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July 31, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.51


  • New mission chain: Ode to the Oathbreaker
    • Taken
    • Asking for Directions
    • Dead End
    • Desperate Search 
    • An Unexpected Revelation
  • New NPC Seth Juron in the Infernal Mines
    • Challenge and defeat this new 2v1 boss for an achievement!
    • 2 new drops: Arcturus and Kutsal Ant
  • Seth Juron Showcase Shop
    • Armors
      • Oathbreaker Suit M
      • Oathbreaker Suit F
    • Sidearms
      • Oathkeeper Blaster P
      • Oathkeeper Blaster E
    • Auxiliaries
      • Oathbreaker Cannon P
      • Oathbreaker Cannon E
      • Oathkeeper Bazooka P
      • Oathkeeper Bazooka E
      • Nano Annihilator Cannon P
      • Nano Annihilator Cannon E
    • Mutating
      • Nano Annihilator P
      • Nano Annihilator E
    • Swords
      • Nano Slayer P
      • Nano Slayer E
      • Oathstone Slayer P
      • Oathstone Slayer E
      • Naval Oathblade P
      • Naval Oathblade E
      • Desire of the Hatred P
      • Desire of the Hatred E
      • Oathsaber P
      • Oathsaber E
      • Sacramentum
      • Juramentum
    • Wrist Blades
      • Oathstone Claws P
      • Oathstone Claws E
    • Clubs
      • Oathstone Axe P
      • Oathstone Axe E
    • Staffs
      • Oathstone Staff P
      • Oathstone Staff E
    • Bike
      • Oathbreaker's Motorbike


  • Fireball
    • Now applies a 1 turn debuff that lowers target’s defense and resistance from (unbuffed) stats and armor by 5%
  • Atom Smasher
    • Now drains energy as a percentage of primary weapon damage, instead of total primary damage
    • Energy Drain: 52-79% → 48-75%
    • Now gains +1% drain per 8 Strength
  • Static Smash
    • Now drains energy as a percentage of primary weapon damage, instead of total primary damage
    • Now scales +1% drain per 8 Strength
    • 75% energy absorb remains unchanged
  • Stun Grenade
    • Damage: 185-320 → 195-330
    • Level scale: +1 damage per 0.44 levels → 0.4 levels (increased damage at level 40)
  • Overload
    • Damage: 170-350 → 180 → 360
    • Level scale: +1 damage per 0.44 levels → 0.4 levels (increased damage at level 40)
  • Plasma Grenade
    • Damage: 160-340 → 170-350
    • Level scale: +1 damage per 0.44 levels → 0.4 levels (increased damage at level 40)
  • Improbability Gate
    • Description now mentions the 400 damage cap to high health NPCs (functionality unchanged)


  • Icy Chill and Ebil Crusher were not working correctly on their respective NPCs
  • Field Medic was adding your own Medical Mastery values when viewing other player’s Field Medic skill.

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July 30, 2015

Ode to the Oathbreaker


Seth Juron, the Oathbreaker, is finally making an appearance in the depths of Delta V. This blind warrior travelled far in pursuit of his kidnapped daughter. Can you help him solve the mystery of her disappearance and atone for his past? Will you discover how he got his title: Oathbreaker?


Meet him deep within the Infernal Mines to being his new chain of missions. You'll need your wits about you as well as a capable friend for the final challenge:


A 2v1 battle against Seth Juron himself! He will not be easy, so prepare yourself for a fight! I know I say that every time, but maybe we'll finally stump the hardcore players with this moveset (at least for the weekend)!


Many other artists and helped collaborate on this release. Seth Juron, Theon, Bido, and Gabriel assisted with content while Silver Sky Magician crafted the missions! This release is packed with content so we hope you enjoy it!


The Dragonoid Returns


Something stirs in the darkness around Delta V. Dravax has been quitely sulking since his massive defeat years ago...or has he been planning? 

All will be revealed in a few weeks when the new saga begins!


Undead Assault!

Coming very soon to a mobile device near you (so close it's in your pocket!), Artix Entertainment is proud to present our latest mobile game: Undead Assault!


Control Artix himself in a classic battle against an endless horde of skeletons, ogres, and mages! What? You didn't know about Undead Assault? You can keep track of the latest info, including release details through Twitter and Facebook! The undead will never know what hit them!



We are also planning several balance improvements to improve battle fairness. More details will follow in the patch notes after all the details are tested and confirmed.

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July 23, 2015

Titan's Gear Returns


This Friday, prepare for the return of Titan's Gear! Celebrate the birth this mighty programming, cheeseburger eating, deity with his seasonal rare stock available from his Frysteland dwelling. Mmmmmmm...bacon cheeseburgers...


Seth Juron Preview

Next week, Seth Juron, Guest Artist, joins the party on Delta V, bringing his own unique wares to the game.




He has ton of content planned to go live, including missions, achievements, armors, and more!


New Guest Artist: Valoroth

Please welcome the latest addition to the Guest Artist team Valoroth! Be sure to follow his Twitter and give a friendly "hello" if you see him in-game!

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July 17, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.50


  • Search for the Yutilian Shards mission group
    • Search for the Primo Shard
    • Search for the Secondo Shard
    • Search for the Terzo Shard
    • A Good Beatin’!
    • A Bounty Well Deserved!
  • New NPC: Theon of Odosius
  • NPC Drops
    • Theon's Gauss Rifle P
    • Theon's Gauss Rifle E
  • New Theon Slayer Achievement
  • Theon’s Shop
    • Bloodseeker (Armor)
    • Crimson Piercer
    • Cerulean Piercer
    • Blade of Aurac 2 P
    • Blade of Aurac 2 E
    • Archfiend's Bloodlust
    • Archfiend's Vengeance
    • Q-I Blaster P
    • Q-I Blaster E
    • Theon's Cannon P
    • Theon's Cannon E
    • Theon's Scimitar P
    • Theon's Scimitar E
    • Theon's Gauss Blaster P
    • Theon's Gauss Blaster E
  • New NPC: Noragh
    • Noragh’s Head Achievement
    • Drops Noragh’s Husk
    • Noragh’s Head Trophy Unlocks new shop
      • Yutilian Shard Set P
      • Yutilian Shard Set E
      • Deity Blades P
      • Deity Blades E
      • Deity Mace P
      • Deity Mace E
      • Deity Staff P
      • Deity Staff E
      • Guardian Husk
  • New Home Item
    • Yutilian Spire Bank
  • 6 New Noragh Hairstyles


  • Primary Damage
    • Diminishing returns lowered from 0.85 to 0.8 at high amounts of Strength
  • Stuns no longer prevent blocks and deflections
  • Overload
    • Stat scaling: Dex → Support
    • Stat scaling: 0.4 → 0.45
    • Base stun chance: 30% → 25%
  • Stun Grenade
    • Base stun chance: 30% → 25%
  • Plasma Grenade
    • Base stun chance: 30% → 25%
  • Double Strike
    • Energy cost: Reduced by 10 at all levels
  • Fireball
    • Energy cost: Reduced by 10 at all levels
  • Cheap Shot
    • Defense Ignore: 9-36% → 13-40%
  • Azrael’s Borg
    • Heart Attack damage: 60% → 70%
  • Bio Borg
    • Spirit Thorns duration: 3 → 4 turns
  • Assault Bot
    • Cleanse: Now also reduces poison damage by 70%
  • Energy Storm
    • Energy cost: 0
    • Energy drain: 25% → 20% of strike damage
  • Energy Shot
    • Energy cost: 0
    • Energy drain: 25% → 20% of gun damage


  • No longer staring at Deuce's tummy while talking to him
  • Typos destroyed

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July 15, 2015

Theon of Odosius


This Friday, meet Theon of Odosius. This notorious treasure hunter has scoured Delta V searching for the lost Yutilian Shards and fears they have already fallen into the hands of some of the planet's most powerful individuals! Can you collect the Shards and unlock the mysterious Yutilian treasure? Join us for this latest artist's showcase event featuring work from Theo and Hatred Cuirass!


You'll find Theon in the Infernal Mines next to an inert Yutilian Spire. Once all the Yutilian Shards are collected, the treasure will unlock!


If Theon is feeling generous, maybe he'll let you take a cut of the treasure for your troubles!


If not, you may need to...persuade him.


Noragh the Beast Guardian

Legends abound of a great power that guards the treasure and can only be summoned once the Shards are gathered.


You can face this nemesis of Theon to unlock the Yutilian treasures by claiming the Noragh's Head Trophy drop! You can also collect other extraordinary drops by defeating him!


This release will feature at least 2 new color custom armors, Noragh's Husk and the Guardian Husk mutating armor! Coordinate the armors with 6 new styles!


Slay the Bosses


This update will also feature 2 new achievements for defeating Noragh and Theon! Onward to those RED stars!

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July 10, 2015

Theon Showcase Preview


Next week, prepare to meet Theon of Odosius, a treasure hunter who traveled many lightyears in search of Yutilian Shards. These shards will allow him to unlock legendary treasures...if he gets to them first! There is another who seeks the shards, Norgah: The Beast Gaurdian!


Being a resourceful and experienced treasure hunter, Theon has arrived on Delta V fully equipped with some impressive wares of his own! He will be more than willing to part with them for a fair price, and perhaps some assistance in procuring the notorious shards.

Blood Shards, Void Shards, Heart Shards...Delta V is an interesting place to be a rock collector. Sorry, MINERALS. They're minerals.


Dragonoid’s Return

Remember, that in addition to the launch of BioBeasts, there are big, BIG things coming to Delta V this summer. Check out this preview post written by Ranloth to set the stage for our next epic event!

As the sun set in the Barrens, you could just about see the moon on the horizon. The nights are often cold, followed by a heatwave during the day - says a lot about deserts. Everyone minds their own business, and that  dwarf Mirv is still looming over my head. Pathetic. No technology made by the likes of him can accurately trace my actions. They are still under impression of me sitting idly; just waiting for my day to come.

When the sun set, I focused my energy into the shard. The search for him continued and I found something. A trace of energy, familiar one at that and I knew - I knew it was him. He has finally answered my prayers!

"Master?" - muttered Dravax - "I have been awaiting your return. Three long years. After your heart was stolen, I was lost--"

"Silence, you fool!" - replied the voice - "Have you any idea what your insolence has caused!?"

The voice was but in my mind. I was the only one he could speak to - due to the power bestowed upon me from the shard.

"She will pay for this. Char of Mer’a mustn't be spared. The orders of ShadowScythe are absolute! Her universe is no more, and we cannot allow her to roam free here - as long her human energy resides in this world, we cannot escape from this planet. We will use her to change that."

A long pause. For a brief moment, I stopped sensing his energy but he does not give up - Master would never give up. Then he spoke to me again;

"You are worthy of a praise however, for turning the Pirates against Delta V and Big Tuna herself. Not everything went according to the plan, but disabling the barrier around the planet should be much easier now - we should be able to activate the turrets in the Naval Yard with ease. Has anyone suspected you at all, Dravax?"

"No, they did not. Everyone believes Kartherax acted of his own accord, but something as trivial as a Kathool spawn, takes little effort to control."

"Excellent. Finish all the preparations for my return, and in the meantime, I will gather even more energy. Soon, Char will be no more."

"Before you go, Master; can we really open the portal to Kathool's--"

The final hour of reckoning approaches. The Dragonoid will return, and all on this miserable rock will pay for denying him his prey!

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July 02, 2015

Dawn of Delta V


M4tr1x, the sentient AI interface that inhabits the Overlord Facility, is fully online and ready for battle! Complete her tasks to learn more of the storied past of Delta V, including Baelius' rise to power (missions written by Ranloth). Challenge her Legendary form for a new Legendary Boss achievement and a M4tr1x Token that can be used to access her shop with great new items crafted by Hatred Cuirass!


Be warned: she possesses the combined battle data of a billion battles so she won't be a pushover!

Visit the style shop to try on some new CC M4tr1x styles! The hair is so luxurious! What's a good conditioner for hair tentacles?


Rares Return


Independence Day rares have reappeared on the Overlord Guard in the Overlord Facility. The Independence Day Achievement is also available form the Achievement Shop!


Power Weekend!


Since this weekend is a holiday weekend for many of our players in the USA, it's time for another EpicDuel Power Weekend! Get double experience and credits all weekend long! This is a great way to build Legendary ranks quickly and dominate your foes. This will be especially useful if rain puts a damper on your BBQ and fireworks-related plans this weekend.


Bot Busting

Bots have been a problem for awhile in EpicDuel, and with this release, we are implementing a countermeasure to remove the incentive for botting. This countermeasure will also flag botters in our database so we will be able to track who is using bots and how often they do it. We want battles to be fun and fair for everyone, and botting disrupts that fun both for the botter and for anyone who encounters a bot. Hopefully, this feature will make EpicDuel dueling a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

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