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July 08, 2019

Balance Update 1.7.28

The bonus Varium promotion has officially ended for EpicDuel. Congratulations for all those who could be a part of this great, limited Summer deal! The Infernal Gear will still be available to purchase until the next promotional package is ready to take its place. While Charfade's main release is still in development, we've included a few balance tweaks and a new achievement to keep things interesting until the main event on Friday!


Balance Changes/Fixes


  • Sidearm: Damage scales at the same rate as primary weapon damage

Tech Mage

  • Deadly Aim: requires 42 Tech at max level

Blood Mage

  • Fireball: Requires 42 Dex at max level; Reduce base damage by 10
  • Deadly Aim: requires 42 Tech at max level


  • Blood bullet: Reduce damage to 115% from 125%
  • Icy Overkill: Reduce defense reduction to 30% from 40%
  • Infinity Power Strike: Reduce damage to 120% from 130%


  • Infernal Android: Special starts at 85% dmg going up by 5% turn, 120 max
  • Gamma Bot: Special attack increased to 108% damage
  • Phantasm Droid: 2 turn warm up for special attack


New Achievement

In celebration of the Women's World Cup, we've snuck in an achievement to commemorate this event, and epic victory for the US team!


This Friday!

The "real" release is still in development and on schedule for this Friday. In the meantime, you can visit a newly redesigned Charfade at Mirv's and preview her new armor in battle!

Charfade Preview

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