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July 03, 2024

Independence Day 2024

EpicDuel Independence Day 2024

Independence Day Arsenal

Visit the Overlord Guard in the Overlord Facility to browse his shop of new seasonal rares created by Bido! These rares are limited quantity so you'll need to act quickly if you want to collect them all!

  • Liberty Slayer P
  • Liberty Slayer E
  • Maple Leaf Slayer P
  • Maple Leaf Slayer E
  • Liberty Guards P
  • Liberty Guards E
  • Maple Leaf Guards P
  • Maple Leaf Guards E
  • Liberty Axe P
  • Liberty Axe E
  • Maple Leaf Axe P
  • Maple Leaf Axe E
  • Liberty Staff P
  • Liberty Staff E
  • Maple Leaf Staff P
  • Maple Leaf Staff E


New Missions

In addition to new seasonal rares, the Overlord Guard is offering a new mission chain, starting with "Dawn of Destiny." This new chain will allow players to turn in new Starlight Shards, earned from PvP wins, to claim the new rares: Dawn of Destiny and Starlight of Destiny.


New Achievement

The Independence Day 6 Achievement has been added to the seasonal section of the achievement shop.


Juggernaut Battle Cap

To combat the exploitation by botters, as of this update we've implemented a cap on Juggernaut wins. After 300 Juggernaut wins, Juggernaut battles will stop offering credits, experience, war drops, and PvP drops. This was done to remove the incentive to use bots accumulate way more wins than any human could possibly achieve.

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June 28, 2024

Classy Achievements

Classy Update

New Class Win Tracker Achievements

New achievements have been added to track wins for each class in each PvP battle mode (1v1, 2v2, and Juggernaut). These achievements are not retroactive so everyone will start at 0 for all Classes and battle modes. They will start tracking as soon as you win any PvP battle mode with any class.


Balance Changes

  • Skills:
    • Multi-shot: +1 damage per 0.3 --> 0.34 dex; 85% --> 90% damage against multiple targets
    • Reflex Boost: Scales with dex --> supp
    • Massacre: Removed 50% lifesteal; 30% --> 15% defense ignore
    • Maul: 75 --> 100 base energy cost; 20% --> 15% stun chance
    • Artillery Strike: Requires dex --> tech
    • Barbed Grenade: Add 15% stun chance
    • Assimilation: +15 to all base values; +1 energy per 1.25 --> 1 str
  • Cores:
    • Necrosis: 100% --> 85% damage
    • Botanical Wrath: 85 --> 100 energy cost
    • Salvage: 0 --> 90 energy cost
    • Thorn Assault, Meteor Shower, Plasma Meteor, Shattering Star, Jack-O-Fire: 90 --> 100 energy cost
    • Icy Overkill (Aux): 1-turn warmup
    • Revitalization: 1000 --> 1300 heal; 0 --> 100 energy cost
    • Medusa's Gaze: 70% --> 85% damage
    • Piston Punch: 85% --> 100% damage
    • Captain's Charge: Update description to include lifesteal effect
    • Ninja Reflexes: 20% --> 13% additional block chance
    • Deflection Shield, Ballistic Shield: 20% --> 13% additional deflection chance
  • Robots:
    • Gamma Bot and Variants: 111% --> 109% damage
    • Shadowlord's Severance P/E: 40% --> 35% defense ignore
    • Infernal Overload P/E: 100% --> 95% initial damage; 135% --> 130% max damage
    • Dino Fire P/E and Variants: Removed warmup
    • Necrotek Assault P/E: 15% --> 20% defense ignore
    • Yeti Claw (includes Baby/Omega Yeti Variants): 100% --> 105% damage
  • Other:
    • Brace: Remove additional block/deflection chance


BuyBack Boost

New items will be added for people who have the following promotional items:

  • Infernal Interdictor E
  • Bionic Battlegear E

Owners of these items will receive the corresponding P (physical damage) variants. If you already sold your original promotional weapon, you can find the new items in the BuyBack shop.


Botters' Bane

Every only game suffers from bots, hackers, cheaters, and jerks of all degrees, but that doesn't mean we can just rest on our hands while exploits are used. Most players play the game legitimately, but some are clearly using sophisticated bots to take advantage of blind spots in our bot flagging system, particularly in Juggernaut mode. I've never understood why someone would put so much effort into *not* playing a game, but clearly, as revealed by the popularity of generative AI, there's a market for pathetic people who want to reap rewards in exchange for minimal effort. With this update, we've modified the bot flag parameters to throttle rewards for those who accumulate more wins than would be possible for a human player. Some players are hardcore and can play for hours, but no human can play 24/7 without rest.

The ultimate reward for botters is an empty game with all human players driven out with numbers going up perpetually to the acclaim of nobody. Maybe that's what they want? Maybe I'm too old-fashioned, but that doesn't seem fun to me.

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June 21, 2024

Epic Legendary Arsenal

Epic Legendary Arsenal

New Legendary Gear

The Legendary Shops of Titan's Peak have been stocked with loads of luxurious new items! User your excess Credits to boost your rating score and show off your stylish new swords!

For new-ish players: These shops are only accessible if you have achieved level 40+. If you're under level 40, you'll need to level up before you can access the shops.

  • Legendary Arsenal
    • Silver Royal Dagger P
    • Silver Royal Dagger E
    • Silver Royal Claymore P
    • Silver Royal Claymore E
    • Silver Royal Scythe P
    • Silver Royal Scythe E
    • Silver Royal Spear P
    • Silver Royal Spear E
    • Silver Royal War Axe P
    • Silver Royal War Axe E
  • Exquisite Legendary Arsenal
    • Golden Royal Dagger P
    • Golden Royal Dagger E
    • Golden Royal Claymore P
    • Golden Royal Claymore E
    • Golden Royal Kingmaker P
    • Golden Royal Kingmaker E
    • Golden Royal Impaler P
    • Golden Royal Impaler E
    • Golden Royal Cleaver P
    • Golden Royal Cleaver E
    • Golden Royal War Axe P
    • Golden Royal War Axe E
    • Golden Royal Halberd P
    • Golden Royal Halberd E
    • Golden Royal Spear P
    • Golden Royal Spear E
    • Golden Royal Scythe P
    • Golden Royal Scythe E
    • Golden Royal Wrist Blades P
    • Golden Royal Wrist Blades E
    • Golden Royal Reaper P
    • Golden Royal Reaper E
    • Golden Royal Great Hammer P
    • Golden Royal Great Hammer E
    • Golden Royal Greataxe P
    • Golden Royal Greataxe E
    • Golden Royal Staff P
    • Golden Royal Staff E
    • Golden Royal War Staff P
    • Golden Royal War Staff E
    • Gilded War Scythe P
    • Gilded War Scythe E
  • Epic Legendary Arsenal
    • Epic Blade of Honor P
    • Epic Blade of Honor E
    • Epic Blade of Awe P
    • Epic Blade of Awe E
    • Legendary Royal Claymore P
    • Legendary Royal Claymore E


Balance Addendum

As per the last Design Notes, there was supposed to be balance changes for this update, but those have been delayed, unfortunately. I didn't want to hold onto the content for any longer so I decided it was better to update with the new items than nothing at all for another week! Balance changes are still being considered and will be pushed to live as soon as they are ready.

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June 14, 2024

Optimization Odyssey

EpicDuel Update Pending

Optimization Odyssey 

This week was a challenging one as a great deal of time was spent on optimizing the file that contains all the skill icons in the game. Every icon is stored in one FLA (the raw file format used by Flash) and compiled at runtime. The problem was that the file had become to large and would take 15 minutes or more to publish if it did at all. This can happen when FLAs become too large. This can sometimes be addressed by splitting the one massive file into several, but in this case, the only way forward was to make the file smaller by merging duplicate assets and removing unused ones. The end result was a file ten megabytes leaner (20% reduction) that could reliable publish! There was still more optimization work to be done, but it is good enough for the time being. This will not be the last time optimization work will be needed as EpicDuel is ancient by game standards -- that long lifespan means plenty of time for redundant assets to accumulate that bloat files and hinder development.

The rest of the time this week was spent making dozens of new weapons for release in the Legendary shops. I ended up making progress, but not nearly enough weapons for a substantial update so I'll continue work into next week to make sure all weapons are thoroughly polished and tested.

Since there will be no update this week, I've included some previews of content to expect for next week and the weeks to come.


Golden Regal Armory

For those who have been itching for something use their accumulated Credits on, we'll soon be introducing new weapons with to the Legendary Shops.

Gold Regal Armory

To make sure the update is substantial, we're also planning to include several balance changes with the next update!


New Battlepass Already?

The Eldritch Battlepass just launched last week, but Lodrian has been one and a half steps ahead of our schedule by delivering the next Battlepass: Nanotech Nightmare! Here's a small preview of the new gear that will be available with the next showcase! 

Nanotech Nightmare

If you just started leveling Eldritch Onslaught, don't worry! This will not release for a few weeks so you'll have plenty of time to complete the current Battlepass.

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June 07, 2024

Eldritch Onslaught Battlepass NOW LIVE

Eldritch Onslaught NOW LIVE

The Eldritch Onslaught Showcase Battlepass is NOW LIVE! Login now to earn the latest collection of Lovecraftian-themed weapons, armors, vehicles, morphs, bots, and more crafted with care by Acatriel and Bido!

Good luck and happy dueling to reach level 60 of EpicDuel's latest Battlepass season!

So you all know what you're getting into with the new bots available in this season, the skill descriptions are listed below:

  • Eldritch Proto Beast P
    • Eldritch Proto Beast Cyclone P: Spinning physical attack cutting through 15% of target's defenses.
    • Eldritch Proto Beast Rampage P: Brutal beatdown, reducing all stats by 25% for #DUR rounds.
  • Eldritch Proto Beast E
    • Eldritch Proto Beast Cyclone E: Spinning energy attack cutting through 15% of target's defenses.
    • Eldritch Proto Beast Rampage E: Brutal beatdown, reducing all stats by 25% for #DUR rounds.


Balance Changes

  • Frenzy: 4 --> 3 turn cooldown; flat 70 energy cost
  • Mineral Armor: +10% Support --> +20% highest stat
  • Toxic Grenade: Scales with Strength --> Support
  • Cleanse: Removed HP gain
  • Absorption: 40% --> 35% Conversion
  • Thrown Shot x25: 120 --> 135 Energy cost; 450 --> 400 HP Gain
  • Infernal Prism, Infernal Blessing, Infernal Offering: Unaffected by debuff removers
  • Captain's Charge: Removed HP threshold; removed lifesteal; added 2-turn warmup

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May 24, 2024

War Drop Update and New Battlepass Preview

Eldritch Onslaught Preview

This update covers some miscellaneous categories, mainly focusing on war drop balance with some additional information on the next Battlepass!


War Drops Rebalancing

Last week we introduced some substantial changes to war drop rates, including increased drop rates for super war drops. One major downside of this change is it tilted the incentive to bot heavily, especially in Juggernaut mode. To address this, the following changes have been made and will be in effect for the next War.

  • All modes now have a flat 60% base chance to receive a war drop without a War Commander core.
  • If you receive a war drop, there is a 20% chance that drop will be a super drop for all modes. 
  • War Commander no longer drops super items for any mode.

Drop rates are always difficulty to evaluate as sometimes an item drop might "feel" like it's dropping more or less than it should based on a limited data set. Generally, we'd prefer to be more generous than stingy so we're open to reevaluating the percentages when the next War is underway.


Cyber Wolf Collection Complete

With this update the final Cyber Wolf Collection items have been distributed. I'm sorry this obligation took so long to fulfill, but I wanted to make sure all the items were as high quality as we could make them.

Over 175,000 score

  • Cyber Dragon Morph 
  • Cyber Dragon Morph CC

Over 250,000 score

  • Nightbot 3000 Morph
  • Nightbot 3000 Morph

This collection was a collaboration between myself, Tomcat, Acatriel, and Charfade, with a bit of inspiration from Dage thrown in for good measure. I hope you all enjoy the rewards as much as we did crafting them!


Balance Changes

This small round of balance changes mainly address the new promo cores, but fortunately, they're mostly buffs! 

  • Infernal Prism: Description corrected to 3 turns instead of 2.
  • Infernal Blessing: 100 --> 125 HP per tick (including initial use)
  • Infernal Offering: 120 --> 150 energy per tick
  • Infernal Curse: 25% --> 15% effectiveness; reduces defense/resistance as well as base weapon damages
  • Terrify: Removed defense reduction effect.
  • Plasma Cannon: -40 base damage at all levels.


Bug Fixes

  • "You already own this item." message now works as intended.


Eldritch Onslaught Battlepass

Eldritch Onslaught Preview Graphic

The final item on this post is a preview for the upcoming Eldritch Onslaught Battlepass! This will replace the current Azrael-themed Battlepass soon so your time to collect the last few levels of rewards is running out!

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