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July 03, 2012

1.4.7a Patch Notes


  • You now have a 50% chance to get a 1v1 before attacking the Vault (up from 33%)
  • Moved Blueprint shops from Silas and The Lawman to the Legion and Exile Footsoldiers. This will allow you to access the shop even if you allied yourself with the other side.
  • New rollover explanations on the Vault HP Bar
  • Lowered Health and Field Medic strength of the level 15 Mechachillid


  • War Rank achievements are now awarded properly
  • 2v2 war battles before the Vault now properly grant 40 Influence (up from 30)
  • 2v2 war battles can now properly match you with player allies
  • Prevented negative damage from being dealt to the Vault which could cause a loss of Influence
  • Several text fixes to war-related messages
  • Workbot shop was kicking players
  • Desert Guard shop was hanging the client

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