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June 05, 2020

Balance Update 6-5-2020

After several of our balance updates, we've seen the win percentages move quite a bit, with Bounty Hunters surging ahead in terms of 1v1 win rates. Currently, Cyber Hunters lag behind the most in 2v2 and 1v1 win rates so we took a look at their skill and did some shuffling, including replacing the duplicate skill Cheap Shot, with a new skill Precision Strike to better synergize with their affinity for energy manipulation.


  • Blood Mage: 
    • Energy Parasite: energy return increased to 1.2X return instead of 1.0X.
    • Fireball: Starting energy cost is 90, increasing by 20 points per lvl instead of +15 
  • Tactical Mercenary: 
    • Frenzy: Starting energy cost of 40, increasing 10 points per lvl

  • Tech Mage:
    • Overload: Improves with every 0.35 Dex instead of .32
    • Plasma Rain: Improves with every 0.32 Dex instead of .35
  • Bounty Hunter: 
    • Venom Strike: Energy cost increases by 30 energy per lvl; Cooldown increased to 4 turns
  •  Cyber Hunter
    • Precision Strike: Replaces Cheap Shot; Does additional damage and deals 15% damage to target's energy pool; Improves with every 6.5 Technology; No weapon requirement.
    • Plasma Grenade: Improves with every 0.35 Tech instead of 0.4.*This was originally set to 0.2, which was way too powerful and was corrected in an emergency patch.
    • Adaptative Offense: Improves with Strengh instead of Dextery.
  • Cores: 
    • True shot: Energy cost increased by 15 energy to 100
    • Phantasm Blast P and E: Reduce base energy to 35%, max 55%; Warm up removed


Coming Up

Suggestion Shop!

While this week is light on content, we're planning to make up for it next week with a grand Suggestion Shop release! Thanks to the AE Forum Suggestion Topic we've been able to pull many inspiring designs to realize in game! The items are still underway so if you have an last minute submissions, don't delay!

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May 29, 2020

Corporate Overlord Conclusion

Iron Husk

The shadow of Iron Husk looms over the Wasteland as he has revealed a far more powerful armored form: Nightmare Husk! Can you overcome this new challenge and save Delta V from this new threat?


Corporate Overlord Part 3

Speak with The Lawman in his Minetower Suite to receive your orders for the next mission chain. Husk is beaten, but not finished with his crusade to dominate Delta V. You'll need help from heroes across the planet to craft weapons able to defeat this titanium tyrant once and for all!

  • Underground Uprising
  • Husk's Gambit
  • Intern Interrogation
  • Miner Inconvenience
  • Intern Invasion
  • Husk Buster
    • Chairman Platinum has received a nerf due to the removal of The Ultraloop mission chain 
  • Magic Bullet
  • Husk-Proof Husk
  • Husk Cracker
  • Abyssal Arbitration
  • Executive Execution
    • Iron Husk and the SolarWorld factory will no longer be accessible as NPCs after this mission!


New Achievements!

This new mission chain features an opportunity to receive 3 new Achievements! The two bosses will be challengeable without doing the missions, but with the amount of time it takes to bring down a Nightmare boss, you'll want to make sure you get the mission credit before battling purely for fun and profit.

  • Nightmare Husk Buster (Boss)
  • Nightmare Abyss (Boss)
  • Corporate Crusher (Mission)

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May 22, 2020

Corporate Overlord

Iron Husk

A new tyrannical tycoon has emerged from the dust of the Wasteland! Well, perhaps not so new, but certainly with a new attitude and a new coat of paint. What drove this corporate giant to become a force for evil? Is it all just a big misunderstanding? You'll need to work fast to defeat this foe and prevent his latest scheme from decimating Delta V! 


New Missions

The first two of this 3 part chain are available now! Secure Frysteland and the Barrens from the threat of Iron Husk before it's too late! We mean that this time, because all of this mission content is flagged to go permanently rare!

Corporate Overlord Part 1

  • Reaper Revolt
  • Feeble Freelancers
  • Unwanted Innovation
  • A Price for Everything
  • Yeti Hulk Havoc
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Pipeline Disruption
  • Construction Crackdown
  • Speak to the Manager
  • Royal Beast Mode
  • Executive Suite

Corporate Overlord Part 2

  • Poor Synergy
  • Faulty AI
  • Another Signal
  • It's a Living
  • Extended Contracts
  • Dragonoid Defection
  • Hidden Signal
  • Network Outage
  • Complaints Department
  • Lucrative Partnership
  • Five Year Plan


New Achievements

With this update you can get not one, not two, but three new achievements! 

  • Collector Cleanser (mission)
  • Corporate Espionage (mission)
  • Husk Buster (boss)



This update brings a bit of reshuffling around the storyline.

  • Iron Husk Arcade rebranded
  • Iron Husk Items rebranded
  • Ultraloop mission chain removed
  • Grinding Gourds mission chain removed
  • Creative Carving Winners moved to RabbleFroth
  • Piston Punch moved to Vendbot
  • Critical Heal moved to Vendbot
  • Flight Module moved to Charfade
  • SolarWorld Factory Cores moved to VendBot
    • Critical Heal
    • Piston Punch
    • Chairman's Fury
  • Model L with remain on SolarWorld Factory for a few weeks then go rare
  • Iron Husk with remain on SolarWorld Factory for a few weeks then go rare

Bug Fix

  • Static Grenade: Should no longer freeze battle when used while rooted by skills such as Tentacle Prison

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May 15, 2020

Balance Update 5-15-2020

Some of our changes from last week were, to put it lightly, overtuned, so we've done another major pass on the classes to be less punative to certain classes. The biggest change is to Blood Shield, which will now boost a percentage of Resistance plus offer a Technology boost. This is to better synergize the Blood Mage's defense with their offensive capabilities. Medic remains a difficult problem to solve as certain classes rely on heal loops too survive, which leads to longer battles, which can be annoying if you're going for daily wins and the only way to win is making battles as long as possible. Hopefully this update will bring us closer to a happy medium.


  • Field Medic (Tactical Mercenary and Cyber Hunter): 
    • Return to 3 turn cooldown
    • Improves with every 3.5 Support instead of 2.5
  • Field Medic (Blood Mage and Bounty Hunter):
    • Improves with every 1.5 Support instead of 2.5
  • Field Medic (Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Tech Mage, Blood Mage):
    • New improvement step for each level:
    • Lvl 1: 165 
    • Lvl 2: 190 
    • Lvl 3: 215 
    • Lvl 4: 250
    • Lvl 5: 285
    • Lvl 6: 320 
    • Lvl 7: 355 
    • Lvl 8: 390 
    • Lvl 9: 435 
    • Lvl 10: 480
  • Blood Shield:
    • Sacrifice 90 Health to activate an Energy Shield and Technology boost for you or an ally
    • Grants a % Resistance Boost instead of Points
    • Grants points of Technology to make combo with the others skills
  • Energy Parasite
    • 3 turn Duration 
    • Level 1 set to 6% up to level 10 at 15%
  • Deadly Aim (Blood Mage): 
    • Requires Support instead of Technology
  • Static grenade: 
    • 70% damage instead of 50%
  • Frenzy: 
    • 1 turn warmup
    • Removed energy requirement. Was too punative to low levels
  • Pyro Fly:
    • 1 turn warmup


Coming Up

Spring Cleaning!

In the next few weeks, we're going to be doing a bit of spring cleaning in EpicDuel, removing some missions and items that have outstayed their welcome. If you haven't already done the Ultraloop missions, we recommend completing them soon, along with grabbing any associated rares you've been meaning to collect. An upcoming mission chain will alter the face of the Wasteland permanently!

New Infernal Fantasy Weapons!

In the coming weeks, also expect a brand new weapon set from EpicDuel and AQW artist, Bido! They are most excellent and may even replace the Celtic Hunter Weapons as a new promo set! They'll need some mighty skills to compete against the current set of promo cores, though!

New Suggestion Shop!

Another project we'd like to undertake soon is to do another round of Suggestion Shop items! It's been years since we've done a Suggestion Shop and it would be a great opportunity to dust off those creative chops and submit your latest and greatest ideas to the official AE Forum Suggestion Topic! This is better than Twitter since it's more likely we'll see your submission and easier to associate your art with your in-game name to receive proper credit! There's not a set date of this shop as we'd like to give everyone some time to create submissions, but don't wait too long!

Of course, those are just 3 of many new updates coming to EpicDuel over the next few months. We have to leave room for some surprises, after all!

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May 08, 2020

Bunnmaykr and Balance


Prepare for the latest Springtime creation, forged from blueprints form a realm far beyond Delta V, the Bunnmaykr bazooka!  Also, to keep battles interesting, there's a bounty of balance changes covering many classes with some big skill revamps!



Visit Nightwraith in the Wasteland to check out the 2 new and improved Bunny-zookas, complete with a pre-equipped Shell-Shocker core. These weapons are tagged as rare (for real this time) and will leave in about a month!

  • Bunnmaykr
  • Dark Bunnmaykr



Multiple skills have been overhauled to improve build viability for all classes. First strike calculation has also been tweaked. RNG still plays a part in determining the first attacker, but the weight of Support has been more heavily weighted.

  • Fireball:
    • Inflicts a debuff that reduces Defense/Resistance by 15%
    • Dexterity requirement corrected so the base is 19, increasing by 3 per level
    • Improves with Dexterity
    • Energy cost = 90 at level 1, increasing by 15 with each level
  • Static Grenade:
    • Inflicts 50% primary damage
    • Drains energy
    • Absorbs 90% of energy drained
  • Frenzy:
    • 2 turn warmup
    • 50 flat Energy cost
  • Reflex Boost (Blood Mage)
    • Becomes "Blood Instinct"
    • Spend 90 HP to increase Dexterity
  • Barbed Grenade:
    • Increased cost by 20 per level
    • Improves with every .4 Support instead of .35
  • Field Medic:
    • (Cyber Hunter and Tactical Mercenary) 4 turn cooldown
  • Increased weight on Support for First Strike to decrease likelihood that lower Support will start first.

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May 04, 2020

Infernal Quick Patch

Thank you for bearing with us for a quick patch as we updated the top Varium packages and added Infernal Gladiator Gear to the Mines merchant Kraggor!


Infernal Gladiator Returns!

Last year's Infernal Gladiator Gear has been added to Kraggor in the Mines! If you missed them last year, now is your chance wield these mighty weapons! Core slots have been unlocked to allow maximum versatility with build composition.

  • Weapons
    • Infernal Gladiator Sword P
    • Infernal Gladiator Sword E
    • Infernal Gladiator Gear P
    • Infernal Gladiator Gear E
    • Infernal Artillery P
    • Infernal Artillery E
    • Infernal Blaster P
    • Infernal Blaster E
  • Armor
    • Infernal Gladiator
    • Infernal Gladiator CC
  • Bots
    • Plasma Fly
  • Cores
    • Master's Strike
    • Infernal Fury
    • Molten Bullet
    • Tremor Shot
    • Infernal Surge
    • Infernal Fortitude



  • Infernal Swarm: 2 turn warmup
  • Supercharge: Rage should function normally

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May 01, 2020

May the Fourth

Star Saber Codes

It's raining codes! Well, it will soon, anyway. Over the next few days, we'll be giving out codes on Twitter for new rare Star Sabers!



  • Tactical Mercenary:
    • Energy Shield: Improves with ever .7 Dexterity
    • Mineral Armor: -3% Defense per level
  • Tech Mage
    • Super Charge: rage works normally
  • Cores:
    • Hunter's Mark: Defense/Resistance reduction now 20% instead of 25%
    • Wolf's Fury: Added Energy cost of 80


Prizes from the Stars

This weekend, in celebration of the May the Fourth event, we'll be giving out prize codes for new Star Sabers themed after various Artix Entertainment games! These weapons will be in limited quantities, so you'll need to keep an eye on Twitter to have a chance at claiming them all!


Last Chance Varium Bonus

This weekend will be your last chance to take advantage of the bonus Varium promotions currently available with the top Varium packages. The offer will be available until Monday, at which point EpicDuel will reboot at 6:00 P.M. to remove the promotion.

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April 24, 2020

Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

Easter came and went but there are still some egg-ceptional weapons to collect in EpicDuel! Visit any ArcadeBot to put some tokens into the newest game, Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

New Arcade Game!

Visit any ArcadeBot to cycle through the game to find the latest, Eggcelent Eggtravaganza! This is a great opportunity to spend those Arcade Tokens accumulated from gifting to climb the leaderboard and be the first to claim a gold prize!

  • Weapons:
    • Egg Splitter Arsenal P
    • Egg Splitter Arsenal E
    • Egg Splitter Sword P
    • Egg Splitter Sword E
    • Xeno Bunny Sword P
    • Xeno Bunny Sword E
    • Xeno Bunny Blades P
    • Xeno Bunny Blades E
    • Xeno Bunny Axe P
    • Xeno Bunny Axe E
    • Xeno Bunny Staff P
    • Xeno Bunny Staff E
    • Xeno Bunny Blaster P
    • Xeno Bunny Blaster E
    • Xeno Bunny Bazooka P
    • Xeno Bunny Bazooka E
  • Home Item:
    • Brachylagus Statue



Boost your rating points by playing the new arcade game and unlocking the latest arcade achievement!

  • Eggcelent Eggtravaganza


Balance Changes:

  • Sidearm scaling is set at the same rate as Primary weapons
  • Captain's Charge: Duration reduced to 2 turns from 3

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April 10, 2020

Morning Star Gear!

Morning Star Gear!

New gear and major balance changes abound in this holiday update! Plus, Power Hour extended until June 1st!



There are some major balance changes in this update, including core buffs and a major change for Blood Mage -- Intimidate will be replaced with Terrify, a Strength debuff with a chance to stun!

  • Intimidate (Blood Mage): Changed to Terrify; Added Stun effect
  • Static Charge: Improve with Support instead of Technology
  • Memory Leak: Increase energy cost base to to 90; Duration decreased to 3 turns
  • Venom Strike: Improve with every 6 Dexterity
  • Barbed Grenade: Improve with Support instead of Dexterity; Added Technology requirement; 1 turn warmup
  • Reroute (Tech Mage and Tactical Mercenary): Improve +2% per level
  • Brutal Strike: Removed stun effect
  • Shell Shocker: Damage increased to 100%; Warmup increased to 2 turns
  • Icy Overkill (Gun): Ignores 40% of target's defenses.
  • Icy Overkill (Auxiliary): Ignoring 40% of target's defenses.


Morning Star Gear

Deuce has delivered another set of rare gear available at his NPC in the Mine's abandoned train station!

  • Morning Star Cutters P
  • Morning Star Cutters E
  • Morning Star Axe P
  • Morning Star Axe E
  •  Morning Star Staff P
  • Morning Star Staff E
  • Morning Star Launcher P
  • Morning Star Launcher E
  • Morning Star Plasma Cannon P
  • Morning Star Plasma Cannon E

Collecting all of his gear won't be so easy, however, as his swords will only be available as battle drops from his Legendary form!

  • Morning Star Claymore P
  • Morning Star Claymore E


Leaving Soon!

Next week on Friday, April 17th, Dage the Evil's seasonal and rare gear will be leaving until the next Friday the 13th in November! Also, Nightmare Dage will be reverting to Legendary Dage, meaning this will be the last chance in many months that you'll be able to collect his rare weapons and armor drops!


Power Time!

To help easy the long grind of credits and Experience for many of our returning and current players looking to level up and power up their gear, EpicDuel is extending Power Hour until June 1st! Duel On!

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April 03, 2020

Tyrant Time!

Tyrant Time

EpicDuel is now live with a new release of terrifying Tyrant weapons, balance tweaks, and an upgradeable new achievement worth up to 15,360 rating points!


Achievement: Feed the Egg!

Some of your are sitting on a mountain of credits, and it's been awhile since we introduced a new upgradeable badge to help lighten that credit burden while boosting your rating points sky high! Purchase and upgrade the Tiny Egg achievement to get that much closer to Regal Diamond ratings!


New Rare Weapons!

Deuce has created a stunning new set for your enjoyment. Visit Snork at the Wasteland Minetower's base to browse this new gearYou may notice a reference to a certain series of games getting a release today. A series of games filled with evil biohazards stalking around all sorts of buildings and...residences. Subtle!

  • Tyrant Slasher P
  • Tyrant Slasher E
  • Tyrant Armblades P
  • Tyrant Armblades E
  • Tyrant Axe P
  • Tyrant Axe E
  • Tyrant Staff P
  • Tyrant Staff E
  • Tyrant Injector P
  • Tyrant Injector E
  • Tyrant Rocket Cannon P
  • Tyrant Rocket Cannon E

These weapons are marked as rare so once they're gone, they're leaving for good!


New Style!

You'll need the world's most heavy duty toothbrush if you equip the new Tyrant style!



  • Annihilation: Improves with every .3 Tech
  • Skull Cracker: Because this skill is reusable and extremely powerful, its energy cost has been increased to 100

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March 27, 2020

Dage 2020 Finale

Dage 2020 Finale

Dage's inventory has been updated for the last time this season and we saved the best for last. Grab the limited Living Sin or Undead Sin with all their variants while they last! Also, we're pleased to reward our EpicDuel YouTubers with new rare achievements!


Youtube Achievements

We have achievements to reward artsts and Wiki contributors, but nothing for the hard-working EpicDuel videographers.  To remedy that, we've added several new achievements to reward players who have created EpicDuel video content for YouTube. General Artix Entertainment video content is appreciated, but these achievements will only apply to EpicDuel videos.

  • Epic Videographer (publish at least one EpicDuel video with over 200 views)
    • This achievement can evolve with multiple videos over the 200 view count.
  •  Epic Viral Videographer (publish one EpicDuel video with over 10,000 views)

Please note that because we don't have a way to link YouTube accounts to EpicDuel accounts, these achievements will be manually awarded. We love to see new EpicDuel videos, but older videos will still count for the achievements. Also, videos deemed offensive or inappropriate will not count towards the achievements. Cheat engine and scam videos obviously won't count and will be reported.

If you have some old videos you're particularly proud of or intend to create some new content, share them in the #EpicDuelYoutube tag on Twitter!


New Weapons!

Dage's inventory has been updated with some gloriously grotesque new weapons, including the Living Sin, along with CC variants! The new Dage will count towards the Dage Collector 2020 achievement if you don't already have it!


  • Living Sin
  • Undead Sin
  • Living Sin CC
  • Undead Sin CC
  • Living Sin's Carnage
  • Undead Sin's Carnage
  • Legion Overfiend Reapers P
  • Legion Overfiend Reapers E
  • Legion Overfiend Axe P
  • Legion Overfiend Axe E
  • Legion Overfiend Summoner P
  • Legion Overfiend Summoner E
  • Legion Conjurer Blades P
  • Legion Conjurer Blades E
  • Legion Conjurer Axe P
  • Legion Conjurer Axe E
  • Legion Conjurer Staff P
  • Legion Conjurer Staff E

For spring-themed weapons, check out the Bio Guard outside the Biological Preserve:

  • Toxic Xeno Pistol P
  • Toxic Xeno Pistol E
  • Toxic Xeno Cannon P
  • Toxic Xeno Cannon E

Home Items

Decorate up your Undead Legion crypt with these deliciously deadly decorations!

  • Desolation Crest
  • Undead Desolation Crest
  • Living Sin Trophy
  • Undead Sin Trophy
  • Monster Skull
  • Scattered Bones
  • Demon Skull Right
  • Demon Skull Left
  • Demon Wall Skull Right
  • Demon Wall Skull Left
  • Roasted Skeleton Right
  • Roasted Skeleton Left
  • Cthul Grave


Core Update

  • Hunter's Mark: This skill was only modifying the afflicted player's chance to connect. It now modifies chance to connect and the chance for attackers to connect against the afflicted player.

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March 06, 2020

Dage's 2020 Collection

Dage 2020

Spring has almost arrived at Delta V, and already the spring seasonal rares are blooming! Collect new weapon and achievements celebrate Dage's Birthday while boosting your rating score!



Nothing lasts forever, and that includes some fleeting achievements that will be retired permanently. Congratulations to those who were able to collect them and get a step closer to a Diamond rating!

  • Big Game LIV
  • Australia Day 2020
  • Black Mamba Forever (Recategorized as General instead of Seasonal)

This update will also introduce 2 new achievements that can be earned by adding some quality Dage items to your collection!

  • Dage Collector 2020 - Awarded for buying a 2020 Dage item.
  • Dage's CC Desolation - A mighty reward for the wielders of the Dage's CC Desolation. This will be retroactive for those who already purchased one or both CC items last week. Please allow some time to receive the achievement. Stock of these two rare swords remain, but when they are fully depleted, they will never be available again.


Unlocked cores

The seasonal Celtic/Lucky weapons are some of the most fashionable in EpicDuel, but with locked cores, they don't fit every build. Their Lucky Strike cores have been unlocked to allow these weapons to be included in more builds.

New Weapons!

  • Bio Guard - Mew seasonal spring weapons created by Junny Osan have been added to the Bio Guard just outside the Biological Preserve!
    • Toxic Xeno Slayer P
    • Toxic Xeno Slayer E
    • Toxic Xeno Blades P
    • Toxic Xeno Blades E
    • Toxic Xeno Axe P
    • Toxic Xeno Axe E
    • Toxic Xeno Staff P
    • Toxic Xeno Staff E
  • Dage the Evil - Visit Dage the Evil at the base of the Wasteland Minetower to collect the latest 2020 Undead Legion gear and earn a new acheivement!
    • Necro Paragon Sword P
    • Necro Paragon Sword E
    • Legion SoulKeeper P
    • Legion SoulKeeper E
    • Legion Slayer Sword P
    • Legion Slayer Sword E
    • Death Caster Scythe P
    • Death Caster Scythe E
    • Legion Overfiend Scythe P
    • Legion Overfiend Scythe E


Faction Titles

It wasn't mentioned in any previous post so I'm clarifying here that 4 Faction Titles have been established. Very few faction shave attained such scores, but those who have should now see their proper title instead of an error message.

Immortals = 15000000
Immortal Champions = 20000000
Immortal Legends = 25000000
Eternal Legends = 30000000

Next Week

The much-hyped Celtic Hunter promotional package will arrive next Friday, complete with new potent skill cores sure to spice up battles! Also, expect new achievements and the return of Friday the 13th items (and maybe some new ones)!

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February 28, 2020

Merry Dage-mas!

Merry Dage-mas!

This week we welcome the return of Dage's awesome arsenal of weapons and mutations while we introduce a first for EpicDuel: Color Customizable Weapons!


Balance Changes

  • Tactical Reload (aux and gun): 3 turn warm up
  • Intimidate (Blood Mage): improves every 4 support.
  • Fire Rain: just a bit buff, improves every 0.40 support.
  • Blood Commander: Lifesteal reduced to 55% of Stregth from 65%
  • Static Grenade: Sender absorbs 70% of the drained energy. Base values increased +15 Energy Points per level
    Lvl 1 = 90
    Lvl 2 = 105
    Lvl 3 = 120
    Lvl 4 = 135
    Lvl 5 = 150
    Lvl 6 = 165
    Lvl 7 = 180
    Lvl 8 = 195
    Lvl 9 = 210
    Lvl 10 = 225
  • Memory Leak: Cooldown increased to 4 from 3


Merry Dage-mas!

Dage the Evil's EpicDuel seasonal rares have returned a bit early this year! Since there was no prior warning, this will be your last opportunity to collect them before most of them go permanently rare. This change will occur next Friday upon the new update!

Nightmare Dage is also returning with 3 new potential drops:

  • Dage's Capeless Nightmare
  • Nightmare Dage's Desolation P
  • Nightmare Dage's Desolation E

Dage will also offer some revamped rare weapons representing a new feature to EpicDuel: Color Customizable Weapons!

  • Dage's CC Desolation P
  • Dage's CC Desolation E

These two weapons are limited to 150 quantity each and will go permanently rare once they're gone! Expect more CC weapons in the future!


Celtic Weapon Preview

Charfade is still hard at work vectorizing her latest masterpiece! This set is shaping up to be one the prettiest yet to ever grace Delta V!

Celtic Stag Sword

Celtic Stag Blades

Celtic Stag Hammer

Celtic Stag Staff

Celtic Stag Guns


Since we're nearly at the 11 year anniversary of EpicDuel's first Alpha release, everyone is able to collect the Eleven Year Alpha achievement in the achievement shop. 

For collectors who have been sleeping on the shop and need some more rating points to hit that next star tier, three achievements are disappearing next Friday with the next update: 

  • Big Game LIV
  • Australia Day 2020
  • Black Mamba Forever

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February 14, 2020

Regal Heart Gear

Regal Heart Gear

For this Valentine's Day update, EpicDuel is bursting at the seams with new weapons, armors, home items, and hairstyles for your enjoyment!


New Items!

Visit the Legendary Arsenal and the Alydroid for new weapons and armors crafted with care by Bido and Deuce!

New Weapons now available at the Legendary Arsenal!

  • Radiant Battle Blades P
  • Radiant Battle Blades E
  • Radiant Battle Axe P
  • Radiant Battle Axe E
  • Radiant Battle Staff P
  • Radiant Battle Staff E
  • Radiant Battle Blaster P
  • Radiant Battle Blaster E
  • Radiant Battle Bow P
  • Radiant Battle Bow E

New Weapons and Armors now available at Alydroid!

  • Regal Heart Claymore P
  • Regal Heart Claymore E
  • Regal Heart Great Blade P
  • Regal Heart Great Blade E
  • Regal Heart Short Sword P
  • Regal Heart Short Sword E
  • Regal Heart Splicers P
  • Regal Heart Splicers E
  • Regal Heart Mallet P
  • Regal Heart Mallet E
  • Regal Heart Staff P
  • Regal Heart Staff E
  • Regal Heart Hand Cannon P
  • Regal Heart Hand Cannon E
  • Regal Heart Cannon P
  • Regal Heart Cannon E
  • Regal Heart Armor
  • Regal Heart Armor CC


Home Items

Enjoy new home items dedicated to the film debut of a video game legend!

  • Giant Emerald
  • Gem Pile
  • Spinning Ring
  • Gray Wall Gem
  • Red Wall Gem
  • Blue Wall Gem
  • Purple Wall Gem
  • Yellow Wall Gem
  • Cyan Wall Gem
  • Ring

Hair Styles

Will you get the references of these stylish new hairs and helms?

  • Egg Scientist
  • Hyper Hair
  • Flashy Hyper Hair
  • Eggbot
  • RiotBot



  • Mercenary
    • Intimidate: 3 turns
  • Blood Mage
    • Intimidate: 4 turns
  • Omega Override: Remove warmup

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February 07, 2020

Radiant Brutalizer

Radiant Brutalizer

This week, we're delivering some much needed inventory to the Legendary shops in Titan's Peak. These are just a taste of the new Legendary and seasonal rare items being prepared for delivery next week!

Radiant Restock!

Check out these merchants in Frysteland to collect new seasonal rares designed by Junny Osan and new radiant, Legendary rares designed by Bido!

Krampus Trader

  • Ice Bear Blaster P
  • Ice Bear Blaster E
  • Ice Bear Bazooka P
  • Ice Bear Bazooka E
  • Ice Bear Blades P
  • Ice Bear Blades E
  • Ice Bear Maul P
  • Ice Bear Maul E
  • Ice Bear Staff P
  • Ice Bear Staff E

Legendary Arsenal

  • Radiant Brutalizer P
  • Radiant Brutalizer E

Exquisite Legendary Arsenal

  • Radiant Golem
  • Radiant Golem CC

New Hairstyles

  • Radiant Golem
  • Radiant Golem CC


Secret Package Update

Due to popular demand, the Secret Package recipients will receive a CC version of the Wolf Warrior Armor (Omega Wolf Warrior CC). The Omega Wolf Warrior Armor from last year will be known as the Caped Omega Wolf Warrior CC

Tags: Nightwraith


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