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September 17, 2015

BioBeasts Origin of the Species


Tomorrow, prepare for the release of our latest mobile game BioBeasts by visiting Galatea to uncover the origins of Alydriah's dark Legion experiments! 


Power up with 2 NEW packages loaded with incredible gear and cores. Complete the set and conquer ALL! Remember, if you've been holding out of acquiring the Frozen Fury Gear, it will be leaving when the BioBeasts gear goes live! I don't know why anyone would wait this long for the gear, but I don't judge. It's not my way. You do you.




Embrace the power of new cores such as Monkakazi Detonation, Pacify, Phase Shift, Salvage, and more! In addition to looking awesome, these cores will have great utility in battle!


Deploy lethal Monkakazis against your enemies or pacify them with new item cores. Visit the new Monkakazi NPCs scattered across the surface of Delta V for a direct link the latest BioBeasts news!



But That's Not All!


Test your luck and cash in some Arcade Tokens at the new BioBeasts Monkakazi Mayhem arcade game! Plus, check out the new BioBeasts gear, home items, and styles!

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