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Power up and customize your character!

Use Varium to access powerful weapons, advanced armors, unique styles, create factions, customize your home, and more!

  • Time is Gold

    Get the custom weapon of your dreams! With Varium you can instantly purchase the items you want and customize them any way you like!

  • Skill Cores

    Dust off those trusty old claws and clubs and make them feel like new again by adding unique abilities! Choose from countless combinations and surprise your opponents with a unique strategy!

  • Devastating Bots

    Even the greatest warriors sometimes need a little assistance in battle. Utilizing advanced technology, bots can easily turn the tide of battle by launching powerful attacks, healing wounds, improving defense, and a variety of other useful offensive and defensive functions. 

  • Travel in Style!

    Delta V is a big place, so why not rest your weary feet and cruise the streets of Fortune City in your very own, color customizable hoverbike!

  • Incredible Weapon Arsenal

    With great power comes greater weapons. Wield powerful weapons ranging from guns to blades to claws and everything in between. Your rival will never know what hit them!

  • Advanced Character Customization

    Not happy with your name? Tired of your class? Want a fresh start without the need to create a new character? In addition to an amazing selection of hairstyles and helmets with limitless color combinations, EpicDuel now offers Class Change and Name Change with exciting achievements available for both!

  • Unlock Hairstyles

    No hairdo is too cool —or too bizarre— for your character! Here's your chance to show off some of the most unique hairstyles in the universe.

  • Awesome Armors

    Customize your character with the best gear across the galaxy!

  • Exclusive Houses and House Items

    Live in luxury and fill your dream home with epic furnishings (new items coming soon)!