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February 14, 2014

Aphrodite's Woe

Aphrodite's Woe

It's that time of year again. A time for love. A time for romance. A time for battle! Join us for today's release as we unveil the most diabolical Heartbreaker weapon yet! Visit the Alydroid in Alydriah's Spire in Fortune City to collect the mightiest Valentine's swords yet conceived: Aphrodite's Woe! Marvel at Revontheus' intricate attention to detail as you smite your foes with the Mark of Azrael core!

When we go live, we'll also be restocking any LQS items that are empty so be ready to jump on that opportunity!

But...as they say in the game show biz...that's not all!


No Place Like Home

We've attacked the Home Inventory Manager and blown it to bits! From the ashes, we've reassembled a better, stronger, faster interface for more easily browsing Home Items for sale as well as Items in your own inventory. You will also be able to filter Home Items by category. We are able to expand this system in the future to more granularity in categories for faster searching.

New Home Interface

You may also notice that you can now see your current balance of Credits and Varium! It's useful to know how much money you have when you're shopping, no?

We've done away will the separate "Selling" mode in the Home Inventory Manager. Now, you will be able to sell items from your own inventory quickly and know the sellback price at-a-glance!

In addition to sprucing up the interface, Titan has made some excellent performance improvements to the Home Item inventory, allowing items to load faster and permitting you to cycle through the list unimpeded.


Heartbreak Stylin'

While Titan tackles the Home Inventory Manager, Rabblefroth is attacking the style changer. We've removed the clutter and brightened the background to give your character some room to breathe!

New style changer

Also, to eliminate confusion, we're removing the nominal 100 Credit fee for style change. Now, once you own a style, you'll never need to pay for it again, even if you change your colors!

Speaking of styles...how about 24 dapper, new Heartbreaker styles courtesy of Charfade?





Every style is made better by putting a bird on it!


BeetleGerms? BottleJeans? BezeledJams? BattleGems!

That's right, AE's first major mobile game BattleGems is nearing completion! Follow the latest development news on AQ.com and Artix.com so you'll know the moment it hits the App store!

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February 06, 2014

Epic Cleanup

Epic Cleanup

This week, we're getting our hands dirty with some deep-cleaning of EpicDuel's inner workings. It's been awhile since we've done optimization so this week we worked hard to fix some nagging bugs and clean up some code to improve performance. These updates don't usually yield many shiny new toys for your enjoyment, but we've worked hard to make sure you're not empty-handed for this update!


Home Decor

To assist you with the cleaning process in your homes, we're introducing crabby new home item. These crabs are hungry and ready to clean your homes of any refuse. 


We're introducing a total of 31 new home items, including the popular development phase AI trainers. Show off your appreciation of the eras from EpicDuel's past with these awesome new home items!



Last week, we planned on implementing a change to the matching engine to tighten the range at the highest levels. This means that a level 40 should almost never match against a level 35. This change was not thoroughly tested, but this week we're confident in releasing this change. This should encourage fairness and balance among the high level players.


Prize Codes

This weekend we'll be giving out more prize codes! As an experiment, we'll be dropping codes more randomly, making it more difficult to "camp" codes with multiple accounts. Follow our Twitter pages to stay updated with the latest developments on these codes and their availability!



Next week, we'll have more awesome items in store for you, including Revontheus' epic new swords, Aphrodite's Woe!

Aphrodite's Woe

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