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September 03, 2015

Waves of DragonCon


DragonCon is only a week away! What is it? DragonCon is the biggest Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming/Comics/Art/Music conventions on the East Coast.  Imagine a 40,000+ people attending a 4-day long costume party with so much going on to see and do that it spans 5 hotels. There are celebrity guests, concerts, tabletop and video gaming, film festivals... and we will be there too! Join us at our Artix Entertainment "Panel" which takes place Sunday at 2:30PM in the Hilton, grand Salon E. It is always a blast... ask anyone who has ever been to one. Cysero and I will be hosting! This year we will be focusing on AdventureQuest 3D, Undead Assault and BioBeasts... while giving a healthy amount of love to all of our great existing games. Hope to see you there!
Sunday (Sept 6th, 2015)
Hilton, Grand Salon E


Waves of Wrath!


This Friday, the coveted Kartherax gear, along with the classic Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day items will return to the West Naval Yard! Once again, you'll have the chance to power up with the Curse of Kartherax and Deep Plague cores!


These weapons will only be available for a limited time, then they're gone for another year!


While you're gathering nautical rares, don't forget to check the Achievement shop for the TLAPD Achievement! YAAAAAR!

If you haven't completed the Waves of Wrath missions yet, now is the perfect time since they tie in with the Dragonoid Saga! If you've already completed them, you can always kick Kartherax back into whatever cosmic rift he slithered out of for old time's sake!




If you're at DragonCon this weekend, you'll have the good fortune to see some raw gameplay footage of BioBeasts, including a brief cutscene animated by Yergen!

For more details on BioBeasts development, follow our design blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages! We're nearly ready for a release, and we hope you're as excited as we are! So far, everyone who has spent time playing the game has been extremely positive. As we expand the testing audience we'll continue to refine and polish the game until it truly shines as an AE masterpiece!



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