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August 05, 2011

Coding is hard...or so I've heard

Sorry fellers, it looks like we didn't get to most of the features and balance improvements we planned for this week.  We've been undertaking what has become and increasingly more massive project this summer to essentially rebuild the foundations of the EpicDuel game code.  What started as a modest rewrite has turned into a full scale war against bad, old code and confoundingly inefficient database designs that should allow us to do things that we previously deemed to difficult or outright impossible to implement.  The parts of the game being rewritten are the same things that have prevented us from introducing more bots, more quests, more class changing items and more of everything you like about the EpicDuel.

We're still planning on implementing the balance change next week, but it looks like we'll need to squash a few more bugs fore we start building new.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we usher in a bold new era of features and content for our humble little game.



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