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June 30, 2014

War Rally and Scoring Bug

An issue was brought to our attention today regarding War Rally being given to the Exiles, despite the Exiles being ahead in damage.

We set out to look for any issues in how War Rally was determined, how it was displayed, or any other problems that might exist with the system. After some time, we were completely unable to find any problems. We simulated Rallies on our dev environment and every time it looked to be working as intended. What was going on?

Finally, while looking through the database for issues, we found something clearly off. One of the objectives had taken *significantly* more damage than possible.

Database values

This is a picture of the actual data in our database. The maximum health of the Hovercraft is 4,091,000. The damage dealt to it so far was over 6.7 million. Obviously this was not intended, so we set about finding the cause. It turns out that we were incorrectly dealing damage to this Hovercraft instead of the correct one when Legion players bombed them.

The war bar you see at the top of the game was not accounting for all of this extra damage dealt, and so it appeared that the Legion side was again falling far behind the Exiles. In reality, the Legion was keeping pace, and the war has actually remained very close this entire time. There were no problems with the War Rally system -- when the Exiles were given a Rally, it is because they were actually behind!

To fix the issue, we'll take the servers down, patch the bug that was dealing damage to the destroyed Hovercraft, and split the extra damage between the remaining Hovercrafts. The Legion score that you see afterwards is the accurate damage that has been dealt during the war in the Overlord Facility.

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June 27, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.18



  • New Fightable NPCs
    • 7 New Lionhart Soldiers for level ranges (5,10,15,20,25,30,35)
    • Trancendence
    • Immancence
    • Revontheus (drops Achievement!)
  • Lionhart Alliance Part 2 Mission Chain (10 Missions)
  • New Weapons!
    • Plasmic Flame Sword - Revontheus
    • Blood Flame Sword  - Revontheus
    • Transcendence's Fury - 5% Drop from Transcendence
    • Immanence's Reaper - 5% Drop from Immanence
    • Lionhart War Sword P - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart War Sword E - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart Light Sword P - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart Light Sword E - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)




  • New tiered War Prize system added
    • Better prizes are now available based on War participation
    • There are 4 tiers of prizes,  Rookie, Private, Sergeant, Commander
    • Win or Lose, players can reach all of the tiers, but the Bonus Prize is only available to Commander tier players on the winning alignment
    • The Bonus Prize will not be available for purchase to the losing side

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with the radio buttons in the War Leaderboards
  • Leaderboards now say “Final Results” and hides the radio buttons for leaderboards in inactive regions
  • No longer displays the Ally Chat option when playing as Juggernaut
  • Fixed issue with NPC battles remaining at the conclusion of non-NPC battles

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June 20, 2014

Lionhart Part 2

Lionhart's Strike

Now that the Legion and Exiles are allied against the Lionhart forces, Transcendence and Immanence are taking matters into their own hands. Challenge them to one-on-one battles to test your mettle against the best forces Lionhart has to offer.

Immanence and Transcendence armors will be available from the Lionhart Soldier in the Overlord Facility. Also, by defeating them you will have a chance to claim their weapons as rare drops!
Also, change your look with 12 new Lionhart styles. These features and more will be coming to Delta V early next week, along with some exciting new improvements to War 2.0! (No release today) Read on for more previews of the continuation of the Lionhart Event and War 2.0!


Database Overhaul

Titan and Rabblefroth have taken this week to perform some major housekeeping on the database structure--primarily the structure of the skill tables. This sounds very technical, but it basically means that there were many fields that were no longer relevant or extremely unclear in their function. This restructuring means extensive testing will be needed to ensure that the battle engine isn't borked. Basically, if we did everything right, it means you won't notice any changes, BUT the changes will make adjusting balance and balance testing MUCH easier in the future.

Overlord War

Although Delta V is allied against the incursion of Lionhart, Legion and Exile forces still face tensions over who controls the Overlord Facility. This will make the Overlord Facility the next region in the cyclical War. 

AI Core

This new war will be fought for control of the AI Core, which controls all military assets in the region.


The attackers will collect Fuel Cells to power rogue Hovercraft to perform strafing runs against the AI Core. If they do enough damage, they can neutralize the Core and rebuild it for their own purposes. 

To preserve the Core, the defenders will collect Sabotage Kits to disable the attacking Hovercraft.

Overlord War Drops

To address some complaints with the current war rewards system,  we have decided to implement a new tiered prize system that I shall endeavor to explain below...


New Prize Tiers

With the introduction of the Overlord War, we will introduce a new participation-based prize system. Players who fight harder will be eligible for better prizes. Currently, you only need 150 Influence on the winning alignment to qualify for a free prize. We feel it's unfair to award players who only play an hour the same as those who go the distance and participate throughout the war to support their alignment. In addition to adding tiers, we are also raising the minimum participation requirement to qualify for the baseline prize. 

Tiered Prizes

*Prize amounts in the above graphic are placeholders. Actual numbers are subject to change.

You will be able to see the tiers at the beginning of the war. At the end of the war, you will receive all the prizes available for whichever tier you qualify. The option to buy a prize outright will no longer be available. Because we want players on the losing alignment who battle fiercely to be rewarded, they can still qualify for the prize tiers, but cannot win the item prize (treasure chest).

Due to the complexity of this new prize system, we will need to update the war system manually in an update early next week (Monday or Tuesday). Participants of the Frysteland War will have until that update to claim their prizes. After the new system goes live, it will apply to the previously contested war regions, meaning when the Dread Plains is under contention once again, it will use the new tiered prize system.

We hope this new system adds real value to war participation and makes those who play harder feel rewarded. We also hope it addresses the "all-or-nothing" stakes of the current war system in which the losing alignment receives nothing (for free).

Thank you for your patience as we work to build, test, and implement these exciting new additions to the war system. Be sure to join us next week as the Lionhart Saga continues and war comes to the Overlord Facility!

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June 13, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.16


  • Now targeting a minimum Flash Player version of 11.1 (previously 10.3). Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed.
  • War Rally duration increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • War Supply effectiveness increased from 1.5x to 2x during War Rallies
  • New Peacemaker achievement available when completing the “Lionhart Alliance Part 1” mission chain (2,000 rating points!)
  • Sword of Alliance P mission reward available for Lionhart Alliance Part 1 mission “Exile Rally”


  • Cyber Hunter
    • Plasma Grenade
      • Energy Cost = 160 + 20 / level → 130 + 20 / level
      • Damage from level scaling now equivalent to Stun Grenade
  • Bounty Hunter / Cyber Hunter
    • Shadow Arts
      • Energy Cost = 110 + 20 / level → 110 + 15 / level
  • Mercenary / Tactical Mercenary
    • Double Strike
      • Energy Cost = 150 + 20 / level → 140 + 15 / level
  • Blood Mage
    • Energy Parasite:
      • Initial damage = 70% → 85% primary damage


  • Fixed zombie issue when delivering killing blow with Robots
  • Fixed issue with the regional War Leaderboards
    • Display would not update correctly if you viewed Leaderboards from multiple regions during the same sessions
  • Fixed several typos

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June 12, 2014

Lionhart Alliance

Lionhart Saga

Last week we were introduced to Immanence and Transcendence, emissaries and children of Kaiser Saeva Lionhart, an intergalactic conqueror bent on reclaiming Delta V. This week, you will join Revontheus to unify the Legion and Exile forces in an alliance against this new threat from the stars. To rally both sides, you'll need to convince the most formidable warriors from both alignments of your combat skills. With both alignments united against Lionhart, Revontheus is over 10% Delta V can survive the invasion.


Complete the missions successfully and you'll be greatly rewarded with Credits, a new item, and the Peacemaker achievement! This is only part one -- there are still many more missions, rewards, and insane bosses to come!


Overlord Ops

Lower level players may find the Lionhart Alliance missions too challenging, but don't fret, the Overlord Guard could use your help! Even with an invasion fleet looming overhead, he's still trying his best to enforce law and order in the Overlord Facility. Help him do his duty for a sizeable reward!


World Cup

Has it been four years already? In celebration of the World Cup, the World Cup achievement will make a reappearance in the Achievement shop for a limited time!


Core Clarification

It was originally stated in the previous Design Notes that Lionhart's Shield would allow your allies to heal or buff you while the shield was enabled. Unfortunatley, this was a case of the nature of the core changing through development, resulting in an inconsistency with the early marketing materials. As it is in game, Lionhart's Shield protects you or an ally from damage and makes whomever it is cast upon completely untargetable for everyone, even allies. This is the intended behavior and the previous Design Notes have been updated accordingly. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

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June 06, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.15


  • New Lionhart 10,000 Varium Package
    • Lionhart's Carnage (Physical Mutating)
    • Lionhart's Knowledge (Energy Mutating)
    • Lionhart's Avatar Physical Robot
    • Lionhart's Avatar Energy Robot
    • Lionhart's Shield Primary Core - Makes an ally untargettable by offensive and defensive skills for 1 turn
    • Lionhart's Roar Robot Special - Grants 50% Rage to all allies
  • Overlord Facility expansion
    • Several new screens
    • Several new NPCs including Transcendance and Immancence
  • Rage bar is now visible to all players in battle, located between their Health and Energy bars

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June 03, 2014

Lionhart Cometh

Lionhart Saga

Deep-space scans have detected an armada of unknown origin approaching Delta V. A single transmission was received before the ships disappeared from view, “I am Kaiser Saeva Lionhart, and I am coming to claim what is mine!” Saeva Lionhart and his forces are ready to take control of Delta V even if it means annihilating the existing population!

In addition to an army of elite soldiers, Saeva is bringing his most powerful lieutenants, his children Immanence and Transcendance. Once again, Legion and Exile forces will need to unite to protect Delta V from this otherworldly army. This Friday, June 6 at "When It's Ready O-clock", prepare for the dawn of the Lionhart Saga!

Family Portrait


This highly anticipated release will prominently feature artwork from Revontheus, the architect for many aspects of the release. If you enjoy it, be sure to thank him!


Fight Lionhart with...Lionhart!

Before the full force of Lionhart’s army arrives on Delta V, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with Saeva’s technology firsthand! Lionhart’s Avatar Bots (P and E), Lionhart’s Carnage (Physical mutating primary), and Lionhart’s Knowledge (Energy mutating primary) will be available for a limited time with the 10,000 Varium package. This incredible package includes 4 powerful weapons of destruction to help you defeat your foes and repel the invading forces.


Lionhart Maul


These weapons will include a permanent active core Lionhart’s Shield. This defensive core allow you to encase your or your partner in a crystalline prism that prevents enemies from attacking. It literally makes the target untargetable and immune to any debuffs or attacks. This brief reprieve from damage allows you or your ally to deny your opponents from inflicting damage for a turn and forces a change of strategy. It is not possible to heal or buff an ally if they have this shield enabled.

Lionhart’s Avatar Bots include two potent skills, Lionhart’s Claws, a devastating slashing attack, and Lionhart’s Roar, a special ability to unleashes a deafening roar that buffs the Rage of you and your ally. That's right, this new ability will be the first AOE buff.

Lionhart Bots

These amazing items are just a taste of the amazing assortment of weapons and armors that will be available in game as prizes, mission rewards, drops, and items sold at merchants.

These weapons and bots will be available for a limited time through the Varium shop and at the Lionhart Soldier merchant for Varium! To make room for this new package, the Black Abyss and Blood Hawk packages will be leaving permanently. The Black Abyss Bots will be located in the Black Abyss Cache with the other Black Abyss items.


Overlord Overhaul

Overlord Facility

Because this new event is bringing focus to the Overlord Facility, this long-forgotten region is receiving a major overhaul. Charfade is working her painterly magic on the facility, creating the haunting, imposing military installation it was always meant to be. Be sure to explore the screens and experience the revamped region for yourself. There will be many more friends and foes to challenge here!


Rage Revealed

Since it was first introduced, Rage has been a mystery to many players. You only see your Rage on your turn; the Rage of your opponents and allies remains a mystery until the attack is finally unleashed. You also have no idea how much Rage you accumulate from your attacks or from damage you receive. 


In this Friday’s update, you’ll finally be able to see your Rage and the Rage of your opponents throughout the entire battle. The familiar Rage bar will still appear on your turn, but you’ll also have a permanent Rage bar with the rest of your vitals.


Fame Game

Lately, we've been seeing more and more people abusing Fame. This is unfortunate as the feature has not served the purpose we originally intended. Our plan to address this issue is to remove Fame from the character page to an in-game system. Since our plate already overflows with Lionhart content, we may not have time make the transition this week. We apologize that fixing this has not been a priority, but we believe that moving this feature in-game will greatly reduce the amount of Fame harassment and exploitation to make it the fun and engaging system we always hoped it would be.

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