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October 22, 2021

Cosmic Carnage Continues

Cosmic Carnage Continues

All things must come to an end and the Cosmic Carnage Tournament is nearing it's conclusion.  At 12:00 A.M Monday morning (EST), the tournament will conclude and prizes will be awarded to the tiers automatically. If you're not yet on the leaderboard, there's still time to secure your place! If you cannot, all is not lost, for The Endless may yet show mercy and reward those who were brave enough to participate!



The Code Crafter achievement will receive 2 more evolutions for higher code redemption thresholds. 

  • Divine Leg. Code Crafter - 85,000
  • God-like Leg. Code Crafter - 100,000


Coming Attractions

This update may be small, but there's much more epic content on the horizon! 

Coming Attractions

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October 15, 2021

Cosmic Carnage Begins!

Cosmic Carnage Begins

Cosmic Carnage Tournament BEGINS!

Today is the day! EpicDuel's second tournament of 2021 officially starts today! Visit The Endless to purchase a Cosmic Carnage Ticket or standby to view the official start time of the tournament. Prepare for battle! Prepare for Cosmic Carnage!

The tournament will officially start shortly after today's release and will last until the end of the day Sunday October 24!


Epic Gleam Giveaway

Gleam IO Giveaway

Want a chance to receive free rewards for completing a few basic tasks? EpicDuel, along with other Artix Entertainment games, is participating in a new Gleam.io event in which you can enter by doing very basic things like following our Facebook page or entering a super-secret hidden code that will be impossible to find.



Anyway, you can find the list of tasks here at EpicDuel's Official Gleam.io page!  

Core Changes

  • Sea King’s Spirit: Cooldown lowered to 4 since initial energy gain was nerfed 


New Achievements

  • To Boldly Go: Cap. Kirk goes to space for real on 10-13-2021


New Styles

The style shop is rolling out an exciting supply of new styles to help you get into a competitive mood and dominate your foes!

  • 342 Cosmic Hood
  • 343 Cosmic Hood CC
  • 344 Cosmic Mane
  • 345 Cosmic Mane CC
  • 346 Circle Mask
  • 347 Triangle Mask
  • 348 Square Mask
  • 349 Frontman Mask

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October 08, 2021

Cosmic Carnage 2021

Cosmic Carnage

Cosmic Carnage Tournament

A chilling breeze blows across the barren surface of Delta V as with a faint voice whispers that a new tournament looms on the horizon. Visit The Endless, the incarnation of death, the cosmos, and everything, to purchase entry into EpicDuel's latest tournament: Cosmic Carnage!

The tournament will officially start after a release Friday October 15 and will last until the end of the day Sunday October 24!


Epic Giveaway

Want a chance to receive free rewards for completing a few basic tasks? EpicDuel, along with other Artix Entertainment games, is participating in a new Gleam.io event in which you can enter by doing very basic things like following our Facebook page or entering a super-secret hidden code that will be impossible to find.



Anyway, you can find the list of tasks here at EpicDuel's Official Gleam.io page!



  • Mercenary
    • Artillery Strike: Added 30% HP regen from damage to one target
  • Tech Mage
    • Nanotech Shield: Reduce max % to 10% from 15%
    • Battery Backup: Cooldown increased to 5
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Proton Cannon: Improve with Support instead of Technology 

Core Changes

  • Icy Overkill (Sidearm): Add +10% damage
  • Icy Overkill (Aux): Add +10% damage
  • Hunter’s Mark: Reduce block chance to 20%
  • Sea King’s Spirit: Initial energy gain formula change (Armor Resistance x 1) + 50
  • Thrown Shot: Heal lowered from 500 to 450
  • Lifeline: Heal lowered from 250 to 225.
  • Generator: Energy restored = (Armor Resistance x 3) + 50
  • Energy Booster: Energy gain increased to 400
  • Minor Health Reserve x25: Heal rate increased (Defense x 3) + 50
  • Energy Reserve x25: (Armor Resistance x 4.25) + 50
  • Minor Energy Reserve x25: (Armor Resistance x 3.5) + 50
  • Piercing Shot: Removed warmup
  • Growth Serum: 25% Rage bonus to it to simulate an attack by the user; energy cost raised to 120
  • Critical Heal (Armor): Increased from 20% to 30%


NPC AI Upgrade

To spice up high level NPC fights and Juggernaut matches, the following NPCs have been given additional skills to deploy against human duelists.

  • Snork
  • Gamma Guard
  • Overlord Guard
  • Frost Demon
  • The Lawman
  • Valestra
  • Lionhart Soldier (lvl 30)
  • Valery
  • Exile Soldier (lvl 29)
  • Electro Hazard
  • Heavy Mechachillid (lvl 29)
  • Heavy Mechachillid (lvl 34)
  • Void Creature (lvl 30)
  • Yeti Hulk (lvl 30)
  • Administrator 12
  • Dragonoid Spawn (lvl 30)
  • Pirate Soldier (lvl 30)
  • Pirate Soldier (lvl 35)

We've also added some new level 30 versions of notorious boss NPCs to add some spice when human players are unavailable.

  • Caden
  • Slayer
  • Nightwraith
  • Titan
  • Big Tuna
  • Charfade
  • Rabblefroth


Bareknuckle Legends 

Attention Legends! New items are available at the Epic Legendary Arsenal!

  • Bareknuckle Full Armor (invisible body and no head)
  • Bareknuckle Body Armor (invisible body but shows head)


New Achievements

  • NFTeaser: Worthless SWF or an investment in the future of art?
  • Big Show 2021: Available for sale during the Big Show 2021.

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October 01, 2021

Pirate's Bounty 2021

TLAPD 2021

EpicDuel is back with a brand new update packed with weapons and a pirate's trove of new daily missions!


Pirate's Bounty 2021

Visit Ishmael to check out his inventory of the new Kraken King weapon set, crafted by Bido!

  • Kraken King Calibur P
  • Kraken King Calibur E
  • Kraken King Cutters P
  • Kraken King Cutters E
  • Kraken King Axe P
  • Kraken King Axe E
  • Kraken King Staff P
  • Kraken King Staff E
  • Kraken King Blaster P
  • Kraken King Blaster E
  • Kraken King Bow P
  • Kraken King Bow E
  • Kraken King Calibur P CC
  • Kraken King Calibur E CC


New Daily Missions

Because daily missions should give everyone a compelling reason to return to EpicDuel often, we've added over 50 new daily missions. These won't all be available at the same time, but each day you will be served some compelling new challenges with exquisite rewards! Remember to log in daily to see what awaits!

  • Cleansing Paradise
  • Tag Team Tribulations
  • Beach Bash
  • Mine Mecha Maintenance
  • Three Kings
  • Habuki's Honor
  • Lawman's Orders
  • Restoring Order
  • Sowing Chaos
  • Hazardous Bounties
  • Exotic Bounties
  • Dual Bounties
  • Nightmare Bounties


Core Changes

  • Skull Cracker: Damage no longer buffed by passive skills like Deadly Aim
  • Mastery Cores: Instead of fixed damage buff, increases damage 10%
  • Minor Exile Strike: Played incorrect attack animation [BUG FIX]

As of this update multiple copies of cores can be purchased from vendors. 


Bot Fighter 3000

To continue the fight against botting programs, we've added a new random close button to the battle over screen, in addition to a color randomizers. This solution creates accessibility issues, but it should slow down bots until a more robust solution can be found.

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September 17, 2021

Roman's Infernal Aftermath

Infernal Aftermath

Balance and big rewards are ready your enjoyment in this epic update!



Our classes were in dangerous need of balance changes, and these changes should bring some improvements to the performance of Tech Mages and Cyber Hunters.

  • Tactical Mercenary:
    • Frenzy: Removed stun chance; increased cooldown to 5 turns
    • Adrenaline Rush: Added 20% stun chance
    • Mineral Armor: Changed stat requirements to Support from Dexterity
  • Tech Mage
    • Reroute: Replaced with the skill Battery Backup
    • Nanotech Shield: Changed to passive and added 5% fixed increase of all base stats:
      Level 1: 6% Damage Reduction
      Level 2: 7% Damage Reduction
      Level 3: 8% Damage Reduction
      Level 4: 9% Damage Reduction
      Level 5: 10% Damage Reduction
      Level 6: 11% Damage Reduction
      Level 7: 12% Damage Reduction
      Level 8: 13% Damage Reduction
      Level 9: 14% Damage Reduction
      Level 10: 15% Damage Reduction
  • Assimilation: Lowered energy absorption to 90% from 100%; increased the base energy values by 15 points per level
  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Plasma Armor: Changed Stat requirements to Support from Tech
    • Neurotoxin: Replaced with Malfunction, now known as Kernel Panic; improves with every 4.3 Support, with every 2 levels above 20


Roman's Infernal Aftermath

Did you complete Roman's Infernal Pursuit missions? Congratulations! Unfortunately, as of this update, these missions will be rare. However, the Mysterious Man boss can now be challenged by all for one more week!


Cores Inventory Changes

Because having the right core on the right piece of gear can be the different between a narrow defeat and victory, as of this update, no more cores should be limited quantity and will be in-stock all year long.


Big Money!

The old credit cap of 300 has been lifted on battle victories. Also, to encourage the 2v2 battle mode, the 2v2 multiplier on rewards has been greatly increased!


Daily Mission Improvements

Another method for earning quick credits has been completing missions. For the longest time, our daily missions were limited to 1 or 2 per day. This cap has been increased along with the reward amounts for completing these daily challenges. This opens up a great opportunity to add fresh daily missions to keep the available daily activities interesting and profitable!


Leaderboard Culling

If you viewed any of the All-time leaderboards, you're probably used to seeing the same faces for as long as you've been playing. Though the achievements of these EpicDuel legends are commendable, it can be discouraging for currently active players to see records that could take years to break. To address this issue, we'll be culling many of the All-time leaderboards based on the latest active date. Anyone who hasn't logged in since 2019 will be culled from the boards. If the called players want to see their names restored, all they need to do is log in!


Item Fixes and Adjustments

Infernal Surge, an armor core, was incorrectly available on primary weapons. Because of this, several players have this core equipped on their primary weapons. To fix this, we're removing the cores from the affected weapons and reinserting them into the inventory.

Also, the Infernal Frostbane and Barrens Battlegear P were missing their base weapon damage. This will be fixed as of this update.

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September 11, 2021

Roman's Infernal Pursuit

Mysterious Man

For years the Afterlife, a realm accessible thanks to Baelius and Alydriah's reckless experiments with portal technology, has housed a mysterious figure known only as "The Mysterious Man." This entity has been content to watch Delta V from the abyss, but now he's finally ready to propose a bargain too enticing to pass up. 


Roman's Infernal Pursuit

Visit the Mysterious Man in the Afterlife region to begin a news mission chain to obtain Roman's rare Gamma Bot replica. These mission will offer substantial rewards and offer interesting new challenges. To complete them all and earn the ultimate prize, you'll need to be at peak dueling form. These missions and their amazing rewards will only be available for a limited time! 


So Long Seasonals (For Real)

Next week the seasonal rares will return to their regular schedule after being available for a couple months already. This latest batch of missions is loaded with Credit rewards, so it's a perfect opportunity to stock up!

Also, the Summer Varium bonus will officially be ending next Friday when the next update goes live. The weapon promo will go from 12,000 Varium to 10,000 Varium and the Varium-only pack will go from 15,000 back to 12,000.


Core Changes

  • Limited Quantity status removed from VendBot cores
  • Minor Absorption core moved to Edgar Boothe

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September 03, 2021

Digital X's Celtic Creation

Celtic Creation

Digital X's Celtic Creation

Visit Oz in Central Station to begin an epic new quest courtesy of Digital X: Celtic Conditioning. After you've warmed up, you'll need to travel throughout Delta V to claim your ultimate prize: Digital X's Replica Bot. Only a limited quantity will be available so, in this case, a quick duelist is a lucky duelist!


Santa's Snowy Souvenir

If you were lucky enough to claim Digital X's replica, there are still more treats awaiting you in this update! Visit the lonely level 1 City Guard in Central Station to undertake a mission to claim GodOfSanta Azrael's Bane Replica! Be warned: he won't give up the sword without a fight...many, many fights! This mission will only be available for a week, so you'll need to work quickly to part the lonesome guard from his treasure.


Coming Soon: Roman's Inferno

Releasing these gifting prizes through quests and limited shops have been extremely popular, and we're not done yet! Next week, a major threat will emerge from the Afterlife that will require defeating a very old, very powerful entity. The challenge will be great, but the prizes will be greater!


Core Location Changes

For the sake of consistency with vendor locations between Credit and Varium-only cores, several Minor cores have been relocated from the Vendbot to the same NPC as the Varium version. Also, because cores are so integral to maintaining a competitive strategy, seasonal cores will be available all year as limited quantity cores!

  • Moved from VendBot to Alydroid
    • Azrael's Will x25
    • Azrael's Torment x25
    • Minor Mark of Azrael
  • Moved from VendBot to Administrator 10
    • Minor Improbability Gate
  • Moved From VendBot to Xraal
    • Minor Thorn Assault E
  • Moved from VendBot to Light Mechachillid
    • Minor Massive Strike
  • Moved from VendBot to Exile Leader
    • Minor Exile Strike
  • Moved from VendBot to Administrator 10
    • Minor Legion Strike
  • Added to Deuce
    • Radiation Burn
  • Added to Ishmael
    • Poison Barbs


Core Changes

It seems Delta V's grenades needed a bit more "punch"! These buffs should improve the viability of Varium and Credit versions of the grenade/bomb cores.

  • Crystal Grenade x25:
    • Varium version: 40% → 50% energy drain
    • Credit version: 25% → 40% energy drain
  • Short Circuit Grenade x25:
    • Varium version: 100% → 115% initial damage
    • Credit version: 75% → 105% initial damage
  • Stalagrenade x25:
    • Varium version: 25% → 30% defense ignore; 10% → 15% crit chance
    • Credit version: 15% → 20% defense ignore; 10% → 15% crit chance
  • Hammer Grenade x25:
    • Varium version: 2 → 3 turn armor removal; 85% → 100% initial damage
    • Credit version: 2 → 3 turn armor removal; 60% → 85% initial damage
  • Magma Grenade x25:
    • Varium version: Match strength of Necrosis (2.4)
    • Credit version: Match previous strength of Varium version (1.5)
  • Om Nom Bomb:
    • Varium version: 35% → 60% lifesteal
    • Credit version: 20% → 50% lifesteal

In addition to changing grenades, we've also adjusted a core in Titan's promo.

  • Titan's Shroud:
    • The core was designed to increase the resistance to Deflection damage, but this was overtuned. The damage reduction on Deflections was decreased.


Quality of Life:

After a long absence, the Player Ignore feature has been restored to the player stats panel. You can use this to select another player and avoid seeing their chat in game. This should be helpful for dealing with spammers without enabling the "Mute All Chat" feature in the Settings menu. One limitation of this feature is that this will only last for a single online session -- logging out will reset the list and previously ignored players will need to be ignored again if they are encountered again. 

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August 27, 2021

Titan's Dread Dominion

Titan's Dread Dominion

Titan's Dread Dominion Has Arrived!

EpicDuel is now live with Titan's Dread Dominion promotional package! Power up with 13 new items and 4 new cores and unlock the Titan's Dread Dominion Achievement! EpicDuel Artists Deuce and Bido really outdid themselves when crafting these remarkable new items based on Delta V's resident reclusive demi-god!

  • Armor
    • Titan's Dread Armor
  • Primary Weapons
    • Titan's Dread Slayer P
    • Titan's Dread Slayer E
    • Titan's Dread Dominator
    • Titan's Dread Devourer
  • Sidearms
    • Titan's Dread Shotgun P
    • Titan's Dread Shotgun E
  • Auxiliaries
    • Titan's Dread Artillery P
    • Titan's Dread Artillery E

These sidearms and auxiliaries lack the locked Spreadfire passive to allow for more versatility for builds that don't focus on 2v2.

  • Sidearms
    • Titan's Dread Blaster P
    • Titan's Dread Blaster E
  • Auxiliaries
    • Titan's Dread Cannon P
    • Titan's Dread Cannon E

It wouldn't be a new promo without some new OP cores, right? Whether these are OP or not, we'll know for sure soon enough, but they should provide some much needed spice to PvP!

Titan's Shroud: 30% dmg reduction/reflection, increased block and deflection chance.
Titan's Curse: Cast a lethal curse, reducing base stats 35%.
Titan's Trigger: Do a mini-Rage equal to the percent of Rage you currently have available.
Titan's Barrage: Spend 50 HP / 50 EP for 120% damage.

Titan's Dread Dominion Ultra-Rare Achievement will unlock with purchase of this promotional package!


Dreadful Styles

To match your new Dread gear, we've added 5 new styles per class!

More Weird Missions

Living Weirdo had one more upgrade in store for his customized Gamma Bot. Visit Slayer if you've already finished the prior 3 mission parts to embark on the final stretch of a weird and wild journey!

  • Let's Get Weird Part 4
    • Imperfectly Weird
    • Doubly Weird
    • WeirdBot 9000
    • Weirdo's Final Final Form


So Long, Seasonals!

If you haven't yet collected your fill of seasonal rares, don't delay further as they will return to their regular schedule very soon!


Omega Shard Overkill

It's quite clear that the Omega Wolf Shards are being heavily abused by botters. To address this, the drop rate has been reduced to 5%. It may be increased at different times of year, but that's where it will stay for now.

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August 20, 2021

Cores Reforged Continued

Cores Reforged Continued

Cores, cores, cores, and more in store for you in EpicDuel's latest balance update. Plus, bid farewell to the Sea King's Gear as it is leaving very soon!

New Cores and More Changes

The following changes have been implemented to mitigate the extremely powerful nature of the cores:

  • Hatchling Rush P/E: Split into Energy and Physical versions; stocked on Black Abyss Cache
  • Chairman's Fury P/E: Energy cost 90; split into Energy and Physical versions; stocked on VendBot

The following cores have been changed:

  • Icy Overkill (sidearm): Energy reduced from 120 to 80
  • Icy Overkill (aux): Energy reduced from 120 to 80
  • Yeti Fury: Lifesteal increased from 40% to 50%
  • Energy Storm: Energy drain buffed from 25% to at least 40%
  • Blood Shot: Lifesteal buffed from 20% to 30%; added 15% defense ignore
  • Radiation Burn / Curse Aura / Frostbite Aura: Triggered by nearly all melee attacks instead of only normal strikes
  • Wolf’s Fury: Removed energy cost and enemy energy drain
  • Paralysis Coating: Removed warmup; 25% stun chance
  • Salvage: Remove energy cost


Class Balance Changes:

Cyber Hunter:

  • Neurotoxin adjusted base levels:
    • 6, 9, 12, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,
  • EMP Grenade adjusted base levels:
    • 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170 


See Ya, Sea King

The Sea King Gear promotion has been around an outrageously long time (nearly a year), and it's finally time for a new package to replace it. Get ready for the Titan's Dread package coming next week! The primary weapons are pictured below, but the full promo will include sidearms, auxiliaries, and an armor.

Titan's Dread

Next week will be your last chance to grab the Sea King promo with the Sea King achievement before it is officially replaced with the new Titan's Dread promo next Friday!


War Cooldown Extension

With this update, the war cooldown will be extended another week for 2 reasons: 1) To better coincide with the new promotional package, and 2) to give me a chance to catch up to the War Prizes which I've fallen regrettably far behind on.

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August 14, 2021

Heroic Housing 2021 Winners

Heroic Housing 2021 Winners

First of all, I want to once again extend my appreciation and thanks to everyone who participated in the EpicDuel Heroic Housing Contest 2021! I also want to thank our judges who took their time to collect all the entries and tally the votes. We had a tremendous response to this contest with dozens of festive, bizarre, and cozy entries to review. It was very difficult to narrow down the list the 25 final winners. We considered many factors when selecting winners including interpretation of the theme, concept, color schemes, patterns, function, and overall creative effort put into the house design. As always, humor, though not required, didn't hurt.

Winners will receive 5,000 ArtixPoints, a rare Achievement, and a rare Home Item! This time around I decided to increase the pool of Grand Prize winners to 6. 3 were chosen strictly based on best interpretation of a theme, while 3 more were chosen based on vote tallies and merit. Grand Prize Winners will receive a rare Achievement and home items, plus 10,000 ArtixPoints!

If you weren't among the winners, please be good sports to the winners and judges, even if you disagree strongly with our decisions. Contests should be a joyful, fun experience for the community to celebrate creativity and their love of the game. Spamming with hate won't change any decisions. After all, there will always be more contests to enter!


Without further ado, presented in no particular order, here are your GRAND PRIZE WINNERS!



Parties don't get much more festive than .Darkness Rose.'s Christmas party. Good company, good gifts, good eats, and fireworks -- everything a proper holiday party needs!



This entry by TwoFaced Illusion is equal parts eerie and epic, depicting the release of Dage by the power of Delta V's moon.


Cozy and Comfortable

Pull up a chair and have a seat in xMalebox's Luxury Mine Suite, well appointed with color-coordinated décor. Even the hosts have matching attire!


Other Grand Prize Winners chosen based on vote count and merit. 

SencY's cozy entry expertly decorates this inviting living space, seamlessly integrating the decorations into the environment.


I enjoy commitment to a bit, and this entry from Mc Chicken demonstrates this perfectly with Fortune City's most well-stocked burger restaurant. 


This excellent entry from HoezHongHan depicts the dilemma of choice all newcomers to EpicDuel Face: Blue or Red, Exile or Legion.


The rest of the Heroic Housing 2021 winners are shown below in no particular order. For images of the entries, visit the full post here:


.Romanian Hunter.




Living Weirdo

The Butcher OO7






King Of Angels

Legro Inmortuorum





I God of Death I

.Seaf Max.


Congratulations! Judging these contests is always a challenge, but there were so many quality entries that narrowing it down was harder than usual. Ultimately we had to choose a cutoff for the entries somewhere! Thank you again for all who participated and helped judge! As with last year, we ask that winners of the contest please not change your house ( other than maybe adding your trophies ) for a few weeks, so that visitors may see your epic house creation! Also as a heads up, since we need to add prizes manually onto your characters, it may take a few hours or so before you receive your achievement, trophies, and Artix points. All prizes should be awarded within a few hours!

Once again we thank our EpicDuel community, and we hope to see your creativity shine again in the next contest!

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August 13, 2021

Friday the 13th 2021

Friday the 13th 2021

Thirteen is a lucky number on Delta V! Snork is proud to offer an arsenal of new Friday the 13th gear!


New Friday the 13th Weapons

Snork, permanent resident of the Wasteland Minetower, is offering a new arsenal of Friday the 13 gear. Is he trying to incite for duels to appease the God of War, or simply leaning into the spirit of the season. We may never know.

  • Demonic Buster P
  • Demonic Buster E
  • Black Widow Blade P
  • Black Widow Blade E
  • Black Widow Scythe P
  • Black Widow Scythe E
  • Coffin Crusher P
  • Coffin Crusher E
  • Black Coffin Crusher P
  • Black Coffin Crusher E
  • Demonic Bone Breaker P
  • Demonic Bone Breaker E


New Achievement

Stop by the achievement shop (lower bar in the game's UI) to pick up the one and only achievement for 2021, Friday The 13th 2021! 

Implemented Core Changes:

This update will feature another huge batch of core changes. If you haven't tried some of these cores or don't currently own them, remember that since all seasonal weapons have returned most of these cores are already available in game

  • Screaming Soul Spears: Initial attack 100% damage; 3 turn duration; drains 40 HP and MP per turn; energy cost reduced from 90 to 60
  • Concussive Shot: Initial damage 110%; energy cost reduced from 110 to 80
  • Tactical Reload (sidearm): Reduced warmup to 2 turns
  • Sea King’s Venom: 100% damage
  • Sea King’s Corruption: Reduced initial damage to 85%
  • Feast of Flesh: Reduced cost from 110 HP to 90
  • Dark Omen: Increased Support debuff to 40%; cost lowered from 115 to 90
  • Mega Curse x25: Reduced cost from 125 to 110
  • Curse: Reduce cost from 100 to 70
  • Mega Stun Blast x25: Added a 25% crit chance
  • Infinity Mind Spears: Reduced cost from 120 to 85; added 20% crit chance
  • Minor Infinity Mind Spears: Reduced cost from 120 to 85; added 15% crit chance
  • Poison Barbs: Removed warmup; increased HP loss to 70 per turn
  • Meteor Shower: Buffed to 120% damage; removed warmup
  • Plasma Meteor: Buffed to 120% damage; removed warmup
  • Jack-O-Fire: Removed warmup
  • Minor Jack-O-Fire: Removed warmup
  • Thorn Assault: Removed warmup
  • Titan Chomp x25: Removed warmup; 120% damage
  • Bacon Breath x25: Removed warmup; 120% damage
  • Bacon Rain x25: Removed warmup; 120% damage
  • Infernal Surge: Buff effect increased from 25% to 35%; cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 turns
  • Draconic Frost King's Will: Buff effect increased from 30% to 40%; removed warmup; 4 turn cooldown
  • Hardened Armor: Increased damage reduction from 20% to 35%
  • Corrosive Shot: Removed 15% defense ignore on initial hit
  • Infernal Fortitude: Removed energy cost
  • Spirit Thorns: Increased effect from 50% to 85%

New Cores:

  • Equipped to Titan
    • Titan Chomp E x25
    • Bacon Rain E x25
    • Bacon Breath E x25
  • Equipped to Dage
    • Minor Crimson Offering: Sacrifice 80 Health for 250 Energy.
  • Equipped to Caden
    • Minor Mega Curse x25: Shrinks the target, reducing their base Support by 70% for 3 turns
  • Equipped to Xraal
    • Thorn Assault P
    • Minor Thorn Assault P
  • Equipped to Snork
    • Jack-O-Fire E
    • Jack-O-Fire E x25
    • Minor Jack-O-Fire E


Contest Winner Announcement

EpicDuel will announce the winners of 2021's Heroic Housing Contest tomorrow!

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August 06, 2021

EpicDuel Gets Weird

EpicDuel Gets Weird

EpicDuel Gets Weird

3 new mission chains are now available at the Slayer! To participate, you will need to acquire Weirdo's Replica Bot L1 from the Legendary Arsenal in Titan's Peak. The first of the chain, Let's Get Weird Part 1, will send you on a journey of battle and scavenging across Delta V to assemble and upgrade the bot to it's final, most powerful form! Quantities are limited so you'd better hurry if you want the rewards!

New Cores:

Check out these new cores equipped to the Monkakazi in Ulysses' bunker (Wasteland)!

  • Phase Shift (Gun): Attack, dealing normal damage of the opposite type (Physical/Energy).
  • Phase Shift (Aux): Attack, dealing normal damage of the opposite type (Physical/Energy).


Balance Changes

  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Proton Cannon: Added 30% lifesteal
  • Cores
    • Infinity Power Strike: Buffed to 125% strike damage; Removed Rage bonus.
    • Minor Infinity Power Strike: Buffed to 110% strike damage; Removed Rage bonus.


Bug Fixes:

  • Neurotoxin: Can no longer be applied when already active on target
  • Infernal Super Beam: No longer tagged as "melee"


Heroic Housing Concluded! 

As of Sunday, August 1st at 11:59 PM EST, EpicDuel's Heroic Housing Contest concluded! Thank you everyone for your amazing, bizarre, and amazingly bizarre entries! 

Judging is currently underway and winners will be announced next week along with (the best part) distribution of prizes!

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July 30, 2021

Rusted Rex Reckoning

Rusted Rex Reckoning

Robot Requisition

This week Charfade and Kraggor retreated into their workshops and emerged with new designs for popular bots that should provide more build options for those who prefer alternative damage types.

New Bots added to Charfade:

  • Rusted Mini Rex PxE: Physical regular attack and energy special attack.
  • Rusted Mini Rex ExP: Energy regular attack and physical special attack.

New Bots added to Kraggor:

  • Magma Fly
    • Magma Beam: Physical damage beam attack.
    • Electro Swarm: Summon a swarm to deal energy damage and randomly disable one of your target's 3 highest level skills for the rest of the battle.
  • Infernal Fly
    • Infernal Super Beam: Deal 90% base physical damage, increasing by 3% each round in battle (111% max).
    • Infernal Sting: Powerful sting that inflicts physical damage and places one random skill into cooldown.
  • Plasma Fly (Skill name change):
    • Infernal Sting name changed to Plasma Sting



Balance Changes:

This week's balance update focuses primarily Cyber Hunters, a class that has struggled statistically to thrive. These changes should provide better recovery, energy management, and damage potential. 

  • Field Medic:
    • Updated to match Tech Mage's Field medic
    • Improves with every 2.2 support over 3.5
    • Base value progression by level: 180 205 230 265 300 335 370 405 440 480
  • Plasma Grenade:
    • Removed resistance debuff
    • Inflicts energy damage with a 25% base chance to crit
    • Ignores 15% defenses
    • +1 Energy Damage every 0.35 Technology instead of 0.4
    • Cost changed to start at 120 for level 1, increasing by 15 per level
  • Neurotoxin:
    • Strike and reduce an enemy’s Technology and Dexterity for three turns
    • Improves +1 technology and dexterity point with every 5.5 Support
    • Removed health debuff
    • Requires 24 Dexterity at level 1, increasing by 2 per level
    • Costs 100 energy at level 1, increasing by 20 per level
    • Technology and Dexterity debuff per level: 3 5 7 9 11 12 13 14 15 16
  • Proton Cannon:
    • Summon a nanotech cannon ignoring 30% of the target's Defense
    • Reduces energy by 26% of damage
    • Costs 310 energy, increasing by 30 per level increase
    • Rage does not apply
    • 3 Turn cooldown
    • Improves with Tech
    • Improves with every 0.4 Tech
    • Improves with ever 0.4 level over 20, weakens with every 0.4 levels below 20
    • Base damage progression by level: 300 330 360 390 420 450 480 510 540 570
  • Memory Leak replaced with EMP Grenade:
    • +1 damage every 0.8 Technology
    • Improves by 1 energy point every 2 levels above 20
    • 4 turn cooldown
    • Base energy progression by level: 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140


Core Changes:

  • Chairman's Fury (Minor and Regular): Damage type mapped to Primary damage type
  • Revitalization (Minor and Regular): Usable at 40% health for 100 energy
  • Whiteout: 1 turn warmup; 2 turn duration
  • Shell Shocker: Now available at Brachylagus


Seasonal Extension!

To allow more players to earn enough credits to collect their favorite gear, the seasonal rares will remain in the shops for another month! 


Last Call for Heroic Housing! 

It's still not too late to enter EpicDuel's Heroic Housing Contest!

The contest will officially end Sunday, August 1st at 11:59 PM EST. The winners will be announced via Twitter and Design Notes posts after judging concludes!

There are three (3) themes to choose from to decorate your house. Though there is room for flexibility when adhering to a theme, you may lose favor with the judges for straying too far! 

  • Holidays (4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, Carnival, etc...)
  • Bizarre (Let your imagination run wild!)
  • Cozy and Comfortable (Nothing's more welcoming than a cozy home!)

*Please note your chosen theme when you submit your entry!

For more details, including prizes and instructions for how to enter, view the Design Notes!

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July 23, 2021

Cores Reforged

Cores Reforged

Cores Reforged

Bot Core Changes:

There are a lot of robots in EpicDuel that haven't seen much use since their introduction. We've set out to turn the spotlight on some severely underutilized robots while gently nerfing the most power. We'll be curious to see if any of these changes can bring dusty old bots back into the spotlight. Monkakazi meta? We'll see!

  • Assault Bot
    • Cleanse: Increased cleanse effect from 75% to 90%
  • Yetis (all)
    • Chomp: 100% damage for all
  • Pink Yeti:
    • Base damage lowered to 160
  • Azrael’s Borg
    • Heart Attack: Description matches 85% effect.
  • Bio Borg:
    • Thorns: Damage reflected raised to 85%
  • Monkakazi
    • Detonation : Reusable with a 3-turn cooldown; extra damage is uncapped; damage is based on 2x the difference between opponent’s highest and lowest stats
  • Cyber Yeti
    • Ice Shield: Removed damage reduction effect; Can be applied to allies; does not work properly when applied to NPC allies
  • Gamma Bot
    • Gamma Fire & Punch : To help it compete with other powerful bots, the physical attack buffed to %110
  • Black Abyss
    • Necrosis: Buffed to 2.4 from 2.0
  • Tactical Shark Drone:
    • Bloodletting Bite: Reduced to 25% lifesteal
    • Grenade Storm: Drain all targets’ Rage by 25%
  • Cyber Shark
    • Feeding Frenzy : 100% initial damage
  • Botanical Borg
    • Spore Bombardment : Defense raised from 10% to 25%.
  • Infernal Android
    • Infernal Overload : To make it competitive against the Mini-Rex I want to try an alterative to buffing the raw power. The bot is now multi-use with a 4-turn cooldown; Max lowered to 115%.
  • Mini Rex
    • Dino Fire : 2-turn warmup
  • Rusted Mini Rex
    • Dino Fire: 2-turn warmup 

Skill Core Changes:

This update will also introduce a host of changes to underutilized cores. The Molten/Plague cores in particular could introduce some interesting synergies.

  • Spreadfire (sidearm): 95% damage against 2 targets.
  • Spreadfire (aux): 90% damage against 2 targets.
  • Nanosteel Armor: Decreases the ignored defense of incoming critical strikes by 85% instead of 35%
  • Azrael's Torment: Increased initial damage from 85% to 100% initial damage; Energy cost reduced from 125 to 90; fixed description to match 85% debuff reduction
  • Phase Shift: Cooldown reduced to 1
  • Molten Bullet: Embed a super-heated bullet into target. Use sidearm to detonate, adding 10% damage per turn the target was hit (max 3 turns). *Max 30% extra damage ( Field Medic no longer removes Molten Bullet.)
  • Deep Plague: Plague target. Strike target to detonate plague, adding 10% damage per turn the target was plagued (max 3 turns).* Max 30% extra damage( Field Medic no longer removes plague.)
  • Molten Shrapnel: Embed super-heated shrapnel into target. Use auxiliary to detonate, adding 10% damage per turn the target was hit (max 3 turns). * Max 30% extra damage (Field Medic no longer removes Molten Shrapnel)
  • Saw Strike E &. P: Rip through 25% of your target's defense with a 20% crit chance!
  • Pacify: Lower target's Rage gain by 85% for 5 turns.
  • Hair Trigger: Energy cost 0; No longer consumes Rage; Using skill with full Rage still consumes Rage.
  • Infernal Fury: Mini-Rage no longer consumes Rage. Using skill with full Rage still consumes Rage.
  • Primary Mastery: Damage added now stacks with other Mastery Cores*
  • Gun Mastery: Adds +40 damage to basic sidearm attacks; Now stacks with other Mastery Cores*
  • Auxiliary Mastery: Adds +40 damage to basic auxiliary attacks; Now stacks with other Mastery Cores*

*Mastery Core Addendum 9-21-2021:
I chose poorly when I used the word "stack". I meant that they could be used without negating the effects of the other Mastery Cores if equipped. In a previous update, I tried implementing a damage bonus for the cores, but found that if you equipped Primary Mastery and Gun Mastery or Aux Mastery, only the bonus from one core would apply. By "stacking" I meant that you could equip all 3 and receive the corresponding bonus on the corresponding attack type. Currently, if you equip the Primary core, you get the bonus for primary, Aux gets a bonus for aux, and so on. They don't stack like 35+40+40 as that would probably be too extreme a bonus for regular attacks. Sorry for the confusion.

That's all for now, but there is still plenty of room to adjust more underused cores and introduce new Credit versions of powerful Varium cores in the coming weeks.


Translation Expansion

Thanks to the help of our diligent translation team, we've added Portuguese translations for several of the more recent mission chains.  A good start, but there are still hundreds of missions awaiting translation so expect more each week until we're fully caught up. We'll also follow up with Spanish translations on an ongoing basis.


Quality of Life

Give your mouse button a break when changing your hairstyle or helmet because now styles can be cycled 10 at a time while holding the Shift key.

Also, to help duelists that are low on cash but want to try all the cores and stock up on seasonals, we're increasing the Omega Wolf Shard sellback price once again!


E'ry Day Skills 'r' Shufflin'

It's not secret that some loathsome souls resort to using special programs to play EpicDuel automatically. Why do people do that? I don't know. I do know that it's frustrating and unfair to folks who play the game legitimately so we've implemented some measure to counter their efforts (or lack thereof). 

First of all, Skill shuffling is back, baby! Now skill-tree skills can randomly shuffle in the first 5 rounds of a duel! Weapon/Armor cores and bots do not shuffle. This was a measure introduced several phases ago to combat bots. It's not a perfect solution, but if it makes even one botter cry, it will have been worth it.

Another measure to combat botting is a random placement for the Close button after reach battle. Sometimes it can be challenging to find against certain backgrounds, but, again, worth it ruin a botter's weekend.

I debated mentioning these changes, but since they'll be noticed and reported as bugs otherwise, I'll make a note here that these effects are intentional and not bugs. Speaking of bugs...

Bug Fixes

  • Updated descriptions for skills that trigger at Critical Health (40% instead of 35%):
    • Hawk Guardian E
    • Hawk Guardian P
    • Wolf's Fury
    • Yeti Fury
    • Lifeline


Happy 11 Years Alley Cat!

Happy 11 Year Anniversary to the best cat in all of Delta V and beyond. Thank you for all that you've done and continue to do every day for the EpicDuel community.

If any of you happen to be around the train hub, you may have a chance to thank Alley's newly introduced avatar in person!

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July 16, 2021

Supercharged Stats

A Taste of Delta

A Taste of Delta

EpicDuel is about to go live with a major balance change that should be familiar to players who played and loved EpicDuel's Delta phase. Back then, weapons had stats that were inherent to the weapons. Each weapon also had enhancement slots that allowed for the equipping of extra stats on top of the inherent stats. This led to some creative and overpowered combinations that many still remember fondly.

In Omega, we allow players to add stats in whatever configuration they wish with one key limitation: the total stats in Strength, Dexterity, etc... are capped at a percentage of the total stats available for the weapon's level. We decided to take a bold swing and REMOVE that cap entirely! This means you can pour all available stats into one category! Want +28 Strength in your favorite level 40 sword? Now you can have it! 

Is this crazy? Will this lead to some wild combinations we never could have predicted? Will it completely change the current balance meta? Probably!

We know this a wild change, but EpicDuel is at a point in it's development where we need to take some big swings to keep duels exciting and a builds diverse. Although this change has been tested thoroughly, there will be follow up updates to make inevitable adjustments. For now, explore and enjoy a taste of EpicDuel Delta!


Cores Galore

Following up with a previous update in which we introduced new Credit versions of Varium cores, we're introducing a new batch at a VendBot near you for your consumption! We've also tweaked the original versions of some of these cores to help make them viable again. Expect more core updates and new Credit cores in future updates!

  • Minor Absorption: When attacked by a bot, increase your energy by 25% of damage taken.
  • Azrael's Will x25: Same as Varium version, but limited.
  • Azrael's Torment x25: Same as Varium version, but limited.
  • Minor Mark of Azrael: Adds a 15% Critical chance on a regular strike.
  • Minor Improbability Gate: Deals Aux damage plus 7% of your target's max Health (Max 400).
  • Minor Armored Roots: Root yourself in place, increasing Defense and Resistance 30% for 3 turns. Cannot use melee attacks.
  • Minor Growth Serum: Increase target's base Support by 40% for 3 turns
  • Minor Hatchling Rush: Attack your enemy, lowering all healing effects by 30% for 3 turns.
  • Minor Jack-O-Fire:  "Squashes" your foes, dealing 110% weapon damage.
  • Minor Thorn Assault: Attack with thorns, dealing 110% Primary weapon damage.
  • Minor Curse: Shrink the target, reducing base Support by 35% for 3 turns.
  • Minor Curse Aura: 25% chance to inflict Minor Curse.
  • Minor FrostBite: Freeze the enemy, reducing their energy by 35 points each turn for 3 turns; 5 turn cooldown; reusable
  • Minor Frost Aura: 25% chance to inflict Minor FrostBite
  • Minor Massive Strike: Your critical strikes ignore an extra 10% of your target's defense.
  • Legion Strike: Summons a Legion Soldier to attack your enemies for 10% additional damage. Deals 50 extra damage to Exiles.
  • Exile Strike: Summons an Exile Soldier to attack your enemies for 10% additional damage. Deals 50 extra damage to the Legion.
  • Minor Chairman's Fury: Uppercut enemy for 110% damage and steal 35% of their current Rage.

Core Changes

  • Frost Shards: 5 turn cooldown; reusable.
  • FrostBite: 5 turn cooldown; reusable.
  • Captain's Charge: Critical Health 40% HP (this applies to other active skills that trigger at full health); Reduce Strength and Support by 40 and decrease Defense/Resistance 35% for 3 turns.
  • Mark of Azrael: Adds a 25% Critical chance on a regular strike.
  • Legion Strike: Summons a Legion Soldier to attack your enemies for 20% additional damage. Deals 100 extra damage to Exiles.
  • Exile Strike: Summons an Exile Soldier to attack your enemies for 20% additional damage. Deals 100 extra damage to the Legion.
  • Massive Strike: Your critical strikes ignore an extra 15% of your target's defense.
  • Chairman's Fury: Uppercut enemy for 120% damage and steal 50% of their current Rage.


Ongoing Changes

All major balance changes (and most minor ones as well) tend to get tempers heated, but we'll be taking in feedback to help EpicDuel adapt to a new balance paradigm. We still have many levers to pull and knobs to turn to fine tune and mitigate the most excessive builds. In a worst case scenario, we can still reverse this change if all other options have been exhausted, so this change is worth giving a fair chance.

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