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May 16, 2012

Refined Tastes

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

How are you enjoying your new Pyro Flies?  Be sure to keep them well fed from yummy enemy skills or they might carry you off instead!  Mechachillids (Kraggor's race) have been spotted emerging from burrows across Delta V which lead us to believe that there's something big happening in the old Varium mines.  The Mechachillids were built to dig, so maybe they've uncovered something extra nasty down there...something that should have stayed buried.


New Stuffzorz!

Tactical Battlegear

We’re adding another reward to the current selection of bonus items available with varium purchase: the Tactical Battlegear pack. This reward is worth 3 keys, and contains unique level 20 weapons, so it will be useful for those who have some experience in the game, but are still having trouble against those fully-armored level 25s!

Remember, all of our current promotional items will also be available, and you can use keys to unlock multiple rewards.  For example, you can use the 3 key package to unlock one 2 key reward and 1 single key reward, or select a 5 key package and chose a 3 key reward and a 2 key reward.



This week, we will be opening the Refinery under the Minetower.  Players already know about the Mechachillidae, but what other secrets are contained in the Refinery? And what about the mysterious Delta Vaults? 

The Refinery and the areas beyond will be the setting for the upcoming Infernal Infiltration War.

This war will also feature new mission types, such as missions that are completed by winning random 1v1, 2v2, or any random battle!



Chemotaxis is the process by which recognition proteins on cells recognize chemical signals. Many insects recognize chemical signals in the form of pheromones, such as aggregation, alarm, or signal pheromones, or to attract mates. Common in social insects is the formation of pheromone trails, such as those laid by ants, which are then followed by other members of the colony. 

The Mechachillidae are also able to follow trails, such as those left by citizens’ personal teleportation devices. Which is why Kraggor is able to follow players so swiftly!



Artix and Sepulchure action figures are going on sale at HeroMart this Friday, and they should also be at a Toys ‘R' Us near you on May 23 (provided you live in the United States).  Keep an eye on Artix.com for the lastest updates.




The following is a correspondence between Silas Auer and Paloma San Marco, Administrators of Fortune City districts 7 and 9 respectively.


To Paloma San Marco, Administrator of Fortune City’s 9th District:


Paloma, I know you prefer communication to be high-tech, but I really can’t risk this letter being picked up by Her Excellency’s tech squad. I hope you understand. You’ve been a loyal friend and confidant ever since you were a Guard under my command fifteen years ago. I know I’m no longer your commanding officer, but I hope I can trade on that authority for a huge favor.

My informant in the old mine tower tells me that the man who’s taken control of that area, my old enemy John St. Alban, is planning on cracking open the Delta Vaults. You know the rumors as well as I do- if the Lawman gets his bloodied hands on whatever’s down there... well, I know the man as well as anyone. He’s the kind of man who’ll stab you in the back while convincing you that it was your idea to get stabbed in the first place!

I need to take care of this. The Lawman will die by my hands- this isn’t a job I trust to anyone else. All I’m asking of you is to make sure the scum who call District 7 their home manage not to kill each other in my absence. Or just kill each other a little. Her Excellency can’t find out that I’m shirking my administrative duties, not after what happened with Williamson. While I’m not acting against Her Excellency, I ain’t acting on her orders either.


Thank you, Paloma.




To Silas Auer, Administrator of Fortune City’s 7th District


Silas, I built the watchdog systems. I concur, pen to paper is the perfect way to avoid detection.

I’m half-surprised that you didn’t try to get the old team back together for this. I know that Boothe would be itching for some warmer weather- although he probably likes the cold, being Krampus royalty and all. Neither Boothe nor Habuki are Alydriah’s favorites at this time, and I have not engaged in a true mission in far too long. My sword grows rusted on the shelf above my desk. I do not need to mention Lorenzo. Is Valestra involved?

Exercise caution, my friend, that you do not allow your anger to overtake you. Vengeance is sweet, but the fruit has a bitter rind. And Her Excellency may not see things through your eyes.





To Paloma San Marco


Valestra is joining me. St. Alban’s as responsible for her arm as he is for my face. I’ve got a few others with a bone to pick with the Lawman, including his oldest daughter. This is not your fight, Paloma.

Lorenzo. I don’t know who that kid in the train hub is, but he sure ain’t Lorenzo. One of mine put Lorenzo in the ground.

I really don’t see why we need to concern Her Excellency with this at all. She can’t see anyone doing anything to bring her down any, no matter what’s in there. Though I fear even for us if it’s something worthwhile to her.

Besides. You know how I feel about rules.




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August 26, 2011

New Old Fortune City

Titan vs. Adobe

After a struggle spanning many days, from the darkest cavern, to the highest peak, until at last, Titan threw down his enemy and smote its ruin on the mountainside! That is to say, Titan and our wonderful crew of testers made it known to the software behemoth that their latest "update" was ruining performance in EpicDuel (and a few other Flash-based MMOs) so they essentially released an update just for us! I'd call that a WIN. Get the latest version of FlashPlayer here!  Thanks Adobe!

We've also been making some important changes to the backend of the game -- changes we can't go live with until they are completely.  Because of this, we won't be releasing until later tonight.  I'm predicting a... *summons the guidance of the mischievious time faeries* 9-10 PM EST release time.



As a byproduct of the efforts to optimize EpicDuel and streamline performance, Titan has been replacing all the interface components in the game.  This paves the way for another very important feature going forward: localization.  Soon* EpicDuel will be available in multiple languages, starting with Portuguese. It's a good thing we don't have as many quests as the other AE games, or that task would be monumental!

*Soon as in sometime in the future that may or may not be near at all we don't really know


Ye Olde Fortune City

Tonight, you will be introduced to the newest area of Delta V, or is it a sub-area?  In any case, Old Fortune City, the current headquarters for the Exiles is accessible through the staircase in the back of Hank's in Fortune City.  All the new equipment will be there, so you'll want to hurry if you want to be the first to check it out!

Ye Olde Fortune City

New Gear!

Of course, we didn't forget all the lovely implements of destruction we showed you last week!  They're still coming, and thankfully, there's plenty for Varium and non-Varium players!  You might also check out the Limited Quantity Shops.  Just sayin'.


A New Champion Rises

We've been teasing at a new character to be introduced to EpicDuel since the early Delta previews.  We're finally ready to drop him in game, but not quite ready to reveal his true identity.  Some of you may already have figured it out, but the explanation will shock you!



DragonCon 2011!

It's that time of year again, folks!

Jedi Barbie!

Time to dust off your plastic lightsabers and Doctor Who fezzes and join us for the 2011 DragonCon in Atlanta, GA! This will be AE's 7th consecutive year attending and if you plan on going, we would love to meet you!  

What is DragonCon?

It's basically a four day long, 45,000-person costume party with games, comics, anime, robot battling, art galleries, vendors, concerts, celebrity guests, and panels on everything from how to swordfight, write novels, make costumes, meet the cast of your favorite TV series…AND you can go to our panel and meet US! DragonCon is for audiences age 16+ (unless accompanied by a parent.) DragonCon is not run nor operated by Artix Entertainment.


Thursday Night at 8pm to 10pm
Everyone is invited up to our suite at the top of the Mariott (Room 4724) on Thursday to eat pizza and hang out with Artix, Cysero and the team. This pre-DragonCon party is for ALL AGES and is very casual and informal.

  • Meet the Staff
  • Mmmmmm.... Free Pizza, Soda, Water and Air.
  • No costumes. You can dress up if you want, but you should save yoru costumes for the AE Panel that happens the next day!



Friday at 2:30pm at the Sheraton, Savannah room
Join us as we kick off DragonCon's gaming track with the official AE panel. It will take place on Friday at 2:30pm at the Sheraton hotel, in the Savannah room. If you brought a costume, dress up for the panel!

  • Meet the AE Team!
  • Learn... secrets......
  • See brand new cheesy videos
  • Quiz questions for the audience with prizes and giveaways!
  • Yes... the rumors are true. We have ONE, still in shrinkwrap, 2011 Calendar with the Chronomancer class that we will give away during the panel. (For those of you who cannot attend, we have one more that we will be running a contest for in-game)
  • X-treme real-life Moglin Punting!
  • Bring things if you want them signed by the staff. (This year we are making sure we have PLENTY of time to hang out after the panel and talk and sign things.)
  • Bring your art to drop off in our art box
  • We received a letter from EbilCorp that Chairman Platnum is going to "stop by" our panel.
  • Official release of the game *shivers* Ponies vs Ponies!

Fan Table

Also this year, there will be an Artix Entertainment fan table located in the Hyatt. Stop by each day for a special ribbon to hang on your DragonCon Badge (Jemini made them... there is a different dragon for each day!) There are limited quantity of badges for each day... so first come first serve! We will always have two members of the team and any volunteer players who want to hang out and play battle cards with us. There will also be an art drop-box on the table if you want to submit any of your artwork in person.


Pack your energy drinks and assorted totems of nerd culture and join us for the biggest AE party of the year!  Remember: what happens at DragonCon, stays at DragonCon...until it's posted on the Internet!

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