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June 30, 2014

War Rally and Scoring Bug

An issue was brought to our attention today regarding War Rally being given to the Exiles, despite the Exiles being ahead in damage.

We set out to look for any issues in how War Rally was determined, how it was displayed, or any other problems that might exist with the system. After some time, we were completely unable to find any problems. We simulated Rallies on our dev environment and every time it looked to be working as intended. What was going on?

Finally, while looking through the database for issues, we found something clearly off. One of the objectives had taken *significantly* more damage than possible.

Database values

This is a picture of the actual data in our database. The maximum health of the Hovercraft is 4,091,000. The damage dealt to it so far was over 6.7 million. Obviously this was not intended, so we set about finding the cause. It turns out that we were incorrectly dealing damage to this Hovercraft instead of the correct one when Legion players bombed them.

The war bar you see at the top of the game was not accounting for all of this extra damage dealt, and so it appeared that the Legion side was again falling far behind the Exiles. In reality, the Legion was keeping pace, and the war has actually remained very close this entire time. There were no problems with the War Rally system -- when the Exiles were given a Rally, it is because they were actually behind!

To fix the issue, we'll take the servers down, patch the bug that was dealing damage to the destroyed Hovercraft, and split the extra damage between the remaining Hovercrafts. The Legion score that you see afterwards is the accurate damage that has been dealt during the war in the Overlord Facility.



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