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September 25, 2014

Waves of Wrath Finale

Waves of Wrath Part 3

The terrors of the deep finally surface in the West Naval Yard! Join the forces of good to make a final stand against Captain Shoggoth's armada of nefarious pirates and stop the mysterious beast he plans on unleashing upon Delta V!

The Guest Artists and Writers outdid themselves once again with this release, allowing us to not only introduce a mission chain complete with boss battles, but also open the next war region!


Boss Bonanza


In addition to great mission loot including exclusive item, you'll also have the opportunity to battle not one, but TWO new bosses with collectible achievements! Can you take down Captain Shoggoth and his mysterious beast from the depths?

Special thanks are due to Korin of MechQuest fame for his help in animating the Kartherax boss.


New Kartherax Gear

 Kartherax Gear Part 2

To take down this new menace, you'll need the best gear possible -- complement your Kartherax gear with Kartherax-themed sidearms and auxiliaries!


Prepare for War!

Naval Yard War Begins

With so many Legion and Exile forces converging in one area, war is inevitable. The West Naval Yard with become the latest flashpoint in the ongoing alignment War. Battle for dominance and new prizes as soon as the update goes live!

War Summary

With Shoggoth's forces spread across the Naval Yard Legion forces have taken the opportunity to commandeer the Pirate Flagship.

Naval Entrance

Obviously, this could be very bad for Exiles, so they'll use Naval Shells to bombard the ship from turrets located around the Naval Yard. 

New War Drops

Legion forces on the shore can take out the turrets with Naval Bombs.

Naval Yard Ammo Depot

Pick up Super Naval Shell and Super Naval Bombs at the Ammo Depot located right of Big Tuna.

Pirate Captain

Score enough influence in this conflict, and you'll have the opportunity to receive the exclusive Pirate Captain Armor (mutating). The Wrath Blades pictured will be available on Thalyssa in the Naval Yard.


More Styles

Naval Styles

Dress your best for the high seas with 24 news styles!


Bounty of the Seas!

New Loot!

Visit Big Tuna and Thalyssa for crazy new nautical items created by the Guest Artist Team!


Home Item Blowout!

Home Items

Deck out your cabin with the finest nautical decor with over 30 new home items! Finally, you'll have a chance to claim the infamous Oyster Bunny!


All that and more are coming to EpicDuel tomorrow! Prepare for yet another Epic release!

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