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August 29, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.23


  • Dragon’s Destruction Arcade Game
    • New Arcade Leaderboard
    • New Dragon’s Destruction VIP Achievement
    • GameBot added to the Slayer’s screen
    • Stocked with select Dragon Items
  • New Seasonal Dragon Items Available from the Slayer
    • Developed by our very talented Guest Artists!
    • Onyx Dragonslayer
    • Gold Dragonslayer
    • CC Dragonslayer
    • Royal Dragon Cannon
    • Royal Dragon Blaster
    • Gold Dragon Sword P
    • Gold Dragon Sword E
    • Gold Dragon Blades P
    • Gold Dragon Blades E
    • Gold Dragon Axe P
    • Gold Dragon Axe E
    • Gold Dragon Staff P
    • Gold Dragon Staff E
    • Regal Dragon Sword P
    • Regal Dragon Sword E
    • Regal Dragon Claws P
    • Regal Dragon Claws E
    • Regal Dragon Maul P
    • Regal Dragon Maul E
    • Regal Dragon Staff P
    • Regal Dragon Staff E
    • Draconic Drekonator P
    • Draconic Drekonator E
    • Drekonic Sword P
    • Drekonic Sword E
  • New Guns Avaialble from the Slayer
    • DTR P
    • DTR E

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August 27, 2014

Dragon's Destruction Arcade!

Dragon Arcade

Now that you're all thoroughly buffed from last weeks Power Weekend, you should be eager for some new weapons to show of your newfound strenght! We've got plenty of loot for the anxious Dragonslayers out there with this Dragon-filled release!


Dragon's Destruction Arcade!

Look for the new Dragon's Destruction ArcadeBot found near The Slayer in the Barrens Outpost! Win never-before-seen dragon items while you rank up your new VIP achievement and climb the Arcade leaderboard!

Dragon's Destruction Location

Don't have any Tokens? Remember to do those daily missions! Every day is an opportunity to earn a free Arcade Token! Some other mission chains also offer Tokens as rewards.

Dragon Arcade

Of course, if you want to win them all, you may need to mash the 10x button. That Color Custom Dragonslayer Armor probably won't drop on the first try like it did for me (no joke!).


Dragonslayers, to Arms!

Arcade not your cup o' tea? The Slayer has what the ArcadeBot don't. Check out over 25 new items, including limited quantity armors and seasonal rares designed by the diligent and talented Guest Artist team!

Boom! Roasted!

The Slayer will never know what hit him! Nobody expects dragon bazooka! Like the other DragonCon seasonal items, the new dragon weapons will only be around for a limited time, so grab them while you have the chance!


Dragon Styles!

You've got the equipment, now you'll have the style! Choose from over 18 new Dragonslayer styles (3 for each class and gender) to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies!

Dragonslayer Armor

The first two styles (Gold and Onxy) are non-color custom to match the Gilded and Onxy Dragonslayer armors while the last style is fully color custom. If you're not sure which style is which, select a color swatch and see if anything happens. If the color doesn't change, the style isn't bugged -- it's working as intended.


See Us at DragonCon!

dragoncon survival guide

Well, you'll see some of us. Due to cutbacks and scheduling conflicts, the AE crew attending DragonCon will be less than previous years, but the staff that do attend are promising to make the panel EPIC! Unfortunately, no EpicDuel staff will be attending this year.

If you have no idea what DragonCon is or you plan on going this year, Cysero is your best bet for surviving DragonCon. Check out his comprehensive survival guide here.

On behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment team, we hope to see you at the Artix Panel @ DragonCon this Saturday, August 30th, in the Hilton’s Grand Salon D room!


Talk Like a Dragon!

Thar be monsters

NO! Not dragons! Not really related to dragons at all (I've still got dragons on the brain, I guess), but Talk Like a Pirate Day is on the horizon and we have a MONSTER event planned around this very silly holiday. Styles, items, mission, npcs, and a redesigned Naval Yard are just a few things to look forward to in EpicDuel in the coming weeks!

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August 21, 2014

Dragon's Return

First of all, congratulations to the Exiles, who managed to hold the Infernal Mines after a very close battle against the Legion forces. Could it be that the Legion are beginning to find weak points in the Exile defenses? Perhaps next time, the Legion will smash the Exile defenses and claim the Mines for their own, but for now, the Exiles can rest easy as the Android Army is firmly under their control!

Or IS it?

It is.


Thar Be Dragons

Dragon Returns

It's that time again -- time for back to school! That's not exciting? What? But you get to pick out a new Trapper Keeper! Those aren't a thing anymore? Oh. Well, how about DRAGONS! That almost makes up for the whole going back to school thing. Back on topic, EpicDuel's Dragon/Charbinger/Back-to-School items of the past are available at the Slayer NOW! Right now! Not Friday, but right now! Check them out, because many are limited-quantity items! Jump in now before they're gone!


Dragon Items Redux

Already have all of the old stuff? Well, we've got quite a treat in store for you! The Guest Artist team has been working hard to deliver piping-hot Dragon-themed weapons to EpicDuel. These will all be available next week at the Slayer. Some will also be available at the new Dragon's Destruction arcade game!


Bidoof crafted these awesomely regal Dragonslayer armors. We're trying something new with this set. There will be a Gold version, an Onyx version, and a color custom version. We're trying this because there seemed to be an interest in armor colors that aren't available from the current swatch selection in EpicDuel. Also, when armor is separated, some of the vibrance of the colors is lost. If this experiment goes well, we'll try it with more armors in the future!


Vultex has also delivered two epic sets of Guilded Dragon weapons for your enjoyment! If you're going to slay dragons, you migh as well do it with bling!


Now's as good a time as any to welcome SarpDv to the Guest Artist group! We look forward to seeing this new set of dragon items and many more of your creations in-game!


Power Weekend

Because there's no official cotent release this week, we're offering a POWER WEEKEND!

Power weekend

That means double XP and Credits all weekend! All you need to do to get this advantage is to log in and play!


Talk Like a Pirate Preview

There are big, BIG plans for a pirate-themed event. There are even bigger threats stirring in the deepest seas of Delta V.

Cosmic Horror

Stay tuned for more details as they surface! Yaaaaaaaar!

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August 18, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.22a


  • Client was hanging and failing to award the top tier prize item when a player on the winning side attempted to claim it. This issue is fixed, and all players that had previously claimed their prize have been automatically awarded the item.
  • Several graphical bugs and typos have been fixed.

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August 08, 2014

Infernal War Plus

The Battle Begins!


  • Infernal Mines opens as the next war region
    • Defenders hold the Infernal Controller which allows them to oversee the Android Army
    • Attackers use Infernal Drills to bore in to the Delta Vault and attack with swarms of ravenous Mechachillids using Infernal Beacons
    • Defenders collect Infernal Bombs to destroy the Drills and thwart the attack
    • Battle for new prizes and control of the Infernal Mines!
  • 2 new mission groups
    • Cleaning Central Station (Naomi)
    • War Stories (Raymus)
  • Infernal War Achievement unlocked! Earn influence in the Infernal Mines!


The Mines of Madness Return!

After years of lying dormant, the Infernal Mines are back in contention! During their occupation after a hard-fought victory, Lawman and his Exile army have guarded the mysterious Android Army. Unable to awaken them, the defended forces remain vulnerable to attack. Now, the Legion have finally mustered enough forces in the region to strike back and reclaim Baelius' greatest and most terrifying creation!

Baelius' Army


To War!

This time around, there is no Vault Door to impede your progress, but the attackers will need to be sneakier to infiltrate the innermost Vault chamber.

Enter the Mines

Attackers will use Infernal Drills engineered by Mechachillids who were persuaded to help the Legion with the promise of crunchy rocks and metal the ability to continue living.

Infernal Drill

These drills can bore directly into the Vault, allowing attackers to zap Infernal Beacons directly to the Infernal Controller.

Infernal Controller

As usual, participants in the war will have the option to buy War items from the Infernal Ammo Depot located near the Infernal Mines entrance.

War Shop

Infernal Items

These are limited quantity, so stock up while you can! Mechachillids are hungry for some Baelius hologram face!

Infernal Controller

"Don't you DARE eat my face!" -Baelius


Leaderboards will be located near the War Memorial, a reminder of the Exile army's epic triumph, and a painful reminder to the Legion to never underestimate the Exiles.


Will the Exiles hold the Infernal Mines? Will the Legion reclaim their Android Army? Do you have what it takes to be a War Hero? 


Achievement Unlocked!

For the first time, players will be able to earn regional influence in the Infernal Mines!

Achievement Unlocked'

Who will be the first to attain the highest rank? Will it be YOU? *points*


War Stories and Cleanup!

Visit Naomi and Raymus to accept 2 new mission chains created by Guest Writers Trans and One Winged Angel!

Naomi and Raymus Mission!

These missions will help fill in the backstories to these two mysterious and tragic NPCs. Plus, you'll get some loot in the process! Getting paid to learn? What a deal!

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August 01, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.21


  • 20+ new Titan items created by guest artists
  • New Titan’s Triumph ArcadeTitan’s Triumph VIP achievement
  • Naomi and Raymus can be challenged
  • 2 new NPC Boss achievements
  • Mission “Cake and Bacon” a part of Nightwraith’s Birthday chain and not available during Titan’s Birthday. Bacon Cupcake achievement updated to reflect this
  • 3 new Titan-themed home items



  • Abyssal Slash on Black Abyss Bot E is now blockable. This was done for thematic reasons as it’s odd to deflect a direct attack. Also, it was done for the sake of consistency as the Black Abyss Bot P was already blockable


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Skill Core descriptions:
    • Meteor Shower - Changed from 100% to 110%
    • Plasma Shower - Changed back from 100% to 110%
    • Thorns Assault - Changed back from 100% to 115%
    • Jack-O-Fire - Changed back from 100% to 113%
    • Infernal Overlord - Changed back from 100% based damage to 85% based damage

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