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April 15, 2011

New Central Station preview, balance changes, inventory overhaul, and more!

Hey there, EpicDuelists.  We've got a lot of major changes coming to Delta V this week, but most of them are not quite as flashy as last week.  When we go crazy with too many content releases in a row, we tend to let the bugs pile up and move forward, so this week was necessary for some much needed cleanup and improvements.  

Balance Changes

Last week saw a MAJOR overhaul to EpicDuel balance, and that was bound to cause some upheaval.  After reviewing the heated forum discussions, we've made the following balance modifications.

  • Since defensive skills were not depowered by the last release, Field Medic, Hybrid Armor, Energy Shield, and Defense Matrix received 1 point reductions 
  • Agility reduces Defense / Resistance by 1 extra points for extreme Health builds
  • Added diminishing returns to Technology's impact on Robot damage
  • Diminishing returns on Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support begins 5 points later (after 55 stat points)
  • Introduced a second tier of diminishing returns on stats (after 85 stat points)
  • Boss NPCs nerfed slightly

Epic Power Hour: TAKE TWO!

Starting at 10:00PM ET and 10:00AM ET (for real this time!), players will receive DOUBLE XP from all victories for an hour!  This also means that players using XP Boost will receive QUADRUPLE XP!  This puts level 33 easily within reach.

Epic Power Hour!

Inventory Backend!

Wow!  That sound...boring.  The best part is, if it worked, you won't even notice it.  However, Titan has spend most of this week restructuring the item tables to allow for better long-term performance much greater flexibility for adding things like defense/resistance armors, new bots, items with buffs, and, most importantly, quest items!  If all goes according to plan, this feature should pay off immensly in the upcoming releases!

Bug Fixes

Here is a list of the major bugs fixed for this release:

  • Power Hour bug fixed!
  • George Lowe repowered!
  • Banana Suit load error while enhancing
  • Weapon encumberance display error

New Mods

We would like to welcome two new members to the EpicDuel in-game moderator team: Dorumon and IcyGlacier.  If you see them, be sure to say "hi"...or they'll ban you!*

*not really**
**maybe 0_o

*Preview* Train Hub 2.0 *Preview*

In preparation for the new update to EpicDuel's revamped engine, next week we are giving a few old screens a much needed facelift.  One of the oldest areas on Delta V is the Central Station (known to our experienced players as Oz World 7).  Since this is the first place new players see, we determined it would be beneficial to revamp all 9 screens to reach the standard set by the latest worlds.

Also, we will be adding teleporter pads across Delta V to expedite travel, meaning remote regions like the mines below the Minetower and Talia's Science Facility will be a click away! 

New Central Station!

The next few updates should have the biggest and baddest (in a good way) releases EpicDuel has seen yet!

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