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February 12, 2013

Call for Moderators and Testers!

Hey there, EpicDuelists! As you may know (if you don't, then...well I can't help you) Omega is live, but testing is far from over! We are once again looking to expand our team! If you are interested in helping us, please read the official note from Lycus below. We don't have his avatar in yet, so I'm ghost posting for him (shhhhh!).



We are currently in need of a few more people to help out in keeping our game safe and helping with bringing our releases out faster and with fewer bugs! We pride ourselves on making the game with you and for you – many of the AE Staff began as regular players, some even very high up now, now is your chance to join our ranks!

Say what now!?

Due to the increase of players, the loss of a few members of staff and the fact we are still growing, we have need of some more hands to help with the responsibility of keeping the game safe for all players, old and new. We also need more help with the Testing our releases for bugs and helping out in the process of making sure everything is ready to go live!

A few of you may be wondering ‘Do Moderators not test releases?’ – yes Moderators previously have tested releases and some still will – however to up efficiency we have decided to split the team so everyone knows their core position and can concentrate on it as such. A few of you may also now be wondering what each position will entitle and I will gladly tell you:

Testers are a team of dedicated volunteers led by myself who play through releases before they are released, on the development server, helping to find any bugs, suggest changes and make sure the release is ready to go live! They are expected to be online on Thursday and Fridays mainly, but potentially other days, depending on when releases are due to release. This role requires less time to be committed over the week, but more specific times (Preferably 3pm-7pm EST on Thursday/Friday).

Moderators are a team of dedicated volunteers led Cinderella and I who help with in-game issues,  deal with people who break the Terms of Service agreement and others of such! In short, they make the game safer and much more fun for everyone.  This entitles a position that will expect you to be on most days of the week for a fair amount of time dealing with reports and other things. 

Note: Both positions involve a lot of responsibility, if you do not feel you can handle that, and then these posts are not for you. Becoming a Mod or Tester is not as easy or fun as it may seem, it comes with work! However it will look great on your CV (Resume) if you are looking for work experience, and it is always nice to help out a game you enjoy playing so much!

Interested in this Opportunity?

Firstly, I would like to stress how important it is that you are OVER 18.  If you are under 18, do not include your age in your application or you start off ‘I am not 18 yet, however…’ you will not even be considered. If you lie about your age, you will be blacklisted from any future Mod application processes regardless of your age then. So if you are under 18, wait, chances will come in the future, do not worry!

What you NEED to include in your email:

  1. Your real name, age and country of residence.
  2. What position you would prefer (Moderator or Tester)
  3. Your EpicDuel in-game name
  4. Artix Entertainment Master Account name and Email (What you use to login to EpicDuel)
  5. Forum account name and email (Not required to have one, but please include if you do)
  6. Your CV (Resume) in English. You may indicate if you speak other languages, but you must speak English fluently to be considered.
  7. A cover letter describing yourself, why you want to be a Moderator or Tester and what you feel the position means.

Please send your COMPLETE application to: EDCallForMods@artix.com

If you have not included all the above and your application is not complete, you will not be considered. Cinderella and myself will read all applications, so please only send ONE in - we also sadly will not be able to reply to every single email, sorry if you do not hear from us.

If we decide to take you through to an interview we will contact you on the email you sent the email from, so please do try to keep an eye out. We will keep you all updated here on how the search is going and when it is going to end!

***Special Addendum from Charfade and the EpicDuel Youtube Team***

Those of you who have been following our Official EpicDuel Youtube Channel may know that the primary contributors are Moderators. If you would like to be a Moderator or Tester AND would also like to contribute to the Youtube Channel, please address any of the the following attributes in your CV:

  • Knowledge in video/audio/recoding editing software. (i.e. Adobe Premiere, Windows movie Maker, Final Cut, Sony Vegas Pro, Camtasia, Audacity, Fraps ) 
  • Ability to upload videos in high resolution 720min 1024max to Youtube with no black letter box. 
  • Ability to add your own commentary to the video (all videos are required to have commentary) 
  • Ability to upload and transfer large project files. (i.e. personal FTP, DropBox, google drive) 
  • Ability to met deadlines, 2-4 day turn around when project is assigned. 
  • Ability to collaborate ideas with the team as well as ask and accept constructive criticism. 
  • Has to have good communication skills and able to organize content for videos, then present information in a clear manner. 
  • Please link us to a sample of your work. We will not allow you to assist with the Youtube channel without previous video experience!

The video portion of the application process is entirely optional, but since those creating videos are privy to a great deal of behind-the-scenes development information, we require you pass through the same screening process as those who wish to moderator or test exclusively.

Good luck to you all! 

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