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September 12, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.24


  • Expanded and revamped West Naval Yard
  • New NPCs
    • Pirate Soldier
    • Naval Guard Thalyssa
    • Captain Shoggoth
  • New Talk Like a Pirate Day items
    • Naval Guard Armor Male/Female
      • Available from Naval Guard
    • Fishing Pole (Sword)
      • Available from Big Tuna
    • 15+ New TLaPD home items
  • 24 New hairstyles (4 for each gender/class)


  • Static Charge
    • We’re currently exploring solutions for making Static Charge a little more consistent. The changes weren’t quite ready this week, but we hope to have them ready for the next patch.
  • Hybrid, Mineral, and Plasma Armor
    • Now affected by Legendary skill points
  • Energy Parasite
    • Now blockable. Will still drain Energy when blocked, similar to Assimilation
  • Multi-Target Skills (Multi-Shot, Artillery Strike, Plasma Rain)
    • Now deal 90% damage when hitting two opponents, up from 85%
    • Cost 20 less Energy when hitting two opponents
  • Massacre
    • Lower EP cost by 10 to be on par with the other ultimate skills.
  • Static Grenade
    • Lower Drain by 10
    • Energy drain increases by 1 every 5 Support, up from 4.5
    • Caster absorbs 50% of Energy drained, up from 35%
    • Overall effect should increase Energy drain.
  • EMP Grenade
    • Base Energy drain changed to 90-270
  • Overload
    • Increase EP Cost by 10
    • Decrease damage by 20
  • Plasma Bolt
    • Decrease EP Cost by 20


  • Lionhart's Roar was granting Rage to allied NPCs.
  • The Desert Gem A in the Buried Treasure mission was hidden behind an NPC, making it difficult/impossible to click.
  • Descriptions for many stats/equipment were being cut off.
  • Venom Strike minimum damage changed to 30 from 50
  • If Armored Roots is active, using Toxic Grenade will skip your turn.
  • Infernal War Cadet achievement incorrectly displaying as Rare.
  • The typo war continues.

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