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February 26, 2021

Celtic Hunter Gear Returns!

Celtic Hunter Returns

Celtic Hunter Weapons Return

The coveted Celtic Hunter Weapons and cores have returned to Charfade! Visit her at Mirv's Shop in the Barrens to browse her inventory for new and returning gear!

  • Blazing Celtic Hunter
  • Mystic Celtic Hunter
  • Blazing Celtic Destroyer
  • Mystic Celtic Destroyer
  • Blazing Celtic Pistol
  • Mystic Celtic Pistol
  • Blazing Celtic War Bow
  • Mystic Celtic War Bow
  • Blazing Celtic Hunter CC
  •  Mystic Celtic Hunter CC
  • Hunter's Mark
  • Skull Cracker
  • TrueShot (Auxiliary)


War Prize Update

For those of you who claimed the prize for the Barrens Outpost War, the Barrens Battlegear Blueprints will change to the Barrens Battlegear P, a mutating companion to the Barrens Buster sword.

New Achievement

In anticipation of EpicDuel's 12th anniversary, we're adding the Twelve Year Alpha achievement to the shops. It will be available for a limited time, so grab it while you can!


Item Stat Update

To increase build variety and give a power boost to lower levels, we've increased the amount of available stat points that can be added to Guns, Auxiliaries, and Armors.

Gun and Auxiliary Stats
Lvl 1 - 1
Lvl 2 - 2
Lvl 3 - 3
Lvl 4 - 3
Lvl 5 - 4
Lvl 6 - 4
Lvl 7 - 5
Lvl 8 - 5
Lvl 9 - 5
Lvl 10 - 6
Lvl 11 - 6
Lvl 12 7
Lvl 13 7
Lvl 14 8
Lvl 15 8
Lvl 16 9
Lvl 17 9
Lvl 18 -10
Lvl 19 -10
Lvl 20 -11
Lvl 21 -11
Lvl 22 -12
Lvl 23 -12
Lvl 24 -13
Lvl 25 -13
Lvl 26 -14
Lvl 27 -14
Lvl 28 -15
Lvl 29 - 15
Lvl 30 - 16
Lvl 31 - 16
Lvl 32 - 17
Lvl 33 - 17
Lvl 34 - 18
Lvl 35 - 18
Lvl 36 - 19
Lvl 37 - 19
Lvl 38 - 20
Lvl 39 - 20
Lvl 40 - 21

Armor Stats
Lvl 1 - 1
Lvl 2 - 2
Lvl 3 - 3
Lvl 4 - 4
Lvl 5 - 5
Lvl 6 - 6
Lvl 7 - 6
Lvl 8 - 7
Lvl 9 8
Lvl 10 9
Lvl 11 9
Lvl 12 10
Lvl 13 10
Lvl 14 11
Lvl 15 11
Lvl 16 12
Lvl 17 12
Lvl 18 13
Lvl 19 13
Lvl 20 14
Lvl 21 14
Lvl 22 15
Lvl 23 15
Lvl 24 16
Lvl 25 16
Lvl 26 17
Lvl 27 17
Lvl 28 18
Lvl 29 18
Lvl 30 19
Lvl 31 19
Lvl 32 20
Lvl 33 20
Lvl 34 21
Lvl 35 21
Lvl 36 - 22
Lvl 37 - 22
Lvl 38 - 23
Lvl 39 - 23
Lvl 40 - 24

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February 19, 2021

Poseidon's Wrath

Poseidon's Wrath

Poseidon's Wrath

As of this update, the top prize from the 2020 Gifting season has been complete: Poseidon's Bot. This custom creation will be awarded to Poseidon and the custom codes for the replica "Neptune" will be distributed shortly after servers reboot.

If you're still waiting on your prize, don't worry! Your gift is in progress! If you're a winner who wishes to sell replicas of your prize, please be patient as the top priority is finishing outstanding gifts before adding replica items in-game.


Draconic Frost King Variety

Some folks were not satisfied with some small parts of the final design for the Secret Package armor, so several new variants will be distributed to match your particular aesthetic tastes. You want non-CC flames? Covered. You want no flames at all? Covered. If your inventory is already filled beyond the brim and you're perfectly satisfied the current look of your armor, these new variants can be sold. 

  • Draconic Frost King non CC
  • Winged Frost King non CC
  • Draconic Frost King no Flame
  • Winged Frost King no Flame



A much-needed balance update has been implemented this week with some substantial changes to primary damage scaling and class skills. 

  • Tech Mage:
    • Malfunction: +1 technology point every 4.3 support (was 3.8)
      Level 2: 8
      Level 3: 11
      Level 4: 13
      Level 5: 15
      Level 6: 17
      Level 7: 18
      Level 8: 19
      Level 9: 20
      Level 10: 21
  • Tactical Mercenary:
    • Barbed Grenade: Improves with Technology .37 (was .40); Removed warm-up
    • Suppressing Fire: Level changes improve by .5 levels (was .25) above 20 and weakens by .5 (was 1) level below 20.
  • Mercenary:
    • Berzerker: Level 1 30% increase by 10% to level 5, then increase by 5% to level 10 max 95%
    • Artillery Strike: Level changes improve by .5 levels (was .25) above 20 and weakens by .5 (was 1) level below 20.
  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Precision Strike: Removed and replaced with Neural Scythe, mechanically the same, but unblockable; Increased energy cost 10 per level 
  • Primary Weapon Damage Strength Divisors:
    • 0-55: 0.46
    • 56- 85: 0.58
    • 86-100: 0.60
    • 100+: 0.75
  • Legendary Points:
    • Auxiliary and Robot changed to plus 3 instead of 4
    • NPC Crusher and Armor changed to plus 4 instead of 2

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February 12, 2021

Secret Brutal Heartbreaker

Brutal Heartbreaker Set 2021

Secret Package Unlocked!

Finally! Either time is going faster or I'm getting slower (maybe both?), but the coveted Secret Packages are finally ready to open. As with the Silver Secret Package, please allow some time for these weapons to be distributed after the update. Since there are only 36 packages, they should be completed much more quickly. The Secret Packages will open to reveal:

  • Draconic Frost Kingslayer P
  • Draconic Frost Kingslayer E
  • Draconic Frost King Blaster P
  • Draconic Frost King Blaster E
  • Draconic Frost King Bow P
  • Draconic Frost King Bow E
  • Draconic Frost King Armor
  • Winged Draconic Frost King (Armor)

The 2 armors, crafted with care by Bido, will come pre-equipped with a new core:

  • Draconic Frost King's Will: Increase Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support by 30% for 4 turns.


Brutal Heartbreaker Items

Visit the Alydroid in Fortune City for the returning Heartbreaker / Azrael Gear and latest batch of new items from Deuce!

  • Brutal Heartbreaker Saber P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Saber E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Slicers P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Slicers E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Hatchet P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Hatchet E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Staff P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Staff E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Pistol P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Pistol E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Cannon P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Cannon E

This set looks incredible and purchasing just one of the items will earn you the Brutal Heartbreaker Collector achievement!


Roman's Restock and Gifter's Gifts

There was a small, but impactful goof when offering Roman's replica gear last week. It seems unlimited purchases were enable when the weapons were offered last week, allowing players rich in Credits or Varium to clear out the stock within minutes. This was not intended. Because of this mistake, I've allowed ONE restock for this update. This time the price has increased substantially, and only one of each can be purchased. If you were lucky enough to get one or two or ten last week, you cannot purchase more this time. After the quantity is depleted, the items will be marked as RARE and sellback will be enabled. If you sunk a king's bounty worth of Credits into these items.

It seems this release was very popular, as it opened the floodgates for winners from 2020 and past years to make similar requests. Though this generosity it admiration, please allow time for me to complete the remaining requests for the very, very patient winners!


Fixes and Changes:

  • Titan's Battlegear E removed from shop
  • Legendary Titan no longer drops battlegear
  • Exoskeleton and Infernal Spirit should now work on the regular Delta Vault. They do not work on the Legendary Variant
  • Infernal Surge was incorrected listed as a primary core when it was originally an armor core. This has been corrected.

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February 05, 2021

Silver Secret Package 2021

Draconic Frost King

Silver Secret Package

What time is it? Silver Secret Packages time! Within a few hours of updating, all the Silver Secret Package will be converted the awesome and powerful Draconic Frost King mutating weapon sets! Remember, the conversion is a is a manual process, so it could take up to a few hours to convert all the packages (there are over 180 unique recipients). Your patience is appreciated! The Silver Secret Packages contain:

  • Draconic Frost King P
  • Draconic Frost King E

Both mutating weapons include the new Draconic Frost King's Might core:

  • Draconic Frost King's Might: 105% dmg, increasing by 5% per round, (140% max); Inflicts 2 round Frostbite.

Even if you don't have a space for it in your build, you'll want to at least give it a try before swapping it.

You may notice that there's no travel form in this package. There is a morph in-progress, the Draconic Frost King's Avatar, that will be added to the inventory of Silver Secret Package holders as soon as it's complete.

Like last year, the prizes will be unsellable and all excess prizes will automatically be converted into credits. If you have more than one Silver Secret Package, one will turn into the prizes while the others turn into 100,000 credits for each excess package. The Secret Packages are on schedule to open next Friday! Charfade really outdid herself with this set, and it will really come together next week went the rest of the items are revealed!


Wishes for Sale

This year, one of the Gifting winners, Roman, offered to allow the sale of his items in-game. I thought this was a generous request, and it couldn't hurt to try something new. Roman's customized weapons will be available in CC and non-CC favors from Titan. Their quantities are very limited so you'll need to hurry if you want grab one! Their resale is temporarily limited in case someone with J. Bezos credits tries to scoop them all up for laughs.

  • Roman's Delta Replica P
  • Roman's Delta Replica E
  • Roman's Delta Replica P CC
  • Roman's Delta Replica E CC

If this concept is well-received, we'll be happy to include more wishes on a limited basis, with explicit permission from the wish recipient, of course. 


Legendary Titan

Because there were wasn't enough warning before removing Legendary Titan's rare drop, we've decided to return Titan's Battlegear E as a drop for a limited time. It will also be available for purchase for a steep credit price. The gear will be removed from the shop and from Legendary Titan permanently as early as Monday.


Prize Progress:

The 2020 Gifter prizes are still underway. Another prize was checked off the list this with some further progress on the remaining prizes.


  • Poseidon
  • GodOfSanta
  • Dillbrazd
  • John
  • D Fense
  • Ivan
  • Clown
  • Kuappo
  • Lycan
  • Roman

In Progress:

  • Poseidon (Custom)
  • Leo
  • Taiso


  • Machaon
  • runeknight4

Thank you for your patience as these projects are completed! These prizes are fun, unique challenges to design, and I hope to have them all delivered very soon! 

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January 29, 2021

Arcade Upgrade 2021

Arcade Upgrade

Arcade Upgrade:

If you participated in the 2020 Gifting Event you probably have an Arcade Token or 2 in your pocket. Or 2,000. To help you spend those tokens and boost your Rating Score, all 26 Arcades have been upgraded with 3 new achievement tiers each. Do you have enough spare tokens to obtain them all?


Achievement Update:

In the Seasonal section of the Achievement shop, you'll find the Australia Day 2021 and Big Game LV achievements, available for a limited time!


Prize Progress:

The 2020 Gifter prizes are still underway. You may have seen some of them running around Delta V or encountered them in battle. It's always a joy to work with the winners each year to design a unique creation for the winner to cherish.


  • Poseidon
  • GodOfSanta
  • Dillbrazd
  • John
  • D Fense
  • Ivan
  • Clown
  • Kuappo
  • Lycan

In Progress:

  • Poseidon (Custom)
  • Roman
  • Leo
  • Taiso


  • Machaon
  • runeknight4

Thank you for your patience as these projects are completed! These prizes are fun, unique challenges to design, and I hope to have them all delivered very soon! 


Drop Adjustment:

Legendary Titan will no longer drop Titan's Battlegear E, and it will be tagged rare. Congratulations for those who were able to receive this mighty prize!


Slot Unlock:

The slots on Azrael's Curse have been unlocked.


Coming Attractions:

Next week, the plan is to open all the Silver Secret Packages! Finally, you will be able to enjoy the hard-earned gifts contained within! The Secret Package Prizes will unlock shortly thereafter!

New weapons and armors are also being created by Deuce and Bido for release in February!

Heartbreaker 2021

There's a new NPC coming to Delta V. It's been ages since we added a new member to the cast of characters in our little post-apocalyptic world, and this will be one to remember. You may already know her!

Who could it be?

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January 18, 2021

Farewell to Seasonal Arms

Gifting Millionaire

Farewell to Seasonal Arms

With today's update, EpicDuel's seasonal rares have been returned to their usual schedule. Also leaving are several seasonal missions such as 'A Bold Bounty' and 'Party Business'. The next seasonal rares on the horizon are Australia Day, Heartbreaker, and Azrael weapons!

Also leaving is the bonus Varium that was a part of the 10,000 AP packages. The Epic Supporter 2020 achievements will also no longer be available. Massive "Thank Yous" to all who took part in this incredible sale and supported EpicDuel through the holiday season! 

Million Gifter

To recognize the unprecedented level of gifting of the 2020 Gifting season, we're introducing new achievements to honor gifters who've surpassed the threshold of 1 million gifts giver in one season. So far 3, EpicDuel legends have attained this in the past 3 years.

Bandit J. (2018)
Poseidon (2020)
GodOfSanta (2020)

This achievement is only for those who've gifted over 1 million gifts in one Gifting season. It does not account for cumulative gifts over multiple years.

Because exceptional performance demands an exceptional reward, we decided that even though GodOfSanta didn't achieve the 1st place position, a special exception could be made to our Founder restriction. Alley Cat, our wise and powerful Lead Moderator, generously donated her Founder Armor to fulfill this prize. Going forward, anyone who exceeds the score of 1 million gifts per Gifting season may wish for Founder Armor. As we've said before, this Gifting event exceeded our wildest expectation, and we'll need reevaluate our rules more thoroughly before the next gifting season (it'll be here before you know it!).

I didn't think 2018 could ever be topped, and 2020 blew it away. I don't know if the records will be topped in 2021, but I've learned not to underestimate our most dedicated fans. 


Titan's Loot

Legendary Titan will, for the first time ever, now drop a special mutating version of his personal staff. Will you be among the first to claim this weapon?


Player Appreciation

Since we're quickly approaching EpicDuel's anniversary, we wanted to do something extra special to commemorate 12 years of duels. If you're an Alpha, Founder, Beta, Gamma, or Delta player with rare phase gear, you've probably thought at one point, "Hmmm this Delta sword is cool and all but I wish it did Energy damage." Maybe you feel similarly about other coveted phase weapons. Maybe you wondered what Gamma weapons could look like. If you're in any of these groups, then today's release may excite you. Starting with Delta Gear, we're going offer rewards to players who've stuck with us all these year, but relegated their rare gear to storage because it didn't fit their build.

Starting today, existing Delta Gear will "evolve" into 4 new weapons:

  • Delta Destroyer P
  • Delta Destroyer E
  • Delta Devastator (mutating)
  • Delta Desolator (mutating)

Our goal is to continue rolling out new variations of weapons to help "complete" sets of rare development phase gear for our most loyal players.


  • Reactive Armor:
    • Stat Requirement Dexterity - Base 24 increase by 2 max 42
  • Berzerker:
    • Stat Requirement Support - Base 19 increase by 2 max 37
  • Static Smash:
    • Stat Requirement Technology - Base 14 increase by 2 max 32
  • Sea King's Spirit:
    • Cooldown raised to 6


Wish Fulfillment

Thus far, I'm in contact with all the 2020 Gifting winners and their prizes are underway. Progress has been slow but steady and a major batch should go out this Friday. Thank you for bearing with us during this post-gifting lull.

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January 11, 2021

Gifting 2020 Aftermath

Gifting Ends 2020


 Gifting 2020 Winners

EpicDuel's 2020 Gifting Event ended in spectacular fashion as the top gifters blew away old records to secure their places in Delta V history! Be sure to stop by the 2020 shrine in Titan's Peak to pay your respects to the latest group of EpicDuel Gifting Legends! (Note: The left side of the Peak was expanded and all the shrines were moved one screen over to accommodate this new shrine.)

Gifting Winners 2020

  1. Poseidon
  2. GodOfSanta
  3. Machaon
  4. Taiso
  5. Dillbrazd
  6. John
  7. Roman
  8. D Fense
  10. Leo
  11. Ivan
  12. Lycan
  13. Clown
  14. Kuappo
  15. runeknight4

If you are among this group and have not received an email yet, please check your spam folder. I know some prefer to communicate by Twitter or Discord, but email is the way. I look forward to working with you all to realize your visions for this year's round of prizes! As with previous years, this will be the primary focus of EpicDuel for a few weeks to make sure these rewards are delivered as quickly as possible.

If you have Secret and Silver Secret Packages, first of all, congratulations, and second of all don't worry if they're still just a box. They will transform into epic prizes at a future date! I know this is how it's worked in previous events, but you might be surprised by how many don't know this! Plus, the winners still have to allocate their extra packages to their lucky friends! Hang in there, the prizes will be worth the wait!


New Items

Stop by Endless M4trix in Titan's peak for 2 new travel forms!

  • Frost Dracolich
  • Frost Dracolich CC


Balance Changes:

  • Gamma Bot: base damage increased to 175 and Gamma Fire increased to 110%. This change affects all custom Gamma Bot variants as well.


Bonus Varium and Seasonal Rares Extension!

Normally, we remove the bonus Varium that comes with the packages shortly after the Gifting Event ends, but due to demand, we're extending the sale until Monday January 18th.  After an update, the packages will revert and the included achievements will be removed.

On the 18th we will also be removing the seasonal rares that were made available during Gifting. Now is the perfect opportunity to cash in those accumulated gifts and grab all the seasonals you missed throughout the year to boost your rarity score!



2020 was a long, loooong year for many. A year in which it feels like everything happened yet nothing happened. While the world seemed to be going wild outside our window, we were glad to be able to continue to deliver new adventures to your in the world of Delta V. Now, our attention moves forward to 2021, which should prove to be a pivotal year for EpicDuel, if not all of Artix Entertainment, as it will be the first year without Flash.

This is an obligatory reminder that Flash is now being blocked by most major browsers. If you haven't yet, please download the latest version of the Artix Games Launcher! This will guarantee you can continue to play all your favorite Artix Entertainment browser games, including EpicDuel! Make sure you have the latest version so there's no interruption to your gameplay!

New years are good times to reflect on accomplishments and failures. While we were able to survive and thrive as a Flash game at the threshold of the platform's annihilation, we didn't accomplish all we set out to in 2020. We know you all have very strong opinions on what you want to see in EpicDuel, and I know that suggestion list a mile long. The struggle is determining  the biggest features to make the most players happy. To help guide the direction of EpicDuel's development in the new year, we're crafting a document which should be available soon to help you provide us with focused feedback concerning the EpicDuel's past, present, and future direction. This will help us concentrate the beam of our resources to make 2021 the best year yet for EpicDuel and pave the way for a brighter future!

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December 31, 2020

Farewell to 2020!

Farewell to 2020

EpicDuel is now live with the last release of 2020 and the last release before the demise of Flash! Install the Artix Games Launcher and welcome 2021 as the Gifting event continues!


New Items

Visit Endless M4tr1x at Titan's Peak to get new rare weapons crafted by Bido to commemorate the end of 2020!

  • MMXX Redeemer P
  • MMXX Redeemer E
  • MMXX Blades P
  • MMXX Blades E
  • MMXX Axe P
  • MMXX Axe E
  • MMXX Staff P
  • MMXX Staff E

New Achievements

Celebrate the end of the year with the 2020 Victory achievement available now in the achievement shop! This badge will eventually go rare, so grab it now while you can!



  • Cyber Hunter
    • Plasma Grenade: Plus 1 energy damage every .32 Support instead of .38.
    • Memory Leak: Plus 1 poison damage every 2 Support; Increase 1 poison damage every 1.3 levels above 20; Decrease 1 poison damage every 1.3 damage level under 20; Cost increase 20 per level; Base level 1 is now 10, going up by 5 per level to 55.
  • Mercenary
    • Artillery Strike: Stat requirement Dexterity; Level 1 will require 16, increasing by 2 per level with a max of 34.
  • Blood Mage
    • Energy Parasite: Gain 135% of the amount drained


Artix Games Launcher

As of the publication of this post, Flash is hours away from being blocked by most major browsers. If you haven't yet, please download the latest version of the Artix Games Launcher! This will guarantee you can continue to play all your favorite Artix Entertainment browser games, including EpicDuel! 

Have a happy and safe New Year and Duel On!

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December 23, 2020

2020 Holiday Patch

Today we brought the servers down for a few quick changes and to release tens of thousands of names from inactive accounts. Here is a rundown of all the changes from today's update!


Name Changes

While the servers were down today, ~50K character names were released. If there was a name you've been anxious to claim for years, now is your best chance. Also, the parameters for purging old accounts was relaxed slightly to allow names to become available more frequently. Please, don't email about special requests for names. If an account is truly inactive, it will become available in time. 


Drop Rates

The drops rates on several new weapons recently added to the gifting pool such as the Krampus Curse weapons were reviewed. No obvious issues were found, but a change was made to allow the class-specific weapons be slightly more likely to be included in gifts. We tested on the Dev server and were able to successfully receive these weapons through gifting to confirm the drop rates were correct.



Some folks thought it would be a ho-ho-hilarious to quickly buy and sell all the limited-quantity items so nobody else could have them. To stop this, we've temporarily put a hold of selling any limited-quantity items for the duration of Gifting. 2020 has been a hard enough year. When faced with the choice or kindness or malice, please choose kindness.


Holly Jolly Holiday

On a more cheerful note, we had a great gifting event yesterday with Mods, Testers, Charfade, and Korin! It's always exciting to cram 170 people into one room in EpicDuel for gifting pandemonium (Delta V doesn't have covid, so they don't need social distancing)! I think EpicDuel is the only game on the AE network that can manage that, even if we do need to completely hide characters to do it. It proves that the fire for EpicDuel still burns after over a decade, through the one of the most turbulent years in memory. Thank you for sticking by us, and may you all have a safe and happy Holiday!

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December 18, 2020

Creative Collections

Creative Collections

After 2 weeks of gifting your inventory is probably packed with new weapons. What will you do with them? Before you sell them or store them for posterity, visit Deuce and Bido for 46 new missions allowing you to cash in on your gifting collections with incredible Credit rewards and new achievements!


New Missions!

Deuce and Bido are offering 4 new mission chains to allow you to cash in on your collected gifts! 

  • Jolly Candy Collector
    • Holly Jolly Sword
    • Holly Jolly Jolts
    • Blades of Candy
    • Gleaming Jolly Claws
    • Jolly Axe of Doom
    • Jolly Soul Axe
    • Jolly Candy Staff
    • Jolly Candy Magician
    • Crunchy Candy Gun
    • Jolly Candy Blaster
    • Jolly Candy Cannon
    • Jolly Candy Kaboom
    • Jolly Battle Test
  • Krampus Curse Collector
    • Sword of the Krampus996
    • Krampus Spirit Sword
    • Claws of the Krampus
    • Glowing Claws of Evil
    • Axe the Krampus
    • Krampus Spirit Axe
    • Krampus Crackles
    • Krampus Catalyst
    • Krampus Caliber
    • Krampus Blaster
    • Krampus Cannon
    • Krampus Kaboom
    • Krampus Battle Test
  • Regal Festive Collector
    • Regal Festive Sword
    • Regal Energy
    • Golden Regal Blades
    • Electric Regal Edge
    • Regal Axe Edge
    • Gleaming Regal Edge
    • Regal Sorcerer
    • Regal Righteousness
    • Regal Festive Test
    • Regal Festive Finale
  • Frozen Frenzy Collector
    • Swords of Fire
    • Swords of Ice
    • Claws of Fire
    • Claws of Ice
    • Axes of Fire
    • Axes of Ice
    • Staffs of Fire
    • Staffs of Ice
    • Frozen Frenzy Test
    • Frozen Frenzy Finale

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December 11, 2020

Gifting 2020 Continues

Gifting Continues

Gifting continues at a furious pace as the gifting leaders shower Delta V with epic generosity! There's still plenty of time to get in on the gifting fun whether you plan on giving or getting as spontaneous and scheduled gifting events pop up all over the game world! 


Seasonal Rares Unleashed

Missed out on the rest of the year's releases and the multitude of seasonal rares that came along with them? No problem! We've returned nearly all the seasonal rares to their respective shops! Pirate weapons, Spring weapons, Harvest weapons, birthday weapons, and more all now available!


New Weapon Prizes!

More weapons have been added to the prize pool! You'll now have a chance to receive Deuce's Krampus Curse weapons with each gift unwrapped. Can you collect them all? There might be a reason to get the whole set very soon!

  • Krampus' Curse Sword P
  • Krampus' Curse Sword E
  • Krampus' Curse Claws P
  • Krampus' Curse Claws E
  • Krampus' Curse Axe P
  • Krampus' Curse Axe E
  • Krampus' Curse Staff P
  • Krampus' Curse Staff E
  • Krampus' Curse Blaster P
  • Krampus' Curse Blaster E
  • Krampus' Curse Cannon P
  • Krampus' Curse Cannon E


Bug Fixes:

  • Frozen Fist: Now affected by Reactive Armor
  • Focused Fury: Now affected by Reactive Armor

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December 04, 2020

Gifting 2020 Begins!

Gifting 2020 Begins

Gifting Begins! 

A new season of gifting has begun! Login now to give and receive inconceivable mountains of loot, earn achievements, and spread holiday cheer throughout Delta V! Let's send off 2020 on a high note! 


New Gifting Prizes!

This year, our talented artists have helped us include dozens of new weapons into the pool of possible prizes included in each gift! Can you collect them all? Also don't sleep on the daily prize claim! It boosts your achievement while giving you a free new home item, weapon, armor, or a big pile of credits!

Deuce's Jolly Candy Set

Bido's Regal Festive Set

New Items!

Visit Charfade for new, festive variations of her Mini Rex Morph!

  • Festive Mini Rex Mutation
  • Festive Rusted Mini Rex


New Achievement!

A new Frost Warrior 4.0 achievement has emerged in the achievement shop!



  • Mercenary:
    • Adrenaline replaced with Reactive Armor: Deal a % of melee damage back to attacker
  • Tactical Mercenary:
    • Atom Smasher replaced with Adrenaline Rush: Strike target to gain a % of Rage

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November 18, 2020

Gift-A-Geddon 2020

Gift-a-Geddon 2020

As hard as it is to believe, as this year warps time and space and history into an amorphous cosmic mass, the 2020 season of Gifting is nearly here! This year, gifting will officially go online Friday December 4th and last until Friday January 8th, 2021! In preparation of this major event, which is by far the highlight of every EpicDuel year, we'll be launching a new Mega-Pack and buffing the value of the current 10,000 AP Varium packs!


Legendary Epic Mega-Pack 2020!

Friday November 20th, we'll be launching a massive mega-pack of 40,000 Varium for 20,000 Artix Points. This package will be available after a brief update early in the day. Those who purchase this pack will also be awarded a one-time Legendary Epic Supporter 2020 achievement! This is an incredible value, but it will only be around for a limited time: the promotion will officially end when gifting begins on December 4th!


Epic Supporter 2020!

We're doing something a bit different with the promo packs and boosting the Varium included in the weapon pack from 10,000 to 15,000 and the pure Varium pack from 12,000 to 18,000!  These packages will award the Epic Supporter 2020 achievement which will evolve if the packs are purchased multiple times! The 40,000 Varium pack will also count towards the Epic Supporter 2020 achievement.


The Prize

This year, like last year, we're offering the top 15 Gifters a customized item! What does this mean? Here are some parameters, which could change over the course of the gifting event. Please review them carefully to avoid disappointment or misunderstanding at the end of the gifting event:

  • The item to be customized must already exist.
  • This item can be any sword, sidearm, auxiliary, home item, armor, bot, or class-specific item that has ever been available in-game.*
  • Items from other games can be requested, but require permission from the corresponding game lead, and must align with an already existing item category in EpicDuel. They must also be compatible with EpicDuel’s art style. For example, AQ3D items and AQW armors can’t be adapted for ED without being entirely recreated.
  • If the request is for the physical version of a weapon, and there's a corresponding energy version, the gifting finalist may have the energy version as well. However, you cannot request an entire promo pack or weapon set.
  • If the request if for a customized bot, the wish will only be valid for one damage-type configuration of the bot.
  • Customization requests can be refused if they're deemed unreasonable or illegal (copy-written material, offensive, etc...).
  • The item(s) must be awarded to the same character that made the top 15 gifting list. No item transfers will be honored.
  • The item may have any core available in-game equipped to it as long as it's of the proper category (i.e. no auxiliary cores on primary weapons, etc...).
  • Core graphics and animations will not be customized.
  • For balance reasons, skills cannot be modified (i.e. additional damage, % effectiveness, cooldown, damage type, cost, etc...).

*Founder Exception: Only the first place gifter may request Founder Armor, however, if you have a Founder Achievement from the Founder phase of EpicDuel, but no Founder Armor, you may ask for Founder Armor.

The first place gifter will receive a customized weapon as specified above, but will additionally receive a completely custom item. This can be any item category. The winner will also have the option to receive up to 20 unique codes to share the completely original custom item with friends...or not! It's entirely up to them!**

**The first place winner may not use the top prize to attempt to bypass the Founder Exception to gift Founder Armor or an altered Founder Armor via the custom item codes! 

The reason the Founder Exception was created was that Founders were concerned the top 15 would request Founder Armor and diminish the special prestige of the item. Using the custom item prize to attempt to bypass this rule would be an unreasonable request and will be refused.  

Like last year, the top 15 Gifters will have the option to distribute their extra Secret and Silver Secret packages to friends of their choice! This distribution must happen before the packages open so they can't be held in limbo indefinitely.

Hopefully this list will help you make your decision easier without being too restrictive. We'll work with the winners to make sure their wishes are fulfilled to their satisfaction within the parameters established above. If any winner is found to have cheated, they will not be eligible for a wish and will likely have their account disabled.


Omega Frost Slayer Returns!

It's nearly time for the seasonal-rare Winter items to return to EpicDuel, and that means the promotional Omega Frost Slayer Gear is due to return! Visit Torgan to check out this gear with newly-unlocked Active cores!

  • Omega Frost Slayer P
  • Omega Frost Slayer E
  • Omega Frost Destroyer P
  • Omega Frost Destroyer E
  • Omega Frost Blaster P
  • Omega Frost Blaster E
  • Omega Frost Cannon P
  • Omega Frost Cannon E

Cores: These previously promotional cores will also return to Torgan for purchase with Varium only

  • Tactical Reload (Aux): Get a free reload of your Auxiliary, bypassing cooldown.
  • Frozen Rift: Opens an icy rift, dealing Sidearm damage plus 10% of your target's max Health (Max 400).
  • Frozen Fist: 105% Primary damage, increasing by 5% per round, (140% max).


Stop the Clock!

You may have noticed the war cooldown is set to a ridiculously high number of hours. That's to guarantee that another war won't start to interfere with gifting. The war bar will disappear and be replaced with the gifting interface Friday November 20th!


Download the Artix Game Launcher!

Chrome and many other popular browser are dropping support for Flash next month! This means that the best way to play EpicDuel and all the other AE browser games will be through the Artix Game Launcher! Many of you are already using it, but some are still completely unaware of this major change. Don't be caught off guard and download the Launcher today!

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November 12, 2020

The Final Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Join us on Delta V for the Final Friday the 13th! Well, not the last Friday the 13th  ever, just this year, but it does sound much more dramatic and urgent to phrase it at the final one. Visit Dage and Caden for dark and devious treats to add to your arsenal. While you're shopping, browse the refreshed home item shop for new devilish décor to spruce up your epic dwelling for the upcoming holiday season.

New items:

Visit Caden for new Friday the 13th seasonal rares!

  • Slasher Machete P
  • Slasher Machete E
  • Spirit Binder P
  • Spirit Binder E
  • Spirit Harvester Scythe P
  • Spirit Harvester Scythe E
  • Spirit Harvester Sword P
  • Spirit Harvester Sword E

In addition to new weapons, Dage's 2020 Birthday weapons have returned to his shop so grab them before they're gone for the year!

Home items

The home item shop has been stocked with a new batch of items to add some cursed, grim flavor to your humble dwellings. It's not Halloween, but it is Friday the 13th so they're still technically on-theme!

  • Dark Cauldron
  • Pumpkin of Darkness Right
  • Pumpkin of Darkness Left
  • Black Wood Chair Right
  • Black Wood Chair Left
  • Dark Bed Right
  • Dark Bed Left
  • Unlucky Mirror
  • Dark Wall Torch
  • Ghost Portrait
  • Ghostly Lantern
  • Reaping Spirit Right
  • Reaping Spirit Left
  • Dark Offering Right
  • Dark Offering Left
  • Crossed Spirit Binders
  • Crossed Spirit Scythes
  • Dark Alchemy Shelf
  • Small Dark Alchemy Shelf
  • Small Skull Shelf
  • Bat Right
  • Bat Left
  • Evil Cake


New Achievements

What's this? A Friday the 13th so close to Nightwraith's birthday? Something must be done about that! Something like...making a new rare achievement!

  • Nightwraith Friday the 13th


Returning Boss

With this update, you'll have another chance to challenge Nightmare Dage once again! Can you collect all of his rare Nightmare drops?​

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November 06, 2020

November Nightmare

Nightmare Nightwraith Returns

A new portal has opened in the Wasteland Minetower! This dimensional tear has trapped another being not of this world: Darkon. Visit him in his dark and mysterious limbo to procure new weapons of war and accept a mighty challenge!


New Items:

Visit Darkon to gain access to a new shop of otherworldly weapons surging with lethal power!

  • Darkon's Debris Katana P
  • Darkon's Debris Katana E
  • Darkon's Debris Scythe P
  • Darkon's Debris Scythe E
  • Darkon's Debris Berserker P
  • Darkon's Debris Berserker E
  • Darkon's Debris Spear P
  • Darkon's Debris Spear E
  • Darkon's Debris Blades P
  • Darkon's Debris Blades E
  • Darkon's Debris Axe P
  • Darkon's Debris Axe E
  • Darkon's Debris Staff P
  • Darkon's Debris Staff E

 Infinity Power Strike (Unlimited) core now sold at Titan!

New Achievements

  • Darkon Destroyer (Earned for defeating new boss Darkon!)
  • Nightwraith Chop (Evolving Achievement with 10 levels)


New and Returning Missions!

Several missions are returning in honor of another seasonally recurring event: Nightwraith's birthday! 

  • OneX6 Retrieval: Returning with 2 new mission!
    • OneX6 7
    • Loyalty Tax
  • Party Business: Returning with 1 new mission!
    • 36
  • A Bold Bounty: Returning. Can you defeat Nightmare Nightwraith and win Nightwraith's Armor?



  • Tactical Mercenary:
    • Barbed Grenade: Changed stat requirement to Strength instead of Dexterity
  • Tech Mage:
    • Malfunction: Increased stat requirement. Level 1 = 24 Dexterity, increasing by 2 per level

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