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July 11, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.19



  • War Population balance
    • During War cooldown, it is now FREE to switch alignments to the lower population alignment
    • Price remains the same when switching to higher population
  • Lionhart Alliance Part 3
    • 9 new missions
    • Kingslayer Achievement
  • New Lionhart Items
    • Sold at Level 35 Lionhart Soldier in Overlord Facility
    • Lionhart's Gladius
    • Lionhart's Might
    • Lionhart's Maul
    • Lionhart's Staff
    • Lionhart's Blades
    • Lionhart Soldier armor
  • World Cup Seasonal-Rare Weapons
    • Sold at Overlord Guard in Overlord Facility
    • Gilded Football Sword
    • Gilded Football Daggers
    • Gilded Football Maul
    • Gilded Football Staff
  • Assault Shuttle
    • New Limited-Rare vehicle sold at Overlord Guard in Overlord Facility



  • Mission Groups can now require completion of previous mission groups (Part 2 now requires Part 1)
  • War Rally duration message now properly reads 60 minutes
  • Jumping to Shadow Guard in Barrens no longer jumps to Exile Soldier
  • NPC names in Overlord Facility now properly bolded
  • When selling a developer statue home item, it takes the name of the item sold previously
  • Level 3 City Guards now show up on Fortune City world map
  • Fixed incorrerct icons on a few influence achievements
  • Fixed gfx issue with Dage's Desolation E
  • Damage percent values now displaying properly in skill descriptions
  • Fixed calculation issue with Improbability Gate

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