 20,000
    • Vampirism: 125 → 100 energy
    • Whiteout x30: 110% → 100% damage
    • Wolf’s Fury: Usable at 40% → 30% HP; 100% → 60% energy conversion
    • Wrath of Callisto: 125% → 115% damage; 125 → 90 energy cost
    • Zeus’ Might: Removed 10% stun chance
    • Aim Assist: Calculated multiplicatively; 30% —> 70% deflection chance reduction
    • Laser Sights: Calculated multiplicatively; 20% —> 80% decreased deflection effectiveness
    • Super Scope: Calculated multiplicatively; 10% —> 40% deflection chance reduction, 20% —> 50% decreased deflection effectiveness
    • Lucky Strike: Calculated multiplicatively; 13% —> 50% block chance reduction
    • Deflection Shield: Calculated additively; 15% —> 30% deflection chance addition (will necessitate raising maximum deflection chance)
    • Overshield: Calculated additively; 20% —> 25% increased deflection damage reduction
    • Ballistic Shield: Calculated additively; 10% —> 20% increased deflection chance and 20% —> 15% increased deflection damage reduction
    • Ninja Reflexes: Calculated additively; 6 —> 20% block chance addition
  • Robot Regular and Special Attacks
    • Azrael Claw: Removed extra crit chance
    • Azrael’s Chimera Curse P/E: 75% → 50% healing reduction
    • Breath of Kartherax: 100% → 105% damage
    • Color Blast: 4 → 3 turn duration
    • Dragon Bite P/E: Removed extra crit chance
    • Dragonblade Familiar Drill P/E: 25% → 20% damage to user’s HP / Energy
    • Grenade Storm P/E: 25% Rage drain → 30% Rage steal
    • Incineration P/E: Removed armor removal effect, Add 60% lifesteal, 100% → 90% damage, Usable below 30% HP
    • Minotaur’s Charge P/E: Remove Mini-Rage effect; Add 25% defense ignore
    • Minotaur’s Rage P/E: Multi-use → Single-use; 2 → 3 turn duration
    • Naval Bombardment: 80% → 85% damage to 2 targets
    • Necrosis: 3.5 → 2.5 defense reduction per level (i.e. 170 → 130 max. defense reduction)
    • Phantasm Blast P/E: 50% flat value of robot damage as energy drain
    • Phantasm Slash P/E: Removed energy drain effect; Since the special drains plenty of energy, it seems fair to leave this attack as pure damage output
    • Shadowlord’s Severance P/E: 5 → 4 turn cooldown
    • Techstalker Tremor P/E: 4 → 2 turn duration, eliminates blocks, deflections, and crits entirely; Single-use → Multi-use; 4 turn cooldown; target much more likely to be blocked and deflected
    • Ultra Corsair Crusher P/E: 75% → 70% damage; 75% → 35% of base robot damage as energy drain; Removed stun chance


Other Changes

  • 50,000 Varium achievement, Legendary Epic Supporter updated to 2024
  • Epic Supporter achievement updated to 2024
  • Fourteen Year Alpha achievement and weapons removed
  • Alpha and Beta Remembrance weapons removed
  • Fifteen Year Alpha achievement added
  • Big Game LVII removed
  • Big Game LVIII added
  • Seasonal rares set to normal release cycle
  • Void Trial mission removed
  • Many rares removed from Acatriel
    • Apocryphal Demigod Bow P/E
    •  Cathedral Knight Magnum P/E
    • Celtic Wendigo Staff P/E
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Worldeater P/E
    • Necro Energy Burst Claymore P/E
    • Sanguinomancer Cruelty Blades P/E
    • Celestial Bane P/E
    • Chaos Amalgam Sword P/E
    • Darkeater Annihilator P/E
    • Flesh Demigod Axe P/E
    • Frost Revenant Vindictae P/E
    • Infernal Samurai Evocator Blades P/E
    • Scorn Advitalis Destroyer P/E

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February 23, 2024

Balance Progress and Azrael Battlepass Preview

Azrael 2024 Battlepass Preview

Balance Progress

Progress has been steady but slower than I'd like for the massive core and robot balance update. Nearly every core in-game received some changes. Many were small tweaks like Energy cost or damage adjustments, but many others received much larger overhauls. The goal of this update will be to combat the power creep that has been building for cores and robots as more have been added over the years. These changes should encourage more experimentation and build variety. It's likely that we will need additional balance updates for the balance updates as new overpowered or underpowered cores emerge from battle data, but this is a major step towards better balance for EpicDuel.

If all goes well, this update will be ready for next Thursday.


Battlepass Preview

While I've been occupied with updating nearly every core in the game, Acatriel and Bido have been building items for a new Battlepass that should release soon. Because we've been so occupied with updating existing cores, this Battlepass will not feature new cores. The slots formerly occupied by cores will be filled by additional rewards of currency.


Pre-Spring Cleanup

Next Thursday, we will be doing a bit of cleanup to update of all the seasonal rares to be set to stock at their appropriate time. We will also be removing some Rare items from Azrael that were added in June of 2023. Also, the Fourteen Year Alpha weapons and Achievement will go Rare and leave the shops. 

As another part of the cleanup process, we're going to be purging orphaned factions. Since faction founder step down was introduced, whenever a faction was deleted after the founder changed down at any point, the faction would fail to delete properly and remain, despite having 0 characters in it. Currently, there are over 1,000 factions in this state so purging them should free up some coveted names for new factions. This will not affect any faction that currently has at least one member, but factions that are on the leaderboards will 0 members will fall off. The bug that caused this problem in the first place will also be fixed.

As one additional change, on Thursday we will also be updating the evolving Epic Supporter and Legendary Epic Supporter Achievements to 2024. Do to it's overwhelming popularity, the 50,000 Varium package will remain in-game for the foreseeable future.

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February 09, 2024

EpicDuel Rare Refresh

Rare Refresh

Gifting Progress

As of this update, only one set of top Gifter prizes remains. I hate making anyone wait for their prizes, but progress is progress and I can think of a Gifting season when we were this far along this early. Thank you Gifters for your patience and I hope you're thrilled with your prizes so far.


New Rarity Type

Last week some noticed fluctuations in their rarity scores. This was due to Battlepass items being recategorized as seasonal rares when they were added to the Challenger's shop. This felt bad, especially if you went through the trouble of collecting the rares in the original seasons. To correct this, we added a new, more descriptive rarity type: Battlepass. This should adjust the rarity scores back to what they were before the recategorization.  

If you've collect all the Battlepass items so and don't know what to collect next, the next Battlepass will be here soon enough. Soon enough doesn't mean next week, but hopefully by the end of the month.


Jack Frost Arrives

Jack Frost bots have awarded to those with Gifting scores higher than 50,000.

  • Jack Frost P
    • Jack Frost Smash P: 100% damage, 25% crit chance.
    • Jack Frost's Fury P: 100% damage. Initial attack does 25% damage to energy and applies an MP poison for 25% Robot damage for 2 turns. The initial energy drain may be different from the amount of poison applied.
  • Jack Frost E
    • Jack Frost Smash E: 100% damage, 25% crit chance.
    • Jack Frost's Fury E: 100% damage. Initial attack does 25% damage to energy and applies an MP poison for 25% Robot damage for 2 turns. The initial energy drain may be different from the amount of poison applied.


Corrupted Core Correction

Some were able to purchase a core that was literally corrupted. It appeared as Consecrated Ground for primary weapons, but it was unable to be equipped to anything. To correct this, we've updated the these cores to the correct auxiliary version of Consecrated Ground. 


Server Migration Part One

This Wednesday we experience some downtime to start the move to a shiny new server box. It's similar enough to the old one, but just different enough that it still throws me off when navigating it. This was only the first step, but so far so good. The next step will be a full data transfer to EpicDuel's new home. This will occur later this month and take several hours.

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February 02, 2024

EpicDuel Battlepass Restock

This week we say, "Goodbye!" to the Darkeater package and say, "Hello again!" to returning Battlepass items and cores. If you took 2023 off of EpicDuel, or just didn't feel like completing the Battlepass seasons, this will be a massive update for you!


Darkeater Retired

Available since 2022, the Darkeater promotional package has officially been retired. You will still be able to purchase the cores and bots from Acatriel. To allow players who don't have Varium a chance to use the cores, we've brought back new versions of select Darkeater items (tagged 2024). We did this to preserve the rarity of the promo items for those who already purchased the promotional package.


Epic Battlepass Restock

Originally, our intention was to bring back the Battlepass items from previous seasons gradually, but because of a major upcoming core rebalance, we brought back Azrael's Scorn, Botanical Knight, Cathedral Knight, and Draconic Warlord all at once. We wanted as many people to have access to as many cores as possible to test the efficacy of any balance update. Even if you don't have Varium to purchase the cores outright, you can still get many of the cores by purchasing the Battlepass items from The Challenger who resides in the Time Fortress zone of the Afterlife.

Since cores are crucial to balance and the health of PvP, we plan to offer cores in a shop alongside Battlepasses in the future, starting with the next Azrael Battlepass. This may provide less incentive to grind out the Battlepass for some, but wide availability of the cores will be useful for determining any imbalances more quickly.


New Cores

A permanent version of the Thrown Shot core as well as sidearm and auxiliary versions of the permanent War Commander core are available at Vendbots across Delta V.


Minor Cores Retired

Because they don't adequately serve the purpose they were meant to fulfill; the minor cores have been retired. It is still possible to equip and use them, but they are no longer for sale.


Widescreen Expansion

Last year one of our major goals was to expand EpicDuel to a widescreen resolution. Acatriel managed to expand all the current screens in game, and I planned to implement them over the Summer, but my surgery shattered those plans. I will resume the expansion process after Gifting obligations are wrapped. The widescreen expansion also includes adjusting every interface in game so it's not quite a simple matter of just replacing the old map screens with new ones. This change will require a lot of testing and make the game difficult to update while all the screens and interfaces are expanded so we want to be sure we have plenty to occupy players while the work is underway.


Server Migration

Next week we will be migrating EpicDuel's database to a new physical server. This will result in several hours of downtime while all the data is transferred. We will update you when we've determined the exact time we plan to do the migration so you can plan accordingly. I've been told the new server won't offer much of a performance boost aside from using SSDs instead of HDDs. Hopefully there are no hiccups and EpicDuel arrives at its new digital home safe and sound.


In the coming weeks, we will wrap up the last of our Gifter items and undertake a massive core rebalance. While this is happening, we will also be working to complete the Gifting Bonus Tier items as well as the 2024 Azrael Battlepass. Thank you for your patience! We usually have a lull in substantial updates after Gifting as we work to complete all the post-Gifting tasks, but we're moving at a much faster pace this year than ever before! 

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January 26, 2024

EpicDuel Gifting 2023 Aftermath

EpicDuel Gifting 2023 Aftermath

Gifting is over, but the progress continues on the prizes for the top Gifters. Our progress this year has been swift, but we still have a few outstanding prizes to complete. Thank you for bearing with us as we work to wrap up Gifting prizes and fulfill all of our final obligations for Gifting. In the past, this process could extend into months and sometimes over a year, but it looks like we could be finished or very nearly finished with the top Gifters prizes by February!

With this update, several new top 15 Gifter prizes were added. I hope the Gifters enjoy wielding these amazing items as much as we enjoyed creating them (if not more). 

To keep you all up to speed with our current plans for the near to mid-term, here's a summary of pending or in-progress topics to tackle for EpicDuel. 


War Resumes

With this update, the regional faction war will resume as scheduled as the main Gifting leaderboard is retired for another year. This is the step of resetting Gifting that feels the most like putting the holiday decorations into storage for the next season. 


Quality of Life

This year we will strive to implement frequently requested quality of life features to EpicDuel. The most requested feature right now is the ability to sell multiple items at once. You can already do this with mission items and cores, but so far we haven't been able to find a way to stack them. Other items are more complicated to stack because of all the variables since they can be upgraded. You wouldn't want to sell your fully-upgraded, coveted rare item along with a pile of duplicates, so we need to cover as many scenarios as possible. Spider has some solutions he's working on that will hopefully enable bulk selling for regular items as well as home items. These steps will be crucial for clearing out massive amounts of inventory space, especially after Gifting when some are stuck with over 10,000 items in their inventories! Obviously, this is not ideal, since you can't even buy anything with a full inventory, making the game frustrating to play and collecting new rares impossible.

These features are challenging, but necessary, and we'll do everything we can to get them to you ASAP.


Cyber Wolf

The Cyber Wolf collection is still pending, but I haven't forgotten about it!



It's been awhile (too long) since our last comprehensive balance update so we're planning a major one with a focus on cores. These changes will probably roll out in phases since the list of cores has expanded over the years and dominate builds have shifted around them. We hope these changes, many player recommended, will revitalize duels and shake up a stagnating meta.


Azrael's Scorn

In early February, the Azrael's Scorn Battlepass items will be equipped to The Challenger. If you missed that Battlepass completely or couldn't grab the last few items, this will be a great opportunity to complete your collection.


Darkeater Leaving

The Darkeater package that has been available since 2022 will finally leave the shop next Friday February 2nd. If you missed our for some reason, this will be your last chance to collect these items all in one package. After the pack leaves, a few select items will be equipped to an in-game shop, allowing purchases of the cores, bots, and select items. 


New Battlepass

Our next Battlepass is planned to drop sometime in February. In hindsight, it would have been a better idea to hold the Olympus' Wrath package until immediately after Gifting, but it's a lesson we'll take to heart next time. 


That's a lot. Is there anything we forgot? Probably. This list wasn't all-inclusive but includes some of the biggest topics that came to mind as I was writing this post. I really should get some more sleep.

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January 12, 2024

EpicDuel Gifting 2023 Ends

Gifting 2023 Ends

Another Gifting Season Ends…

And what an end it was! EpicDuel ending 2023 with a bang as the volume of Gifts were double that of 2021.

Congratulations to our winners and all who participated, whether you were #1 or #10001. Gifting only works if people show up, and you all showed up with an incredible level of dedication and passion for the game that means so much to all of us who continue to keep the game running after nearly 15 years.

The top 15 winners this year are:

  1. Musashi
  2. Exempt
  3. I Am Mr. Nice Guy
  4. Lycan
  5. Impulse
  6. Ronald Mcdonald
  7. D Y S P O
  8. Enchant
  9. Smoking Shadow
  10. CactusChan
  11. Keosama
  12. F L O K I
  13. Thaddiemac X
  14. Lele
  15. Ahri

Though all the top 15 winners this year had impressive scores, with all exceeding 1 million gifts and 6 Gifters crossing the coveted 2 million gift threshold, Musashi exceeded all previous records with an incredible score of 5,038,987 gifts! Will it ever be beaten? Every year I think I've seen the highest Gifting score possible and every year I'm proven wrong!

We also want to celebrate the top 50, who put up some impressive gift scores themselves. The complete scoreboard will be added to Titan’s Peak as soon as we excavate a space big enough for this massive leaderboard of Gifters.

Gifting 2023 Top 50

Though we had some challenges this season, they were challenges borne out of something positive: People gifted enough to literally break the game! The number of gifts slowed the servers and created frequent instability by the end of the event. That brings me to the next topic.


Where Did My Gifts Go?

If you logged in sometime January 10th after 4:30 EST, you may have noticed your gifts are gone. You may have also noticed there were many server crashes with the game being inaccessible for minutes or hours at a time. This was because there were so many gifts given this year that EpicDuel was literally unable to handle it. Every time someone opened their mail or used the /open1000gifts command, it hit a database table with millions of entries. Rather than wait for people to open their gifts manually while dealing with instability, we decided the best solution was to open every gift all at once.

Because at the end of gifting most players end up with 1000s of duplicate items, we decided it would be preferable to automatically convert them to 1000 credits a piece, rather than forcing everyone to sell everything one item at a time. Arcade Tokens would be automatically inserted into everyone’s inventory since they’re more valuable than common seasonal items.

Captain Rhubarb and I worked on a query to open millions of gifts and finally had an opportunity to use it when the server crashed again. If you logged in after this update, your gift queue would be empty, but your inventory would be overflowing with Credits and Arcade Tokens!

Long story short, you didn’t lose your gifts. We automatically opened them all at once to save you time and save the server from incessant downtime. If enough people missed out on the drop items, we could make them available for purchase from a shop to fill out your seasonal rare inventory.


Arcade Prize Pruning

One complaint we hear often is that many players’ home item inventories are clogged with too many home items. We want to fix that, but we can’t right at the moment, so we’ve removed home item prizes from the Bronze tier of Arcade Games, replacing them with Arcade Tokens or pure Credit prizes from 50 – 100 Credits. These slots will eventually be replaced with other items, but for now, you can spend excess Arcade Tokens without packing your home with more items that you could ever place in 100 lifetimes. 


Secret and Silver Secret Prizes

After today’s update, we “opened” all the Secret and Silver Secret packages! By opened I mean inserted the prize items into everyone’s character inventory who owns one of the two or both packages. The packages themselves won’t be deleted until all are distributed (there are still a handful outstanding) and we are confident everyone got the items they should get. When we are prepared to delete them, we’ll turn extra packages into credits. We hope you enjoy them because I think Acatriel really outdid himself from the last Secret and Silver Secret packages he created.


Winner Prize Progress

As of right now we have been in contact will all this year’s Gifting winners and their prizes are underway. This should be a faster process than previous years thanks to Acatriel’s help and our stricter guidelines for requests. We still want each prize to be something the champion Gifters can be proud of and celebrate, but we also don’t want to drag the process out too long. It’s just as painful for us as it is the Gifters who are left waiting! That won’t happen this year. At least I don’t think it will. I have a habit of making positive statements only to be proven long later, but at this point, I’m optimistic!


Cyber Wolf Collection

The Cyber Wolf Collect has fallen behind due to the technical issues we’ve faced towards the end of Gifting and my own work piling up on me. However, we will still be able to release the items from the collection as they are completed without the need for a reboot. The ambitious projection is that all parts will be distributed by the end of January, but, again, I’m being very optimistic. We learned some valuable lessons when creating this year’s prize items that should help us develop content more efficiently for next year’s Gifting event to minimize waiting for prizes!


Thank you again for everyone who participated in this year’s Gifting event, the biggest of EpicDuel’s nearly 15 year history! Duel on!

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