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September 24, 2015

Power Weekend and Harvest Previews


It's time for another EpicDuel Power Weekend! Power up your BioBeasts gear and level up with Double XP and Credits all weekend long! 

Remember, we're still running a BioBeasts contest to win 10,000 Artix Points! We launched it last week and already have hundreds of entries so don't be afraid to give it your best...or your worst. We won't judge. Actually, we will judge it. That's the whole point of the contest. Check out the above link if you want to learn more.


Artix Entertainment 13th Anniversary


The Artix Entertainment Anniversary is quickly approaching. This year is especially special since it's the 13th anniversary! You know we have something interesting planned for this game-spanning event, but you'll have to wait until next week to find out!

Many of the details are secret, but I'll tell you that you'll learn more about Caden than you ever did before!


Harvest 2015 Preview


Mmmmm...can you smell the spice? The pumpkin spice? EpicDuel is preparing for a major Harvest event that will explore the dark, ancient, otherworldly powers that dwell in the depths of Delta V. Meet Alexis (above) and uncover the mysterious war cult of Snork. Who is the "God of War?" Is it real? What's the deal with Snork's pile of skulls?

The answers are coming soon!


BioBeasts: Mobile Optimization


Aspiring Devs, listen up...er look up! One advantage of Unity games is that they can be ported to multiple devices. However, with so many devices available with varying levels of performance, how can you make sure your game will play on the widest range of devices possible? Titan talks about the challenges of optimization for mobile devices in this week's Biobeasts dev blog!

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September 18, 2015

MyBioBeast Twitter Contest


MyBioBeast Twitter Contest Official Rules

Are you excited about BioBeasts? Would you like to win 10,000 Artix Points?

The Contest:

 No purchase necessary, simply answer the following question on Twitter:

"If you were a BioBeast, held captive by an army of robotic guards, what special power, mutation, weapon, tool, gadget, or otherwise would you use to escape?"


Entry Requirements:

1. You must tweet your answer to @BioBeasts on Twitter and include the hashtag #MyBioBeast

2. Your entry must be original and created by you! We strongly recommend tagging any visual attachments in your entry with your twitter name (ex: @Titan_EpicDuel)

3. Be creative! You can write a sentence, draft a story, draw a picture, build it with Legos, sculpt clay, record a video, carve it in a pumpkin, show us with popsicle sticks. Anything goes!

4. Entries must be tasteful and appropriate for all ages

5. You are welcome to post multiple entries, but each must be unique

6. Spamming will result in instant disqualification

7. Your Artix account must be in good standing (not banned or in dispute) to qualify for a prize

8. Entries must be received before October 11, 2015 11:59pm EST


Example Entries:


@BioBeasts #MyBioBeast will sneak attack and bite you at your ankles! Rawr! 


@BioBeasts #MyBioBeast would just evolve into Nightwraith, the master of escaping!


@BioBeasts #MyBioBeast would be quite fancy; the robots would be overwhelmed by my monocle, tophat, and cane!

Winner Selection:

Winners will be selected by the BioBeast developers based on the following criteria:

1.  Adhering to the official rules

2.  Creativity

3.  Humor

Winners will be contacted via a private twitter message from @BioBeasts and prizes will be manually awarded by the devs! Maximum one prize per person.


 10 (Ten) - 10,000 Artix Point Packages will be awarded on Artix Entertainment's 13th Anniversary (October 13, 2015).

Winners will be announced in a blog post at www.BioBeasts.com on Artix Entertainment's 13th Anniversary (October 13, 2015).

Good luck and we can't wait to see your entries!

Titan, Nightwraith, Charfade, Rabblefroth and the rest of the ED team

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September 18, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.54


  • New BioBeasts Promotional Bundles
    • Bundle 1
      • Hazmat Suit (Armor)
      • Bio Berserker (Mutating) P/E
      • Bio Slayer (Sword) P/E
    • Bundle 2
      • Monkakazi (Bot) P/E
      • Bio Blaster(Sidear) P/E
      • Bio Hunter Rifle(Auxiliary) P/E
    • New Cores
      • Detonation (Bot Special): Deal bonus damage equal to difference in target's highest and lowest base stat.
      • Phase Shift (Primary Core): Deal normal damage of the opposite type (Physical/Energy)
      • Salvage (Aux Core):  Disable opponent's bot for 3 turns.
      • Pacify (Sidearm Core): Lower target's Rage gain for 3 turns.
      • Tranquility (Armor Core): Spend all current Rage. Gain Health based on percent of Rage spent.
  • New Mission Chain: Origin of the Species
    • Beast Initiation
    • Beast Patrol
    • Bio Guard Rejects
    • Requirement Not Met
    • Bloody Research
    • Insider Information
    • Fluffy Liberator
    • Frysteland Fauna
    • Cite Sources
    • Freedom of Information
  • Galatea can now be Challenged
    • Drops Surgical Blades (Blades) P/E
  • New Monkakazi NPC
    • New Shops on Galatea and Monkakazis
    • Armors
      • Hazmat Suit
    • Bots
      • Monkakazi P/E
    • Morphs
    • Salamancer
      • Baby Bio Hazard
      • Gold Baby Bio Hazard
      • Gold Salamancer
      • Monkakazi Morph
    • Mutating Weapon
      • Bio Berserker P/ E
    • Swords
    • Bio Slayer P/E
      • Biotic Sword P/E
      • Bio Ripper Sword P/E
    • Wrist Blades
      • Biotic Blades P/E
    • Mauls/Axes
      • Biotic Axe P/E
    • Staffs
      • Biotic Staff P/E
    • Sidearms
      • Bio Blaster P/E
      • Splicer P/E
    • Auxiliaries
      • Hornet Cannon P/E
      • Parrotic Squawker P/E
      • Bio Hunter Rifle P/E
      • Super Splicer P/E
  • New Monkakazi Mayhem Arcade Game
  • New Hazmat Suit Styles
  • Achievements
    • Galatea's Medical Tablet
    • Monkakazi Mayhem VIP
    • BioBeasts Backstory
  • Frozen Fury items removed from the Varium shop
  • Frozen Fury items removed from Torga


  • Energy costs lowered
  • Adrenaline Rush: 110 -> 100
    • Atom Smasher: 90 -> 80
    • Blood Commander: 110 -> 100
    • Berzerker: 240 -> 230
    • Bludgeon: 120 -> 110
    • Bunker Buster: 150 -> 140
    • Cheap Shot: 100 -> 90
    • Double Strike: 120 -> 110
    • Defense Matrix: 90 -> 80
    • EMP Grenade: 100 -> 90
    • Energy Shield: 110 -> 100
    • Field Commander: 100 -> 90
    • Field Medic: 160 -> 150
    • Fireball: 110 -> 100
    • Fire Scythe: 120 -> 110
    • Hybrid Armor: 100 -> 90
    • Intimidate: 95 -> 85
    • Malfunction: 130 -> 120
    • Mark of Blood: 150 -> 140
    • Massacre: 320 -> 310
    • Maul: 110 -> 100
    • Mineral Armor: 120 -> 110
    • Overload: 130 -> 120
    • Plasma Armor: 120 -> 110
    • Plasma Bolt: 120 -> 110
    • Plasma Cannon: 140 -> 130
    • Plasma Grenade: 130 -> 120
    • Reflex Boost: 120 -> 110
    • Shadow Arts: 105 -> 95
    • Smoke Screen: 130 -> 120
    • Stun Grenade: 130 -> 120
    • Super Charge: 320 -> 310
    • Surgical Strike: 320 -> 310
    • Technician: 90 -> 80
    • Toxic Grenade: 100 -> 90
    • Venom Strike: 90 -> 80
  • Assimilation
    • Energy Gain: 50% -> 40%
  • Atom Smasher
    • Energy Drain: 48%-75% -> 53%-80%
    • Reducing stat scaling from 8 to 6
  • Cheap Shot (CH)
    • Fixed issue where % wasn’t constant (Level 9 was 38%, now 37%)
  • Static Charge
    • Energy Gain: 30%-57% -> 33%-60%
    • Reduce stat scaling from 6 to 5
  • Static Smasher
    • Energy Drain: 37%-55% -> 42%-60%
    • Reduce stat scaling from 8 to 6
  • Overload, Plasma Grenade, Stun Grenade
    • EP cost per level: 20 -> 15

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September 17, 2015

BioBeasts Origin of the Species


Tomorrow, prepare for the release of our latest mobile game BioBeasts by visiting Galatea to uncover the origins of Alydriah's dark Legion experiments! 


Power up with 2 NEW packages loaded with incredible gear and cores. Complete the set and conquer ALL! Remember, if you've been holding out of acquiring the Frozen Fury Gear, it will be leaving when the BioBeasts gear goes live! I don't know why anyone would wait this long for the gear, but I don't judge. It's not my way. You do you.




Embrace the power of new cores such as Monkakazi Detonation, Pacify, Phase Shift, Salvage, and more! In addition to looking awesome, these cores will have great utility in battle!


Deploy lethal Monkakazis against your enemies or pacify them with new item cores. Visit the new Monkakazi NPCs scattered across the surface of Delta V for a direct link the latest BioBeasts news!



But That's Not All!


Test your luck and cash in some Arcade Tokens at the new BioBeasts Monkakazi Mayhem arcade game! Plus, check out the new BioBeasts gear, home items, and styles!

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September 10, 2015

BioBeasts Event Preview


Soon, Delta V will crawl with Monkakazis and Bio Hazardlings so you'll definitely need some heavy artillery to deal battle or help them!

When the BioBeast event launches in EpicDuel, we'll also be going live with a new BioBeasts package with exciting new weapons and powerful cores! Plus, One Winged Angel is crafting a storyline to firmly tie BioBeasts within EpicDuel's existing lore. Completing those missions will reveal secrets of Delta V in addition to impressive rewards!


BioBeasts Gameplay Progress!


As we continue to test and refine BioBeasts, we'll be posting gameplay screenshots and video so you can see the game in motion. Static images don't do the game justice: it's something that really must be seen in motion!

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September 03, 2015

Waves of DragonCon


DragonCon is only a week away! What is it? DragonCon is the biggest Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming/Comics/Art/Music conventions on the East Coast.  Imagine a 40,000+ people attending a 4-day long costume party with so much going on to see and do that it spans 5 hotels. There are celebrity guests, concerts, tabletop and video gaming, film festivals... and we will be there too! Join us at our Artix Entertainment "Panel" which takes place Sunday at 2:30PM in the Hilton, grand Salon E. It is always a blast... ask anyone who has ever been to one. Cysero and I will be hosting! This year we will be focusing on AdventureQuest 3D, Undead Assault and BioBeasts... while giving a healthy amount of love to all of our great existing games. Hope to see you there!
Sunday (Sept 6th, 2015)
Hilton, Grand Salon E


Waves of Wrath!


This Friday, the coveted Kartherax gear, along with the classic Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day items will return to the West Naval Yard! Once again, you'll have the chance to power up with the Curse of Kartherax and Deep Plague cores!


These weapons will only be available for a limited time, then they're gone for another year!


While you're gathering nautical rares, don't forget to check the Achievement shop for the TLAPD Achievement! YAAAAAR!

If you haven't completed the Waves of Wrath missions yet, now is the perfect time since they tie in with the Dragonoid Saga! If you've already completed them, you can always kick Kartherax back into whatever cosmic rift he slithered out of for old time's sake!




If you're at DragonCon this weekend, you'll have the good fortune to see some raw gameplay footage of BioBeasts, including a brief cutscene animated by Yergen!

For more details on BioBeasts development, follow our design blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages! We're nearly ready for a release, and we hope you're as excited as we are! So far, everyone who has spent time playing the game has been extremely positive. As we expand the testing audience we'll continue to refine and polish the game until it truly shines as an AE masterpiece!

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