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July 30, 2014

Titan's Triumph Arrives!

Titan's Triumph

This Friday, prepare for a boatload of new Titan-themed items including a Titan-themed arcade game. Our volunteer artists worked super hard to deliver a shop packed with weapons, home items, and even a bike made of Titan's favorite food -- BACON!

Titan's ArcadeTitan Prize

This arcade game also unlocks a Titan's Triumph VIP achievement. Are you feeling lucky?


New Challengers!

Rise to the challenge and battle the not-so-pacifist Naomi and Raymus to claim their achievements!

Naomi Fight

Even Naomi can only be pushed so far.

Some have asked why give achievements to these particular NPCs and not ALL the NPCs you can fight? Good question! I suppose as soon as we draw achievements for the other unique NPCs, we can fill out the ranks of the challengeable NPCs. This would give opportunities to earn these "boss" achievements to players in all level ranges!


Ask Titan!

As a new feature on Artix.com, you'll have the ability to ask the Developers any question you like (within reason). You voted for the first Dev to be interviewed, and it was our very own Titan!

Ask Titan

You've posed your questions, now wait for the answers that should be posted on Thursday (or as soon as Titan finishes his answers). Stay tuned to have the great mysteries of EpicDuel and the Universe revealed!

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July 24, 2014

Titan's Triumph Preview

Titan Arcade Preview

Prepare yourselves! There's a rumbling at the top of Titan's mountaintop home in Frysteland and it can only mean one thing: Titan HUNGERS!

It could also mean that it's about time for Titan's Birthday celebration! Join us in celebrating the birth of EpicDuel's creator and ever-hungry demi-god Titan with new weapons, vehicles, home items, and a brand new Arcade game Titan's Triumph!

Check out these preview images of the latest and greatest Titan gear coming to Delta V next week! Our volunteer artists have been operating at peak performance to craft epic gifts for EpicDuel's epic creator!


Titan Tomcat

Titan Slayer

Titan Statues

Many of these items will be available form the new Arcade game, but they will also be available for sale in-game on Titan's seasonal birthday shop along with previous Titan-themed rares:

Titan Weapons

Titan Weapons


Titan Cores


Beyond Titan Preview

We'd like to formally welcome Vorzathiel (formerly ..Trizzzcentrino..) to the EpicDuel Artist team! He's already hard at work creating new content and working on an update to the West Naval Yard!

Dimensional Weapons

It's never too early to talk like a pirate!


Or dress like one!


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July 18, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.20


  • 2 new mission group on Valestra and Habuki with 5 missions each (10 new missions total)
  • Valestra and Habuki can now be challenged
  • 2 new achievements for defeating Valestra and Habuki
  • Extended War Cooldown
  • Overlord Facility updated to reflect Lionhart aftermath
  • War cooldown extended to end August 8th to allow more development time

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July 16, 2014

Lionhart Aftermath

Mission Accepted

Last week you took a stand against Lionhart and, though we posed a great challenge, you were able to defeat him. To date, little over 300 duelists have earned the Kingslayer achievement. We designed Lionhart to be the toughest boss yet, but it looks like the best of the best rose to the occasion! Congratulations on this epic achievement!

Thanks to the events of the final mission, the mission chain will be repeatable for the forseeable future for those who aren't quite powerful enough to take on the king.



This week, as a palette cleanser for the exciting, but challenging Lionhart missions, we're introducing 2 new missions created by guest writer One Winged Angel! Talk to Valestra a Habuki in Fortune City to complete their tasks and claim your rewards!



This week, the Chaos Lords poster goes live in Heromart. Buying this epic poster will earn you the Chaos Dragonslayer Sword P/E in EpicDuel, along with awesome chaotic weapons in other AE games!


Chaos Dragonslayer

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July 11, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.19



  • War Population balance
    • During War cooldown, it is now FREE to switch alignments to the lower population alignment
    • Price remains the same when switching to higher population
  • Lionhart Alliance Part 3
    • 9 new missions
    • Kingslayer Achievement
  • New Lionhart Items
    • Sold at Level 35 Lionhart Soldier in Overlord Facility
    • Lionhart's Gladius
    • Lionhart's Might
    • Lionhart's Maul
    • Lionhart's Staff
    • Lionhart's Blades
    • Lionhart Soldier armor
  • World Cup Seasonal-Rare Weapons
    • Sold at Overlord Guard in Overlord Facility
    • Gilded Football Sword
    • Gilded Football Daggers
    • Gilded Football Maul
    • Gilded Football Staff
  • Assault Shuttle
    • New Limited-Rare vehicle sold at Overlord Guard in Overlord Facility



  • Mission Groups can now require completion of previous mission groups (Part 2 now requires Part 1)
  • War Rally duration message now properly reads 60 minutes
  • Jumping to Shadow Guard in Barrens no longer jumps to Exile Soldier
  • NPC names in Overlord Facility now properly bolded
  • When selling a developer statue home item, it takes the name of the item sold previously
  • Level 3 City Guards now show up on Fortune City world map
  • Fixed incorrerct icons on a few influence achievements
  • Fixed gfx issue with Dage's Desolation E
  • Damage percent values now displaying properly in skill descriptions
  • Fixed calculation issue with Improbability Gate

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July 11, 2014

Battle Gems PvP Is LIVE!

Like PvP? If you're on epicduel.com, then chances are you do, then you'll love the new PvP update to Battle Gems! Check out Cysero's post on the AQW Design for comprehensive info regarding this exciting new update!


Battle Gems PVP!



Actually, it's been live for almost a fullday, but we haven't said much about it because we wanted to make sure there were no terribly bad game killing bugs before we sounded the war horns and drew a lot of attention to it. It was a quiet launch. 

Of course there were a few bugs (There are always a few bugs) but noting too serious and we've already got most of those solved and ready to publish to the live versions of the game in the next update today or tomorrow. 

As always, if YOU encounter any bugs, they go here: http://www.artix.com/bugs

They do not go on Twitter or Facebook or in the comments of the Artix.com version of this post... they go here: http://www.artix.com/bugs

Just so we're entirely clear, ALL bugs for this or any other AE game go here: http://www.artix.com/bugs

... here: http://www.artix.com/bugs

And now we're moving on. 

BATTLE GEMS PVP! What's the deal with that?

Here's the deal.

  •  Create your own cool (or silly) PVP name! 
  • Battle anyone within your level range (plus or minus a few levels)
  • Collect PvP trophies for winning that raise you higher in the World and Friend Leaderboards!
  • Climb through the PvP Titles until you reach Arena Grand Master
  • New PvP Titles unlock the ability to buy new PvP Gear in the PvP Shop!
  • They cost A LOT!
  • But we now allow you to BUY GOLD! 
  • Random board mechanics make each battle different. You might get...
    • Slime Gems
    • Stone Gems
    • Crit Gems
    • Cages
    • Lava
    • Or in rare cases ALL OF THE ABOVE! (We call that the Devil Board)

Devil Board


I did indeed say that, imaginary player who asks me this stuff! There are three gold packages to pick from but the obvious winner is the 50 MILLION GOLD PACKAGE. That should keep you set for a while and allow you to buy almost all of the PvP rewards (If you have the intestinal fortitude to unlock them). 

Plus it comes with in-game bonuses where the other packages only come with gold (which is still nice).

the 50,000,000 GOLD package gives you a GOLD NAME (in Battle Gems PvP) and the MAKE IT RAIN skill will be added to your skill list. It's like a big gold fireball that explodes into a shower of gold coins when it hits the target. Fun? Yeah, fun.

Apple based players can get the game here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/battle-gems-adventurequest/id694721552

Android based players can get the game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.battleon.aqbattlegems

And, of course, you can always play it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/games/?fbs=100&app_id=217802018249672

Have fun!


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July 10, 2014

Lionhart Saga Part 3

Lionhart Finale

Prepare for the grand finale of the Lionhart Saga! Join Revontheus and the mysterious mage Caden to smite Lionhart and his army using a terrible weapon from Delta V's past! You'll need all your wits and fighting skill to go head-to-head with the champion and leader of the Lionhart Empire. Prepare for the fight of your life!


Do you have what it takes to kill the king?


A King's Bounty

To satisfy your appetite for Lionhart weapons, our artists have created an arsenal of new Lionhart gear available at the level 35 Lionhart Soldier in the Overlord Facility. This incredible arsenal was created by Bidoof and Assassin Order!

Lionhart Weapons

Also, rumor has it that Lionhart can be "persuaded" to part with his scepter. Only a bold few can hope to claim this prize for their own!


World Cup Warriors

To celebrate the largest sporting even in the world, we're introducing new World Cup weapons created by Bidoof!

World Cup Weapons

Show off your World Cup fever with the complete set of 8 weapons available from the Overlord Guard in the Overlord Facility! Be quick, because like the World Cup, these weapons are temporary! However, rather than make you wait another 4 years to claim them, we'll bring them back next year around this time.

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July 03, 2014

Overlord Overdone

Overlord War Exile Victory

Exiles Win Overlord War

Congratulations Exiles for winning the Overlord Facility War, making this the fourth war Exiles have claimed victory since War 2.0 went live.  We should take notice and praise the Legion’s effort this time around for putting up a great fight.  We saw new and old Legion factions participate even harder this time which resulted in more of an even conflict. Additionally, our War Rally adjustments seems to have aided in the overall balance of the system; while the Exiles did have more players with extreme Influence amounts (as made obvious by the leaderboards), the Legion had a higher average Influence per participant and thus managed to keep it close. In the end, the Exiles managed to pull away. Congratulations to everyone who participated! Now is the time to login and claim your war prize! 


Friendly Reminder: Claim your war prize before you consider switching alignments. Changing alignments will remove all of your regional war data. Your achievement progress will not be removed however.


Independence Day Rares Return

Independence Gear

Typically around this time of year we get a day off to enjoy the summer with our families and embrace our patriotic side with yeti burgers and Hank’s delicious chocolate cakes. Canada Day was on July 1st and Independence Day is tomorrow July 4th for Americans. We invite you to celebrate freedom along with us with the returning Independence Day themed rares. You can find them equipped to the Overlord Guard in Overlord Facility. Also, the Independence Day achievement will also be available for a limited time.

Independence Achievement

Much Restock, Many Rares, Wow!

Restocks on many of our limited time items this weekend! Be sure to check out Dage, Charfade, Revontheus, and the SolarWorld Factory to take advantage of picking up some really exclusive gear! Among the returning items are the Imperial Skull Bike and Liberty Eagle Bike located at Overlord Guard!


Power Hour Weekend

Power Hour


The war is over, but that doesn't mean the dueling is over.  Battle your heart out over this holiday weekend for double XP and Credits! There's no special mission to complete or button to activate -- just log in and DUEL!

Power hour is scheduled to last between: July 4th 12:00am est  – July 7th Mon 12:00am EST 


Lionhart Part 3

Lionhart Room

Since this week is a rather short because of the holiday festivities, we decided to hold off on releasing Lionhart Part 3. This also gives you the opportunity to complete ( if you haven’t yet  ) Lionhart parts 1 and 2. Lionhart part 3 with new missions and introducing SaevaLionhart is coming next week! Stay Tuned!

lionhart logo

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