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January 14, 2016

Central Station War!


At long last, next week, the highly anticipated Central Station War goes LIVE! Join the Legion or Exile forces to gain or maintain control of Central Station to win incredible prizes and secure control through the next war cycle.


Central Station has been Delta V's starting zone since Alpha, and it has been oddly calm throughout the War. Legion and Exile forces have coexisted here for many years, but that calm is finally coming to an end. This time, rather than the objective being a superweapon, it's something far more powerful: the Communications Array. This array controls the messages for all newcomes to Delta V returning from the Void or recouperating after running dangerous missions. Those who control the array will control the hearts and minds of Delta V's most vulnerable citizens!


The defenders will commandeer the Communications Array in the middle of the station and seek to destroy Propaganda Towers broadcasting unsanctioned materials, while the attackers will attempt to subvert the alignment propaganda being spewed towards newcomers with some of their own.


This war will be the final event in the current war cycle. What will happen after the Central Station War ends? The current cycle will end, but then the next cycle will start (after a brief cooldown period) and will loop back to the Dread Plains, where the former winners of that region will have to defend their region against being lost to the opposition! The next cycle will feature new prizes and incorporate all the War balance changes we added throughout the first cycle. 

Are you ready...for WAR? WAR ON!



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