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August 29, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.23


  • Dragon’s Destruction Arcade Game
    • New Arcade Leaderboard
    • New Dragon’s Destruction VIP Achievement
    • GameBot added to the Slayer’s screen
    • Stocked with select Dragon Items
  • New Seasonal Dragon Items Available from the Slayer
    • Developed by our very talented Guest Artists!
    • Onyx Dragonslayer
    • Gold Dragonslayer
    • CC Dragonslayer
    • Royal Dragon Cannon
    • Royal Dragon Blaster
    • Gold Dragon Sword P
    • Gold Dragon Sword E
    • Gold Dragon Blades P
    • Gold Dragon Blades E
    • Gold Dragon Axe P
    • Gold Dragon Axe E
    • Gold Dragon Staff P
    • Gold Dragon Staff E
    • Regal Dragon Sword P
    • Regal Dragon Sword E
    • Regal Dragon Claws P
    • Regal Dragon Claws E
    • Regal Dragon Maul P
    • Regal Dragon Maul E
    • Regal Dragon Staff P
    • Regal Dragon Staff E
    • Draconic Drekonator P
    • Draconic Drekonator E
    • Drekonic Sword P
    • Drekonic Sword E
  • New Guns Avaialble from the Slayer
    • DTR P
    • DTR E



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