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September 26, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.26


  • Waves of Wrath Part 3
    • 35 new Naval/Pirate home items
    • 24 new hairstyles
    • Challengeable Captain Shoggoth
      • New boss achievement!
    • Challengeable Kartherax
      • New boss achievement!
    • New Items
      • Tuna’s Noisemaker (P/E gun)
      • Agony’s Sorrow (P/E aux)
      • Kartherax’s Blaster (P/E gun)
      • Kartherax’s Annihilator (P/E aux)
      • Rotten Cutlass (P/E sword)
      • Wrath Blade (P/E sword)
      • Potato mutation
    • West Naval Yard War Live
      • Attackers collect Naval Shells to attack Pirate Flagship
      • Defenders collect Naval Bombs to attack Naval Turrets
      • New war prize (Pirate Captain Armor)
    • Unsellable mission items and weapons now sellable:
      • Battlesuit Parts
      • Battlesuit Plans
      • Battlesuit Program
      • Blown Gasket
      • Boothe’s Badge
      • Botanical Key
      • Bribe Money
      • Bribe Money Receipt
      • Can of Magic
      • Carrots
      • Cindy’s Package
      • Crystalline Fire
      • Cyanide Capsule
      • Dragonoid Claw
      • Egg Sack B
      • Elite Yeti Horn
      • Equipment Pack
      • Fish Combo
      • Ingredients Packet
      • Krampus Crown
      • Krampus Totem
      • Mer’a Artifact
      • Override Chip
      • Screwdriver
      • Spare Parts
      • Strategy Document
      • Super Yeti Bait
      • The Lawman’s Hat
      • Turret Access Card
      • Yeti Cure
      • Dark Heart Key
      • Old Fortune City Key
      • Platinum Pulverizer
      • Classic Armor
    • Added improved messaging on disabled NPC challenge buttons indicating why you are currently unable to fight a given NPC
    • Transcendence and Immanence now require completion of the mission ‘Dark Hearts’ to travel to the throne room instead of the Dark Heart Key.

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September 25, 2014

Waves of Wrath Finale

Waves of Wrath Part 3

The terrors of the deep finally surface in the West Naval Yard! Join the forces of good to make a final stand against Captain Shoggoth's armada of nefarious pirates and stop the mysterious beast he plans on unleashing upon Delta V!

The Guest Artists and Writers outdid themselves once again with this release, allowing us to not only introduce a mission chain complete with boss battles, but also open the next war region!


Boss Bonanza


In addition to great mission loot including exclusive item, you'll also have the opportunity to battle not one, but TWO new bosses with collectible achievements! Can you take down Captain Shoggoth and his mysterious beast from the depths?

Special thanks are due to Korin of MechQuest fame for his help in animating the Kartherax boss.


New Kartherax Gear

 Kartherax Gear Part 2

To take down this new menace, you'll need the best gear possible -- complement your Kartherax gear with Kartherax-themed sidearms and auxiliaries!


Prepare for War!

Naval Yard War Begins

With so many Legion and Exile forces converging in one area, war is inevitable. The West Naval Yard with become the latest flashpoint in the ongoing alignment War. Battle for dominance and new prizes as soon as the update goes live!

War Summary

With Shoggoth's forces spread across the Naval Yard Legion forces have taken the opportunity to commandeer the Pirate Flagship.

Naval Entrance

Obviously, this could be very bad for Exiles, so they'll use Naval Shells to bombard the ship from turrets located around the Naval Yard. 

New War Drops

Legion forces on the shore can take out the turrets with Naval Bombs.

Naval Yard Ammo Depot

Pick up Super Naval Shell and Super Naval Bombs at the Ammo Depot located right of Big Tuna.

Pirate Captain

Score enough influence in this conflict, and you'll have the opportunity to receive the exclusive Pirate Captain Armor (mutating). The Wrath Blades pictured will be available on Thalyssa in the Naval Yard.


More Styles

Naval Styles

Dress your best for the high seas with 24 news styles!


Bounty of the Seas!

New Loot!

Visit Big Tuna and Thalyssa for crazy new nautical items created by the Guest Artist Team!


Home Item Blowout!

Home Items

Deck out your cabin with the finest nautical decor with over 30 new home items! Finally, you'll have a chance to claim the infamous Oyster Bunny!


All that and more are coming to EpicDuel tomorrow! Prepare for yet another Epic release!

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September 19, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.25


  • New Promo packages available! Waves of Wrath Physical / Energy
    • Sword and Mutating weapon with Deep Plague core
    • Kartherax's Darkspawn bot with Curse of Kartherax special ability
    • Deep Plague - Plague the target, then Strike them later for massive damage
    • Curse of Kartherax - Replace your enemy’s weapon with a low damage fish
  • 2 new mission chains - Waves of Wrath Part 1 and 2
  • 2 new Prize Code swords
  • 2 new First Mate armors available of Thalyssa
  • 2 new guns Naval Gun and Naval Blaster available at Thalyssa
  • 3 new house items


  • Static Charge
    • Energy gain is now based on the user’s Primary weapon damage, rather than the actual damage dealt.
    • Deals 85% damage, down from 100%
    • Can now be blocked
    • Can now Rage
    • Can now critically hit
    • Now gains 1% effectiveness every 7 Support
    • Base percentage lowered by 12% at all levels


  • Saeva Lionhart now has 5000 Energy as intended
  • Armor Annihilator no longer displays a message suggesting passive cores are disabled
  • Description of Static Grenade now correctly reads "User absorbs 50% of the drained Energy."

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September 19, 2014

Waves of Wrath Gear

Waves of Wrath Story Begins!

The Quest Begins!

New Zones!

There's big trouble in the Naval Yard! Talk to Big Tuna to find the cause of the mysterious events surrounding the arrival of villainous pirates and horrific, mutant squid beasts! Big prizes await those brave enough to explore the depths of this dark, aquatic tale. Can your mind handles the horrors of the deep? Best not go venturing into the abyss ill-equipped!

Special thanks go to Cinderella, Trans, and One Winged Angel who collaborated to make this tale one to remember! Additional thanks goes out to all of our GAs: Vorzathiel, Hatred Cuirass, Vultex, Assassin Order, Bidoof, Tomcat, SarpDV, and Overlord Drekon. A release this epic would not have been possible without you! If you're interested in joining, this is a good place to start.


Waves of Wrath Gear

Waves of Wrath Gear
Today, we're unveiling not one but TWO Waves of Wrath promotional packages. For a limited time, get Kartherax's Darkspawn bot, Kartherax's Reaper scythe, and Kartherax's Destroyer mutating weapon in either physical or energy flavors! 

You can also visit Thalyssa for new wares

Waves of Wrath Cores
The bots come with the Curse of Kartherax core that replaces the target's primary weapon with useless fish. The mutating weapon and scythe come with the Deep Plague core which infests a target with lethal spores harvested from the darkest depths. The volatile spore grow in power until they're detonated with another strike from the attacker.

These are some of the most powerful cores ever released, and you'll have a chance to grab them as soon as this release goes live!


Farewell, Lionhart!

This will be your last chance to get the Lionhart Gear! After we go live with the Waves of Wrath Package, the Lionhart Package is leaving for good!

Bye Bye Gear

He's so cute!

New Armors!

 First Mate
Check out Thalyssa's shop for new First Mate armors and Naval sidearms! Also, deck out your cabin by stopping by the home shop to check out new home items!


Prize Code

Follow our Twitter accounts (NightwraithCinderellaTitanCharfade, and RabbleFroth) and the account of other AE staff for an awesome new prize code item to come shortly after the release goes live! 

Deep Terror

What could the prize code be? A boat? A bike? What could it be? If only there were clues! Welp!


More Piratey Shenanigans to Come!

Completed the missions? Collected the loot? We're just getting started!

More to come!

Stay tuned for more updates as the Waves of Wrath saga unfolds! Yaaar! Pillage On!

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September 19, 2014

How to Prize Code 2014

For this upcoming release, we'll be issuing a new prize code! We've been doing these for years, but I still see people in my Twitter feed utterly confounded by the process. To help these poor souls, I've put together a handy new guide following the latest and greatest prize code redemption process:


Step 1: Find a Twitter Code

Currently, you can get these codes by seeing us in person at a convention or by following us on Twitter!






When we post a code, we'll usually announce in advance.

Follow a dude

These codes have limited redemptions (usually a few hundred) so you're best bet is redeeming them as soon as possible.


Step 2: Login to EpicDuel and Click the Upgrade Shop

Go to the Upgrade Shop

On your main interface (what you see when not in battle) click the Upgrade Shop button. It's the little shopping cart with Varium. There are actually many useful shortcuts here that go unnoticed such as Style Change, Class Change, and Boosting.


Step 3: Click the Redeem Code Button in the Upgrade Shop

Click Redeem Code

In the Upgrade Shop click the Redeem Code button. It's the little purple box with a question mark. What prizes does it hold? Only one way to find out!


Step 4: Enter the Prize Code

Enter the code

Enter the code you found! They are typically 10 digits. Be careful when you type the code as sometimes we use numbers as letters  (i.e. "0" instead of "O"). This screen also has links to our Twitter accounts. Be sure to follow us as it's the best way to keep up to date with all the latest EpicDuel news!


Step 5: Receive Prize!

You got a prize!

Congratulations! If you don't get a prize, you either entered the code wrong or waited too long before entering the code. Sometimes people mistakenly retweet or repost old, expired codes so be sure to check the date it was posted. Generally, codes will be completely claimed within an hour, but some go even more quickly.

Good luck, and happy code hunting!

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September 12, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.24


  • Expanded and revamped West Naval Yard
  • New NPCs
    • Pirate Soldier
    • Naval Guard Thalyssa
    • Captain Shoggoth
  • New Talk Like a Pirate Day items
    • Naval Guard Armor Male/Female
      • Available from Naval Guard
    • Fishing Pole (Sword)
      • Available from Big Tuna
    • 15+ New TLaPD home items
  • 24 New hairstyles (4 for each gender/class)


  • Static Charge
    • We’re currently exploring solutions for making Static Charge a little more consistent. The changes weren’t quite ready this week, but we hope to have them ready for the next patch.
  • Hybrid, Mineral, and Plasma Armor
    • Now affected by Legendary skill points
  • Energy Parasite
    • Now blockable. Will still drain Energy when blocked, similar to Assimilation
  • Multi-Target Skills (Multi-Shot, Artillery Strike, Plasma Rain)
    • Now deal 90% damage when hitting two opponents, up from 85%
    • Cost 20 less Energy when hitting two opponents
  • Massacre
    • Lower EP cost by 10 to be on par with the other ultimate skills.
  • Static Grenade
    • Lower Drain by 10
    • Energy drain increases by 1 every 5 Support, up from 4.5
    • Caster absorbs 50% of Energy drained, up from 35%
    • Overall effect should increase Energy drain.
  • EMP Grenade
    • Base Energy drain changed to 90-270
  • Overload
    • Increase EP Cost by 10
    • Decrease damage by 20
  • Plasma Bolt
    • Decrease EP Cost by 20


  • Lionhart's Roar was granting Rage to allied NPCs.
  • The Desert Gem A in the Buried Treasure mission was hidden behind an NPC, making it difficult/impossible to click.
  • Descriptions for many stats/equipment were being cut off.
  • Venom Strike minimum damage changed to 30 from 50
  • If Armored Roots is active, using Toxic Grenade will skip your turn.
  • Infernal War Cadet achievement incorrectly displaying as Rare.
  • The typo war continues.

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September 12, 2014

Waves of Wrath

Waves of Wrath

Yarrrr! Avast ye landlubbers and prepare for an invasion! The shores of the Delta V West Naval Yard are being stormed by scurvy sea dogs serving a dark master. Can you unravel the mystery of these peculiar pirates and reveal the true horror that lies beneath the waves? Find out today!


Booty and Balance

New Naval Yard

Explore the newly redesigned Naval Yard and investigate the mysterious invasion. The Naval Guard Thalyssa is attempting to restore order, but the renegade Captain Shoggoth and his band of pirates are attempting to claim the shoreline for their own dark purpose. Stock up with new Naval Guard Armors available from Thalyssa in the Naval Yard. You'll need them to weather the oncoming storm.

Naval Guard Thalyssa

The Waves of Wrath missions are not quite ready to go live, but next week we'll be releasing parts 1 and 2 together. 

Also, we've done a massive balance pass and have made some major adjustments. A full list of changes will be available in the patch notes. 

Talk Like a Pirate Returns


Big Tuna is restocked with classic TLaPD items! Find her in the Naval Yard to check out her inventory of nautical loot. There are bound to be more treasures available as the event progresses!

Pirate Styles

Pirate Styles!

Talk like a pirate and LOOK like a pirate. We're introducing 24 new pirate styles (4 for each class and gender).


Pirate Decor

Home Items

Decorate your cabin with over 15 new pirate and nautical-themed home items!


Stay tuned next week for more pirate-themed madness in EpicDuel. The Waves of Wrath have just begun!

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September 04, 2014

Waves of Wrath Preview

Muahaha! I, Charfade, have taken over the EpicDuel Design Notes! All fear my grammar and punctuation wrath! Nightwraith is away recovering from Pax Prime so you’re left with me this week. Due to a Monday holiday and shorten staff, there is no EpicDuel release this week. However, there is still plenty to talk about. Cysero announced at Dragon*Con what we have in store for you this fall. So here are the cliff notes and previews of what to expect from the EpicDuel team.


EpicDuel’s Waves of Wrath


This year the EpicDuel team decided to expand the ever so popular “Talk Like a Pirate Day” held on September 19th with a whole new event! Similar to our LionHart event, EpicDuel’s Waves of Wrath event will have all new missions, npcs, items, styles, achievements, and a redesigned naval yard.


Redesigned Naval Yard


We’ve always thought the Navel Yard could use a bit more sprucing up and give players more of a reason to visit. We also needed more screens to support the new war system. With the new npcs and a boss coming soon to this area, Big Tuna and the Gamma Guard shouldn’t feel so lonely anymore.


New NPCs

The EpicDuel guest teams really have been doing a great job building a whole new cast of characters to expand the ED universe. These npcs will be fightable and playing a huge part in the Waves of Wrath’s three part mission chains.


New Boss


New custom animations and skills are being created for our next major boss.  He will be one of the toughest bosses in EpicDuel yet, be sure to stock up if you have any hope in beating him!



If you haven’t already guessed yet, the next war will take place in the Naval Yard. Given the size of the EpicDuel Waves of Wrath event, we won't have new war content ready in time, so we will update the war clock next week to reflect this delay. But don't worry!  The EpicDuel Waves of Wrath event will come with all sorts of fun to "tide" you over!


Balance and Bug Patch Update

We haven’t forgotten! Titan and RabbleFroth have been working diligently knocking out the current long list of bugs in ED while reviewing some needed balance changes. These changes can be expected in the next EpicDuel release next week.


Twitters to Follow

The EpicDuel staff has been working closely with our guest teams for all the fall and winter events coming in 2014. We recommend following their twitter accounts. As work gets finished they actively post updates and details pertaining to release content for EpicDuel. More is definitely planned for EpicDuel Waves of Wrath so be sure to stay tuned!


Guest Artists

@vorzathiel @AssassinOrd3r @Goony_ED  @Mecha_MarioAK @SarpDv @Deuce_AE @Revontheus @HatredCuirassAE @BidoofAE @kingdrekon @Vultex @2046808


Guest Writers

@Vince_fury @Trans_AE

13 Lords of Chaos Poster Promotion


Available now from HeroMart.com get the new 13 Lords of Chaos Poster.

This poster comes with 2 exclusive EpicDuel in-game items: Chaos Dragonslayer Sword P and Chaos Dragonslayer Sword E.


These Design Notes were edited by Mecha Mario to ensure the finest in content quality.

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