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Action and adventure await you in this epic battle game! EpicDuel is a free to play browser MMORPG featuring PvP (Player vs Player) combat. Turn fantasy into reality by creating your custom character to fight your friends in turn-based real time strategy battles. And the best RPG gets better with new releases launching every week, so stay tuned to the Design Notes for behind-the-scenes MMO information and become the most epic dueler in all of EpicDuel!

Power Up your Online MMO Character!

Bring your RPG strategy to the next level! When you harness Varium crystals, you gain access to powerful weapons, advanced armors, and unique styles in browser based glory. Varium also lets you create factions, customize your home, and gain an advantage on the PvP leaderboards!

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EPIC MMO EVENT: Dragon's Return

August 14, 2015


In a few hours we will go live with the beginning of the end of the Dragonoid Saga: The Dragon's Return Part 1! In this saga crafted by Ranloth, Dravax the Harbinger, after years of dormancy, has consolidated enough power to unleash a swarm of Dragonoid Spawn upon the Barrens Outpost.


The reasons for this are still unknown, but the popular theory is that the invasion is an effort to seize control of the Turret Array. This could mean that Dravax's Master is near.


Cut through waves of Dragonoid Spawn to uncover the mysteries of this invasion and reveal Dravax's ultimate intentions. 


Before you venture out into the wilds to confront the legion of interstellar androids, visit the Slayer to stock up on the latest Dragonoid Gear crafted with care by Theon, Bido, Valoroth, Seth Juron, and Hatred Cuirass!


Classic Dragon Restock

It's that time of year again! Time for Summer to slowly ease out into Fall. Time for students to go back to school. Time for...DRAGONS!

Dragon Weapons

Slayer is receiving another seasonal restock of the classic Dragon gear from years past. Many of the items are limited quantity so get them while you can!

Charbinger Weapons

They're back!

Limited-Time Draconic Weapons

Limited-Time Draconic Weapons


Real Life RPG Loot @ HeroMart

September 10, 2014

You are an epic dueler online… now become an epic dueler in real life!

HeroMart real life RPG shirts toys shop epic duel 

HeroMart has the best RPG t-shirts, toys, books, and bundles to put the WAR in your wardrobe. And HeroMart items come with exclusive in-game items for your favorite MMORPGs like EpicDuel and AdventureQuest Worlds

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Declare Your Allegiance!

January 15, 2013

Fight for order under the Legion flag or battle for freedom under the banner of the Exiles

Battle for Control of Delta V!

Join a Faction or create your own, complete with a huge private headquarters, customizeable flag, and live messageboard! Plus, you'll be able to participate in War events and duel to dominate all of Delta V and earn rare War prizes!

A huge world to explore and conquer!

It's a big world out there...time to conquer it!


Power Up with Cores!

January 13, 2013

Rain down showers of meteors, mutate into vicious beasts, or demolish your opponents' defenses with epic cores.

Rain down fiery death from above with exciting cores!

These amazing enhancements can turn even the most basic arsenal into an engine of relentless destruction!


1000s of Epic Items!

January 09, 2013

Visit the interesting merchants of Delta V and browse their vast inventories of THOUSANDS items.  

Visit merchants all over Delta V to power up!

Bunny-headed bazookas, space blasters, laser rifles, ninja claws, cybernetic blades, alien staffs, bionic mutant allies...you never know what treasures you'll find in EpicDuel's weekly releases!

Want to browse some of the treasure that await? The EpicDuel Wiki has you covered! 


6 Unique Classes with Deep Skill Trees

January 05, 2013

Will you project powerful blasts of psionic energy as a Tech Mage or clobber your foes into 
submission as a Mercenary? With 6 classes, there's a fit for every play style.

6 Epic Classes to Choose From!

Don't like your class? You can change it at any time! Can you master them all?

Each class has its own skill tree!

Having trouble deciding? Want help determining a strategy? Learn more about all the classes and abilities in our comprehensive Wiki created and maintained by players like you! You can also discuss balance and strategy in our Official Forums!


An Ever-Expanding MMO World!

January 03, 2013

With regular content updates, EpicDuel is constantly changing and evolving with the help of our incredible community of active players.

Be a part of the community of active duelers!

New missions, expanded regions, new items, and special events create an infinitely expanding MMO world. 
The best part? Since the entire game plays in your browser, there's nothing to install!

Attack massive bosses in epic mission!

Want to know the the latest EpicDuel news? Check out our weekly updates in our Design Notes, or discuss upcoming and current EpicDuel events in our forums!


Epic Player-vs-Player Battles!

January 01, 2013

Challenges friends and enemies to LIVE PvP duels all from the comfort of your browser! Climb 
the leaderboards and earn epic loot to grow in power and experience! 

Unleash incredible skill attacks!

With each level you'll be able to further upgrade your gear and unlock new abilities with which to smite your foes!

2v2 Battles Against REAL Opponents

Do you have what it takes to be a dueling demi-god? Create and account and login today!