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October 18, 2019

Epic Class Revival

Epic Balance Update!

Since the big Passive Skill update last spring, there hasn't been many Earth...er...Delta V-shaking updates to balance. A big goal for the year was to differentiate all the class skills, even if it was just an aesthetic change. Today, we've made a huge step toward that goal with 8 revamped skills for the evolved classes (Cyber Hunter, Tactical Mercenary, and Blood Mage).



The evolved classes are getting some major updates that should shake up gameplay and builds quite a bit. We altered and adjusted the skills throughout testing, but live data will be the best data so expect more changes in the weeks to come!

  • Tactical Merc:
    • Double Strike >>> Crippling Strike: Attack for 120% damage; Reduces % defense for 2 turns
    • Artillery Strike >>> Suppressing Fire: New animation to differentiate between Artillery Strike
    • Stun Grenade >>> Barbed Grenade: Inflict physical damage with a 25% base chance to stun and crit. Ignores 15% defense; 20 less damage
    • Toxic Grenade: Functionally the same, but improves with 2 Support; 20 Less damage per leve; Requires Strength
    •  Blood Shield>>> Swapped for Energy Shield
  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Shadow Arts >>> Gene Augment: Hack your own DNA to boost your highest stat.
    • Defense Matrix >>> Nanotech Shield: Activate a powerful shield that negates a % on incoming damage.
    • Multishot >>> Adaptive Offense: Inflict damage based on primary damage type to all enemies. Deals 85% damage against multiple targets.
    • Venom Strike >>> Memory Leak: Target loses fixed Energy and HP for each level similar to Screaming Soul Spears
  • Blood Mage:
    • Overload >>> Brutal Strike: Summon your strength for a devastating strike with a 25% chance to stun.
    • Energy Shield >>> Swapped for Blood Shield


This seems like a big change, but it's a small step toward expanding build diversity and making each class truly unique. Unfortunately, with all the work that when into these changes and testing, the content (arcade, styles, and gear) had to go on hold until next week. Plus, our work is far from done with skill differentiation and there are still several new skills in the works, including new ultimates!

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September 27, 2019

Ghoulish Gear Shark Attack!

Ghoulish Gear and Sharks oh my!

Yaaaar! Last week Ishmael, feared shark hunter and merchant of the West Naval Yard, reeled in quite a haul of Pirate-themed gear, but this week he's brought his masterpiece: The Cyber Shark! This new bot is perfect for those who want to complete a lifesteal build! It's standard attack also comes with a beefy 25% crit chance to rip your foes to shreds!

  • Cyber Shark P/E
    • Shark Bite:Chomp your foe with metal jaws with a 25% crit chance.
    • Feeding Frenzy: Inflict open wounds that grant 30% lifesteal on target for 3 turns.


Ghoulish Gear Returns!

This update EpicDuel is also welcoming the return of the 2018's Ghoulish Gear! Visit Snork at the base of the in the Wasteland Minetower for access to this spooky and powerful gear. As with past returning gear, it's available for Credits or Varium. The cores will remain Varium only.

  • Vampiric Boomstick P/E
    • Passive: Spreadfire: Damages all enemies. Deals 85% damage if it hits multiple targets.
    • Special: Blood Shot: Fire a powerful shot with a 25% chance to crit that returns 20% damage to user as HP.
  • Phantasm Droid P / E
    • Special: Phantasm Blast: Deal 45% base damage to Energy, increasing by 4% each round in battle (65% max).
  • Additional Aux Core
    • Soul Siphon: Reduce and absorb enemy energy by 25% of normal auxiliary damage.
  • The Ghoul Cannon 2018 and Spectral Blaster 2018 were 2018 edition weapons and thus are permanent rare. However, there will be 2019 editions in an upcoming update!

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July 12, 2019

Charfade's Challenge

Charfade's Challenge

Charfade has arrived fully powered-up in her new evolved form and is ready to offer a serious challenge to the most powerful duelists on Delta V!


Charfade's Challenge

Charfade now offers her ultimate challenge in her legendary form. Who will be the first to conquer this latest legendary opponent?


Charfade Items

In her downtime, Charfade has developed several new weapons and an armor to complement her new advanced form.

  • Evolved Charfade Armor
  • Charfade's Blaster P
  • Charfade's Launcher E
  • Charfade's Sword P
  • Charfade's Staff P
  • Charfade's Club E
  • Charfade's Claws E


Charfade's War Prize

Shortly before today's release, the most recent regional war came to an end, awarding the top prize that was very badly bugged for anyone who got to see it. It appeared as an armor that wasn't loading. Typically, war prizes are setup well in advance, and it was setup as Arbor Armor months ago, but because it coincided with the Charfade update, it was switched to Gold Little Gear (/fire to backflip and launch fireworks) as a reference to her cute, mechanized travel form. This switch was unfortunately never pushed to the live server so people receive an item that didn't exist.

In the most recent update, this was corrected. Those who received the armor should have Gold Little Gear. If it was "equipped" it would be unequipped with armor set to the default, otherwise characters would fail to login as the game would freak out if it saw someone with a vehicle equipped as an armor. The few who upgraded their armor prize had their currency refunded in full.


Legendary Items

The legendary shops have seen some love with new items available to the highest ranked Legendary players!

Exquisite Legendary Arsenal

  • Cyber Spartan CC
  • Gold Cyber Spartan
  • Cyber Spartan Sword P
  • Cyber Spartan Sword E
  • Cyber Spartan Blades P
  • Cyber Spartan Blades E
  • Cyber Spartan Mace P
  • Cyber Spartan Mace E
  • Cyber Spartan Staff P
  • Cyber Spartan Staff E

Epic Legendary Arsenal

  • Platinum Cyber Spartan



Some small balance updates were also included in this release.

  • Frenzy: Reduced max to 60%; starts at 32%; increases 2% per level
  • Screaming Soul Spears: Curable with Medic; Can't use Venom Strike or Toxic Grenade to stack poison

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July 08, 2019

Balance Update 1.7.28

The bonus Varium promotion has officially ended for EpicDuel. Congratulations for all those who could be a part of this great, limited Summer deal! The Infernal Gear will still be available to purchase until the next promotional package is ready to take its place. While Charfade's main release is still in development, we've included a few balance tweaks and a new achievement to keep things interesting until the main event on Friday!


Balance Changes/Fixes


  • Sidearm: Damage scales at the same rate as primary weapon damage

Tech Mage

  • Deadly Aim: requires 42 Tech at max level

Blood Mage

  • Fireball: Requires 42 Dex at max level; Reduce base damage by 10
  • Deadly Aim: requires 42 Tech at max level


  • Blood bullet: Reduce damage to 115% from 125%
  • Icy Overkill: Reduce defense reduction to 30% from 40%
  • Infinity Power Strike: Reduce damage to 120% from 130%


  • Infernal Android: Special starts at 85% dmg going up by 5% turn, 120 max
  • Gamma Bot: Special attack increased to 108% damage
  • Phantasm Droid: 2 turn warm up for special attack


New Achievement

In celebration of the Women's World Cup, we've snuck in an achievement to commemorate this event, and epic victory for the US team!


This Friday!

The "real" release is still in development and on schedule for this Friday. In the meantime, you can visit a newly redesigned Charfade at Mirv's and preview her new armor in battle!

Charfade Preview

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May 31, 2019

Infernal Gladiator Promo

Infernal Gladiator Promotions

It's finally time to say goodbye to the Azrael promos and hello to the Infernal Gladiator Gear! Celebrate summer with new weapons and armors literally crackling with molten energy! Also, for a limited time the new promotions will come with 5,000 bonus Varium! It doesn't get much hotter than that!


Infernal Gladiator Promo

Infernal Gladiator Cores

After a long wait and lots of sleepless nights, we're proud to finally bring you not one, but two new promotional packages with an Infernal theme! The Infernal weapons are some of the most stylish weapons in the game and Bido and Deuce brought their A (or S+ if you're an arcade game) games to EpicDuel for their contributions to these outstanding new bundles.

Also, for a limited time, these promotional packages will include a bonus 5,000 Varium for a total of 15,000 Varium in addition to all the weapons contained therein! 

Package 1

  • Infernal Gladiator
  • Infernal Gladiator CC
    • Master's Strike: Crits ignore extra 5% of your target's defense; +7% Crit chance; Passive.
    • Infernal Surge: Summon infernal spirits to increase Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support by 20% for 4 turns.
  • Infernal Gladiator Sword P
  • Infernal Gladiator Sword E
  • Infernal Gladiator Gear P
  • Infernal Gladiator Gear E
    • Infernal Fury: Do a mini rage using remaining rage.

Package 2

  • Plasma Fly: The counterpart to the Pyro fly, this advanced model is the first bot to have 2 special skills!
    • Pyro Super Beam: Deal 90% base damage, increasing by 3% each round in battle (111% max).
    • Infernal Sting: Powerful sting that does 75% damage and places one random skill into cooldown.
  • Infernal Blaster P
  • Infernal Blaster E
    • Molten Bullet: Fire a super-heated bullet that embeds in target. Strike target to detonate, adding 8% damage per turn the target was hit (max 3 turns).
  • Infernal Artillery P
  • Infernal Artillery E
    • Tremor Blast: Powerful blast that confuses target, lowering Crit, Block, and Deflection chance for 4 turns.


Varium Upgrade

Bonus Varium!

For a limited time, the 12,000 Varium package is receiving a bonus of 5,000 extra Varium for a total of 18,000! If you're in a situation where you don't care about the new gear, but really want to stockpile Varium, this is the best value available!



Not all new items are available in the promotional packages. Kraggor has restocked with an amazing new armor designed by Bido, the Infernal Golem. This new armor is available in CC and non-CC flavors and both come with a new Infernal Fortitude core!

  • Infernal Golem
  • Infernal Golem CC
    • Infernal Fortitude: Harden your skin to increase physical defense by 65% for 3 turns. Unable to use melee attacks.



  • Lifeline: Energy cost increased to 120



Deuce's missions to construct his unique vehicle, the Tyrant Tank, are finally rare forever! Congratulations if you were able to complete the exhaustive tasks to complete this awesome prize!

  • Removed “A Box of Scraps” part 1-3



This past week we've dealt with some substantial outages in EpicDuel, along with the rest of the AE network. Titan has been working with Captain Rhubarb to help improve security for the EpicDuel servers. I don't quite understand all they've been doing, but the updates made throughout the week should improve server stability and keep the DDoS attackers at bay. Since security is an ongoing concern and constant arms race between attackers and our countermeasures, there may be more updates and downtime in the near future as much-needed long-term improvements are implemented.

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February 08, 2019

A Box of Scraps!

A box of scraps!

You may notice the version number is 1.7.08a. This doesn't mean you missed an update. This just means during testing the client needed to be incremented more than once.


Visit Deuce in the abandoned train station in the Varium Mines to embark on several quests culminating in awesome rewards!

  • Deuces Wild
    • Not Hockey Pads
    • 2 Ply Kevlar
    • Steel Shell
    • Glowing Guardsman
    • Goop Troop
    • Egg Fuel
    • Schematic Scheme
    • Time to Think
    • Hard Bargain
    • Harder Bargain
  • Double Deuce
    • Spy Control
    • Mecha Metal
    • Stellar Steel
    • Paint Job
    • Sludge Time Again
    • Radioactive Ration
    • Terror Shell
    • Mer'a Ingenuity
    • Build Time
    • One Final Piece
    • A Perfect Fit
  • A Box of Scraps Part 1
    • Armor Sample
    • Armor Harvest
    • Armor Hoarder
    • Vehicular Vandal
    • Arthropod Alloys
    • Overlord Oxidation
    • Thick Tungsten Husk
    • Mer'a Metallurgy
    • Otherworldly Outerwear
    • Tough Furry Shell
  • A Box of Scraps Part 2
    • Budget Bazookas
    • Miniature Munitions
    • Snork's Stash
    • Overlord Overkill
    • Looting the Lawman
    • Offering of Blood
    • Exile War Depot
    • Legion War Depot
    • Antagonistic Eggs
    • Bless My Bullets
  • A Box of Scraps Part 3
    • Powered by Goo
    • Fuel Cell Guardian
    • Gamma-Powered Goon
    • Atomic Antagonist
    • Onslaught Engine
    • One Order of Nightmare
    • Three Order of Nuclear
    • Three Orders of Nemesis
    • One Order of Omega
    • All Assembly Require
    • The Tyrant King 



These achievements are available from completing some of the above mission chains!

  • Tyrant King
  • Double Deuce



These armors are available as rewards for completing some of the above mission chains!

  • ProtoSartorium CC
  • ProtoSartorium



  • Radiation Burn (Passive skill locked to ProtoSartorium Armors)
    • 25% chance to reduce melee attacker's defense/resistance by 35%



  • Tyrant Tank Mk1 (/boom and /fire functionality)


Coming Up Next!

Next week, you can look forward to an all-new promotional package featuring the new Azrael/Heartbreaker gear! If you've been sleeping on the Omega Wolf Pack, you'd better act fast before it's gone!

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January 30, 2019

Patch Notes - 1.7.06

We just rolled a small patch with some additions and a bug fix which seems minor, but was a major headache if you enjoyed fighting NPCs. A regular release is still scheduled for later this week!

As of the writing of this, all Omega Wolf Warrior armors have been awarded to secret package owners! Congratulations! I hope it was worth the wait! Also, I finally corrected an issue that's been around since Gifting. On Christmas, a very special daily prize was supposed to be awarded, but because of a data definition mixup, the prize was mere credits! Since we know how many daily prizes everyone claimed, we were able to figure out everyone who would have earned the prize and award them the intended gift: Infernal Frostbane!

New Features/Changes

  • Omega Wolf Warrior Added to Secret Package Owners!
  • Infernal Frostbane awarded to those who have 26 or more daily prize claims during gifting!
  • Cores:
    • Unbreakable Heart added to Endless
    • Unbreakable Spirit Added to Endless
    • Unbreakable Heart x25 added to Endless and Endless M4tr1x
    • Unbreakable Spirit x25 added to Endless and Endless M4tr1x
    • New Strength Boost, Dexterity Boost, Technology Boost, and Support Boost cores' prices increased to 8000 Credits, 475 Varium.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected error which caused NPCs like the Gamma Guard would freeze in battle

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November 29, 2018

36 Days of Giving!

Gifting Begins!

Everyone from Fortune City to the Dread Plains is talking about the return of EpicDuel's Gifting Season! This year, celebrate 36 days to gifts with incredible prizes for the top 15 most generous gifters! When gifting begins after a short update, you can choose to power up with the Epic Supporter 2018 Varium package or the fearsome Omega Wolf Package!

This is also your last chance for the 35,000 Legendary Epic Supporter Varium pack and Ghoulish Gear packages as they're leaving after the update tomorrow!



The 2018 season of gifting will go live as soon as we update EpicDuel servers Friday November 30th. We hope this is sooner in the day than later, but we don't want to have any emergency reboots for last minute fixes, kicking everyone out, so we won't launch until we're 100% ready. Gifting will last until the end January 4th, 2019. 

This year gifting cost has been reduced to 325 from 375.

Prize/Wish Addendum Concerning Founder Armor

Since the announcement of the prizes for this year's gifting event, there's been some controversy of the parameters of the Epic Wish. We mentioned that players can wish for "nearly any item" and some longtime players were upset that that could put Founder Armor on the menu for up to 15 players. At first we thought, "A wish is a wish," but the outcry from Founders has be notable. Obviously, with the community as tight as it is, it would not be a good idea to upset our most experienced players. As a compromise, we've decided to exclude Founder Armor from the potential wish items for all but the #1 gifter (#1 spot gets a wish and a custom item). This was a tough decision, but we had a feeling an issue like this might come up, hence the "nearly any" language. We're sorry if you were told in chat or on Twitter this would be a valid prize choice, but that was before the weight of this issue was brought to our attention. We hope this doesn't dampen your gifting cheer too much, as there are still hundreds of other items to choose from, as well as wish ideas that don't involve an item at all.

Since there was additional confusion, we'd also like to clarify that "nearly any item" means one item and doesn't include entire promotional packages. Mutating armors and weapons do count as one item, though.

Further Addendum: If you have the Founder Achievement, but not the Founder Armor, and you're in the top 15 of the gifting event, you may wish for Founder Armor.


Omega Wolf Pack

The gifting update will also see the introduction of the Omega Wolf Pack, which will come locked and loaded with 9 new items complete with cores!

  • Omega Wolf Blaster P/E (sidearm)
  • Omega Wolf Rifle P/E (auxiliary)
  • Omega Wolf Fang P/E (sword)
  • Omega Wolf Bloodletter/Souleater (mutating)
  • Omega Wolf Rider (non-CC vehicle)



  • Tactical Reload (Sidearm): Get a free reload of your sidearm, bypassing cooldown.
  • Icy Overkill (Aux): Overload your auxiliary, ignoring 35% of target's defense. Is unusable for rest of battle.
  • Wolf’s Fury (Primary): While low on health, unleash an unblockable attack with a 25% crit/stun chance and 100% energy conversion. Also does 26% attack damage to target’s energy.


Epic Supporter 2018

The 15,000 Varium package is back with a new twist of the achievement. Each time this package or the Omega Wolf Pack is purchased, the achievement will level up (up to 10)! 


Quality of Life

  • /dnd command activates Do Not Disturb mode that blocks PMs, jumps, ally links, and sonar. Still shows green “online” light on buddy list so not completely invisible. Type it again to turn this mode off.
  • /openallgifts receives all gifts currently in your mail.
  • Since there will be a lot of congestion in gifting areas, the AFK timer now disconnects after 15 minutes of idle time. If you want those gifts, you'll have to be active!


Mission Changes

  • Removed mission chains for Nightwraith. Congratulations to everyone who received Nightwraith's personal armor! The missions will return next year to give you all another chance to level and plan your strategy!
    • Party Business
    • OneX6 Retrieval
    • A Bold Bounty


  • Cyber Hunter
    • Massacre: Improves with every 12 Tech instead of ever 8


  • Increased value of prize tiers -- resale should be higher as well. This is not a retroactive change.
    • Gold - 2000
    • Silver - 300
    • Bronze - 40



  • Added extra-large gifting arenas to the right and left of Edgar Boothe. We tried making players even smaller, but it breaks character movement badly. It's hilarious to see, but probably too frustrating if you really want to focus on claiming your gifts. If people like this addition enough, we can add more to other regions of Delta V!
  • Room cap increased to 150! Remember to turn down all the graphics to the lowest settings if you have an older PC unless you like slideshows!



  • 12 tiers of the Good Gifter 2018 Achievement
  • 2 tiers of the Yeti for Winter 2018 Achievement
  • 10 tiers of the Epic Supporter 2018 Achievement
  • Achievement changes
    • Dage achievement value raised to 4000
    • Legendary Titan achievement value raised to 4000
    • Gamma achievement value raised to 4500
    • Collector achievements should be tagged as Ultra Rare
    • Archivist achievements should be tagged as General since it’s not rare at all
    • Archivist achievements all bumped in value by 500 since the tiers are harder to get

Wow! That's a truckload of content and we're just getting started! We'll be periodically updating gifting throughout December with new content and items to add to gifting pool so it'll only get better as the event goes on! Thank you all for making an update like this possible! Duel On and Gift On!

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November 21, 2018

On the Cusp of Gifting


What a savings!

Get ready for gifting! The 35,000 Varium package is now LIVE in-game for 20,000 APs! This is by far the best value we've ever offered so if you want to stock up before gifting without having to reload in December, now is the best time to do it! This package also comes with the Ultra-Rare Legendary Epic Supporter 2018 Achievement, and it will only be available for a limited time. This incredible deal will leave the game just as gifting arrives sometime on November 30th, to be replaced by the still-awesome Epic Supporter package and Omega Wolf Pack (yes, we changed the name based on the amazing new concept art from Charfade!).

Omega Wolf Pack

The image above only represents concepts and the package may not include all items or they may differ from the final versions. We'll publish the final versions as soon as they're ready!

Special thanks to Titan and Charfade for tagging to help out with this update! It feels good to have them back, even if it's for a little while. Now where's Rabble?

New Treasure Hunters!

Collector vs Archivist

As mentioned last week, we've cleared the old rarity point leaderboard to make way for a new system with a new calculation that excludes duplicate items. Those who had at least 100,000 rarity points on the old board should have receive a Collector achievement based on their old score. Those participating in the new board, which should update when the daily cycle refreshes, will receive an evolving Archivist achievement. You will need to visit Charfade to re-appraise your gear to participate! Remember, to climb the new board will require possessing a wide range of rare, not just 100 copies of one. Good luck, and happy hunting!


Wish Upon a Star

The design notes post last week really set the EpicDuel community on fire with discussion about the possibilities of the new top 10 prize, Epic Wishes. As I expected, some of the ideas went a bit off the rails, and others went off into another galaxy. In order to keep the idea creep contained and make sure I'm not spending all of 2019 fulfilling wishes, we've narrowed the parameters of the wishes. In doing so, we've also expanded the number of winners from the top 10, to the top 15! If you were just out the running last year, this is your big chance!

Examples of things you can wish for:

  • Nearly any item in game (possibly other AE games with the blessing of their staff)
  • A small statue of your character (bust), sign, insignia or graffiti permanently place on the game world
  • A unique badge achievement just for your character
  • A unique hairstyle
  • A personalized sketch from Nightwraith
  • A custom version of an existing item (small alteration, like a recolor)
  • An item with another item's core (must be the same category of item)

This list isn't necessarily all-encompassing, and if you have a creative idea that can be done within a reasonable deadline, we're open to it!

Things that you can't wish for:

  • Currency
  • Refunds
  • Stuff in other AE games
  • More wishes (duh)
  • Wish transfers
  • Immunity from moderation
  • Unbanning accounts
  • Reactivating disabled accounts
  • Any other player's account
  • Ability to cheat
  • EpicDuel's source code
  • To be game staff (that includes mod tools, colored name, etc...)
  • To change game staff (i.e. Fire So-and-So and hire Such-and-Such!)
  • Altered battle record
  • Unearned achievements (1v1 champ, 2v2 champ, etc...)
  • Rare achievements (Infernal War Hero, Frysteland War Hero, etc...)
  • Unique Skills (for balance reasons)
  • Features (this is better left to suggestions)
  • Promotional packs to return
  • Development phases returning
  • Generally, anything that effects large numbers of players beyond the wisher will not be feasible. This wish is for you!
  • Anything deemed illegal, unreasonable, offensive, or too complicated to fulfill within a reasonable timeframe.

Hopefully this list will help you make your decision easier without being too restrictive. We'll work with the winners to make sure their wishes are fulfilled to their satisfaction within the parameters established above. If any winner is found to have cheated, they will not be eligible for a wish and will likely have their account disabled. Stay clean, stay safe, have fun!


2019 Calendar Pre-Order!

Chrono Corruptor Armor

The 2019 Calendar Epic Villains of Lore is LIVE! Under the influence of all the villains, this year Corrupted Chronomancer is ready to cause some serious damage. The Collector's Edition includes the Corrupted Chronomancer Armor with the physical and energy Chrono Cluster Swords in EpicDuel! PRE-ORDER NOW!


Other Changes

  • Nightmare Nightwraith's achievement raised from 3500 to 4500 rating points
  • Clash of Legends reward raised from 15,000 to 35,000 credits. Those who've already completed the mission will be compensated. Please allow some time for this as it is a holiday weekend.
  • Ghoul Cannon 2018 and Spectral Blaster 2018 tagged as Rare as they will be replaced by the 2019 editions next year

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November 15, 2018

Gift-a-Geddon Approaches

Gifting Approaches

A familiar chill fills the air as an eagerly anticipated event approaches Delta V once again. For veteran players, it's a familiar tradition marked by excitement, boundless generosity, and intense competition. That's right, Gifting 2018 is nearly here! This year, gifting will officially go online Friday November 30 and last until January 4, 2019, but this year we're bringing a few new twists in addition to those already mentioned like cheaper gifting cost, bigger room capacity (with a few larger gifting rooms!), and higher gifter achievement tiers.

Unfortunately, there will be no release this Friday as Titan and I work to restore gifting and complete the new features coming very soon!


Varium Mega-Pack

Many of you have requested it so Wednesday November 21, we're delivering a massive mega-pack of 35,000 Varium for 20,000 Artix Points. Those who purchase this pack will also be awarded a one-time Legendary Epic Supporter 2018 achievement! This is an incredible value, but it will only be around for a limited time: the promotion will officially end when gifting beings on November 30!


Epic Supporter 2018

Once the mega-pack promotion ends, it will be replaced by not one, but two new promotional packages! The first is the holiday 15,000 Varium package, which is still a good value. Since we've found that players who choose this package, tend to purchase it multiple times throughout the gifting event, this year the Epic Supporter 2018 achievement that is automatically awarded will be an evolving achievement!


Omega Overkill Package

It wouldn't be a true holiday event without new gear! The Omega Overkill package which is still in progress will also be offered alongside the 15,000 Varium package. Those who purchase this package will also receive the Epic Supporter 2018 achievement. More details on the cores/gear types will be available as gifting approaches. This promo pack with include 10,000 Varium.


The Prize

But what is it all for? Generosity? Love for fellow players? Fame? Those are all great, but that prize! This year, the top 10 finishers will each receive one Epic Wish. What's that? Some examples of possible wishes to spur your imagination are: 

  • Nearly any item in the game from any phase of development (tagged as "Wish")
  • Immortal status on a screen as a statue or graffiti
  • Alteration of an existing item (take a core from one item and put on another)

Those are just some examples of possible wishes the winners can pick from. The winners won't receive ALL of these wishes but must each pick one, so ponder them carefully! Restrictions do apply. You can't wish for more wishes or wish for more Varium or credits. You also can't wish for a 1-shot kill core or something that would break the balance of the game. We'll work with the winners to determine the viability of all the rewards.

The grand prize winner will receive the mightiest gift of all: a custom item. This can be any type of item currently available in game (sword, bike, armor, etc...), created from scratch with the winner's guidance and approval. The winner will also receive 20 codes to give out replicas for that item to their friends if they wish. Again, restrictions apply. The prize can't be something that is inappropriate or violates copyright law, as much as some may want a keyblade in-game.



Gifting is close, but there're still a few more features we can squeeze in. We'll keep you updated as development continues.


Treasure Hunters

Wednesday November 21 we're making a major change to the way the appraisal leaderboards work. For those who don't know, you can visit certain NPCs like Charfade to appraise your gear for it's rarity. Your inventory is assessed and assigned a score based on the rarity type and investment through upgrades. Currently, it's possible to stockpile massive amounts of seasonal rares to achieve extremely high scores, especially through gifting when motivated players can receive hundreds of free items.

When the change goes live, we will no longer count duplicate items towards the rarity score -- only rarity type and upgrade amount will be factored in the score once per item. To give players a chance to assess their rarity score minus duplicates, we will also clear the current rarity leaderboard. However, those epic collectors will not be forgotten, as they will all receive new Treasure Hunter achievements based on their rarity scores. Going forward, players who receive new appraisals will be eligible to earn a new evolving Archivist achievement! The key to dominating the new leaderboard will be building a collection of many different items rather than dozens of the same item.


Nightwraith Annihilators

Congratulations to all of you who thoroughly demolished Nightwraith in all his various forms to claim Nightwraith's armor. You're part of a very exclusive list! If you haven't been able to defeat him, take heart -- you have until the start of gifting on November 30th to claim the armor before it disappears for another year. It's still tagged as normal rare rather than seasonal because, although the opportunity to claim it will return, very few players are able to earn it. Legendary and Nightmare Nightwraith will remain in game for you to hone your skills against them when the armor is available again!


Also Leaving

These last few days before gifting will also be your last chance to get the Ghoulish Gear for the season! The Ghoul Cannon 2018 and Spectral Blaster 2018 will go permanently rare, but the sidearms and bots will return. The 2018 versions of Omega Gear will remain until the end of gifting on January 4, 2019.

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October 05, 2018

Heroic Housing Winners!

Heroic Housing

First of all, I want to extend my appreciation and thanks to everyone who participated in the EpicDuel Heroic Housing Contest 2018! I also want to thank our judges who took their time to collect all the entries and tally the votes. We had a tremendous response to this contest with over 100 entries! Many of them were exceptionally creative, and it was very difficult to narrow down the list to 25 winners. We considered many factors when selecting winners including color schemes, patterns, function, and overall creative effort put into the house design. 

The winners will be receiving 5000 Artix Points, a rare Achievement in EpicDuel, and 2 new home items! If you weren't among the winners, please be good sports to the winners and judges, even if you disagree strongly with our decisions. There will definitely be more contests to enter! 


Without further ado, presented in no particular order, here are your winners!



.Darkness Lord.


Bane Hallow



Eldor The Beast


FlaShSyll R3v0luTiOn




Josie Sparkles

l.Strong Mercenary.l



Officer Blastlo



Sr. Luciano

TwoFaced Illusion


True Mortal



I ask that winners of the contest please not change your house ( other than maybe adding your trophies ) for a few weeks, so that visitors may see your epic house creation! Also as a heads up, it may take a few hours or so before you receive your achievement, trophies, and Artix points because we need to add it manually onto your characters.

Once again we thank our EpicDuel players, and we hope to see you in the next contest!

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August 01, 2018

Varium Buy Back

Varium Buy Back Shop!

Varium Buy Back Shop

You requested it, so we're delivering! With the power of Titan, this week we are introducing the Varium Buy Back Shop, which will be available at all VendBots throughout Delta V. This means that any item you purchased with Varium, acquired with a Promotion, or invested Varium into to upgrade will be eligible for repurchasing in this shop. Since this feature is similar to Buy Back Shop in AQW, I've ripped a bit from their FAQ, but there are some key differences worth noting:

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where is this shop?

    It is available as an NPC option on all VendBots scattered throughout Delta V. You can't walk far without stumbling across one.

  • What items qualify?

    Nearly every EpicDuel item you've purchased or upgraded in game with Varium is available in the Varium Buy Back Shop! If you paid Varium for an item and sold it back, it will appear in the shop. This also includes most promotional items that were included with Varium packages. Any item that a player has invested Varium into to upgrade stats will also be eligible. Cores, however, are not eligible.

  • Does this include Home Items?

    No. Home items have a separate shop and inventory interface from items a player can equip onto themselves so they do not use the Buy Back feature. Also, most Home Items can simply be purchased normally from the shop.
  • What about LQS items?

    These will appear in the Buy Back shop as well.

  • What about duplicate items?

    Unfortunately, the Varium Buy Back Shop will only track one instance of an item. If you have 10 duplicates of a Varium sword and sell them all, the shop will only track one. Also, if you sell a Varium item, then purchase it from a normal shop, it will be removed from the Varium Buy Back Shop.

  • How much will it cost to buy the items back?

  • You will need to pay the full, original price of the item in order to buy it back. This prevents potential exploits.

  • How long will it take until items I've sold/lost appear in the buyback shop?

    The items will be added to the list instantly, however, you will need to close and reopen the shop if you are selling items while the Buy Back shop is still open.

  • What about prize code items, NPC drops, Arcade prizes, HeroMart items, War Prizes, etc?

    While a lot of these items are indeed very cool, they do not have purchase records and therefore are not eligible for the Varium Buy Back Shop UNLESS you invest Varium to upgrade them. Even a small amount is enough keep them eligible for the shop.

  • How many of my items does the Buy Back Shop store/display?

    The Varium Buy Back Shop will show ALL of the Varium items you've EVER purchased or upgraded (excluding individual cores), all the way back to your account creation date.
  • Why are you bringing back RARE ITEMS?!!?

    Never fear, we are NOT bringing back rare items! The only items people can get from the Buy Back Shop are ones they previously bought (then sold or deleted). There is one except detailed below.* You will also be able to repurchase seasonal items that appear in the shop even when they are out of season.

  • *I see promotional items I don't remember buying!

    We use date ranges and Varium purchase quantitiy to determine whether or not you qualify for certain promotional items in the Buy Back Shop. Since some date ranges for promotions overlap, it is possible to qualify for multiple promotional items, including items you may have never purchased originally. Since tracking of the items in promotions before a certain date was limited, this was the only solution we had to allow players to have access to their old promotional items. The alternative was locking down nearly every promotion before 2013, which would have greatly diminished the usefulness of the system.

  • Why do you not see ALL the items you used to have? 

    Some items, like mission rewards, prize code items, HeroMart items, NPC drops, were not tracked as being "purchased" and since they were 0 cost items, were not tracked as being "sold". These types of items we can not provide for buy-back. There may also be old promotional items that were released prior to our modern receipt tracking that do not appear. We apologize for not being able to have everything available for buy-back. However, many items can be made eligible by investing Varium in them to upgrade. Credit-only items are not tracked.

  • Will I get an achievement?

    Yes! Because some items have low credit buyback prices, only Varium Buy Backs will be eligible.

  • HELP! My little brother got into my account, and sold all my items! Can the Artix Help Team give them back?

    The Artix Help Team will not return any items that have been sold. The only way to get your items back is through the Varium Buy Back Shop. Please do not share you account and keep it safe!

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June 29, 2018

Patch Notes - 1.6.76


  • Cost of Class Change reduced to 450 Varium, 25,000 Credits.
  • To allow players to complete the Harvest Missions, Pumpkin and Candy are no longer seasonal.


  • Armor Cores:
    • Nanosteel Armor: Decreases the defense ignored of a critical hit by 15%
    • Overshield: Further reduces damage by 15% when you deflect an attack
    • Armored Roots: Increased duration to 3 turns and increased Defense and Resistance to 45% from 33%

  • Primary Cores:
    • Frost Shards/Frostbite: Reduce damage to 85%
    • Energy Storm: Increased damage % to 25%
    • Curse: Reduced energy cost to 100 from 115 and increased support reduction to 40% from 30% 
    • Omega Override:  Improved base stat reduction to 35%
    • Baby/Dark Yeti Charge: Buff to 20 points
    • Growth Serum: Reduce Energy cost to 100 and Increased Support buff to 40%

  • Sidearm Cores: 
    • Energy Shot: Damage % buffed to 25%
    • Laser Sights: Increase damage by 15% when deflected

  • Auxiliary Cores: 
    • Salvage: Reduce base Energy cost to 90
    • Laser Sights: Increase damage by 15% when deflected

  • General
    • Field Medic: Reduced healing by 25 points per level

  • Bounty Hunter:
    • Smoke Screen: Increased Dexterity gained per level by 3 instead of 2
    • Static Grenade: Reduced energy drained by 3, added level scaling to improve every 3 levels above 20 and weaken every 5 levels below level 20
    • Venom Strike: Increased attack damage to 100%, reduced poison damage by 10 per level
    • Reflex Boost: Reduced base energy cost by 20

  • Cyber Hunter
    • Plasma Armor: Decreased base energy cost by 10
    • EMP Grenade: Increased cooldown to 4 and increased base energy cost by 20
    • Malfunction: Increased base Technology reduction by 1 and increased scaling to 3

  • Tech Mage:
    • Plasma Bolt: Reduced damage by 10 and increased base cost by 20
    • Malfunction: Increased base Technology gain by 1 and increased scaling to 3
    • Battery Backup: Increased energy restored by 12 per level
    • Plasma Rain: Increased base damage by 11 at each level and increased scaling by 1 per level and increased base cost by 5 (to match Multi-Shot)
    • Assimilation: Reduced energy drained by 8 per level and reduced scaling to 1 per 2.5 points to Strength

  • Blood Mage:
    • Energy Parasite: Initial hit does full damage
    • Reflex Boost: Reduced base energy cost by 20
    • Plasma Rain: Increased base damage by 11 at each level and increased scaling by 1 per level and increased base cost by 5 (to match Multi-Shot)

  • Mercenary:
    • Double Strike: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and increased % damage increase by 2 per level
    • Blood Commander: Reduced health regeneration to 70% of Wtrength
    • Adrenaline Rush: Reduced base energy cost by 20 per level
    • Maul: Increased defense ignore to 15% reduced base energy cost by 10 and increased stun chance by 4 per level

  • Tactical Mercendary:
    • Field Commander: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and Increased Strength added by 2 per level
    • Double Strike: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and increased % damage increase by 2 per level
    • Battery Backup: Increased energy restored by 12 per level
    • Frenzy: Now unblockable
    • Mineral Armor: Reduced energy cost by 10 at all levels
    • Atom Smasher: Reduced energy cost by 20 and improved base % conversion by 7
    • Toxic Grenade: Reduced poison damage by 10 at all levels

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January 08, 2018

Epic Gifters 2017 and Update

2017 reached it's epic conclusion in EpicDuel with the conclusion of our Gifting Event. Thank you all again for participating! Once again, you've blown us all away with your amazing generosity towards your fellow players! The top 10 have received the Cosmic Battle Yeti and the grand-prize winner, Gladiator Blitz claimed Nightwraith's Gamma Gear! There was a small problem with the Gamma Bot, but this will be fixed when the servers restart tomorrow. 

Congratulations to the Winners!

Although we are sorry to see the event leave, we will be updating the game tomorrow morning to restore the normal war cycle and remove the 15k Varium package. Today will be the final day to take advantage of the 15k Varium package and claim the Epic Supporter 2017 Achievement!

EpicDuel Varium 15000

The update will be between 9-11AM EST tomorrow, so if you want the achievement or 3k bonus Varium, act quickly! Thank you again for playing and DUEL ON!

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January 31, 2017

Patch Notes - 1.6.71

Bug Fixes

  • Void Essence not showing in inventory
  • Recruitment letter not showing in inventory
  • Daily Code Redeems leaderboard correctly identifies the “Daily Prize Champion” achievement
  • Corrected visual display error with NPC level numbers (LINK)
  • Updated several items to display correctly in the Item Finder (LINK)
  • Mark of Azrael not equippable (fixed)

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