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Action and adventure await you in this epic battle game! EpicDuel is a free to play browser MMORPG featuring PvP (Player vs Player) combat. Turn fantasy into reality by creating your custom character to fight your friends in turn-based real time strategy battles. And the best RPG gets better with new releases launching every week, so stay tuned to the Design Notes for behind-the-scenes MMO information and become the most epic dueler in all of EpicDuel!

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The Hunters' Festival Ends

May 27, 2022

Hunters' Festival Ends

Today we end the latest EpicDuel Tournament, The Hunters' Festival, and honor the champions with a great bounty of prizes, including rare armors, weapons, and cores! Congratulations to all 241 players who participated and enjoy your hard-fought loot! Special thanks go out to Acatriel and Bido who helped craft such an enormous pool of amazing prizes!

Attached to these new prizes are new cores. Because we didn't want to offer overpowered cores that people who did not participate in the tournament would never be able to earn, some of these cores are only aesthetically different from existing cores.

  •  Apocryphal Demigod's Wrath: At low HP, morph into a beast and deal 110% damage with 50% lifesteal.
  • Apocryphal Demigod's Roar: Unleash a terrifying roar dealing 85% damage, lowering Rage by 50%.
  • Apocryphal Champion's Wrath: At low health, mutate into a beast and deal 110% damage with 50% lifesteal.
  • Apocryphal Champion's Roar: Unleash a terrifying roar dealing 85% damage, lowering Rage by 50%.
  • Hunters' Retribution: Apply a curse, use auxiliary to detonate, adding 10% damage per turn the target was hit.
  • Hunters' Eradication: Remove target's armor (1 turn), sidearm (2 turns), and auxiliary (3 turns).
  • Hunters' Evocation: Summon void tentacles to snare prey, immobilizing them.
  • Hunters' Judgement: Final judgement, dealing primary damage plus 12% of target's max Health (Max 500).
  • Apocryphal Demigod Rift: Open a bloody rift, dealing Sidearm dmg plus 10% of target's max Health (Max 400).
  • Apocryphal Champion Rift Open a bloody rift, dealing Sidearm dmg plus 10% of target's max Health (Max 400).

This tournament was also a significant learning experience. There are aspects of tournaments that will likely change in the future. For one, a more focused tournament, limited to a single battle mode over a shorter duration would be easier to moderate and result in less player fatigue. Another feature we have been considering to increase the excitement of tournaments in the future is a Spectator mode. Still in the planning phases, allowing players to watch any active battle would provide lots of entertainment for players who don't have time to grind winds for most of the day but still wish to cheer on their friends! There is still a wealth of possibilities on the horizon to make tournaments an amazingly rewarding experience for all!


Find the Fallen Star

April 15, 2022


A star has fallen in the ravaged mountain range on the outskirts of the Dread Plains. Track and challenge this ancient power for new gear and achievements!


Luthiel: Commander of the Stars

2 new bosses have dropped (quite literally) out of the sky in the Dread Plains! Track down this otherworldly beast and defeat it to collect it's coveted weapons and armor!


  • Luthiel's Bane P (15% drop rate)
  • Luthiel's Bane E  (15% drop rate)

Nightmare Luthiel

  • Luthiel's Bane P (25% drop rate)
  • Luthiel's Bane E  (25% drop rate)
  • Winged Star Hunter (20% drop rate)
  • Winged Star Hunter CC (20% drop rate)


Legendary Arsenal Boost

If you'd prefer to spare yourself some time and anguish fighting a boss, you can stop by the Legendary shops (assuming you have the proper level) and buy variants of the boss armor!

  • Legendary Arsenal
    • Caped Star Hunter
    • Caped Star Hunter CC
  • Exquisite Legendary Arsenal
    • Star Hunter
    • Star Hunter CC

New Hairstyles 

Cosplay as hunter or prey by opening the style picker to check out hairstyles 435-443!


Flesh Demigod Arrives

February 18, 2022

Flesh Demigod Arrives

Flesh Demigod Gear

Today's update introduces a new promotional pack with an unprecedented amount of gear. Acatriel worked hard to help pack so much content into one promo, and we hope you'll treasure this arsenal for the countless duels ahead.

  • Auxiliary:
    • Flesh Demigod Flamethrower P (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Flamethrower E (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Cannon P
    • Flesh Demigod Cannon E
  • Sidearms:
    • Flesh Demigod Blaster P
    • Flesh Demigod Blaster E
  • Mutating:
    • Flesh Demigod Destroyer P
    • Flesh Demigod Destroyer E
  • Swords:
    • Flesh Demigod Reaper P
    • Flesh Demigod Reaper E
    • Flesh Demigod Excalibur P (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Excalibur E (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Bane P
    • Flesh Demigod Bane E
    • Flesh Demigod Broken Bane P
    • Flesh Demigod Broken Bane E
  • Armors:
    • Flesh Demigod Armor
    • Flesh Demigod Armor CC
    • Flesh Demigod Prototype
      Flesh Demigod Prototype CC
    • Flesh Demigod Obliterator
    • Flesh Demigod Obliterator CC
    • Flesh Demigod Eradicator (Click heart to animate)
    • Flesh Demigod Eradicator CC (Click heart to animate)
  • Bots:
    • Flesh Demigod Avatar P: Special: Physical beam equal to the percent of Rage you currently have. 30% lifesteal.
    • Flesh Demigod Avatar E: Special: Energy beam equal to the percent of Rage you currently have. 30% lifesteal.
  • Cores:
    • Exsanguinating Shield: Reflect 75% of projectile damage back at attacker.
    • Exsanguinating Stomp: Reduce def/res 15% and healing 25% for 3 turns. 30% lifesteal.
    • Exsanguinating Spears: Deal 85% damage, gain 30% lifesteal for 2 turns.
    • Convergent Exsanguination: Lower target's Rage gain by 85% for 5 turns.

Purchasing the package also comes with the rare Flesh Demigod's Brand Achievement!


Gifting 2021 Aftermath

January 14, 2022

EpicDuel Gifting 2021 Aftermath

The 2021 Gifting season ended late last week, and we're proud to celebrate the top-15 winners of this monumental event! I never expected ALL of the winners to score at or above one million gifts, but, as usual, EpicDuel's hardcore players blew away those conservative expectations in spite of a year that produced many hardships for people all over the world. We're glad that Delta V could be a post-apocalyptic refuge for people to escape the real disasters big and small occurring on a daily basis, and we hope to continue to serve you all for years to come.

BEHOLD! EpicDuel's 2021 Gifting Season Winners!

  1. Enchant
  2. I Am Mr. Nice Guy
  3. JoshTheCW
  4. Taiso
  5. Lycan
  6. Caddeus
  7. .SwatFighter.
  8. D Fense
  9. UrMenace
  10. Romulus
  11. CactusChan
  12. Gwuapo
  13. Xx.Dark Azrael.xX
  14. Machaon
  15. Santa

Thus far I have corresponded with every winner on this list and have started several of the requests. I understand everyone is equally excited to receive their prizes, but these are all unique customizations of varying difficulty, and they will go out as quickly as they can. I thank you all in advance for your patience.

This year's Silver and Secret Packages will open next week, revealing new weapons, vehicles, and armors created by Acatriel!


2022 Thoughts

This is definitely not the only blog on the whole wide web to point this out, but the past two years have been hard for many people for a variety of reasons, and we're proud that EpicDuel could be a place for old and new players to chill out, duel, and forget about the outside world, if only for brief respite. Despite these challenges, we've emerged from another hectic year in a strong position: The additional of Spider and Acatriel to the team have been game-changers in terms of broadening the scope of possibilities for the future direction of the game. Features that were deemed impossible by Titan himself have been implemented in a matter of days, and there are still pages of suggestions that are suitable candidates for implementation. Despite the crushing responsibility of Gifter prize obligations that January brings, I'm more optimistic in EpicDuel's future than I have been in years. Is 2022 the year EpicDuel finally gets new classes? I'm not one to overpromise, but if it were to happen any year, this would be it!

Let's all raise a canister of Health Booster to an incredible year of duels! Duel on!


Cosmic Carnage 2021

October 28, 2021

Cosmic Carnage Finale

The Endless has spoken! It has received your sacrifice and deemed it...good!

Congratulations to Naruto for claiming the top Platinum prize in the Cosmic Carnage Tournament. This week-long gauntlet was an intense trial in which only the best, most dedicated duelists could triumph. If you made it to the top-50, you are indeed worthy of The Endless' blessing!

As of this writing all prizes have been fully distributed. During the Tyrant's Trial Tournament, we were very generous with the prizes to celebrate the launch of the feature. It seems this one-time bonus became an expected practice. We certainly don't want any hurt feelings so we've buffed the prize pools. Next time, to avoid disappointment, we will be crystal clear what all the tiers can expect to receive upon victory.

  • Platinum Tier
    • Ascended Cosmic Eviscerator CC
    • Ascended Cosmic Eviscerator
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Scythe P CC
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Scythe E CC
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Bike CC
    • The Endless Bank (Home Item)
    • Cosmic Carnage Platinum (Home Item)
    • Crowned Cosmic Eviscerator Hairstyle
  • Gold Tier
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Cannon E
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Cannon P
    • Cosmic Destroyer P
    • Cosmic Destroyer E
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Sword P
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Sword E
  • Silver Tier
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Armor CC
      Cosmic Eviscerator Magnum P
      Cosmic Eviscerator Magnum E
  • Bronze Tier
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Armor
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Scythe P
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Scythe E
  • ALL Ticket Owners
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Pistol P
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Pistol E
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Rifle P
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Rifle E
    • Cosmic Eviscerator Bike


Thank you all again for your participation!