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August 08, 2014

Infernal War Plus

The Battle Begins!


  • Infernal Mines opens as the next war region
    • Defenders hold the Infernal Controller which allows them to oversee the Android Army
    • Attackers use Infernal Drills to bore in to the Delta Vault and attack with swarms of ravenous Mechachillids using Infernal Beacons
    • Defenders collect Infernal Bombs to destroy the Drills and thwart the attack
    • Battle for new prizes and control of the Infernal Mines!
  • 2 new mission groups
    • Cleaning Central Station (Naomi)
    • War Stories (Raymus)
  • Infernal War Achievement unlocked! Earn influence in the Infernal Mines!


The Mines of Madness Return!

After years of lying dormant, the Infernal Mines are back in contention! During their occupation after a hard-fought victory, Lawman and his Exile army have guarded the mysterious Android Army. Unable to awaken them, the defended forces remain vulnerable to attack. Now, the Legion have finally mustered enough forces in the region to strike back and reclaim Baelius' greatest and most terrifying creation!

Baelius' Army


To War!

This time around, there is no Vault Door to impede your progress, but the attackers will need to be sneakier to infiltrate the innermost Vault chamber.

Enter the Mines

Attackers will use Infernal Drills engineered by Mechachillids who were persuaded to help the Legion with the promise of crunchy rocks and metal the ability to continue living.

Infernal Drill

These drills can bore directly into the Vault, allowing attackers to zap Infernal Beacons directly to the Infernal Controller.

Infernal Controller

As usual, participants in the war will have the option to buy War items from the Infernal Ammo Depot located near the Infernal Mines entrance.

War Shop

Infernal Items

These are limited quantity, so stock up while you can! Mechachillids are hungry for some Baelius hologram face!

Infernal Controller

"Don't you DARE eat my face!" -Baelius


Leaderboards will be located near the War Memorial, a reminder of the Exile army's epic triumph, and a painful reminder to the Legion to never underestimate the Exiles.


Will the Exiles hold the Infernal Mines? Will the Legion reclaim their Android Army? Do you have what it takes to be a War Hero? 


Achievement Unlocked!

For the first time, players will be able to earn regional influence in the Infernal Mines!

Achievement Unlocked'

Who will be the first to attain the highest rank? Will it be YOU? *points*


War Stories and Cleanup!

Visit Naomi and Raymus to accept 2 new mission chains created by Guest Writers Trans and One Winged Angel!

Naomi and Raymus Mission!

These missions will help fill in the backstories to these two mysterious and tragic NPCs. Plus, you'll get some loot in the process! Getting paid to learn? What a deal!

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July 30, 2014

Titan's Triumph Arrives!

Titan's Triumph

This Friday, prepare for a boatload of new Titan-themed items including a Titan-themed arcade game. Our volunteer artists worked super hard to deliver a shop packed with weapons, home items, and even a bike made of Titan's favorite food -- BACON!

Titan's ArcadeTitan Prize

This arcade game also unlocks a Titan's Triumph VIP achievement. Are you feeling lucky?


New Challengers!

Rise to the challenge and battle the not-so-pacifist Naomi and Raymus to claim their achievements!

Naomi Fight

Even Naomi can only be pushed so far.

Some have asked why give achievements to these particular NPCs and not ALL the NPCs you can fight? Good question! I suppose as soon as we draw achievements for the other unique NPCs, we can fill out the ranks of the challengeable NPCs. This would give opportunities to earn these "boss" achievements to players in all level ranges!


Ask Titan!

As a new feature on Artix.com, you'll have the ability to ask the Developers any question you like (within reason). You voted for the first Dev to be interviewed, and it was our very own Titan!

Ask Titan

You've posed your questions, now wait for the answers that should be posted on Thursday (or as soon as Titan finishes his answers). Stay tuned to have the great mysteries of EpicDuel and the Universe revealed!

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July 18, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.20


  • 2 new mission group on Valestra and Habuki with 5 missions each (10 new missions total)
  • Valestra and Habuki can now be challenged
  • 2 new achievements for defeating Valestra and Habuki
  • Extended War Cooldown
  • Overlord Facility updated to reflect Lionhart aftermath
  • War cooldown extended to end August 8th to allow more development time

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July 16, 2014

Lionhart Aftermath

Mission Accepted

Last week you took a stand against Lionhart and, though we posed a great challenge, you were able to defeat him. To date, little over 300 duelists have earned the Kingslayer achievement. We designed Lionhart to be the toughest boss yet, but it looks like the best of the best rose to the occasion! Congratulations on this epic achievement!

Thanks to the events of the final mission, the mission chain will be repeatable for the forseeable future for those who aren't quite powerful enough to take on the king.



This week, as a palette cleanser for the exciting, but challenging Lionhart missions, we're introducing 2 new missions created by guest writer One Winged Angel! Talk to Valestra a Habuki in Fortune City to complete their tasks and claim your rewards!



This week, the Chaos Lords poster goes live in Heromart. Buying this epic poster will earn you the Chaos Dragonslayer Sword P/E in EpicDuel, along with awesome chaotic weapons in other AE games!


Chaos Dragonslayer

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July 10, 2014

Lionhart Saga Part 3

Lionhart Finale

Prepare for the grand finale of the Lionhart Saga! Join Revontheus and the mysterious mage Caden to smite Lionhart and his army using a terrible weapon from Delta V's past! You'll need all your wits and fighting skill to go head-to-head with the champion and leader of the Lionhart Empire. Prepare for the fight of your life!


Do you have what it takes to kill the king?


A King's Bounty

To satisfy your appetite for Lionhart weapons, our artists have created an arsenal of new Lionhart gear available at the level 35 Lionhart Soldier in the Overlord Facility. This incredible arsenal was created by Bidoof and Assassin Order!

Lionhart Weapons

Also, rumor has it that Lionhart can be "persuaded" to part with his scepter. Only a bold few can hope to claim this prize for their own!


World Cup Warriors

To celebrate the largest sporting even in the world, we're introducing new World Cup weapons created by Bidoof!

World Cup Weapons

Show off your World Cup fever with the complete set of 8 weapons available from the Overlord Guard in the Overlord Facility! Be quick, because like the World Cup, these weapons are temporary! However, rather than make you wait another 4 years to claim them, we'll bring them back next year around this time.

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June 27, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.18



  • New Fightable NPCs
    • 7 New Lionhart Soldiers for level ranges (5,10,15,20,25,30,35)
    • Trancendence
    • Immancence
    • Revontheus (drops Achievement!)
  • Lionhart Alliance Part 2 Mission Chain (10 Missions)
  • New Weapons!
    • Plasmic Flame Sword - Revontheus
    • Blood Flame Sword  - Revontheus
    • Transcendence's Fury - 5% Drop from Transcendence
    • Immanence's Reaper - 5% Drop from Immanence
    • Lionhart War Sword P - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart War Sword E - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart Light Sword P - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart Light Sword E - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)




  • New tiered War Prize system added
    • Better prizes are now available based on War participation
    • There are 4 tiers of prizes,  Rookie, Private, Sergeant, Commander
    • Win or Lose, players can reach all of the tiers, but the Bonus Prize is only available to Commander tier players on the winning alignment
    • The Bonus Prize will not be available for purchase to the losing side

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with the radio buttons in the War Leaderboards
  • Leaderboards now say “Final Results” and hides the radio buttons for leaderboards in inactive regions
  • No longer displays the Ally Chat option when playing as Juggernaut
  • Fixed issue with NPC battles remaining at the conclusion of non-NPC battles

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June 20, 2014

Lionhart Part 2

Lionhart's Strike

Now that the Legion and Exiles are allied against the Lionhart forces, Transcendence and Immanence are taking matters into their own hands. Challenge them to one-on-one battles to test your mettle against the best forces Lionhart has to offer.

Immanence and Transcendence armors will be available from the Lionhart Soldier in the Overlord Facility. Also, by defeating them you will have a chance to claim their weapons as rare drops!
Also, change your look with 12 new Lionhart styles. These features and more will be coming to Delta V early next week, along with some exciting new improvements to War 2.0! (No release today) Read on for more previews of the continuation of the Lionhart Event and War 2.0!


Database Overhaul

Titan and Rabblefroth have taken this week to perform some major housekeeping on the database structure--primarily the structure of the skill tables. This sounds very technical, but it basically means that there were many fields that were no longer relevant or extremely unclear in their function. This restructuring means extensive testing will be needed to ensure that the battle engine isn't borked. Basically, if we did everything right, it means you won't notice any changes, BUT the changes will make adjusting balance and balance testing MUCH easier in the future.

Overlord War

Although Delta V is allied against the incursion of Lionhart, Legion and Exile forces still face tensions over who controls the Overlord Facility. This will make the Overlord Facility the next region in the cyclical War. 

AI Core

This new war will be fought for control of the AI Core, which controls all military assets in the region.


The attackers will collect Fuel Cells to power rogue Hovercraft to perform strafing runs against the AI Core. If they do enough damage, they can neutralize the Core and rebuild it for their own purposes. 

To preserve the Core, the defenders will collect Sabotage Kits to disable the attacking Hovercraft.

Overlord War Drops

To address some complaints with the current war rewards system,  we have decided to implement a new tiered prize system that I shall endeavor to explain below...


New Prize Tiers

With the introduction of the Overlord War, we will introduce a new participation-based prize system. Players who fight harder will be eligible for better prizes. Currently, you only need 150 Influence on the winning alignment to qualify for a free prize. We feel it's unfair to award players who only play an hour the same as those who go the distance and participate throughout the war to support their alignment. In addition to adding tiers, we are also raising the minimum participation requirement to qualify for the baseline prize. 

Tiered Prizes

*Prize amounts in the above graphic are placeholders. Actual numbers are subject to change.

You will be able to see the tiers at the beginning of the war. At the end of the war, you will receive all the prizes available for whichever tier you qualify. The option to buy a prize outright will no longer be available. Because we want players on the losing alignment who battle fiercely to be rewarded, they can still qualify for the prize tiers, but cannot win the item prize (treasure chest).

Due to the complexity of this new prize system, we will need to update the war system manually in an update early next week (Monday or Tuesday). Participants of the Frysteland War will have until that update to claim their prizes. After the new system goes live, it will apply to the previously contested war regions, meaning when the Dread Plains is under contention once again, it will use the new tiered prize system.

We hope this new system adds real value to war participation and makes those who play harder feel rewarded. We also hope it addresses the "all-or-nothing" stakes of the current war system in which the losing alignment receives nothing (for free).

Thank you for your patience as we work to build, test, and implement these exciting new additions to the war system. Be sure to join us next week as the Lionhart Saga continues and war comes to the Overlord Facility!

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June 12, 2014

Lionhart Alliance

Lionhart Saga

Last week we were introduced to Immanence and Transcendence, emissaries and children of Kaiser Saeva Lionhart, an intergalactic conqueror bent on reclaiming Delta V. This week, you will join Revontheus to unify the Legion and Exile forces in an alliance against this new threat from the stars. To rally both sides, you'll need to convince the most formidable warriors from both alignments of your combat skills. With both alignments united against Lionhart, Revontheus is over 10% Delta V can survive the invasion.


Complete the missions successfully and you'll be greatly rewarded with Credits, a new item, and the Peacemaker achievement! This is only part one -- there are still many more missions, rewards, and insane bosses to come!


Overlord Ops

Lower level players may find the Lionhart Alliance missions too challenging, but don't fret, the Overlord Guard could use your help! Even with an invasion fleet looming overhead, he's still trying his best to enforce law and order in the Overlord Facility. Help him do his duty for a sizeable reward!


World Cup

Has it been four years already? In celebration of the World Cup, the World Cup achievement will make a reappearance in the Achievement shop for a limited time!


Core Clarification

It was originally stated in the previous Design Notes that Lionhart's Shield would allow your allies to heal or buff you while the shield was enabled. Unfortunatley, this was a case of the nature of the core changing through development, resulting in an inconsistency with the early marketing materials. As it is in game, Lionhart's Shield protects you or an ally from damage and makes whomever it is cast upon completely untargetable for everyone, even allies. This is the intended behavior and the previous Design Notes have been updated accordingly. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

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June 03, 2014

Lionhart Cometh

Lionhart Saga

Deep-space scans have detected an armada of unknown origin approaching Delta V. A single transmission was received before the ships disappeared from view, “I am Kaiser Saeva Lionhart, and I am coming to claim what is mine!” Saeva Lionhart and his forces are ready to take control of Delta V even if it means annihilating the existing population!

In addition to an army of elite soldiers, Saeva is bringing his most powerful lieutenants, his children Immanence and Transcendance. Once again, Legion and Exile forces will need to unite to protect Delta V from this otherworldly army. This Friday, June 6 at "When It's Ready O-clock", prepare for the dawn of the Lionhart Saga!

Family Portrait


This highly anticipated release will prominently feature artwork from Revontheus, the architect for many aspects of the release. If you enjoy it, be sure to thank him!


Fight Lionhart with...Lionhart!

Before the full force of Lionhart’s army arrives on Delta V, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with Saeva’s technology firsthand! Lionhart’s Avatar Bots (P and E), Lionhart’s Carnage (Physical mutating primary), and Lionhart’s Knowledge (Energy mutating primary) will be available for a limited time with the 10,000 Varium package. This incredible package includes 4 powerful weapons of destruction to help you defeat your foes and repel the invading forces.


Lionhart Maul


These weapons will include a permanent active core Lionhart’s Shield. This defensive core allow you to encase your or your partner in a crystalline prism that prevents enemies from attacking. It literally makes the target untargetable and immune to any debuffs or attacks. This brief reprieve from damage allows you or your ally to deny your opponents from inflicting damage for a turn and forces a change of strategy. It is not possible to heal or buff an ally if they have this shield enabled.

Lionhart’s Avatar Bots include two potent skills, Lionhart’s Claws, a devastating slashing attack, and Lionhart’s Roar, a special ability to unleashes a deafening roar that buffs the Rage of you and your ally. That's right, this new ability will be the first AOE buff.

Lionhart Bots

These amazing items are just a taste of the amazing assortment of weapons and armors that will be available in game as prizes, mission rewards, drops, and items sold at merchants.

These weapons and bots will be available for a limited time through the Varium shop and at the Lionhart Soldier merchant for Varium! To make room for this new package, the Black Abyss and Blood Hawk packages will be leaving permanently. The Black Abyss Bots will be located in the Black Abyss Cache with the other Black Abyss items.


Overlord Overhaul

Overlord Facility

Because this new event is bringing focus to the Overlord Facility, this long-forgotten region is receiving a major overhaul. Charfade is working her painterly magic on the facility, creating the haunting, imposing military installation it was always meant to be. Be sure to explore the screens and experience the revamped region for yourself. There will be many more friends and foes to challenge here!


Rage Revealed

Since it was first introduced, Rage has been a mystery to many players. You only see your Rage on your turn; the Rage of your opponents and allies remains a mystery until the attack is finally unleashed. You also have no idea how much Rage you accumulate from your attacks or from damage you receive. 


In this Friday’s update, you’ll finally be able to see your Rage and the Rage of your opponents throughout the entire battle. The familiar Rage bar will still appear on your turn, but you’ll also have a permanent Rage bar with the rest of your vitals.


Fame Game

Lately, we've been seeing more and more people abusing Fame. This is unfortunate as the feature has not served the purpose we originally intended. Our plan to address this issue is to remove Fame from the character page to an in-game system. Since our plate already overflows with Lionhart content, we may not have time make the transition this week. We apologize that fixing this has not been a priority, but we believe that moving this feature in-game will greatly reduce the amount of Fame harassment and exploitation to make it the fun and engaging system we always hoped it would be.

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May 22, 2014

Another War Down

Exile Victory

The Fortune City War is over. The Exiles have won another war and seized Fortune City from Legion control. Now is the time to login and claim your war prize!
So many choices!
If you weren't fortunate enough to be on the winning side, you still have the option to purchase the Fortune City Battlegear war prizes! Remember, the next war is just around the corner and you'll have another chance to claim another slice of Delta V for your own!
New Gear
The next war will be a shorter duration, with added balancing mechanics to prevent one alignment from pulling ahead and creating an insurmountable gap. If one alignment gains a strong enough lead, the losing alignment activate a Battle Rally, which will strongly boost the war drop rate. This, combined with the shorter duration, should make for a much tighter and exciting conflict!


Charfade's Charshoppe
Charfade has added several new items to the inventory, including a color custom Little Gear mutation and new items from Juniu and Assassin Order! Be sure to stop by Charfade's location in the Barrens Outpost to check them out! This journey should be even easier thanks to a helpful new feature...


New Navigation

Now, you can use the redesigned world map to navigate to any NPC in any region! This should make finding those obscure NPCs much easier. It also means the grumpier ones will get more visitors and become even grumpier! Be sure to stop by and cheer them up!


Power Hour!
Power Hour!
The war is over, but that doesn't mean the dueling is over. Battle your heart out all weekend long for double XP and Credits! There's no special mission to complete or button to activate -- just log in and DUEL!


Heroic Memorial Achievement
Heroic Memorial
Be sure to stop by the Achievement shop to claim the seasonal Heroic Memorial Achievement (available now)!


Have a safe and fun weekend! Duel on!

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May 15, 2014

May Madness

New Weapons!

After a small hiatus, EpicDuel Team is back at full-strength. Take a look at some of the spicy dishes we've cooked up for you this week!


Arcade Update

First, you'll want to stop by an ArcadeBot to try a new Arcade Game featuring new weapons from our fantastic new guest artists:

  • Hatred Cuirass
  • Assassin Order
  • Bidoof 
  • Juniu 
  • Vultex

As usual, this game will offer new achievements, a new leaderboard, and come fully-loaded with never-before-seen weapons!


War Progress

The Fortune City War is now pushing past its midpoint. The Exiles are pulling ahead with a commanding lead. The Legion will need to rally to win and hold onto their seat of power! Crazier things have happened.

After the Fortune City War is decided, the next area up for contention will be -- Frysteland. For years, the Legion have held claim to this frigid stronghold, but soon it will be up for contention again and Legion and Exile forces will vie for control once again.

The Fortress Core

Warp Gates

Frysteland Drops
The Attackers will collect Yeti Bait to lure Yetis into jumping through Warp Gates placed around Frysteland to assault the Fortress Core. The Defenders will use Fryste Bombs to destroy the Warp Gates and secure their Core.

Like the Dread Plains War and current Fortune City War, the Frysteland War will offer new prizes, new leaderboards, and the ability to build influence in the region for you and your Faction.


Assuming Direct Control

Rabblefroth is completing a tool that will allow testers to easily alter skills and stats to thoroughly test balance adjustments with minimal dev assistance. This means more thorough and useful balance updates.


New Face of Delta V

Delta V is getting another facelift, this time from the mega-talented Charfade. Be sure to click the little Map button on the main HUD to see it in all it's glory!

Delta V



Lionhart Preview

Check out this new preview from Revontheus of the upcoming Lionhart event: The whole Lionhart family together at last!

Family Portrait

Are you ready to challenge Saeva, Transcendence, and Immanence?


Code Time!

We haven't offered one in awhile so this weekend, we EpicDuel developers will be offering prize codes on Twitter for these new home items designed by Charfade!


Each Dev will offer a code for his or her respective statue. You'll need to follow all of us on Twitter to collect them all!

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May 01, 2014

Fortune City Countdown

The War Continues...

The War between the Legion and Exile forces resumes this Saturday as the countdown to the next War closes in on 0. This War will take place in the capital of Delta V, Fortune City. Fortune City is currently powered by an Energy Core in Alydriah's Spire. Rather than destroying the Core, the Attackers are determined to drain the Core to fuel their own war efforts using Sappers located around the city. The defenders will defend the core by destroying the Sappers. The citizens of Fortune City will follow whomever can keep the lights on. Will the Legion reign, or will the Exiles unseat the Legion from their lofty perch in Fortune City?


Fortune City Countdown

As you can see, the cooldown timer continues to tick by and the next War is very near. The text war region, Fortune City, will be open for contention early Saturday morning. This means a new chance for War Hero, leaderboard domination, and building regional Influence in Fortune City.

Countdown Clock

Remember, once the Fortune City War goes live, you will no longer be able to claim Dread Prizes. If you haven't claimed a prize yet, or purchased one that caught your fancy, you've only hours left to do so.


Dread Plains Champions

Before the next War begins, we'd like to commemorate the leaders of the previous war. Will they be major players in the next War? Do you have what it takes to dominate ALL the regions?

Exile Winners

Best Legion Soldiers


Return of Legion and Exile Battlegear!

To make sure you're properly equipped for an alignment brawl, the Legion and Exile Battlegear have returned to the Dread Plains. 

Equip for the next war!

Visit the Exile Leader or Administrator 10 to purchase these powerful mutating weapons for your own!

Shop in the Dread Plains

Deliver an Exile or Legion Strike to your foes with the weapons' powerful cores. Better hurry -- these weapons will only be available for a limited time!


Battle Gems for Android is LIVE!

Be the first to play Battle Gems - the 1st major mobile game created by the same friendly (and crazy) team that creates AdventureQuest Worlds. Battle Gems is available right now for free on Google Play's App Store for your Android device AND Apple’s App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Read more details here!

The team and I are really proud to be releasing Battle Gems for you. As our first major mobile game, it took over 6 months to draw, animate, code and write the 450+ joke & pun filled levels for you. We think you will agree that it is our most crazy, addictive and fun game yet! Get Battle Gems and please help us spread the word. (P.S. We are working on the Android version as you read this.)

Battle Gems Features

  • Over-the-top fantasy Puzzle/RPG
  • 150+ monsters including BrutalCorn, Octobear and more!
  • 450+ quests to Mount Death Dread Doom Skull
  • 250+ items
  • Every item you collect increases your total power!
  • Fully customizable character
  • Crazy monsters, epic battles, and… horrible puns (but get it anyway)

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April 24, 2014

Lionhart Preview

Lionhart Preview

We mentioned before that Revontheus was cooking up something wicked, and now we have even more previews of this epic event in the making!

Meet Saeva Lionhart. He's seen the endless warring of Delta V's factions and realizes that it's the perfect opportunity to strike! He's coming to claim Delta V for his own...and he's not coming alone.


Be sure to follow Revontheus' Twitter feed as he posts more previews of this exciting event.


Be Prepared

The Dread War is over, but Fortune City stands ready as the new battleground as the war cooldown ticks by. The Exiles triumphed in the Dread Plains, but will the Legion readily hand over their home turf to those sneaky rebels? Prepare for new prizes, new war objectives, and more war action and you fight for immortality on Delta V.


Something Wicked...

Also prepare for a new and malevolent creation coming very, very soon...


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April 17, 2014

Dread War Aftermath


The Dread War is nearly over. What better way to relax from ceaseless battle than some fun new missions courtesy of Hank?! New missions, new items, and a POWER WEEKEND await for this upcoming release!


Easter Best

Our volunteers are hard at work learning the intricacies of Flash and they're ready to reveal the fruits of their efforts.

Exo Knight

Check out this suggestion entry by VectosAE, vectorized and separate by G00ny!


This sweet new armor is available as male and female neutral armors at Talia in Fortune City. Visit the style change module to complete the look with matching styles for all classes and genders.

Wear your Easter best!

There aren't any Easter bonnets in EpicDuel, but we DO have killer egg armors, doom bunny swords, and cybernetic, grenade-launching rabbits! Visit Xraal or Cinderella in the Biological Preserve to dress your Easter best! Go pastel or go home!


Trash Talk

The resources consumed by the raging war in the Dread Plains forced Fortune City to suspend sanitation services. This has turned the Delta V capital into a literal dump! 

Take out some trash!

Visit Hank in Fortune City to help him clean up and make Delta V shiny and new so he can finish tinkering on a top-secret project. 

Hank's Tasks

Hank has a reputation for being stingy, but he loves his planet and city more than he loves cash so he's bringing extraordinary rewards. You won't believe the prize for completing the final mission, a collaboration between Charfade, Hatred Cuirass, and Assassin Order! Or maybe you will. I guess that depends how easily you're surprised. Like, did you know someone is behind you right now watching you read? No? Well, of course it moved! Anyway...


Map It Up!

Delta V Reborn

Charfade is currently in the process of giving Delta V a MEGA facelift. That old map is going away. Prepare for the shiny newness! We will be incorporating the new map shorty after the next war region goes live. 

Hey, now you can tell which region is which! It's not green and blue blobs anymore! PROGRESS!


Power Weekend!


Grab your Boost and your best gear and get ready to duel! Earn levels and Legendary ranks faster than ever with another POWER WEEKEND! Double XP and double Credits! You're probably asking, "But Nightwraith! How do I qualify?" All you have to do is login after our release tomorrow and duel your heart out! Tell your friends and your enemies...because you friends can help you beat them and stuff.

Duel ON and Happy Passover and Easter to those who celebrate!

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April 10, 2014

Earth (Delta V) Day

Earth (Delta) Day

Get Your Green On!

Spring reigns in the Northern Hemisphere (in Florida at least) so we’re unveiling some new item devised by dedicated players and EpicDuel fans, Hatred Cuirass and Tomcat. Collect these new weapons from Xraal in the Biological Preserve this Friday!


The Twilight of War

The race to victory in the Dread Plains continues as the Exiles continue to pummel the Legion artillery. However, the Legion have not given up yet. The Control Array shield is showing wear and tear so the turret bombardment is taking its toll. Will the Exiles destroy the last of the Legion turrets and claim the region, or will they become complacent, allowing the Legion to surge forth with a surprise triumph?

War End Nears

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during our time running wars in EpicDuel, it’s that our players can surprise us with their tenacity. Anything is possible between now and the war’s end.


The Next Phase

With the Dread War winding down, we’re already one step ahead preparing the next war region: Fortune City!

Next Round

Prepare for urban warfare as the attackers attempt to drain the source of all power in Fortune City, the Energy Core located strategically in Alydriah’s Spire.

Next Round

The attackers will use Sappers located around Fortune City to siphon power from the Core to store in FC Batteries. Defenders will protect the Core by destroying the Sappers with FC Bombs.

Fortune City War Drops

This war will go live after a brief cooldown period after the Dread War concludes. Like the Dread War, Fortune City will offer it’s own bounty of war prizes!

Fortune City Prizes

Excited? You should be! War On!

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March 28, 2014

Lionhart Preview

War Buildup

Now that new Dread War is underway and stable, many are already wondering "what's next?" If you haven't figured it out already, our aim is not an end to all war, but to unveil a full-realized regional war cycle. After the Dread War ends, the winner will claim the region, and after a brief cooldown period during which no region is active, the next region will be contested.

While the Dread War is still being heroically fought by Legion and Exile forces, the EpicDuel team is hard at work building out the rest of Delta V to prepare each region for war. This includes new prizes, maps, objectives, items, and in some cases, completely redesigned maps. My hands are already crinkling at the thought. This task will be quite involved but we're confident we can have it completely ready early May 2014. Until that time, updates may be sparse, but we'll be sure to keep you informed of ongoing developments.

Stay tuned to these design notes for updates as reveal hints for the next war region, and the future face of Delta V!

Mappy Map

War On!


Project Lionhart


War isn't all we have in store for you! While we continue our war buildup, our artist Revontheus is working on a big release behind the scenes! The plan is to have it ready in May. It will include new weapons, home items, armors, missions, bosses and more. Are you ready for Lionhart?

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March 21, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.7 and 8


  • New Legion and Exile Dread War Chests (alignment specific)
    • Legion and Exile Tanks
    • 10x Dread Bombs/Shells
    • 5x Super Dread Bombs/Shells
    • 3x War Commander Cores
    • 10k Varium
  • New Dread Ammo Depot added to the Dread Plains
    • Sell Super Dread Bombs and Super Dread Shells in small batches
    • Restocks every hour

  • Use the ‘War Notifications’ checkmark in Settings to hide War popups

  • Regional Items Return
    • Dread Destroyer P and E now sold Exile Leader and Admin 10
    • Nautical Nightmares now sold at Big Tuna
    • Barrens Busters now sold at Slayer
    • Overlord Overkills now sold at Overlord Guard
    • Fortune City Slayers now sold at Hank
    • Trainyard Terrors now sold at Naomi
    • Wasteland Wardens now sold at Lawman
    • Bio Busters now sold at Xraal

  • War Objective Interface Improvements
    • Objectives now display current damage range on the map
    • Objective use menu now displays description and your currency


  • World Dominations and War Hero achievements now awarding correctly
  • Fixed delay glitch in the update of regional war achievement Influence
  • Fixed Limited Quantity Items on Cinderella
    • Carrotic Collider
    • Lagomorph Launcher
    • Bunny Borg
    • Bunny Bane E/P
    • Omega Bunny Borg
    • Carrot Blaster/Impaler
    • Egg Cannon/Laser
    • Carrotic Cannon
    • Lagomorph Laser
  • War Tanks set to Seasonal Rare instead of Battle Drop.
  • Using Concussive shot (or any ability that affected cooldown) against bosses would not put boss skills on cooldown
  • War Bar is now hidden while in player homes to prevent Home Editor toolbar overlap
  • Fixed achievement level up bug, you can now move up multiple tiers of an achievement at once
  • Fixed ‘Stony Tark’ mission item Raw Crystal now equipped to Kraggor.
  • Fixed wall problem in Old Fortune City screen where players would get stuck
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from saving your location in homes
  • Battle damage bubbles are now positioned so they don’t exceed the screen bounds
  • Fixed issues with Doom Snowball, Icy Impaler, Ice Wall and Frozen Breathe on Elite Yeti
  • Fixed an issue where mail recipient names would not add to the interface when sending mail from the Faction Manager or Buddy List
  • Fixed a hairstyle issue, there wasn’t enough room to show the denominator (ex: 100 / 100) when cycling through 3-digit styles

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March 19, 2014

Dread War Chests

Artillery Strike!

Due to popular demand, we're adding a way to purchase Super Dread Bombs and Super Dread Shells in-game at the new Dread Ammo Depot. Since these items are highly dangerous, and stocking an infinite amount of explosives in a tiny place would be a massive fire code violation, they will be restocked in quantities of 50 every hour (as long at the remaining quantity is 0).  

The items will be alignment restricted so you will not be able to buy the opposition's war items. You can only purchase the war item that applies to your alignment.

Ammo Depot

The current war drops will still be available through PvP drops, but players who really, REALLY want to help their respective alignments dominate will now have another option to unleash their fury upon the Dread Plains.


End of War Prizes

 The Dread War Prizes are locked in and ready to be claimed by the victor!

Spoils of War

In order to claim a free prize, all you have to do is participate in the war for the winning alignment. There's no reason not to participate unless you have a weird aversion to free stuff. This is just the beginning. War Prizes will change from region to region as the War rolls across Delta V.


Bug Fixes Galore!

This update, we've managed to patch some major bugs, including errors with awarding War Hero and regional Influence Achievements. Check out the Patch Notes for a thorough breakdown of the fixes.

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February 21, 2014

War Two Point Oh

When will the Dread War End?


We've heard your feedback about the Dread War and many players have made it clear they're ready for it to end.  Well good news!  We’ve been working hard planning exciting improvements to the current system. When we first conceived the Dread War, our goal was to implement an event that could provide perpetual engagement, but over time, a few weaknesses in the system’s design have become apparent and the war has become a bit stale. The current war is complicated, it never ends, it doesn't offer enough rewards, and there is no focal point. This post will explain how we intend to overhaul the current system, and offer up the key points of the proposed new war system. The details are subject to change so please give us your feedback so we can build the best system possible.  We believe by borrowing the best ideas from previous phases and prior wars, we can craft a system that is simple to understand, extremely engaging, perpetually rewarding and really, really fun!

War Planning Board

As you can see, our dry-erase board breeding program is progressing nicely.


A Sense of Urgency

 Currently, The Dread War is a global conflict without end. The lack of focus and lack of duration means there’s never any urgency. In past events like The Frysteland War and The Infernal War, there was a clear set of victory conditions. With War 2.0, we hope to recreate this sense of urgency by limiting the scope of the War to one region at a time and structuring it as a race. The War will last until a specific set of conditions are met by either alignments’ forces (we expect these regional conflicts to last roughly 1-3 weeks).

When the War in a particular region ends, the environment will visually reflect the winners, and the region will remain in control of the winning alignment until it comes up for contention again in the future. Prizes will unlock for the winners, and the top participating players and factions will be made famous (in a similar fashion to the Infernal War). After a small cooldown period, the next region will activate and the war will continue. The victory conditions in each region will vary to keep the conflicts interesting.  


Streamlined Gameplay

 To a new player, the current War system is baffling. Control points, cooldowns, and other obscure systems are extremely challenging to convey at a glance. As we develop War 2.0, we’ll be streamlining many of the old systems. Mechanics like Influence, Flag Captures and World Dominations will remain, but behave differently from the current system.

The gameplay mechanic will evolve from a constant grind for control, to a more focused system where both alignments are racing toward very specific goals. Each regional War will be a race to complete the given objective and whichever alignment fills their global war bar first will win the battle and take control of the region!

PvP battles will remain the main driver of conflict, however, Influence will no longer be earned at the end of battle. Instead players will earn Influence by depositing new "War Drops" on War Objectives within the region. These drops will be similar to the grenades in the Infernal War in that they will drop after winning a PvP battle. War Drops will be thematically tied to the currently contented region and can be anything from missiles to computer chips, ammo crates, bricks, cakes, plants, metal, bullets, etc. Players of all levels can obtain and use these items, maintaining a very low barrier of entry for War participation. 



 If you fight hard to be the greatest champion EpicDuel has ever know, you deserve a place of honor. With War 2.0 we hope to give greater exposure to exceptional players who make the greatest contribution to the war effort. Interactive leaderboards will display the leading players and Factions for each alignment. At the end of each regional War, the bravest, most dedicated soldier will be displayed prominently until the region is contested once again.


War Prizes

 By defining a clear beginning and end for each regional War, we can offer real rewards for the victor. At the end of each War, players on the winning alignment will gain access to exclusive prizes. To add variety to this experience, players can select a prize from a list. These prizes could be never-before-seen weapons or currency prizes like Credits and Arcade Tokens. Each region will draw a new set of prizes to choose from, and the prize pool will continue to expand as the regional wars progress.

These rewards will only be available to those who participate on the winning alignment, and they will only be available until the next regional War begins.  We will also be adding additional levels to each regional War achievements. If you’re at level 10 or close in any of the regions, you’ll be able to battle your way to an even higher Rating Point score!

Also, the highest scoring player at the end of each day will receive a War Hero achievement. This achievement will have a tracker to record each time you qualify for this prestigious distinction.


EpicDuel Evolution

War 2.0 will herald a new phase of EpicDuel development: EpicDuel Evolution. This new phase will be unlike any before it – over the last few months we have been gradually building tools and tutorials to allow EpicDuel’s future to be directed by a force more powerful that the mighty Titan himself: our Community.

Goony's Gats

Over the years we’ve attracted some amazingly talented and ambitious players. Our player base may be much smaller than AdventureQuest Worlds, but the level of talent is no less. Our intention for EpicDuel Evolution is to allow more input and direct involvement from our players to influence things like content creation and balance. If you were shy about contributing content or ideas to EpicDuel, now is a better time than ever to express because soon we’ll be offering the resources to make them a reality!

Group Shot

We're aiming to activate the first region on Friday, March 7, but as usual this is just an estimate and could be delayed if development demands it. Stay tuned for more details as this exciting new feature evolves!

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February 06, 2014

Epic Cleanup

Epic Cleanup

This week, we're getting our hands dirty with some deep-cleaning of EpicDuel's inner workings. It's been awhile since we've done optimization so this week we worked hard to fix some nagging bugs and clean up some code to improve performance. These updates don't usually yield many shiny new toys for your enjoyment, but we've worked hard to make sure you're not empty-handed for this update!


Home Decor

To assist you with the cleaning process in your homes, we're introducing crabby new home item. These crabs are hungry and ready to clean your homes of any refuse. 


We're introducing a total of 31 new home items, including the popular development phase AI trainers. Show off your appreciation of the eras from EpicDuel's past with these awesome new home items!



Last week, we planned on implementing a change to the matching engine to tighten the range at the highest levels. This means that a level 40 should almost never match against a level 35. This change was not thoroughly tested, but this week we're confident in releasing this change. This should encourage fairness and balance among the high level players.


Prize Codes

This weekend we'll be giving out more prize codes! As an experiment, we'll be dropping codes more randomly, making it more difficult to "camp" codes with multiple accounts. Follow our Twitter pages to stay updated with the latest developments on these codes and their availability!



Next week, we'll have more awesome items in store for you, including Revontheus' epic new swords, Aphrodite's Woe!

Aphrodite's Woe

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January 30, 2014

Heartbreak at Halftime


Get ready to finally experience EpicDuel's new tutorial system! After much testing and polish, we're finally confident that it's ready for prime-time! Give it a try by testing the "A New World" mission chain and letting us know what you think!

You didn't think that was ALL we'd be releasing, though, did you?



As is the seasonal custom, we will be stocking the Alydroid in Alydriah's Spire in Fortune City with a host of Valentine's rares, including last year's promo items: Azraels' bazookas and sidearms! These items will include the cores so if you missed the promo last year, now's your chance to unleash the awesome power of Azrael! 



The server hamter were upgrade to super-server hamsters...possibly hampster ferrets early this morning. Ideally, this would have happened without much notice, but for reasons beyond our control (and some within our control) the EpicDuel servers were down much long than intended. We should have done a better job preparing you in advance for this outage, and we apologize for that oversight. However, we will do our best to make it up to you with a couple exciting additions this release!


Power Weekend!

To try to make up for the lost dueling time, this weekend, we'll be offering Power Hour all weekend long! Double XP and double Credits! Just log in and play and become a Legend faster than ever! Titan is also making some changes to how Power Hour works to give us more flexibility to do day-long or weekend-long Power Hour events more easily in the future!


Prize Code!

We haven't done one in awhile, so this weekend, we'll be offering new prize code items! Follow our Twitter pages to stay updated with the latest developments on these codes and their availability!


Secret Package Revealed!

That's right! After nearly a year, we'll finally be unwrapping that mysterious Secret Package earned from the Tea and Titan mission. When we go live, the mission item will automatically be converted to the item so you won't need to do anything to unwrap the package! I hope you think the prize was worth the wait!


As of the release Friday, we will be removing the Tea and Titan mission, in addition to the Yeti Trainer missions. Going forward the only way to train up a Baby Yeti or Dark Yeti to an Omega Yeti will be with the Growth Serums purchasable from the yeti trainers in Frysteland.



Rabblefroth is adjusting the matching engine to enable tighter matching for those at the level cap. It should be MUCH harder for a level 40 to match against a level 35. Also, alignment matching will be loosened for faster matching.


The Big Game

In the Achievement shop under the seasonal tab, you can find the Big Game Achievement! Celebrate the excitement of America's most watched sporting event (or most popular commercial viewing and chip eating event if you're me) with this capstone Big Game Achievement. Do you have all of them?

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January 24, 2014

Welcome to Delta V


As you may have noticed, this week's release is a wee bit behind. We've been working all this week and most of the week prior to develop a new tutorial to welcome new players to the worlds of Delta V in style! This requires a lot of custom programming and loads of new artwork to make the experience streamlined and exciting. When finished, it will be leagues ahead of what we have now: randomly placing a new character in the midst of Central Station without the foggiest clue of what to do!

Since the success of this new feature is so crucial to maintaining new players, we're devoting the weekend to refining this feature to release early next week. We don't want to risk releasing the tutorial Friday evening, only to find that new players coming in over the weekend are getting stuck, frustrated, and logging out forever!

In the meantime, check out this brief rundown of what we have so far. It may not be thrilling for you veteran players, but it is interesting to think about from a game design standpoint: how to introduce EpicDuel to a new player without overwhelming them with options! 


Soft Landing

Welcome to the Feldspar Flats! This region near Central Station was mark for heavy construction before the war against Baelius. Now, it's littered with the ruins of abandoned scaffolding and rogue construction robots. Miraculously, life still flourishes in this region, as the volcanic soil is quite nourishing for plant life.

Your first task will be to move around the screen. This may seem overly-simplistic for veterans, but you might be surprised by how many players first attempt to use the keyboard for movement!

You've landed!

Ok, you've overcome that challenge. Feeling good! Ready for a mission?

Clear a path to Central Station!

Errands for the AI

AI Trainers (relatives of the M4tr1x AI) will offer simple missions, introducing players to missions as an important means for collecting credits, experience, and items. They will also serve as an introduction to some quick battles against Renegade Junkers. Apparently, years of neglect and dust storms have corrupted their programming and made them openly hostile to new arrivals.

Collect Robot Parts to help the AI Trainers reset their programming!

Collect Parts

Be sure to disarm them! You'll need all the help you can get to face the enemies ahead!

Zooka Prize

Outlaw E

After completing this mission chain, new players should have a weapon for each slot (primary, sidearm, auxiliary). This will guarantee that new players emerge from the tutorial more battle-ready than before.

Whoa! This fellah means business!


Learn about Physical/Energy Damage and Defense/Resistance by defeating a series of Boss Junkers.

Meet the Boss

These Junkers are bosses in name only. They can be handled easily with the right equipment.

Shot in the face

That doesn't mean they're harmless, though.


Gather their Corrupted Chips and return them to your trainer for your reward!

Must be a Pentium II

I think I see the problem: It was set to MURDER!

Your journey isn't over yet! We've moved the alignment selection from the character creation process to the tutorial. Representative NPCs will plead their case and request your pledge of support. If you accept, you will be offered a new mission to complete an automatch battle.  

Which will you choose?


After you complete the battle (win or lose, all you need to do is complete the battle), turn in the mission, and the gate to Central Station will rise, allowing you to join the rest of the experience EpicDuel community!

One Small Step!

Don't forget your "One Small Step" achievement! 


Legro Inmortuorum Poster

And now a word from HeroMart!

HeroMart is proud to offer an Art Nouveau (French for New Art) inspired poster of Dage and his undead legion! This new 24” x 36” high quality poster by Diozz featuring Dage and his undead army will be a great way to make your room feel more alive! Or rather undead.

New Dage Poster!

Dage Poster IRL

Order the poster soon, because I don't think anything this awesome is going to stay on HeroMart's shelves for long! Did I mention it also includes a mysterious new blade, Dage's Desolation, in EpicDuel? 

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January 17, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.1


  • Revontheus NPC added to Valestra’s Arcade
  • 36 New items now for sale at Revontheus
  • Nulgath Bike moved to Revontheus from Caden
  • 5 new Winter rares added to Hank in Frysteland
  • NPC changes
    • NPCs now grant experience at all levels. NPCs lower than your level grant less experience.
    • NPC wins are now tracked if the fight granted experience and Credits
    • Several NPCs have had their levels changed to fill level gaps
  • Losses
    • We feel that publicly showing losses and win percentages can discourage players from battling or trying new builds. We’ve also opted to not track NPC losses since we want NPCs to be a very low-stress environment where you can freely experiment without feeling obligated to win every time.
    • Losses are no longer shown when viewing another player’s stat page
    • Win percentage is no longer shown on win-based leaderboards
    • Losses against NPCs are never displayed to encourage build testing


  • Zeuszooka seems a tad bit of space from back. With petite armors more visible


  • Static Grenade 
    • Static Grenade is currently draining a bit too much energy at once. The energy gain effect felt about right, so we increased the percentage to keep it about even.
    • Lowered base energy drain to 95-220 from 100-250
    • Energy gain increased to 35% from 30%
  • Toxic Grenade
    • Toxic Grenade was a little too spammable in the case of the opponent cleansing the poison, so we’re increasing the cooldown; we also want the initial damage to feel meaningful so we increased the damage there.
    • Increase initial damage to 85% from 70%
    • Increase cooldown to 2 from 1
  • Venom Strike
    • Poison damage increased by 10 at all levels
  • Assimilation
    • Lowered base energy drain to 70-150 from 70-170
  • Battery Backup
    • Lowered base energy gain to 190-325 from 200-350
  • Plasma Bolt
    • Tech Mages are outperforming the other classes at every level; we want to bring them more in line across the board by lowering the damage on their main spell.
    • Lowered damage by 15 at all levels
  • Blood Commander
    • Blood Commander feels a bit lackluster in general, so we’re giving it a bit of a boost, especially to the amount of lifesteal.
    • Increased Strength by 2 at all levels
    • Increase lifesteal percent to 60% of Strength gain from 40%
  • Intimidate
    • Intimidate is another skill that feels a bit underpowered, so we’re giving it a lowered Energy cost and nudging up the effect.
    • Lowered Energy cost to 95-230 from 100-280
    • Increased Strength debuff by 2 at all levels
  • Hybrid Armor
    • Increased buff by 10% at all levels
  • Field Commander
    • Along with Blood Commander, we felt this skill needed to be a bit stronger to justify its use.
    • Increased Strength gain by 5 at all levels
  • Blood Shield
    • Blood Shield has long been a skill that is hard to justify using in most cases. A flat Health cost at all levels keeps the cost reasonable, and we’ve increased the effect to make it more useful in general.
    • Change to flat health cost
    • Increase base Resistance gain to 50-150 from 40-130
    • Now improves by +1 every 4 Support
  • Frenzy
    • Frenzy wasn’t quite granting enough Health to feel as satisfying as we wanted, and Tactical Mercenaries were lacking in tools to ignore a target’s defense.
    • Added 10% defense ignore
    • Removed Club requirement
  • Fireball
    • Blood Mages are currently underperforming at most levels, this should give them a general boost in power.
    • Increased damage by 10 at all levels
  • Smoke Screen
    • We wanted to pull some of the free high level power from Smoke Screen given how well Bounty Hunters scale with this skill.
    • Slowed stat scaling to +1 every 5 Tech from every 4 Tech

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December 24, 2013

Legendary Patch Notes - 1.5.42


  • Maximum level has been increased to 40
  • Experience curve has been smoothed out and total experience required to reach maximum level has been reduced
  • New Legendary Mode
    • You may now gain experience beyond the level cap, granting Legendary ranks.
    • In a future release, Legendary ranks will grant you points to spend in new areas to further customize and strengthen your character
  • New 10k Varium Pack Blood Hawk Battlegear Bundle
    • 2 Blood Hawk Slayer swords
    • 2 Blood Hawk Battlegear mutating weapons
    • 2 Blood Hawk bots
  • Davarril, Elite Yeti and Black Abyss Spider have a chance to drop gems (Flawed, Normal, Imperfect) upon defeat
  • Daily mission chain battle requirements reduced -- easier to earn an Arcade Token
  • New icon-only display option for Achievements panel
  • Numerous interface changes to the stats panel to improve clarity and readability
  • Stats panel now shows the current player’s equipped gear
  • 6 new Artix-themed Arcade games with new items from various AE games
  • 30 Asgardian styles



  • All Health, Energy, Damage, Defense, and Resistance values have been multiplied by 10 
    • This gives us much greater flexibility in future balance updates
    • Every stat point will now give noticeable improvements to your character
  • Removed damage ranges from all skills that used them (examples: Bunker Buster, Supercharge)
  • Static Grenade
    • Steals 30% of the energy drained, down from 50%
    • Energy drain now scales off Support instead of Technology
  • Plasma Bolt
    • Energy cost increased to 150 from 130
    • Stat scaling lowered to 2.5 damage every 1 Tech, down from 2.85
  • Berserker
    • Energy cost lowered to 240 from 270
  • Adrenaline
    • Rage gain increased by 10% at all levels


  • Fixed
    • 1. Click on your buddy list and select any buddy (does not have to be online)
    • 2. Click the home icon to view the buddy's homes. You must view the homes through the buddy list, and not by the home icon on the bottom of the screen
    • 3. Fortune City Efficiency is being sold to the left of your buddy's homes. Click the "Claim Home Free" button and a confirmation will show up saying "Are you sure you want to claim the Fortune City Efficiency for FREE?"
    • 4. Click "Claim Home" when this confirmation shows up and an error message appears: "unable to purchase home, please try again later!"
  • Fixed Botanical Borg Attack skill name was missing
  • Deposit button is visible while not banking
    • 1. Enter house
    • 2. Click on bank bot
    • 3. Click on "View Items"
    • 4. Exit bank bot but stay in house
    • 5. Click on inventory icon (bagpack)
    • 6. Instead of equipped items you see "Deposit Item" button
  • Arcade and Ultra-Rare Achievements were sometimes not displaying properly
  • Epic Stylist achievement could sometimes show the incorrect tier and progress
  • Typos
  • Wasteland War Points total showing incorrectly

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December 19, 2013

A Legendary Release

Be Legendary

Become Legendary

Prepare for the most exciting evolution of EpicDuel since Omega! In addition to an impressive new Varium bundle, we're unlocking level 40! But what happens after you reach 40? Level 40 will allow all players to achieve Legendary status! This means you will continue to earn experience toward Legendary ranks, all the way up to 100!

Each Rank will allow you to unlock points to invest in new stat categories. This part of Legendary mode is still in development and will be fully-released after the new year. This is partially because we want to make sure enough players have reached level 40 before turning it on, partially time constraints, and partially because of the next major chage to EpicDuel described below!


10x the Balance!

Well, maybe 10 times the balance is a bit of an exaggeration, but this release, we're increasing key stats like health, energy, damage, and defense by a multiple of 10. This means that every point of stat investment will have a significant impact on your overall combat effectiveness. It also means that all the EpicDuel Maximum Damage videos are going to be posting some huge numbers!

Mega Balance Change!

In addition to looking impressive, multiplying the stats also gives us finer control for balancing skills. We're making all the adjustments we can before we go live, but we're also hoping that all the battling over the holidays up to level 40 will give us good information on further tweaks.


Blood Hawk Battlegear Mega-Bundle

This release, we're unveiling the new Blood Hawk Battlegear Mega-Bundle! For the price of one 10k Varium package, you'll be getting 2 Blood Hawk Battlegear Mutating Weapons, 2 Blood Hawk Slayer Swords, 2 Blood Hawk Bots, and, of course, 10,000 Varium.

Blood Hawk Battlegear Mega Bundle

These weapons will be available in the one-stop Varium shop for a limited time. For those who would rather purchase the items piecemeal, Frysteland Valestra will be stocked with the Blood Hawk items in-game.

These awesome items will come with some killer cores! Check them out:

Hawk Guardian

Hawk Guardian

This Active Core comes equipped to all the primary Blood Hawk weapons. When your health is critical, summon a wild Blood Hawk to come to your aid and deliver a devastating claw attack to your opponent!

Get 'em, birdy!


Blood Hawk Claw

Blood Hawk Claw

This Blood Hawk Bot skill allows you to summon the spirit of the mysterious Frysteland Blood Hawk to deliver a nasty attack with razor-sharp talons.

Blood Hawk Claw in action!


Armor Annihilator

Armor Annihilator

As a Blood Hawk, use your metallic claws to temporarily disintegrate your opponent's armor!

Blood Hawk Claw in action!



Mega Mutations!

This Winter, we decided to have a little fun with our new vehicle selection. Indead of riding a bike, you can actually become one of the creatures below! These designs are fully color-customizeable with entertaining travel animation!

Be a Yeti!

Are you Yeti? How Yeti are you? This year you can be an actual Baby Yeti!

Be a Blood Hawk!

Soar above it all as a Blood Hawk!

Be a Dino Hawk!

Dino Hawks are the ancient precursors to the Blood Hawks. They can't fly, but their strong hind legs allow them to move quickly across the snowy landscape.


The final bike is a more conventional vehicle, concepted by G00ny and Smackey El Frog and vectorized by Charfade! It's powerful treads will allow you to tear through the frozen tundra with ease!


Artix Arcade Bonanza!

Ever wished you could take your favorite items from another AE game and use them in EpicDuel? After this release, you'll have your chance as we unveil new Arcade games for AdventureQuest, AdventureQuest Worlds, DragonFable, MechQuest, HeroSmash, and OverSoul. By collaborating with the other teams, we've amassed a mighty hoard of legendary weapons! 


New Arcade games also mean more Achievements and more leaderboards to dominate.  With 6 Arcade prize pools respresenting the biggest AE games, you'll have plenty of reasons to farm Arcade Tokens over the Holidays!



Thanks to the help of Revontheus, we've been able to introduce 30 new Asgardian styles! Alter your looks to resemble a notorious trickster god or a mighty Asgardian warrior. 


What more crazy styles will Revontheus create? I have a feeling they have something to do with a moose...


Into the New Year

This Legendary release will be our last major release of 2013, but that doesn't mean we're slacking! We already have big plans for 2014, including a tutorial system to welcome and teach new players as well as features to keep the game fresh and exciting for veterans. All the tools we've added to EpicDuel over the years, especially this year, have really streamlined our processes and made delivering feature and content-packed releases easier than ever. We have very high hopes for the future of EpicDuel, and we hope you'll join us in making 2014 Legendary!

Happy Juloffenblotten and Frostval from all of your friends at Artix Entertainment! Duel On!

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