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May 24, 2024

War Drop Update and New Battlepass Preview

Eldritch Onslaught Preview

This update covers some miscellaneous categories, mainly focusing on war drop balance with some additional information on the next Battlepass!


War Drops Rebalancing

Last week we introduced some substantial changes to war drop rates, including increased drop rates for super war drops. One major downside of this change is it tilted the incentive to bot heavily, especially in Juggernaut mode. To address this, the following changes have been made and will be in effect for the next War.

  • All modes now have a flat 60% base chance to receive a war drop without a War Commander core.
  • If you receive a war drop, there is a 20% chance that drop will be a super drop for all modes. 
  • War Commander no longer drops super items for any mode.

Drop rates are always difficulty to evaluate as sometimes an item drop might "feel" like it's dropping more or less than it should based on a limited data set. Generally, we'd prefer to be more generous than stingy so we're open to reevaluating the percentages when the next War is underway.


Cyber Wolf Collection Complete

With this update the final Cyber Wolf Collection items have been distributed. I'm sorry this obligation took so long to fulfill, but I wanted to make sure all the items were as high quality as we could make them.

Over 175,000 score

  • Cyber Dragon Morph 
  • Cyber Dragon Morph CC

Over 250,000 score

  • Nightbot 3000 Morph
  • Nightbot 3000 Morph

This collection was a collaboration between myself, Tomcat, Acatriel, and Charfade, with a bit of inspiration from Dage thrown in for good measure. I hope you all enjoy the rewards as much as we did crafting them!


Balance Changes

This small round of balance changes mainly address the new promo cores, but fortunately, they're mostly buffs! 

  • Infernal Prism: Description corrected to 3 turns instead of 2.
  • Infernal Blessing: 100 --> 125 HP per tick (including initial use)
  • Infernal Offering: 120 --> 150 energy per tick
  • Infernal Curse: 25% --> 15% effectiveness; reduces defense/resistance as well as base weapon damages
  • Terrify: Removed defense reduction effect.
  • Plasma Cannon: -40 base damage at all levels.


Bug Fixes

  • "You already own this item." message now works as intended.


Eldritch Onslaught Battlepass

Eldritch Onslaught Preview Graphic

The final item on this post is a preview for the upcoming Eldritch Onslaught Battlepass! This will replace the current Azrael-themed Battlepass soon so your time to collect the last few levels of rewards is running out!

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