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September 18, 2019

TLaPD Bug Fixes and Changes


After evaluating some bug reports and feedback from the recent Omega Pirate release, we've updated EpicDuel with a few fixes and changes:

  • Omega Pirate Captain - This armor is now separated into Caped Omega Pirate Captain and Omega Pirate Captain Armor. Both version come with the packages going forward. Anyone who bought prior to this update were awarded the cape-less variant manually.
  • Captain's Charge - Can now be used at 45% HP. This core is also unlocked so it can be replace if you wish
  • Corrosive Shot - This skill was critting too much. Turns out it was set to 25% crit chance by mistake. This was corrected.
  • Tentacle Prison - Fixed a bug that was freezing the game for people attempting to use it while they were rooted
  • Due to the change in Captains Charge, the following active skills now enable at 45% HP rather than 25%
    • Wolf's Fury
    • Yeti Fury
    • Hawk Guardian P/E
    • Lifeline
  • Critical Heal still enables at 25% because a passive with a huge heal boost activated at 45% could create more balance issues
  • Buccaneer Cannon P should load correctly now
  • Legendary Charfade and Nightmare Charfade's achievements should now load correctly



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