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October 31, 2012

Harvest Bounty

We're super busy getting this release out, so I'll try to keep these DNs brief. First, I would like to congratulate and thank all the talented players / artists who contributed their suggestions. It's always a unique pleasure and challenge bringing your art to life in the game. As a reminder, if you have suggestions in-game will receive the Epic Artist achievement along with your suggestion items for free!

Suggestions Part 1

Part 2

Without further ado, here are the artists with new weapons featured in-game:


  • Infernal Cannon
  • Soul Raiser
  • Winter Slayer



  • Blinding Blood
  • Blinding Spirit



  • Shadow of Darkness



  • Trigger Buster Gunblade



  • Monstrous Broadsword



  • Mecha Sword
  • Dragon Blade 3012
  • Dark Dragon Blade 3012
  • Dragon Battlegear
  • Dark Dragon Battlegear



  • Noxious Talon Set
  • Vile Talon Set
  • Azure Vertex



  • Vengeance
  • Dark Vengeance


Disturbed (not technically suggestion items, but they're going in regardless :P)

  • Ebil SMG
  • Ebil Energy SMG
  • Blood Katana
  • Soul Katana
  • Rip Sword
  • Vicious Rip Sword

You can pick these weapons up from Snork or Naomi. If you didn't get your suggestions in this time, it doesn't necessarily mean your art wasn't good enough -- we only have so many hours to render your ideas so there's always a chance your work will be selected next time around. Remember to submit your masterpieces to the Official AE Forums!


Contest Results

Now it can be told! It wasn't easy, but after much contemplation, our judges have finally returned with a verdict. The 5 winners who will be receiving 1,500 Varium, an achievement, and their style featured permanently in-game are: 

Vypie for his entry of the Conductor Mask!
Conductor's Mask 
Mieteor for his entry of Inferno's Guise

Acid Rain for his entry of Serendipity

Peek a BoooooO!
Steal for his entry of Demon Reindeer

Demon Reindeer


The Grand Prize Winner for the Spooky Head Design Contest who will be receiving 1,500 Varium, a very special 1,000 rating points achievement, all the hairstyles in-game up to the point the winner is declared, and the style he created added into the game permanently is:

Trizkial for his entry of Pandora's Vestige
Teh Winner!

A hearty congratulations to you all! Competition was VERY tight in this contest, and all the winners here were simply amazing. Please give us until the end of next week to render your entries and award your prizes. If you didn't win, don't fret -- we will be conducting more art contests in the future so keep practicing and Draw On!


Hurricane Sandy

As you may have already heard, Hurricane Sandy rocked the Northeast Coast of the US this week. The damage and loss of life was tragic, but recovery efforts are currently underway. If you live in this region, we hope you are safe and secure. Our own Practel was in the path of the storm and I'm happy to report that despite being without power for many hours, he's fine. Thankfully, the storm missed the Lab so we experienced no trouble here!

If you wish to donate to the recovery effort, it is possible to do so on the Red Cross's website.  




Remeber, AE's own epic merchandise superstore HeroMart has just released THREE new items, two of which unlock a sweet prize in EpicDuel! Check them out now while supplies last!



Do you like games? Of course you do! Otherwise, your visit to this site would not be very fruitful for your, no siree. Well, you'll be happy to know that Artix Entertainment is releasing a new game called Oversoul that's available for open Alpha. Check it out. I hear they have pie!*

*May not actually have pie

That's all for now! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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