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March 25, 2011

Mission Possible!

Be Famous!

This week we decided to give everyone their 15kb of fame.  With our new and improved character pages, you can search, view win records, and increase the fame of different players.  You can vote for as many characters as you like, once per day.  We've even added an in-game leaderboard to list the most famous, and infamous, players!

Wanna be famous? 

Are you more famous than me?  Probably.

Grab Your Popcorn!

To make EpicDuel more cinematic and create a more immersive experience for new players, we have implemented a short intro cutscene leading up to your first confrontation with a new and improved City Guard!

Intro Cutscene

The new and improved City Guard would like to assert that his lawn is not an acceptible venue.

You can also click on Oz in Central Station to view the EpicDuel Trailer.  It's pertinent to the story, and it's been off the site for awhile, so we decided it was time to bring it back in-game.

Oz's Storyline

There goes the property values!

New Missions!

While you're at Oz, you might want to try his latest missions, including our very first PvP mission!  You'll need to win 12 challenge matches to prevail and win Oz's respect.  Can you do it?  We plan to add a new mission type each update until EpicDuel has a mission system to rival any other AE RPG!

Server Lock!

Anyone's who's played in the wee hours of the night may have seen very low player numbers on Doom or Legion.  Few players means few matches, making EpicDuel especially frustrating for new players who don't know to log into more populated servers.  Low population servers will now automatically lock if the number drops below a certain point, encouraging dense servers with quick matches.  As an added bonus, it will make practices like dummying and piloting much more difficult.

Where's Titan?!

Titan and Nightwraith have been relocated to other parts of Delta V.  We're starting a big renovation of Central Station to make it more streamlined and accessible.  Also prettier.  Much prettier.

Ongoing Engine Improvement!

We're still working to update the Engine to the new standard.  Titan tells me it could be finished as soon as next week!

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