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May 17, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.15


New Weapons

  • Botanical Nightmare Physical Mutating Weapon
  • Dark Botanical Nightmare Energy Mutating Weapon
  • Botanical Broadsword
  • Dark Botanical Broadsword


  • NPCs reverted to pre-Arborgeddon state
  • Missions will remain to allow last-minute turn ins
  • Shops will receive a final restock

Player Mail 2.0

  • Player-to-player mail (Friends and faction members only)
  • Autocomplete recipients based on your current Buddy List and Faction
  • Mods can send mail to anyone (Muting/warning a player automatically sends them a mail)
  • Mail search
  • Ability to report mail

New 12,000 Varium package

  • Will always stay
  • Does not include items

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