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August 21, 2014

Dragon's Return

First of all, congratulations to the Exiles, who managed to hold the Infernal Mines after a very close battle against the Legion forces. Could it be that the Legion are beginning to find weak points in the Exile defenses? Perhaps next time, the Legion will smash the Exile defenses and claim the Mines for their own, but for now, the Exiles can rest easy as the Android Army is firmly under their control!

Or IS it?

It is.


Thar Be Dragons

Dragon Returns

It's that time again -- time for back to school! That's not exciting? What? But you get to pick out a new Trapper Keeper! Those aren't a thing anymore? Oh. Well, how about DRAGONS! That almost makes up for the whole going back to school thing. Back on topic, EpicDuel's Dragon/Charbinger/Back-to-School items of the past are available at the Slayer NOW! Right now! Not Friday, but right now! Check them out, because many are limited-quantity items! Jump in now before they're gone!


Dragon Items Redux

Already have all of the old stuff? Well, we've got quite a treat in store for you! The Guest Artist team has been working hard to deliver piping-hot Dragon-themed weapons to EpicDuel. These will all be available next week at the Slayer. Some will also be available at the new Dragon's Destruction arcade game!


Bidoof crafted these awesomely regal Dragonslayer armors. We're trying something new with this set. There will be a Gold version, an Onyx version, and a color custom version. We're trying this because there seemed to be an interest in armor colors that aren't available from the current swatch selection in EpicDuel. Also, when armor is separated, some of the vibrance of the colors is lost. If this experiment goes well, we'll try it with more armors in the future!


Vultex has also delivered two epic sets of Guilded Dragon weapons for your enjoyment! If you're going to slay dragons, you migh as well do it with bling!


Now's as good a time as any to welcome SarpDv to the Guest Artist group! We look forward to seeing this new set of dragon items and many more of your creations in-game!


Power Weekend

Because there's no official cotent release this week, we're offering a POWER WEEKEND!

Power weekend

That means double XP and Credits all weekend! All you need to do to get this advantage is to log in and play!


Talk Like a Pirate Preview

There are big, BIG plans for a pirate-themed event. There are even bigger threats stirring in the deepest seas of Delta V.

Cosmic Horror

Stay tuned for more details as they surface! Yaaaaaaaar!

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