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January 27, 2016

Heartbreaker's Return


The coveted Heartbreaker/Azrael items are preparing to return once again! This Friday, visit the Alydroid in Fortune City to explore its shop of sensational seasonal rares!


These are some of my favorite items in all of EpicDuel so I'm always excited to see them return. They also happen to possess some of the most powerful cores to entice those who value power over aesthetics.


Remember, these are seasonal rares with some being limited quantity. They will leave so be sure to stock up while you can! Meanwhile, the existing Winter rares will be leaving February 1! Don't delay!


Power Weekend!

New Year Power Weekend

Lagging behind in the war and need a boost to your level or credit pile? This weekend you'll have an opportunity to boost both! This weekend will be a Power Weekend. Get Double XP and Credits all weekend long starting this Friday!

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January 26, 2016

Patch Notes - 1.6.58b


Balance Changes:

  • War Balance Changes
    • War rally guarantees that when a player of the losing alignment receives a drop, it will be a Super war item
    • We made this change to reduce the impact of Varium on the War outcome and allow the underdog an improved chance to recover from a deficit.
Bug Fixes:
  • Typo on war summary
  • Typo on objective
  • Infernal Maw Cannon P/E - relabeled as a prize code item
  • Infernal Android Armor - Old war prize, tagged RARE

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January 22, 2016

Patch Notes - 1.6.58



  • Central Station War
    • Defense use CS Bombs against Broadcast Towers to maintain the COMMS Hub
    • Offense use Broadcast Boosters on Broadcast Towers to hijack COMMS Hub
    • Prize CSPF Cruiser
  • Previous War Prizes set to RARE
    • Fortune Battlegear P/E
    • Pirate Captain Armor
    • Overlord Guard Armor
    • Armor Hazard Husk
    • Chaos Juggernaut Armor
    • Wasteland Runner Armor
    • Arctic Guard Armor
    • Infernal Maw Cannon P
    • Dread Battlegear P/E

Balance Changes:

  • War Balance Changes
    • Increase super war item drop rate to 20%
    • Remove war rally damage increase
    • Increase war rally drop rate bonus to 15%
    • Increased the price of super war bomb to 195 Varium
    • No Varium Price on War Commander Core
Bug Fixes:
  • Merged Dragonoid battle issue

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January 20, 2016



After many months of planning, development, blood, sweat, tears, coffee, and coffee tears, BioBeasts is LIVE on Android and iOS! Download and start smashing some bots NOW:

BioBeasts_App_Store_Google  BB_App_Store_IOS

Artix Entertainment and the BioBeasts team needs your support at this moment more than we ever have before! If you download and like the game (and we hope you do!), please help us spread the word and give us a 5-star rating on the Google Play and Apple App stores.


What Comes Next?

BioBeasts is live, but there’s still more to come! There are several features we hope to add to BioBeasts post-launch, and our Beta testers have done a great job offering up fresh ideas everyday in the tester G+ community. Here are some ideas we've heard from the community that we're considering for future BioBeasts updates:

  • NEW Beasts

  • NEW Mutations

  • NEW Enemy Types

  • Beast Challenges

  • Beast Upgrades

  • Endless Mode

  • Social Leaderboards

Like BioBeasts? Want to know more?

Following our development blog for the latest BioBeasts news:

BioBeasts Website

Follow @BioBeasts on Twitter:

BioBeasts Twitter

Become a fan of BioBeasts on Facebook:

BioBeasts Facebook

Watch our latest development videos:

BioBeasts Youtube

Join us on Google+:

BioBeasts Google+

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January 18, 2016

BioBeasts Launch Date

After several months of rigorous development, BioBeasts is finally ready to erupt from its containment cell at the Underground Lab and escape to the iOS and Android App stores! We’re extremely excited and proud to officially announce the launch date:




Woah! Woah! What is this Bye-Oh-Beasts? I’m glad you asked! If you don't want to read the whole FAQBioBeasts a challenging new free single-player action game for Android and iOS! You are a powerful mutant beast battling through a terrifying laboratory run by merciless mechanical guards. Defend yourself against endless hordes of robots, lab defenses, and hulking bosses as you claw, bite, blast, and bash your way to freedom! Unlock new beasts with unique powers, and upgrade potent mutations to experiment with for endless variety!


Meet the Team


BioBeasts was created mainly by the EpicDuel Team, but nearly everyone at Artix Entertainment had a hand in the project, whether it was contributing artwork, Unity expertise, testing, or simply helping us spread awareness!

Why BioBeasts?


BioBeasts is nearly ready to launch, but we need your help for it to succeed! When we first started BioBeasts, we wanted a way to learn the ropes in Unity and mobile development while incorporating some familiar EpicDuel elements. We knew a huge multiplayer game was out of scope for such a project so we narrowed the focus of the project to an intense, challenging action game with surprising depth.


Our goal with BioBeasts was to create a game that was a counterpoint to the current trend in mobile games that harkens back to a time when games focused on skill and reflexes. BioBeasts captures that classic feel of intense, old-school arcade games that could be understood in seconds, but took days to master. With BioBeasts, there aren’t any timers or energy systems or social gimmicks to interrupt or limit your play that have become so common in the mobile gaming generation. You can play as much as you want, whenever you want!


Bring the THUNDER!


One of the biggest challenges new mobile games face is simply getting the word out! Fortunately, we have many tools at our disposal to extend our reach as far as possible. Did you know you can dedicate your own social media reach to support the BioBeasts game launch? It's super simple and 100% FREE:

Check out the Help Share BioBeasts campaign on ThunderClap

Select which social platforms you want to dedicate to the BioBeasts launch:

When the game is ready, we'll smash the GO button and our message will reach tons of players!

Like BioBeasts? Want to know more?

Following our development blog for the latest BioBeasts news:

BioBeasts Website

Follow @BioBeasts on Twitter:

BioBeasts Twitter

Become a fan of BioBeasts on Facebook:

BioBeasts Facebook

Watch our latest development videos:

BioBeasts Youtube

Join us on Google+:

BioBeasts Google+

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January 14, 2016

Central Station War!


At long last, next week, the highly anticipated Central Station War goes LIVE! Join the Legion or Exile forces to gain or maintain control of Central Station to win incredible prizes and secure control through the next war cycle.


Central Station has been Delta V's starting zone since Alpha, and it has been oddly calm throughout the War. Legion and Exile forces have coexisted here for many years, but that calm is finally coming to an end. This time, rather than the objective being a superweapon, it's something far more powerful: the Communications Array. This array controls the messages for all newcomes to Delta V returning from the Void or recouperating after running dangerous missions. Those who control the array will control the hearts and minds of Delta V's most vulnerable citizens!


The defenders will commandeer the Communications Array in the middle of the station and seek to destroy Propaganda Towers broadcasting unsanctioned materials, while the attackers will attempt to subvert the alignment propaganda being spewed towards newcomers with some of their own.


This war will be the final event in the current war cycle. What will happen after the Central Station War ends? The current cycle will end, but then the next cycle will start (after a brief cooldown period) and will loop back to the Dread Plains, where the former winners of that region will have to defend their region against being lost to the opposition! The next cycle will feature new prizes and incorporate all the War balance changes we added throughout the first cycle. 

Are you ready...for WAR? WAR ON!

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January 13, 2016

Help Share BioBeasts!

Did you know you can dedicate your social media reach to support the BioBeasts game launch? It's super simple:

  1. Check out the Help Share BioBeasts campaign on ThunderClap
  2. Select which social platforms you want to dedicate to the BioBeasts launch:
  3. When the game is ready, we'll smash the GO button and our message will reach tons of players!

Join our ThunderClap campaign now:

What is ThunderClap?

Thunderclap is a crowd-speaking platform that can help BioBeasts be discovered by thousands of people. For every person that dedicates their social reach to our campaign, when we press the GO button, ThunderClap will blast out a Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr post from all of us, at the same time, creating a massive wave of attention!


Gifting 2015-2016 Final Result!

This year's gifting event came to a close last week, and all the winners have been rewarded. Congratulations to all who participated! We knew gifting would be popular, but we were absolutely floored by the results this year!


Here's to an incredible 2016!

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January 06, 2016

Coming Attractions 2016


New year, new list of goals and milestones. 2015 was a hard year with a lot of late nights and steep challenges, but much was learned and accomplished, enough to prepare us to attack 2016 head-on!


AQ3D Kickstarter 200% FUNDED!


This is old news, but still fantastic! I’ll just use Cysero’s post since he put it so eloquently:

All Hail the Backer/Founders of AdventureQuest 3D!

You did it! You really did it! AdventureQuest 3D is happening!

What an incredible way to start our New Year of adventure together. Including Kickstarter ($368,503) and Paypal ($34,265), our final total is a colossal $402,768. ALSO, you have gotten AdventureQuest 3D greenlit on Steam and unlocked ALL of the posted Stretch Goals! Absolutely amazing! Way to go everyone!


Thank you!

On behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment team, thank you. This is all because of you and our amazing community. As a direct result of successful support on this campaign, we will now be able to finish building and deliver AdventureQuest 3D. Thank you for seeing the potential of this project. Most of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to build this amazing cross-platform, massively multiplayer game for you. As a Backer/Founder, we invite you to join us as we build it!



The incredible success of the AQ3D Kickstarter is an incredible opening to 2016! “Why is this good for any other game,” you ask? “How does it affect EpicDuel?” Well, Artix Entertainment is more than one product: it’s a network of games. When one game does REALLY well, the traffic to all the other games increases. This benefit extends to our mobile games, including BioBeasts, of course. If AQ3D delivers on the promises of the Kickstarter, there’s no reason it won’t be orders of magnitude more successful than AQW, which could mean a new breath of life into the legacy games as new players discover them for the first time while veterans return after many months or years away, their hearts brimming with nostalgia.


Gifting Conclusion


This week, the 2015-2016 gifting event reaches its conclusion. We had a bit of a hiccup as addressed in the previous post, but we’re still very impressed with the amount of gifting in this second iteration of the popular event. After the event concludes, we will award the prizes as soon as we are able. Keep in mind that this is a manual, not automatic, process so it will take some time to distribute the prizes.




BioBeasts is so, so very close to releasing. After many weeks of polish and overcoming technical setbacks from Unity, BioBeasts is probably as ready as a game could be to launch. We were hoping to possibly release before Christmas, but since even a company as huge as Apple takes a vacation around that time, we weren’t able to get a final build approved.


Yes, we were already approved, but if you change anything in the game, even nudging a logo or fixing a typo in the game, a new build must be submitted for launch approval. This is part of the reason it’s so difficult to put an exact launch date on mobile titles. The Android process is much easier, but we feel it’s crucial to the success of the game that we launch on iOS and Android simultaneously.

In the name of full-transparency, let me show you the final tasks remaining for BioBeasts:

  • Polish Tutorial
    • Ensure clarity in every tutorial step ( this is mostly done, there are just some minor tweaks we want to add to the tutorial which we hope will add clarity. )
  • Third-Party Integrations
    • Test Apple and Google purchase platforms
    • Test Ad integration via Unity Ads
    • Test Analytics via Unity Analytics
  • Finalize Marketing materials
    • BioBeasts Video
    • Image graphics for Google Play and Apple Store
    • Image graphics for AE network
  • Launch and play final beta testing build!
  • Hit the big red submit button!


Central Station War

The Central Station War is still coming later this month, as Legion and Exile collide once again in Delta V’s classic starting zone. The defenders will commandeer the communications array in the middle of the station and seek to destroy Propaganda Towers broadcasting unsanctioned materials, while the attackers will attempt to subvert the alignment propaganda being spewed towards newcomers with some of their own.


What Comes Next?

After the launch of BioBeasts, we expect a few content updates to add a few “wish list” features and implement the inevitable, but hopefully minimal, bug fixes. We will do everything we can to promote it through every channel available to us so that will consume much of our time immediately after launch. What happens after that depends greatly on the success of the game. We have plenty of ideas from the testers and in-house to potentially expand the scope and depth of the game if it really takes off.

As for EpicDuel, we are continuing development as planned. Our Guest Team is actively conceptualizing future events, writing new mission chains, reorganizing existing content, and preparing to launch a new War. New Years and Heartbreaker gear will also return as planned.

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January 04, 2016

Gifting Event Update

Greeting EpicDuelists! How was your holiday?

Our gifting event has inspiring tremendous generosity from our playerbase. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens with contests with high stakes, certain participants will do whatever it takes to win. If you’re glued to the leaderboard, you will notice a change in the next hour. Thanks to research from the Help Team, we determined that several players were taking advantage of a third party exploit to earn Artix Points. This exploit has been patched, but not before the players climbed the gifting leaderboard. Since a prize as lofty as Alpha Gear is at stake, specifically my Alpha Gear, the players who participated in this exploit will have their achievements deleted and thus be removed from the gifting leaderboard.

We discussed a proper course of action for quite awhile today and didn’t arrive at this decision lightly; we didn’t want to disrupt the contest, but we also didn’t want to award prizes to players who used an exploit to gain an advantage. Those who are punished will still be able to gift and receive gifts for the remainder of the event, but with all current gifting progress will be reset to 0.

Remember, if an offer sounds to good to be true, it probably is. NEVER share your account information, and NEVER use off site services not supported or verified by AE!

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