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June 12, 2014

Lionhart Alliance

Lionhart Saga

Last week we were introduced to Immanence and Transcendence, emissaries and children of Kaiser Saeva Lionhart, an intergalactic conqueror bent on reclaiming Delta V. This week, you will join Revontheus to unify the Legion and Exile forces in an alliance against this new threat from the stars. To rally both sides, you'll need to convince the most formidable warriors from both alignments of your combat skills. With both alignments united against Lionhart, Revontheus is over 10% Delta V can survive the invasion.


Complete the missions successfully and you'll be greatly rewarded with Credits, a new item, and the Peacemaker achievement! This is only part one -- there are still many more missions, rewards, and insane bosses to come!


Overlord Ops

Lower level players may find the Lionhart Alliance missions too challenging, but don't fret, the Overlord Guard could use your help! Even with an invasion fleet looming overhead, he's still trying his best to enforce law and order in the Overlord Facility. Help him do his duty for a sizeable reward!


World Cup

Has it been four years already? In celebration of the World Cup, the World Cup achievement will make a reappearance in the Achievement shop for a limited time!


Core Clarification

It was originally stated in the previous Design Notes that Lionhart's Shield would allow your allies to heal or buff you while the shield was enabled. Unfortunatley, this was a case of the nature of the core changing through development, resulting in an inconsistency with the early marketing materials. As it is in game, Lionhart's Shield protects you or an ally from damage and makes whomever it is cast upon completely untargetable for everyone, even allies. This is the intended behavior and the previous Design Notes have been updated accordingly. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

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