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December 01, 2015

Tis the Season for Gifting


Greetings, Epic-Duelists! We hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Our team is at full strength and we're ready to rock! Next week, EpicDuel players will witness the exciting relaunch of the extremely popular Gifting system! We will also be updating the Legendary shops and seasonal shops with some awesome new gear!



Our Guest Artists delivered the goods this year with an incredible assortment of winter-themed gear, including an impressive new armors with contributions by Dage and Laken!


Hungry? Try upgrading this evolving Cookies and Milk Achievement to become a sprawling candy-coated feast of epic proportions!


This year, the grand gifting prize, for the most generous EpicDuel player, will be MY Alpha Gear. That's right. You heard me...or read me, rather. I will be parting with my own Alpha Gear, depositing it gingerly in the inventory of the lucky winner with the designation: "Nightwraith's Alpha Gear." 


Caden's Curse Missions


Artix Entertainment's 13th anniversary missions in EpicDuel will be leaving next week! That means the achievement will go permanently RARE! This mission will not recycle so if you've haven't completed it or haven't turned in your item, you're running out of time to complete it!


Merged Dragonoid Fix!

We will be implementing a fix next week that will finally allow those who have already completed this year's Dragonoid missions to team up with those who haven't to help take down the Merged Dragonoid boss! This was a long time coming, but there was an odd technical quirk that kept us from doing this earlier.


What Is Gifting?!?!

For those who forget how this system worked or weren't around the last time we introduced this EPIC gifting feature, Beleen posted a great video breaking down this system feature-by-feature:

Now, in addition to giving pain to your fellow Duelers, you can give gifts of holiday cheer (and load and LOADS of credits!) to friend and foe alike!

Thanks again, Beleen, for this epic video! 




BioBeasts development continues to progress smoothly. We've had some technical hiccups trying to implement the newest performance fixes from Unity's latest patch, but we're on track. If you've played the Beta, you know the game is solid, but polish remains extremely important. The App store is unforgiving towards buggy software so a smooth launch is paramount!

If you want to try BioBeasts for iOS or Android, you can still sign up for the Beta on the official website! Join us in helping BioBeasts be the BEST mobile game AE has launched to date and one of the best on the mobile marketplace!

Join the AQ3D Kickstarter!


If you weren't already aware (somehow) Artix Entertainment just launched a Kickstarter for AdventureQuest 3D! Our goal is to raise enough to extend the our development time on AdventureQuest 3D and complete the game right. So far, it is off to an AMAZING start! As I write this we are comfortably over 50% of the goal. You guys are amazing!  Check out the video, and see our vision for the game. Back this project, or help spread word about this Kickstarter anywhere you can to help us finish AdventureQuest 3D. The success of this project has the potential to elevate Artix Entertainment to the next level and make 2016 a truly incredible year for us and our players.

AQ3D Dragon

Check out the AdventureQuest 3D Kickstarter

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