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November 13, 2014

Frozen Fury MMO Event Preview

The War Escalates

The War for the Biological Preserve is well underway and it's still too close to call. The Exiles have a slight lead, having already taken out a Legion Purifier. Remember, with scores as close as they are now, every player can make a difference! Everyone receives war drops just for participating in PvP battles so be sure to use them well! 


Artix Anniversary Event Wrapup!

Monday, November 17th we will be removing the Coffee Crusader mission chain PERMANENTLY. This means that the Omni Knight Blade and Titan's Mug will be rare, much like the anniversary weapons and achievements that came before. If you still haven't completed the Coffee Crusader mission chain, there's still time! Those who already have Titan's Mug can take their time redeeming the Mug for the rare achievement in Caffeine Crash mission chain.

Epic 2d browser mmo item in game anniversary event Titans Mug

If you wish to refresh your memory about the Artix 12th Anniversary Event, you can read more about the Anniversary Event here!


New Home for the Holidays!

Nestled in the Frysteland Wilderness, these Frysteland Yurts will be available on Monday through a small update.

Winter refuge

Winter refuge

This modest home will be the basis for an upcoming contest. More details about that will be unveiled at a later time.


Frozen Fury

The cold winds of Frysteland are chilling all of Delta V, and that can only mean one thing...an EPIC Winter Event! We're already hard at work to make this upcoming event one to remember!

Revenge is a dish best served frozen.

For years, Frysteland has been the focus of Legion and Exile conflict, with the region's control in flux over the years. Alydriah has never forgiven Legion Commander Edgar Boothe for his lack of devotion to her ideals of discipline (i.e. refusing to order public executions for littering). Boothe may feel a soft spot for his native Krampus people, but he believes firmly that the benefits of Legion order and technological progress can enhance their lives immesurably. Alydriah won't let this perceived mercy go unpunished, but the ever-watchful Endless has stayed her cybernetic hand...until now.

New trophies await the bold and victorious

Insane treasures await you in the coming months as EpicDuel prepares for its biggest event in ages! Prepare for Frozen Fury!

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November 07, 2014

Birthday Bio War Rumble

Rumble in the BioDome!

The time has come...FOR WAR...and cake. Cake? That's right. Today, we're excited to launch a new war region, the Biological Preserve, in addition to Nightwraith's birthday stash of rare loot.

Biological Preserve War Map

The Biological Preserve is the last bastion for all that is green and growing on Delta V, and it is being used as a weapon by those occupying the region. By using Davarril's research on mind-controlling Spores, Exiles have engineered a massive tree to become a spore-launching factory, spreading spores throughout the region. 


The Legion, under the watch of Cinderella, are attempting to stop this threat with Purifiers. These devices launch spores to counteract the Corruption Spores launched by the Corrupted Tree.

Purifier Closeup

Exiles will attempt to use this to their advantage by planting Corruption Spore on the Purifiers, infesting them and turning them into Corruption Spore factories.

Corrupted Tree

The only way to stop the spread of the spores is to cleanse the Corrupted Tree. When it is fully cleansed, the Legion will take control of the Biological Preserve. If the Exiles prevail and infest the Purifiers, the region will fall fully under Exile control. 

War in the Forest

Davarril has been moved one screen to the left of the Corrupted Tree. You'll find him next to the Ammunition Depot stocked with war drops. Davarril's mind still isn't right from the Arborgeddon event so he won't be much help to you.

Armor Hazard Husk

This war's prize is a mighty one indeed! Claws and teeth and hardened-bone armor await the conquerers of the Biological Preserve!

Close Up!

We've also added some small changes to the War balancing mechanics, specifically to prevent War Rallies from occuring when both alignments are within 1% of each other. Also, rallies will not happen when the war is nearly over. This should provide clarity to those confused by the outcome of the last war.

Now, go forth my Legion and Exile warriors! Claim the Biological Preserve for glory! But first...


Nightwraith's Birthday Bash

Birthday Party Time!

Happy Birthday to me! Well, it's still a bit early, but why not? Everyone loves cake! 

Nightwraith's Birthday Loot

Also, everyone loves new stuff! Remember, you'll need the OneX6 Key to access my stash in the ArmoryBot. You can either claim it from me by completing the OneX6 4 mission or just buy it from me if you're the impatient type. This year, I've stolen NegaWraith's (that IMPOSTER) armor to sell at my own shop. Haha! I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees my minions clad in his precious power armor!

Nightwraith's Terrifying Visage

Be sure to kick him in the shin if you find him in Fortune City skulking around the Battle Arena.

Also, there are new and returning missions ready to play! The Party Business mission chain has returned with a new mission, and Titan has a new chain Caffeine Crash to complement the Coffee Crusader chain. This chain will allow you to redeem Titan's Mug for a rare Achievement!


Titan's Trinket

Titan's Mug

Some have been asking about the Titan's Mug item from the Artix Entertainment 12th anniversary event. Here's what will happen:

  • The Coffee Crusader mission chain will go rare at the end of November.
  • Those with the Titan's Mug item can complete the Coffeine Crash chain to redeem the mug for an achievement!
  • The achievement will be rare because it will not be possible to get the mug if you missed the event, similar to previous anniversary achievements.
  • You may keep the mug if you wish, but you miss out on all those sweet, sweet rating points.

Got it? You've got until the end of November to complete these missions and claim your prize!


Have a safe and happy weekend everyone! Duel On!

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October 31, 2014

Halloween Harvest of Horror


This week, in EpicDuel, we've released a horrific harvest of terrifying yet tantalizing gear.




The dead are restless this Halloween, and they wish to rejoin the battlefield! These Coffinzookas were inspired by the work of Reki, who submitted them as a suggestion years ago. Better late than never? I'm happy I was finally able to squeeze them in this year, and I hope they were worth the wait. 


These beastly bazookas are available for a limited time at Snork!


Paladin Armor!


Ever wanted to dress like Artix in EpicDuel? Now, thanks to G00ny, you'll have your chance to adorn yourself in classic Paladin armor! Visit Titan, who clearly ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe to claim the armor from Lore, to check it out!


Now you'll be able to take on the undead...if they ever show up in EpicDuel.


Bone Hazard Ahead


Yikes! That's kind of like an undead. Stop at Snork to pick up the limited quantity season Bone Hazard Armor!


Power Weekend!


After you're done collecting candy and partying off the sugar rush, hop into EpicDuel for Power Weekend! That means double XP and Credits all weekend! All you need to do to get this advantage is to log in and play!


Winter Preview


We're hard at work on this year's epic Winter release. We can't release too many details yet, but it will be guaranteed to be an event to remember!


And now, a special message from Artix about some amazing new cloth armor available from HeroMart!

Armor T-Shirt Pre-Orders Open

Pre-Order at HeroMart.com to guarantee yours

Hiya guys! We found a way to get these amazing wrap-around armor T-shirts created. The process to create them is complicated and pretty expensive so we cannot just order a bunch of them like we usually do.  So, if you want to get your hands on a 1st Edition Paladin or Legion  Armor T-Shirt, lock in your pre-order at HeroMart now!



Real-life Undead Legion armor

You have until production starts (We are estimating around November 25th-ish, Thanksgiving) to place your order and guarantee that you will get your shirt. We are going to produce all of the pre-orders at once and then ship in December.  

Includes exclusive items for AQWorlds!

Each shirt comes with an awesome weapon and half of the "Legion Paladin" class. Combine both halves to create the full class in AdventureQuest Worlds! Themed after the shirts... we merged Artix's Paladin armor and Dage's Paragon armor together into a horrifying and powerful new class. 

Get both shirts to unlock the Class!

  • Get the Legion Light of Destiny when you buy the Legion Armor T-Shirt
  • Get the Purified Caladbolg Sword when you buy the Paladin Armor T-Shirt
  • Get the Legion Paladin CLASS when you buy both T-shirts


Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


Trick-or-Treat On!

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October 24, 2014

Huge Harvest

New Harvest 2014

We've fully knocked the safety valves off the pumpkin spice pipeline to flood EpicDuel with a deluge of harvest weapons created by our amazingly talented Guest Artists.

Snork Shop

Visit Snork in the Wasteland Minetower for his impressive inventory of spooky seasonal rares created by Bidoof, Vultex, Overlord Drekon, and Assassin Order.

Soul Binder

Cut through hordes of ghouls with the Soul Binder mutating sets!

Zombie Destroyers

Blast armies of the dead with futuristic shotguns and bazookas!

Pumpkin Annihilator

Unleash pumpkin fury with the Pumpkin Annihilator!


There is so much content in this release, I'm just going to list all the items here. They are all available NOW at Snork (lower floor of the Wasteland Minetower). The mutating items are limited quantity so you'd better be quick!


Mutating Items

  • Harvest Wrecker P/E
  • Soul Binder P/E


  • Harvest Wrecker Blade P/E
  • Soul Binder Sword P/E
  • Resounding Carnage P/E
  • Zombie Slayer P/E


  • Zombie Blaster P/E


  • Pumpkin Annihilator P/E
  • Zombie Devastator P/E


Harvest Missions

After you've browsed the Snork's shop, you may find yourself with a serious Credit deficit. We've got you covered! Help Hank scare up some business or secure a Frysteland trade route for the Krampus in two new mission chains: Hank's Harvest and Frozen Harvest! These missions offer some incredible Credit, Arcade Token, and items rewards! Our writers Trans and OWA worked hard to make them as enjoyable and rewarding as possible! 


Spooky Styles


2046808 created this...I don't even know what, but it's terrifying. Equip it and scare the life out of your opponents with this profoundly disturbing style. Just don't get any dirt in it. That could be irritating.


Join us next week on Halloween for even more deranged content!

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October 17, 2014

Dage's Deathrider

Dage's Deathrider

Tear up the roads of Delta V with Dage's Deathrider bike! This bike is a limited quantity item and is only available at Dage the Evil's Delta V avatar located in the Wasteland Minetower. Find him quickly before his insidious inventory is depleted!




Harvest Styles 2014


Get spoopy with 12 new styles designed by Bidoof!


Bug Fixes

To improve stability, we've taken steps to prevent the down-time we experienced last weekend. We also fixed a bug that prevented players from saving their home layouts!


Incoming Harvest

Harvest Set

This is just a taste of what is to come -- we're still hard at work on the Harvest 2014 event in EpicDuel which will feature new weapons, armors, mission, and home items for all to enjoy!

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October 14, 2014

Omni Knight Guide

The Curse of the Phantom Pixel: 12th Anniversary Event!

DING! Artix Entertainment just leveled up! Thank you so much for being with us as we celebrate our 12th anniversary with special events happening in 7 of your favorite MMOs and RPGs. Complete "The Curse of the Phantom Pixel" event to unlock...

Curse of the Phantom Pixel

AdventureQuest Worlds

Quest to recover 7 of the 13 cursed artifacts in AQWorlds:

  • Death’s Cursed Hourglass 
  • Cysero’s Doom Sock 
  • Unholy Wasabi 
  • Cursed Chickencow Claw 
  • Zorbak’s Haunted Skull 
  • Dragon Khan’s Corrupt Scepter 
  • Sir Ver’s Cursed Power Button

Once you have recovered all 7, talk to Artix to merge them into the Omni Artifact!

Epic Duel 

Battle through Delta V to recover Titan's Coffee Mug!

  • Battle opponents in 1v1 and 2v2 matches, scour the frozen tundra of Frysteland and the barren Wasteland, then take on the boss to gather the shards of Titan's cosmic coffee mug!


Artix has been cursed, and is stalking the wilds with the ShadowFire Axe of Curses!

  • Use the Battle Monsters button to hunt for Artix and the ShadowFire Axe of Curses!
  • Defeat him to unlock a shop to get the Axe for yourself!


Capture Thok with the Cursed Phoenix Blade... if you DARE!

  • Battle, defeat, and possess Thok and his Cursed Phoenix Blade using the Battle Monsters button!


Enter the Wastelands to find a scrap of the Mysterious Necromancer's cloak!

  • Look in your Book of Lore to find directions to the Wasteland.
  • Complete the quest there to find the cloak!


The 12th anniversary event is heating up... and so is Hottica's zone!

  • Head to Hottica's zone and battle the Igneos, Rhyolite, Dacite, and Andesite monsters for a chance to find Hottica's Cursed Shield!


The Cursed Tape Reappears... will you watch?

  • Work with River to secure the tape before EbilCorp gets their hands on it!
  • Complete the quest to unlock the Cursed Mod Tape!

The Ultimate Prize: the OmniKnight Blade!

Collecting the 13 artifacts and undoing the curse is a quest for the OmniKnights, our bravest players who play multiple AE games. This is not a quest for the faint of heart… but once complete, you will unlock the OmniKnight Blade in ALL 7 of our games! Read on to see what you'll need to do in each of our games to unlock the Blade!

After you've recovered all the artifacts listed above:

Head to the Portal Site and log into your Master Account. 
Go to the Quests tab to check your event progress. You are looking for 7 green checkmarks. If a game is not checked off, you have not found the artifact in that game. 

If you DO have all 7 checkmarks, you'll see a box appear saying"Congratulations! You have found all the cursed artifacts!"

Click the link that says "Click here to get your prizes!" and you will go to your Achievements tab. You should see "Artix Entertainment 12th Birthday Event" achievement under "What's New?"

Click that to get your prize code, then go to the "Redeem Codes" page to unlock the OmniKnight Blade in each game! 

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October 10, 2014

Curse of the Phantom Pixel

Curse of the Phantom Pixel

If you didn't already know, this is the 12th Anniversary of Artix Entertainment. We're celebrating with a company-wide event spanning all 7 games! Dead pixels are dreaded by designers everywhere -- even one dead pixel in a sea of millions is enough to drive an artist mad! Tonight, this bane can be your bounty as you collect 7 cursed items scattered across our games!

Be sure to check Artix.com to track the releases as they go live! Will you be the first to defeat the curse and claim your ultimate prize?

These games, including EpicDuel, would not be possible without your constant support and input! We are eternally grateful for all of your love and generosity through the years to allow us to continue to build new experiences for you every week!

Next year is our 13th anniversary? Woah! We're going to need to plan twice as hard to make that event even more awesome than this one! Here's to at least 12 more years -- when you can absorb weekly game updates through your neural spore hivemind uplink! Juicy!

Battle On and Duel On!

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October 09, 2014

Artix Entertainment 12th Anniversary

Anniversary Event

This Friday we are pleased to celebrate Artix Entertainment's 12th anniversary! We're celebrating with a massive multi-game-spanning event! In each game, you'll need to collect a special cursed artifact. In EpicDuel, that artifact is Titan's Mug. However, you mission will not be so easy as to collect a simple piece of kitchenware. Titan's Mug has been shattered and scattered across Delta V!

Shattered Mug

You don't mess with a mortal's coffee, and that is doubly true for gods. Assemble a Titan's cosmic coffee mug to appease the deity and receive your rewards!

Expect us to release tomorrow around 4 PM EST!


Legion Victory!

The Naval Yard War is over, and the Legion forces have finally prevailed by maintaining control of the Pirate Flagship. Could this be a turning point in the overall alignment conflict? We'll know for sure when the next regional war goes live in the next few weeks.

Legion Wins!

This was a very hard-fought and very close war, and the prizes were well-earned. We look forward to seeing how the next regional wars unfold in the future!


Harvest Time!

Let the spice flow -- PUMPKIN SPICE! Celebrate Fall and the Harvest Festival in EpicDuel with the return of seasonal Harvest items and missions!

Harvest Husk

Cardboard Armor

These awesome items are available NOW at Snork! Be sure to pay him a visit in his Minetower basement lair. He gets so lonely down there!


Remeber, the Harvest Reaper and Spectral Reaper mutating items come equipped with the Jack-O-Fire core! Make it rain with a lethal shower of exploding pumpkins!

Harvest Home Items

Speaking of pumpkins -- decorate you home with the myriad fall styles already available from the Home Item shop!

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October 03, 2014

Waves of Wrath Aftermath

The Hunt Begins!

You may have defeated the pirates, but there's still loot to be had! Experience a new supplemental mission chain from Ishmael the Treasure Hunter to unearth the Naval Yard's hidden bounty!


The War Continues!
Ongoing War
After one week the Naval Yard war is still underway and at this point both sides look to have an equal chance of seizing control. I mean...the winner gets a whole pirate ship! How awesome is that? Also, the top prize is a fully color custom version of Captain Shoggoth's armor! Awesome!


Saber Sword Giveaway!
Saber Sword Giveaway!
Follow us on Twitter? There's a better reason than ever because we'll be issuing new codes from Twitter offering an array of Saber Swords over the weekend and throughout the week! Can you collect all the colors? There are 18 in total so you'll need to be quick!

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September 26, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.26


  • Waves of Wrath Part 3
    • 35 new Naval/Pirate home items
    • 24 new hairstyles
    • Challengeable Captain Shoggoth
      • New boss achievement!
    • Challengeable Kartherax
      • New boss achievement!
    • New Items
      • Tuna’s Noisemaker (P/E gun)
      • Agony’s Sorrow (P/E aux)
      • Kartherax’s Blaster (P/E gun)
      • Kartherax’s Annihilator (P/E aux)
      • Rotten Cutlass (P/E sword)
      • Wrath Blade (P/E sword)
      • Potato mutation
    • West Naval Yard War Live
      • Attackers collect Naval Shells to attack Pirate Flagship
      • Defenders collect Naval Bombs to attack Naval Turrets
      • New war prize (Pirate Captain Armor)
    • Unsellable mission items and weapons now sellable:
      • Battlesuit Parts
      • Battlesuit Plans
      • Battlesuit Program
      • Blown Gasket
      • Boothe’s Badge
      • Botanical Key
      • Bribe Money
      • Bribe Money Receipt
      • Can of Magic
      • Carrots
      • Cindy’s Package
      • Crystalline Fire
      • Cyanide Capsule
      • Dragonoid Claw
      • Egg Sack B
      • Elite Yeti Horn
      • Equipment Pack
      • Fish Combo
      • Ingredients Packet
      • Krampus Crown
      • Krampus Totem
      • Mer’a Artifact
      • Override Chip
      • Screwdriver
      • Spare Parts
      • Strategy Document
      • Super Yeti Bait
      • The Lawman’s Hat
      • Turret Access Card
      • Yeti Cure
      • Dark Heart Key
      • Old Fortune City Key
      • Platinum Pulverizer
      • Classic Armor
    • Added improved messaging on disabled NPC challenge buttons indicating why you are currently unable to fight a given NPC
    • Transcendence and Immanence now require completion of the mission ‘Dark Hearts’ to travel to the throne room instead of the Dark Heart Key.

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September 25, 2014

Waves of Wrath Finale

Waves of Wrath Part 3

The terrors of the deep finally surface in the West Naval Yard! Join the forces of good to make a final stand against Captain Shoggoth's armada of nefarious pirates and stop the mysterious beast he plans on unleashing upon Delta V!

The Guest Artists and Writers outdid themselves once again with this release, allowing us to not only introduce a mission chain complete with boss battles, but also open the next war region!


Boss Bonanza


In addition to great mission loot including exclusive item, you'll also have the opportunity to battle not one, but TWO new bosses with collectible achievements! Can you take down Captain Shoggoth and his mysterious beast from the depths?

Special thanks are due to Korin of MechQuest fame for his help in animating the Kartherax boss.


New Kartherax Gear

 Kartherax Gear Part 2

To take down this new menace, you'll need the best gear possible -- complement your Kartherax gear with Kartherax-themed sidearms and auxiliaries!


Prepare for War!

Naval Yard War Begins

With so many Legion and Exile forces converging in one area, war is inevitable. The West Naval Yard with become the latest flashpoint in the ongoing alignment War. Battle for dominance and new prizes as soon as the update goes live!

War Summary

With Shoggoth's forces spread across the Naval Yard Legion forces have taken the opportunity to commandeer the Pirate Flagship.

Naval Entrance

Obviously, this could be very bad for Exiles, so they'll use Naval Shells to bombard the ship from turrets located around the Naval Yard. 

New War Drops

Legion forces on the shore can take out the turrets with Naval Bombs.

Naval Yard Ammo Depot

Pick up Super Naval Shell and Super Naval Bombs at the Ammo Depot located right of Big Tuna.

Pirate Captain

Score enough influence in this conflict, and you'll have the opportunity to receive the exclusive Pirate Captain Armor (mutating). The Wrath Blades pictured will be available on Thalyssa in the Naval Yard.


More Styles

Naval Styles

Dress your best for the high seas with 24 news styles!


Bounty of the Seas!

New Loot!

Visit Big Tuna and Thalyssa for crazy new nautical items created by the Guest Artist Team!


Home Item Blowout!

Home Items

Deck out your cabin with the finest nautical decor with over 30 new home items! Finally, you'll have a chance to claim the infamous Oyster Bunny!


All that and more are coming to EpicDuel tomorrow! Prepare for yet another Epic release!

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September 19, 2014

Waves of Wrath Gear

Waves of Wrath Story Begins!

The Quest Begins!

New Zones!

There's big trouble in the Naval Yard! Talk to Big Tuna to find the cause of the mysterious events surrounding the arrival of villainous pirates and horrific, mutant squid beasts! Big prizes await those brave enough to explore the depths of this dark, aquatic tale. Can your mind handles the horrors of the deep? Best not go venturing into the abyss ill-equipped!

Special thanks go to Cinderella, Trans, and One Winged Angel who collaborated to make this tale one to remember! Additional thanks goes out to all of our GAs: Vorzathiel, Hatred Cuirass, Vultex, Assassin Order, Bidoof, Tomcat, SarpDV, and Overlord Drekon. A release this epic would not have been possible without you! If you're interested in joining, this is a good place to start.


Waves of Wrath Gear

Waves of Wrath Gear
Today, we're unveiling not one but TWO Waves of Wrath promotional packages. For a limited time, get Kartherax's Darkspawn bot, Kartherax's Reaper scythe, and Kartherax's Destroyer mutating weapon in either physical or energy flavors! 

You can also visit Thalyssa for new wares

Waves of Wrath Cores
The bots come with the Curse of Kartherax core that replaces the target's primary weapon with useless fish. The mutating weapon and scythe come with the Deep Plague core which infests a target with lethal spores harvested from the darkest depths. The volatile spore grow in power until they're detonated with another strike from the attacker.

These are some of the most powerful cores ever released, and you'll have a chance to grab them as soon as this release goes live!


Farewell, Lionhart!

This will be your last chance to get the Lionhart Gear! After we go live with the Waves of Wrath Package, the Lionhart Package is leaving for good!

Bye Bye Gear

He's so cute!

New Armors!

 First Mate
Check out Thalyssa's shop for new First Mate armors and Naval sidearms! Also, deck out your cabin by stopping by the home shop to check out new home items!


Prize Code

Follow our Twitter accounts (NightwraithCinderellaTitanCharfade, and RabbleFroth) and the account of other AE staff for an awesome new prize code item to come shortly after the release goes live! 

Deep Terror

What could the prize code be? A boat? A bike? What could it be? If only there were clues! Welp!


More Piratey Shenanigans to Come!

Completed the missions? Collected the loot? We're just getting started!

More to come!

Stay tuned for more updates as the Waves of Wrath saga unfolds! Yaaar! Pillage On!

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September 19, 2014

How to Prize Code 2014

For this upcoming release, we'll be issuing a new prize code! We've been doing these for years, but I still see people in my Twitter feed utterly confounded by the process. To help these poor souls, I've put together a handy new guide following the latest and greatest prize code redemption process:


Step 1: Find a Twitter Code

Currently, you can get these codes by seeing us in person at a convention or by following us on Twitter!






When we post a code, we'll usually announce in advance.

Follow a dude

These codes have limited redemptions (usually a few hundred) so you're best bet is redeeming them as soon as possible.


Step 2: Login to EpicDuel and Click the Upgrade Shop

Go to the Upgrade Shop

On your main interface (what you see when not in battle) click the Upgrade Shop button. It's the little shopping cart with Varium. There are actually many useful shortcuts here that go unnoticed such as Style Change, Class Change, and Boosting.


Step 3: Click the Redeem Code Button in the Upgrade Shop

Click Redeem Code

In the Upgrade Shop click the Redeem Code button. It's the little purple box with a question mark. What prizes does it hold? Only one way to find out!


Step 4: Enter the Prize Code

Enter the code

Enter the code you found! They are typically 10 digits. Be careful when you type the code as sometimes we use numbers as letters  (i.e. "0" instead of "O"). This screen also has links to our Twitter accounts. Be sure to follow us as it's the best way to keep up to date with all the latest EpicDuel news!


Step 5: Receive Prize!

You got a prize!

Congratulations! If you don't get a prize, you either entered the code wrong or waited too long before entering the code. Sometimes people mistakenly retweet or repost old, expired codes so be sure to check the date it was posted. Generally, codes will be completely claimed within an hour, but some go even more quickly.

Good luck, and happy code hunting!

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September 12, 2014

Waves of Wrath

Waves of Wrath

Yarrrr! Avast ye landlubbers and prepare for an invasion! The shores of the Delta V West Naval Yard are being stormed by scurvy sea dogs serving a dark master. Can you unravel the mystery of these peculiar pirates and reveal the true horror that lies beneath the waves? Find out today!


Booty and Balance

New Naval Yard

Explore the newly redesigned Naval Yard and investigate the mysterious invasion. The Naval Guard Thalyssa is attempting to restore order, but the renegade Captain Shoggoth and his band of pirates are attempting to claim the shoreline for their own dark purpose. Stock up with new Naval Guard Armors available from Thalyssa in the Naval Yard. You'll need them to weather the oncoming storm.

Naval Guard Thalyssa

The Waves of Wrath missions are not quite ready to go live, but next week we'll be releasing parts 1 and 2 together. 

Also, we've done a massive balance pass and have made some major adjustments. A full list of changes will be available in the patch notes. 

Talk Like a Pirate Returns


Big Tuna is restocked with classic TLaPD items! Find her in the Naval Yard to check out her inventory of nautical loot. There are bound to be more treasures available as the event progresses!

Pirate Styles

Pirate Styles!

Talk like a pirate and LOOK like a pirate. We're introducing 24 new pirate styles (4 for each class and gender).


Pirate Decor

Home Items

Decorate your cabin with over 15 new pirate and nautical-themed home items!


Stay tuned next week for more pirate-themed madness in EpicDuel. The Waves of Wrath have just begun!

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August 29, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.23


  • Dragon’s Destruction Arcade Game
    • New Arcade Leaderboard
    • New Dragon’s Destruction VIP Achievement
    • GameBot added to the Slayer’s screen
    • Stocked with select Dragon Items
  • New Seasonal Dragon Items Available from the Slayer
    • Developed by our very talented Guest Artists!
    • Onyx Dragonslayer
    • Gold Dragonslayer
    • CC Dragonslayer
    • Royal Dragon Cannon
    • Royal Dragon Blaster
    • Gold Dragon Sword P
    • Gold Dragon Sword E
    • Gold Dragon Blades P
    • Gold Dragon Blades E
    • Gold Dragon Axe P
    • Gold Dragon Axe E
    • Gold Dragon Staff P
    • Gold Dragon Staff E
    • Regal Dragon Sword P
    • Regal Dragon Sword E
    • Regal Dragon Claws P
    • Regal Dragon Claws E
    • Regal Dragon Maul P
    • Regal Dragon Maul E
    • Regal Dragon Staff P
    • Regal Dragon Staff E
    • Draconic Drekonator P
    • Draconic Drekonator E
    • Drekonic Sword P
    • Drekonic Sword E
  • New Guns Avaialble from the Slayer
    • DTR P
    • DTR E

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August 27, 2014

Dragon's Destruction Arcade!

Dragon Arcade

Now that you're all thoroughly buffed from last weeks Power Weekend, you should be eager for some new weapons to show of your newfound strenght! We've got plenty of loot for the anxious Dragonslayers out there with this Dragon-filled release!


Dragon's Destruction Arcade!

Look for the new Dragon's Destruction ArcadeBot found near The Slayer in the Barrens Outpost! Win never-before-seen dragon items while you rank up your new VIP achievement and climb the Arcade leaderboard!

Dragon's Destruction Location

Don't have any Tokens? Remember to do those daily missions! Every day is an opportunity to earn a free Arcade Token! Some other mission chains also offer Tokens as rewards.

Dragon Arcade

Of course, if you want to win them all, you may need to mash the 10x button. That Color Custom Dragonslayer Armor probably won't drop on the first try like it did for me (no joke!).


Dragonslayers, to Arms!

Arcade not your cup o' tea? The Slayer has what the ArcadeBot don't. Check out over 25 new items, including limited quantity armors and seasonal rares designed by the diligent and talented Guest Artist team!

Boom! Roasted!

The Slayer will never know what hit him! Nobody expects dragon bazooka! Like the other DragonCon seasonal items, the new dragon weapons will only be around for a limited time, so grab them while you have the chance!


Dragon Styles!

You've got the equipment, now you'll have the style! Choose from over 18 new Dragonslayer styles (3 for each class and gender) to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies!

Dragonslayer Armor

The first two styles (Gold and Onxy) are non-color custom to match the Gilded and Onxy Dragonslayer armors while the last style is fully color custom. If you're not sure which style is which, select a color swatch and see if anything happens. If the color doesn't change, the style isn't bugged -- it's working as intended.


See Us at DragonCon!

dragoncon survival guide

Well, you'll see some of us. Due to cutbacks and scheduling conflicts, the AE crew attending DragonCon will be less than previous years, but the staff that do attend are promising to make the panel EPIC! Unfortunately, no EpicDuel staff will be attending this year.

If you have no idea what DragonCon is or you plan on going this year, Cysero is your best bet for surviving DragonCon. Check out his comprehensive survival guide here.

On behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment team, we hope to see you at the Artix Panel @ DragonCon this Saturday, August 30th, in the Hilton’s Grand Salon D room!


Talk Like a Dragon!

Thar be monsters

NO! Not dragons! Not really related to dragons at all (I've still got dragons on the brain, I guess), but Talk Like a Pirate Day is on the horizon and we have a MONSTER event planned around this very silly holiday. Styles, items, mission, npcs, and a redesigned Naval Yard are just a few things to look forward to in EpicDuel in the coming weeks!

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August 21, 2014

Dragon's Return

First of all, congratulations to the Exiles, who managed to hold the Infernal Mines after a very close battle against the Legion forces. Could it be that the Legion are beginning to find weak points in the Exile defenses? Perhaps next time, the Legion will smash the Exile defenses and claim the Mines for their own, but for now, the Exiles can rest easy as the Android Army is firmly under their control!

Or IS it?

It is.


Thar Be Dragons

Dragon Returns

It's that time again -- time for back to school! That's not exciting? What? But you get to pick out a new Trapper Keeper! Those aren't a thing anymore? Oh. Well, how about DRAGONS! That almost makes up for the whole going back to school thing. Back on topic, EpicDuel's Dragon/Charbinger/Back-to-School items of the past are available at the Slayer NOW! Right now! Not Friday, but right now! Check them out, because many are limited-quantity items! Jump in now before they're gone!


Dragon Items Redux

Already have all of the old stuff? Well, we've got quite a treat in store for you! The Guest Artist team has been working hard to deliver piping-hot Dragon-themed weapons to EpicDuel. These will all be available next week at the Slayer. Some will also be available at the new Dragon's Destruction arcade game!


Bidoof crafted these awesomely regal Dragonslayer armors. We're trying something new with this set. There will be a Gold version, an Onyx version, and a color custom version. We're trying this because there seemed to be an interest in armor colors that aren't available from the current swatch selection in EpicDuel. Also, when armor is separated, some of the vibrance of the colors is lost. If this experiment goes well, we'll try it with more armors in the future!


Vultex has also delivered two epic sets of Guilded Dragon weapons for your enjoyment! If you're going to slay dragons, you migh as well do it with bling!


Now's as good a time as any to welcome SarpDv to the Guest Artist group! We look forward to seeing this new set of dragon items and many more of your creations in-game!


Power Weekend

Because there's no official cotent release this week, we're offering a POWER WEEKEND!

Power weekend

That means double XP and Credits all weekend! All you need to do to get this advantage is to log in and play!


Talk Like a Pirate Preview

There are big, BIG plans for a pirate-themed event. There are even bigger threats stirring in the deepest seas of Delta V.

Cosmic Horror

Stay tuned for more details as they surface! Yaaaaaaaar!

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August 08, 2014

Infernal War Plus

The Battle Begins!


  • Infernal Mines opens as the next war region
    • Defenders hold the Infernal Controller which allows them to oversee the Android Army
    • Attackers use Infernal Drills to bore in to the Delta Vault and attack with swarms of ravenous Mechachillids using Infernal Beacons
    • Defenders collect Infernal Bombs to destroy the Drills and thwart the attack
    • Battle for new prizes and control of the Infernal Mines!
  • 2 new mission groups
    • Cleaning Central Station (Naomi)
    • War Stories (Raymus)
  • Infernal War Achievement unlocked! Earn influence in the Infernal Mines!


The Mines of Madness Return!

After years of lying dormant, the Infernal Mines are back in contention! During their occupation after a hard-fought victory, Lawman and his Exile army have guarded the mysterious Android Army. Unable to awaken them, the defended forces remain vulnerable to attack. Now, the Legion have finally mustered enough forces in the region to strike back and reclaim Baelius' greatest and most terrifying creation!

Baelius' Army


To War!

This time around, there is no Vault Door to impede your progress, but the attackers will need to be sneakier to infiltrate the innermost Vault chamber.

Enter the Mines

Attackers will use Infernal Drills engineered by Mechachillids who were persuaded to help the Legion with the promise of crunchy rocks and metal the ability to continue living.

Infernal Drill

These drills can bore directly into the Vault, allowing attackers to zap Infernal Beacons directly to the Infernal Controller.

Infernal Controller

As usual, participants in the war will have the option to buy War items from the Infernal Ammo Depot located near the Infernal Mines entrance.

War Shop

Infernal Items

These are limited quantity, so stock up while you can! Mechachillids are hungry for some Baelius hologram face!

Infernal Controller

"Don't you DARE eat my face!" -Baelius


Leaderboards will be located near the War Memorial, a reminder of the Exile army's epic triumph, and a painful reminder to the Legion to never underestimate the Exiles.


Will the Exiles hold the Infernal Mines? Will the Legion reclaim their Android Army? Do you have what it takes to be a War Hero? 


Achievement Unlocked!

For the first time, players will be able to earn regional influence in the Infernal Mines!

Achievement Unlocked'

Who will be the first to attain the highest rank? Will it be YOU? *points*


War Stories and Cleanup!

Visit Naomi and Raymus to accept 2 new mission chains created by Guest Writers Trans and One Winged Angel!

Naomi and Raymus Mission!

These missions will help fill in the backstories to these two mysterious and tragic NPCs. Plus, you'll get some loot in the process! Getting paid to learn? What a deal!

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July 30, 2014

Titan's Triumph Arrives!

Titan's Triumph

This Friday, prepare for a boatload of new Titan-themed items including a Titan-themed arcade game. Our volunteer artists worked super hard to deliver a shop packed with weapons, home items, and even a bike made of Titan's favorite food -- BACON!

Titan's ArcadeTitan Prize

This arcade game also unlocks a Titan's Triumph VIP achievement. Are you feeling lucky?


New Challengers!

Rise to the challenge and battle the not-so-pacifist Naomi and Raymus to claim their achievements!

Naomi Fight

Even Naomi can only be pushed so far.

Some have asked why give achievements to these particular NPCs and not ALL the NPCs you can fight? Good question! I suppose as soon as we draw achievements for the other unique NPCs, we can fill out the ranks of the challengeable NPCs. This would give opportunities to earn these "boss" achievements to players in all level ranges!


Ask Titan!

As a new feature on Artix.com, you'll have the ability to ask the Developers any question you like (within reason). You voted for the first Dev to be interviewed, and it was our very own Titan!

Ask Titan

You've posed your questions, now wait for the answers that should be posted on Thursday (or as soon as Titan finishes his answers). Stay tuned to have the great mysteries of EpicDuel and the Universe revealed!

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July 18, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.20


  • 2 new mission group on Valestra and Habuki with 5 missions each (10 new missions total)
  • Valestra and Habuki can now be challenged
  • 2 new achievements for defeating Valestra and Habuki
  • Extended War Cooldown
  • Overlord Facility updated to reflect Lionhart aftermath
  • War cooldown extended to end August 8th to allow more development time

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July 16, 2014

Lionhart Aftermath

Mission Accepted

Last week you took a stand against Lionhart and, though we posed a great challenge, you were able to defeat him. To date, little over 300 duelists have earned the Kingslayer achievement. We designed Lionhart to be the toughest boss yet, but it looks like the best of the best rose to the occasion! Congratulations on this epic achievement!

Thanks to the events of the final mission, the mission chain will be repeatable for the forseeable future for those who aren't quite powerful enough to take on the king.



This week, as a palette cleanser for the exciting, but challenging Lionhart missions, we're introducing 2 new missions created by guest writer One Winged Angel! Talk to Valestra a Habuki in Fortune City to complete their tasks and claim your rewards!



This week, the Chaos Lords poster goes live in Heromart. Buying this epic poster will earn you the Chaos Dragonslayer Sword P/E in EpicDuel, along with awesome chaotic weapons in other AE games!


Chaos Dragonslayer

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July 10, 2014

Lionhart Saga Part 3

Lionhart Finale

Prepare for the grand finale of the Lionhart Saga! Join Revontheus and the mysterious mage Caden to smite Lionhart and his army using a terrible weapon from Delta V's past! You'll need all your wits and fighting skill to go head-to-head with the champion and leader of the Lionhart Empire. Prepare for the fight of your life!


Do you have what it takes to kill the king?


A King's Bounty

To satisfy your appetite for Lionhart weapons, our artists have created an arsenal of new Lionhart gear available at the level 35 Lionhart Soldier in the Overlord Facility. This incredible arsenal was created by Bidoof and Assassin Order!

Lionhart Weapons

Also, rumor has it that Lionhart can be "persuaded" to part with his scepter. Only a bold few can hope to claim this prize for their own!


World Cup Warriors

To celebrate the largest sporting even in the world, we're introducing new World Cup weapons created by Bidoof!

World Cup Weapons

Show off your World Cup fever with the complete set of 8 weapons available from the Overlord Guard in the Overlord Facility! Be quick, because like the World Cup, these weapons are temporary! However, rather than make you wait another 4 years to claim them, we'll bring them back next year around this time.

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June 27, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.18



  • New Fightable NPCs
    • 7 New Lionhart Soldiers for level ranges (5,10,15,20,25,30,35)
    • Trancendence
    • Immancence
    • Revontheus (drops Achievement!)
  • Lionhart Alliance Part 2 Mission Chain (10 Missions)
  • New Weapons!
    • Plasmic Flame Sword - Revontheus
    • Blood Flame Sword  - Revontheus
    • Transcendence's Fury - 5% Drop from Transcendence
    • Immanence's Reaper - 5% Drop from Immanence
    • Lionhart War Sword P - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart War Sword E - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart Light Sword P - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)
    • Lionhart Light Sword E - Sold at Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35)




  • New tiered War Prize system added
    • Better prizes are now available based on War participation
    • There are 4 tiers of prizes,  Rookie, Private, Sergeant, Commander
    • Win or Lose, players can reach all of the tiers, but the Bonus Prize is only available to Commander tier players on the winning alignment
    • The Bonus Prize will not be available for purchase to the losing side

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with the radio buttons in the War Leaderboards
  • Leaderboards now say “Final Results” and hides the radio buttons for leaderboards in inactive regions
  • No longer displays the Ally Chat option when playing as Juggernaut
  • Fixed issue with NPC battles remaining at the conclusion of non-NPC battles

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June 20, 2014

Lionhart Part 2

Lionhart's Strike

Now that the Legion and Exiles are allied against the Lionhart forces, Transcendence and Immanence are taking matters into their own hands. Challenge them to one-on-one battles to test your mettle against the best forces Lionhart has to offer.

Immanence and Transcendence armors will be available from the Lionhart Soldier in the Overlord Facility. Also, by defeating them you will have a chance to claim their weapons as rare drops!
Also, change your look with 12 new Lionhart styles. These features and more will be coming to Delta V early next week, along with some exciting new improvements to War 2.0! (No release today) Read on for more previews of the continuation of the Lionhart Event and War 2.0!


Database Overhaul

Titan and Rabblefroth have taken this week to perform some major housekeeping on the database structure--primarily the structure of the skill tables. This sounds very technical, but it basically means that there were many fields that were no longer relevant or extremely unclear in their function. This restructuring means extensive testing will be needed to ensure that the battle engine isn't borked. Basically, if we did everything right, it means you won't notice any changes, BUT the changes will make adjusting balance and balance testing MUCH easier in the future.

Overlord War

Although Delta V is allied against the incursion of Lionhart, Legion and Exile forces still face tensions over who controls the Overlord Facility. This will make the Overlord Facility the next region in the cyclical War. 

AI Core

This new war will be fought for control of the AI Core, which controls all military assets in the region.


The attackers will collect Fuel Cells to power rogue Hovercraft to perform strafing runs against the AI Core. If they do enough damage, they can neutralize the Core and rebuild it for their own purposes. 

To preserve the Core, the defenders will collect Sabotage Kits to disable the attacking Hovercraft.

Overlord War Drops

To address some complaints with the current war rewards system,  we have decided to implement a new tiered prize system that I shall endeavor to explain below...


New Prize Tiers

With the introduction of the Overlord War, we will introduce a new participation-based prize system. Players who fight harder will be eligible for better prizes. Currently, you only need 150 Influence on the winning alignment to qualify for a free prize. We feel it's unfair to award players who only play an hour the same as those who go the distance and participate throughout the war to support their alignment. In addition to adding tiers, we are also raising the minimum participation requirement to qualify for the baseline prize. 

Tiered Prizes

*Prize amounts in the above graphic are placeholders. Actual numbers are subject to change.

You will be able to see the tiers at the beginning of the war. At the end of the war, you will receive all the prizes available for whichever tier you qualify. The option to buy a prize outright will no longer be available. Because we want players on the losing alignment who battle fiercely to be rewarded, they can still qualify for the prize tiers, but cannot win the item prize (treasure chest).

Due to the complexity of this new prize system, we will need to update the war system manually in an update early next week (Monday or Tuesday). Participants of the Frysteland War will have until that update to claim their prizes. After the new system goes live, it will apply to the previously contested war regions, meaning when the Dread Plains is under contention once again, it will use the new tiered prize system.

We hope this new system adds real value to war participation and makes those who play harder feel rewarded. We also hope it addresses the "all-or-nothing" stakes of the current war system in which the losing alignment receives nothing (for free).

Thank you for your patience as we work to build, test, and implement these exciting new additions to the war system. Be sure to join us next week as the Lionhart Saga continues and war comes to the Overlord Facility!

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June 12, 2014

Lionhart Alliance

Lionhart Saga

Last week we were introduced to Immanence and Transcendence, emissaries and children of Kaiser Saeva Lionhart, an intergalactic conqueror bent on reclaiming Delta V. This week, you will join Revontheus to unify the Legion and Exile forces in an alliance against this new threat from the stars. To rally both sides, you'll need to convince the most formidable warriors from both alignments of your combat skills. With both alignments united against Lionhart, Revontheus is over 10% Delta V can survive the invasion.


Complete the missions successfully and you'll be greatly rewarded with Credits, a new item, and the Peacemaker achievement! This is only part one -- there are still many more missions, rewards, and insane bosses to come!


Overlord Ops

Lower level players may find the Lionhart Alliance missions too challenging, but don't fret, the Overlord Guard could use your help! Even with an invasion fleet looming overhead, he's still trying his best to enforce law and order in the Overlord Facility. Help him do his duty for a sizeable reward!


World Cup

Has it been four years already? In celebration of the World Cup, the World Cup achievement will make a reappearance in the Achievement shop for a limited time!


Core Clarification

It was originally stated in the previous Design Notes that Lionhart's Shield would allow your allies to heal or buff you while the shield was enabled. Unfortunatley, this was a case of the nature of the core changing through development, resulting in an inconsistency with the early marketing materials. As it is in game, Lionhart's Shield protects you or an ally from damage and makes whomever it is cast upon completely untargetable for everyone, even allies. This is the intended behavior and the previous Design Notes have been updated accordingly. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

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