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July 31, 2013

Core Revamp

Core revamp

Core Revamp

This week, we're taking a small break for the war proceedings to revamp the Skill Core system. New, "Charge Cores" will allow players to equip and try Cores more easily than ever before.  With this revamp, we will be making some changes to existing systems. For clarity, we will be using the following 2 classifications to define Cores:
  • Unlimited Cores: Most Cores currently available in-game will become Unlimited Cores. They can never be depleted. Cores that are locked to a weapon like Improbability Gate will remain locked.
  • Charge Cores: This new class of Core was introduced with the regional influence Cores. They come with a set number of "charges" and thus can be used a limited number of times before they are depleted. To encourage experimentation with new and different Core configurations, they will tend to be cheaper than Unlimited Cores. If a player enjoys using a Charge Cores, an Unlimited version may be available.

 All cores will be purchased from merchants like regular inventory items going forward.  We felt it was unclear to pay for the Core at the moment of equipping so we're changing the system to a buy and equip model.  You simply visit a merchant, purchase the core you like, and bind it any weapon you choose. Charge Cores will make it easy and painless to try out a variety of Cores with different weapon configurations.

Cores are bonded to an item until they are replaced with another Core, or, in the case of Charge Cores, depleted. It is not currently possible to transfer a Core from one item to another. If a Core is replaced, the old Core will be lost. Likewise, Charge Cores than are replaced before they are depleted will also be lost.


Client Diet

We've recently received reports from players failing to load the game client, and we fear that many players have found it difficult to log into the game now that the file size is over 3 megabytes. All the shiny new graphics we've added since Omega have come at the price of quick data transfer. We've externalized many embedded assets to reduce the initial load and make it easier for players to login.

As I write this, I'm seeing reports from players who are not having any problems logging in anymore. There is a chance this issue was also due to ISP caching (something we have no control over) or some other unrelated issue. The point still stands that EpicDuel's game client needs to drop a few KBs. While the reduction may be unnoticed to players with speedy connections, those with unreliable or slow connections should see a major improvement.


Legion vs. Exile Matching

We hoped to have this ready last week, but unfortunately it couldn't go live due to a lack of testing. This week we hope to finally implement alignment matching that is quick, fair, and accurate. The system is designed to impose strict matching rules that losen the longer the match queue remains active. This is to prevent extended wait times to find a viable match. With a lot of hard work, rigoruous testing, and a bit of luck, you'll be nearly guaranteed to match against your opposing alignment this Friday.


Legion and Exile Styles

Are you a soldier for the Legion or Exile forces? Now you can look the part with these new styles. Don the helms of Legion and Exile footsoldiers or cloak your loyalty in a mysterious hood! Oooooo! 


All of these styles will be available Friday from the Style Change interface. Remember -- these are linked styles so if you unlock the Legion helmet for your Mercenary, that style will carry over even if you change class.


Independence Day Rares

Wow! When did August get here? The Indepence Day rares currently equipped to Naomi in Central Station will be leaving along with the Indepence Day Achievement that can be found on all VendBots. Better hurry if you want these seasonal rares before they go back into storage for another year!

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