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April 03, 2020

Tyrant Time!

Tyrant Time

EpicDuel is now live with a new release of terrifying Tyrant weapons, balance tweaks, and an upgradeable new achievement worth up to 15,360 rating points!


Achievement: Feed the Egg!

Some of your are sitting on a mountain of credits, and it's been awhile since we introduced a new upgradeable badge to help lighten that credit burden while boosting your rating points sky high! Purchase and upgrade the Tiny Egg achievement to get that much closer to Regal Diamond ratings!


New Rare Weapons!

Deuce has created a stunning new set for your enjoyment. Visit Snork at the Wasteland Minetower's base to browse this new gearYou may notice a reference to a certain series of games getting a release today. A series of games filled with evil biohazards stalking around all sorts of buildings and...residences. Subtle!

  • Tyrant Slasher P
  • Tyrant Slasher E
  • Tyrant Armblades P
  • Tyrant Armblades E
  • Tyrant Axe P
  • Tyrant Axe E
  • Tyrant Staff P
  • Tyrant Staff E
  • Tyrant Injector P
  • Tyrant Injector E
  • Tyrant Rocket Cannon P
  • Tyrant Rocket Cannon E

These weapons are marked as rare so once they're gone, they're leaving for good!


New Style!

You'll need the world's most heavy duty toothbrush if you equip the new Tyrant style!



  • Annihilation: Improves with every .3 Tech
  • Skull Cracker: Because this skill is reusable and extremely powerful, its energy cost has been increased to 100

Tags: Nightwraith


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