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July 20, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.7f

NOTE: We rolled 1.4.7e earlier this week. The notes from that patch are included here.


  • 2 new Vault Cracker ranks at 25,000 and 100,000 damage to the Vault
  • The high level Mechachillids have learned several new attacks
    • Level 25: Energy Blast
    • Level 30: Energy Blast, Berzerker, Deadly Aim, Reroute, increased energy
    • Level 35: Energy Blast, Berzerker, Deadly Aim, Reroute, increased energy, Overload
  • New map point to jump directly to the war
  • Many new Portuguese translations
  • Several improvements to the moderator tools
  • New method for NPC creation to help with stability


  • Low level players would be improperly matched with high level players in war battles
  • Level gap could be too high between teams in war battles
  • Claiming the Vault Breaker achievement would visibly clear your other achievements
  • Removing a player from your faction with 30+ days of inactivity would incorrectly state that your faction flag would lose tokens
  • Baby Yeti's frostbite affect was not applying if you had a Frost weapon equipped
  • Fixed graphical scaling issues in battle

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