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September 24, 2015

Power Weekend and Harvest Previews


It's time for another EpicDuel Power Weekend! Power up your BioBeasts gear and level up with Double XP and Credits all weekend long! 

Remember, we're still running a BioBeasts contest to win 10,000 Artix Points! We launched it last week and already have hundreds of entries so don't be afraid to give it your best...or your worst. We won't judge. Actually, we will judge it. That's the whole point of the contest. Check out the above link if you want to learn more.


Artix Entertainment 13th Anniversary


The Artix Entertainment Anniversary is quickly approaching. This year is especially special since it's the 13th anniversary! You know we have something interesting planned for this game-spanning event, but you'll have to wait until next week to find out!

Many of the details are secret, but I'll tell you that you'll learn more about Caden than you ever did before!


Harvest 2015 Preview


Mmmmm...can you smell the spice? The pumpkin spice? EpicDuel is preparing for a major Harvest event that will explore the dark, ancient, otherworldly powers that dwell in the depths of Delta V. Meet Alexis (above) and uncover the mysterious war cult of Snork. Who is the "God of War?" Is it real? What's the deal with Snork's pile of skulls?

The answers are coming soon!


BioBeasts: Mobile Optimization


Aspiring Devs, listen up...er look up! One advantage of Unity games is that they can be ported to multiple devices. However, with so many devices available with varying levels of performance, how can you make sure your game will play on the widest range of devices possible? Titan talks about the challenges of optimization for mobile devices in this week's Biobeasts dev blog!



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