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September 12, 2013

Going Up!

Time for the big dogs to come out to play.

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

After weeks of controlling events from behind the scenes, Administrator 10 and the mysterious Exile Leader are ready to step into the spotlight, and they’re taking matters into their own hands! Team up with a friend to challenge these foes and claim their achievements for your own! These bosses will be some of the most challenging in game, but we’re not without mercy. To make it easier to triumph over these foes, we’re raising the level cap!



Level Up!

At long last, we have increased the level cap to 36. It won’t be quick or easy to reach so we’re sure there will be a mad dueling dash to be the first to reach it. The first players to reach this goal will be able to upgrade their gear and skills to become the most powerful duelists on Delta V! Will you be strong enough to defeat Administrator 10 and the Exile Leader?


Daily Missions

In between duels, Administrator 10 and the Exile Leader will have some new tasks for you. Check back with them daily for missions and rewards.  The missions will be part of a chain so players will need to complete all of them in order to receive the best reward! To keep missions from becoming monotonous, we’ll be cycling in new chains each day to guarantee that there’s always something exciting to do on Delta V!


Arcade Returns!

Arcade Returns

Remember the Arcade? We haven’t forgotten, and we’re working on implementing a new and improved version next week. Under the new system players will be able to deposit Arcade Tokens for a chance to win anything from a pile of credits, to never-before-seen weapons, to previously retired rares (gasp)!

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October 20, 2011

Harvest Part Deux


Hey there EpicDuelists! Quickie design notes (posted from my cell phone! So Nightwraith is going to have to adjust for any autocorrecting it does).

So let's dive right in!

Raise the Roof

The level cap is finally being raised to level 34! We delayed the raise due to popular demand, and now we are raising the cap due to equally popular demand! Another added bonus to raising the level cap is that your Delta gear will become slightly more powerful, because it is technically level 34 gear!  Once you reach the cap, all the Delta weapons will gain an extra point of damage!

The quest from Snork will give players some incentive to battle, battle, battle! We did alter that quest due to technological limitations. Players can only complete the quest once, but the special weapon drop (with stats comparable to a premium weapon at the same level, so everyone can use it) will be guaranteed.

Shhhhh...It's a Secret!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I wrote, in addition to the already announced missions, a super secret mission! This quest will not be announced, you'll just have to find it.

Harvest Weapons

 Harvest Weapons!

We are releasing two limited-time Harvest mutating weapons, the Spectral Reaper and the Harvest Reaper. These powerful weapons change class with you!  The Spectral Reaper features an energy club, energy blades, and a physical staff, while the Harvest Reaper can become physical blades, a physical club, or an energy staff.
Rumor has it that they will also have an additional effect similar to the Curse effect on the Delta weapons.  What could this be?  Only Titan knows for sure!

In the weeks to come, we also have more Snorkness planned, a special event in early November (our writer better get on that! oh wait...) and more!

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