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September 04, 2014

Waves of Wrath Preview

Muahaha! I, Charfade, have taken over the EpicDuel Design Notes! All fear my grammar and punctuation wrath! Nightwraith is away recovering from Pax Prime so you’re left with me this week. Due to a Monday holiday and shorten staff, there is no EpicDuel release this week. However, there is still plenty to talk about. Cysero announced at Dragon*Con what we have in store for you this fall. So here are the cliff notes and previews of what to expect from the EpicDuel team.


EpicDuel’s Waves of Wrath


This year the EpicDuel team decided to expand the ever so popular “Talk Like a Pirate Day” held on September 19th with a whole new event! Similar to our LionHart event, EpicDuel’s Waves of Wrath event will have all new missions, npcs, items, styles, achievements, and a redesigned naval yard.


Redesigned Naval Yard


We’ve always thought the Navel Yard could use a bit more sprucing up and give players more of a reason to visit. We also needed more screens to support the new war system. With the new npcs and a boss coming soon to this area, Big Tuna and the Gamma Guard shouldn’t feel so lonely anymore.


New NPCs

The EpicDuel guest teams really have been doing a great job building a whole new cast of characters to expand the ED universe. These npcs will be fightable and playing a huge part in the Waves of Wrath’s three part mission chains.


New Boss


New custom animations and skills are being created for our next major boss.  He will be one of the toughest bosses in EpicDuel yet, be sure to stock up if you have any hope in beating him!



If you haven’t already guessed yet, the next war will take place in the Naval Yard. Given the size of the EpicDuel Waves of Wrath event, we won't have new war content ready in time, so we will update the war clock next week to reflect this delay. But don't worry!  The EpicDuel Waves of Wrath event will come with all sorts of fun to "tide" you over!


Balance and Bug Patch Update

We haven’t forgotten! Titan and RabbleFroth have been working diligently knocking out the current long list of bugs in ED while reviewing some needed balance changes. These changes can be expected in the next EpicDuel release next week.


Twitters to Follow

The EpicDuel staff has been working closely with our guest teams for all the fall and winter events coming in 2014. We recommend following their twitter accounts. As work gets finished they actively post updates and details pertaining to release content for EpicDuel. More is definitely planned for EpicDuel Waves of Wrath so be sure to stay tuned!


Guest Artists

@vorzathiel @AssassinOrd3r @Goony_ED  @Mecha_MarioAK @SarpDv @Deuce_AE @Revontheus @HatredCuirassAE @BidoofAE @kingdrekon @Vultex @2046808


Guest Writers

@Vince_fury @Trans_AE

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These Design Notes were edited by Mecha Mario to ensure the finest in content quality.

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