Got Points?

Do you like movies?  Do you like free stuff?  Do you live in the US? Then check out this BRAND-NEW offer from Netflix that you can access through this page on our Portal site- if you are over 18 (or your parents are agreeable) and have never signed up for Netflix before, we have an offer available where you can get 4,500 Artix Points FREE!* That's enough to upgrade in any of our games!** However, if you or your parents are like Cysero have already signed up for the service, then be warned- you can't cancel your account and then re-sign up for this one. That's bad ad juju.


* BattlePoints have been permanently renamed to "Artix Points".

** Unfortunately, we do not control which areas/countries receive certain offers from our ad sponsors. 

Calling all Epic Artists!

We are offering yet another opporuntity to score some free points with Spring-themed AE art contest!  I know there are some talented artists in the EpicDuel community, and now's your chance to really shine through and prove that we have some truly EPIC talent!  Click here for more details!