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March 07, 2012

Bio Gear Green

New Gear!

We need to lighten up the mood a little bit around here- after the tragic loss of Administrator 12 at the radioactive hands of Alydriah's lackey, I think we all need a little rest.

This week is going to be focused on the new gear as well as give us a chance to prepare for the next big story arc. In the weeks to come, expect more missions, features and unique NPCs as we explore Delta V's greenest zone.

Bionic Battalion


Bionic Brigade!

 Bionic Weapons

With the Azrael pack going rare, we are introducing a new Spring Promotional Pack! This awesome assortment includes the Bionic Battlegear drawn by Nightwraith during his Livestream and the new bot: The BioBorg.

 Bio Borg

I think this was an episode of the Power Rangers

Bio Borg in action!

Thorn Assault

The Bionic Battlegear features a potent new skill: Thorn Assault. Each normal strike will offer the chance to unleash a flury of metal barbs against your foes!

Fresh Bio Hazard Skewers

The bot's special skill is a unique new buff called Thorns.

Game of Thorns

This potent buff reflects a large portion of damage dealt by a melee attack back at the attacker. This will make high damage dealers think twice before trying to deliver that knockout punch!

Along with being available for free with the largest Varium package as soon as our release goes live Friday, these promotional items will also be available in-game from your favorite squid-headed archival alien, Xraal in the BioDome!


Lucky You!

 They're back!

The Celtic Weapons with the special ability Lucky Strike, which increases your chance to connect a strike by 7% will be returning this week. They are replacing the Heartbreaker weapons, so if you want to grab one of the Heartbreaker weapons now is your last chance to do so this year.


Lagomorph Lagomorph Lagomorph


The Biological Preserve is not only home to plants and Hazards, but also cute little fuzzy lagomorphs- the Bunnies! However, some of the bunnies have chewed through their protective caging and have escaped to other areas of Delta V. Are they just adorable or have some master plan?

Adorable. Going with adorable. =:3

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April 08, 2011

Egg-celent, Egg-ceptional, Egg-puns, etc...

Eggzooka Egg-stacy!

To celebrate the beginning of the Spring season, we are introducing the Eggzookas.  These ferocious, wabbit-face auxiliaries are capable of dealing intense damage and feature amazing stat bonuses. 

Epic Eggzookas

But how will you acquire these beauties?  Both the energy and physical Eggzookas will be avaible with purchase of the 10,000 Varium package or in-game from Titan and Nightwraith.  Get them before they're gone!

Level Up!  Again!

Numbers will once again go up as we raise the level cap to 33!  It may seem far away, but all the level 32 have been clamoring for this for ages.  It's not an easy journey, but once you get there, it's totally worth it!

Level Up!

To make life easier for those eager to reach the level cap and get the most out of the new Eggzookas, we've introduced a few features to make the leveling process less of a grind. 

Epic Power Hour!

Starting at 10:00PM ET and 10:00AM ET, players will receive DOUBLE XP from all victories for an hour!  This also means that players using XP Boost will receive QUADRUPLE XP!  This puts level 33 easily within reach.

Epic Power Hour!

Level Ranges and Encumberance:

To keep the latest and greatest weapons from being out of the range of hardworking players, we have introduced a level range requirement to weapons.  You will now be able to equip a weapon as early as 4 levels prior to the highest requirement, as long as you meet the stat requirements.  However, there is a catch...

Level Range

We have introduced a restriction to this feature called Encumberance.  You may equip a weapon before you meet the highest level requirement, BUT you will take one point of damage reduction for each level you are below the highest requirement.

The weapon is too heavy!

Actuall, this block of text explains it better:

Encumberance Explained

This new feature applies to Primary, Sidearm, and Auxiliary weapon types.  Armor, Robot, Bike, and Booster are unaffected. 

Focus Change

Since raising the level cap makes it easier to pour more and more points into one attribute, throwing off balance, we have removed the Focus damage bonus and rewrote the calculations for increasing stat effectiveness.  This means after a certain point, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain more damage and defense.  This will prevent one-sided builds that favor loading up on one stat for an almost guranteed victory.  This change is largely experimental and it can be adjusted as it's been through some more thorough battle testing.

Please note that while the player damage bonus from Focus is removed, Focus will still directly affect Bot damage.

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