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January 22, 2016

Patch Notes - 1.6.58



  • Central Station War
    • Defense use CS Bombs against Broadcast Towers to maintain the COMMS Hub
    • Offense use Broadcast Boosters on Broadcast Towers to hijack COMMS Hub
    • Prize CSPF Cruiser
  • Previous War Prizes set to RARE
    • Fortune Battlegear P/E
    • Pirate Captain Armor
    • Overlord Guard Armor
    • Armor Hazard Husk
    • Chaos Juggernaut Armor
    • Wasteland Runner Armor
    • Arctic Guard Armor
    • Infernal Maw Cannon P
    • Dread Battlegear P/E

Balance Changes:

  • War Balance Changes
    • Increase super war item drop rate to 20%
    • Remove war rally damage increase
    • Increase war rally drop rate bonus to 15%
    • Increased the price of super war bomb to 195 Varium
    • No Varium Price on War Commander Core
Bug Fixes:
  • Merged Dragonoid battle issue



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